Where Is Lego Corporate Office Headquarters

Lego Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Åstvej 1, 7190 Billund, Denmark

  • Phone Number:
    +45 79 50 60 70

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 6,47,500

  • Established: 10 August 1932

  • Founder: Ole Kirk Christiansen

  • Key People: Niels B. Christiansen, Julia Goldin

Lego Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Lego Corporate Office

Lego corporate office headquarters info

Lego is an international children’s toy production company. One might want to visit the headquarters of Lego for various reasons, including a field trip for kids, a business meeting, an internal strategy meeting, to know the various toys available by Lego, to attend a launch function of a new toy, to deliver a mail to the headquarter staff, or to give in an appreciation letter by self. There are many ways to reach out to the headquarters of Lego. Below-mentioned is a few of the most feasible methods of reaching out to the headquarters.

Lego headquarters address

Astvej 1

7190 Billund


Lego board of directors address

If you want to send your’s kids an appreciation letter or ask for an autograph or want to send a parcel to the board of directors, you need to send it to the following address.

Board of director name

Astvej 1

7190 Billund


Phone Numer

If you want to let your kid have a dialogue with the headquarters team, you can reach out to them by calling the number +45 79 50 60 70. You can contact them during working hours on working days.

Media Query

If you want to send the headquarters team your grievances, queries, and complaints, you can send them using the media query link provided on the company’s official website. You can visit the query page by clicking here.


You can visit their official website for more information on their products, services, policies, etc.; you can follow them on their various social media platforms to stay updated on the proceedings and happenings at lego. You can visit their official website here. For detailed information contact headquarters.

Lego Headquarters Info & Photos

Lego was found in the workshop of a carpenter in 1932. It operated its initial duration of two years in the workshop before moving into a headquarters. It soon became popular with the local children and countrywide.

The founder of Lego was a wooden toymaker. His wooden interlocking creative toys became a trend back in the day. Today its headquarters lies in a 54,000 sqft plot. A part of the campus is based on a painting from the office of the head. It is said that it is built with lego bricks.

It has 6,47,500 employees all over the world. It is a conglomerate with its operations based in more than 90% of all countries. Its headquarters is worth visiting because of its unique design.

Lego Headquarters Photo

Lego Headquarters List

S. No.





Level 2, 1 Innovation Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia



Ruiterijschool 5 B-2930 Brasschaat Belgium



25 Centurian Drive Suite 102 Markham, Ontario L3R 5N8 Canada


New Zealand

B:Hive, Smales Farm Level 4 72 Taharoto Rd Takapuna Auckland 0622 New Zealand



Vollsveien 9-11 N-1366 Lysaker Norway

Lego Headquarters Executive Team

Niels B. Christiansen

Chief Executive Officer

Neils is a danish businessman with vast experience in leading multinational companies. He became the CEO of Lego in 2017. He has been in leadership positions since 1991. He is known for his quick wit, and he is the most paid danish businessman.

Julia Goldin

Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Julia got her MBA from the University of Chicago. She joined Lego in 2015 as the chief product and marketing officer. She had been CMO for many organizations in the past. With her vast experience in marketing, Julia ensures that the Lego products reach the markets.

Jesper Andersen

Jesper Andersen

Chief Financial Officer

Name Title
Atul Bhardwaj Chief Digital & Technology Officer
Carsten Rasmussen Chief Operations Officer
Colette Burke Chief Commercial Officer
Jesper Andersen Chief Financial Officer
Loren I. Shuster Chief People Officer & Head of Corporate Affairs

About Lego


Lego was founded by a carpenter named ole kirk Christensen in 1934 in his workshop. He started making wooden toys in early 1932. The wooden interlocking bricks became a popular product making the company popular.

In 1947, the company ventured into plastic interlocking bricks. After receiving a huge success with the interlocking bricks, they made self-locking bricks in 1949, patented them in 1939. With this, it became a plastic toy manufacturing company.

The name Lego stands for leg godt, which means play well. Ole’s son took over the company and found some foreign investors giving a flight to the company. He started and established overseas outlets of Lego.

It started designing new models and increased the vastness of structures that can be built using interlocking bricks. By the end of 1990, lego created block sets for almost all the famous structures and vehicles. In 2013, NASA bought 13 lego sets to build a model of a space shuttle.

Today, Lego stands as one of the oldest creative toy manufacturers in the world. They aim at children from 1-10 years.


Today, Lego offers its products and services in various fields, including plastic toys to creative online games. All its toys come with a makers guide to help kids make proper models out of the blocks.

Its blocks themes include architecture, Batman, Boost, Brick sketches, city, classic old sets, DC, Disney, Dots, Frozen 2, Harry Potter, Jurassic World, Marvel, Minecraft, Minifigures, minions, ninjas, spider-man, star wars, titanic, toy story series, and many more not to mention space ships and fighter jets.

They offer world-class services with faster response times. They also provide replacement parts for lost and worn-out parts.


    • A 2×4 sized lego brick can be combined in almost 915 million ways.
    • If 40 million lego bricks were arranged in a column, it could reach the moon.
    • A large number as large as 1300 Lego bricks are made per second
    • Lego bricks come in more than 60 colors.
    • There are almost more than 3700 unique Lego bricks and Lego elements.
    • Lego is the world’s largest tire manufacturer.
    • The founder was considerate towards children and didn’t want to promote war, so Lego doesn’t produce tanks or war-related products.
    • Medical professionals recommend Lego for children with Autism.
    • Children spend 5 billion hours every year playing Lego all over the globe.
    • Lego is the second-largest toymaker in the world after Mattel.
    • A Lego brick made in 1956 can fit on a Lego brick made today. They haven’t changed since then.
    • Lego users are an international community.

  • David Xavier says:

    My address is David Xavier 5112 Ardmore way Baltimore Maryland 212-06 United States of America can you possibly donate some Lego toys to me for my kids we are poor

  • Angry Canadian says:

    Lego Customer Service in the USA Sucks! Beyond Angry, Dissatisfied, unhappy, disgruntled, frustrated, and highly pissed off! With the treatment the last 160 days on how I received hundred and hundred of dollars of merchandise. Or they cancel already paid product to be shipped or yet they have sent out a replacement order or offer my money back.

    Many of my recent orders have had Complaints. Lego has forgotten their Policy to Satisfy a Customer Complaint and deal with facts and not fiction or imaginary situations without investigations.

    Lego has no proper escalation team! Lego has gotten to big and forget without a customer base they have no business model. If you do get to a higher person like Robin they could care less about the situation and not get off the phone fast enough.

    Lego has Discriminated against me and has to block me from making future purchases after 9 years + because apparently I sent one too many badly received Lego sets from the Lego US Wearhouse in recent months. I would not need to request for mechanize to be replaced if the US Warehouse did not tried to stuff merchandise in inappropriate box sizes and then I received my product crushed. How would Lego like it their manufactures sent them all the items crushed or damaged. It not state on the website I may receive my products slight or completely damaged. Or when you go to return mechanize that replaced because then send merchandise to completely wrong territory and you receive the original package badly damaged; then request a shipping label to given to return their merchandise that you have not paid for that was as replacement. I guess the US prefers that customers keep unpaid merchandise!

    Lego US staff member Robin told well we reserve the right to deal with whom we wish. I think if I and others are paying good money and the items that are sold to us should come in good standing we as customers have the right to replacements and or a refund without being threatened by some obscured person working in a office. Part of being in business is dealing with the good and bad. Not everything can be rosy all the time.

  • Jonathan says:

    Lego Customer Service in the USA Sucks! Beyond Angry, Dissatisfied, unhappy, disgruntled, frustrated, and highly pissed off!

    Many of my recent orders have had Complaints. Lego has forgotten their Policy to Satisfy a Customer Complaint.

    Lego has no escalation team!

    Lego will refuse to Satisfy a Complaint as they did my last 3 until I called Lego System Inc in Connecticut. As Lego Headquarters has no support lines for Customers in the USA!

    Lego Discriminated against me and tried to block me as A Customer for making Complaints! Lego Employee even admitted it on a Recorded Phone Call.

    I am really thinking about selling all my Lego and going to a different building block company, only 100 others out there!

    Lego continues to have a Very Crappy Packing System when they ship Products! No extra room in the box, with some brown paper on top. They need to pack sets in bigger shipping boxes and use packing peanuts to protect shipments! But they don’t!

    They will forget to add a Promotional Gift you were suppose to receive in your package as well. They will refuse to Satisfy a Customer. Ifits out of Stock, you will not receive the item you expected!

    Lego has really been horrible lately!

  • Josh kornflake says:

    Hey I just received a Lego set number 42119 and it says it can build two things. When I opened the box it came with instructions for only one of which was not the one I was hoping to build. I do hope you can fix this and put the instructions inside the box in the future. Until then I do not recommend this kit.

  • Eric Worden says:

    Super excited LEGO is coming to Virginia! I am a lifetime morning Rock Radio show host in Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA. (WNOB-93.7 FM) I realize the Richmond plant is years from completion, but I’d love to add some fun to the equation. I have a large and active listening audience, and daily on my Facebook Live feeds (@morningguyeric), I feature LEGO minifigures that represent some of our best listeners! I have HUNDREDS in an amphitheater setting, and even have a FOOT tall 3-D LEGO print of ME that one of my creative listeners made for my radio studio! Would love a marketing contact to set up some fun stuff in the future! eric@937bobfm.com. Thanks!

  • Derik Minnaar says:

    Dear Lego.
    I am looking for “Earth Guard Lego Denmark”. I heard that the movement is created by Lego to embark on a variety of nature conservation programs. The title i got is “The Plight of the South African Cycads”. I would like to participate and contribute significantly to such movement. Please can you send me the correct persons contact details so i can forward my proposal for a South African Cycad Biodiversity Institute. Your Advice and further instruction will be highly appreciated.
    Please reply back to derikminnaar1@gmail.com for my attention.
    Thank you in advance
    Dr F.V.Minnaar (VP Cycad Society South Africa)

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      Go have a nap, Richard.

    • Mario Hofmeister says:

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    • Ed says:

      Richard, You are justifiably angry at LEGO for participating in lefty gender issues. There are and will forever be two genders, male and female Those claiming to be neither or other are sadly confused, but this minority is very vocal and forcefully pushing their agenda in democracies, trying to normalize their agenda. As in the past, sexual orientation should be kept private and companies should not participate for the sake of profit. Best to state your opinions when you are calm.

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