Where is Land Rover USA Corporate office Headquarters

Land Rover USA Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 100 Jaguar Land Rover Way, Mahwah, NJ 07495, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 201-818-8500

  • Fax Number: 201-760-8514

  • Email: lradvice@jaguarlandrover.com

  • Number of Employees: 37,005

  • Established: 1948

  • Founder: Maurice Wilks

  • Key People: Ralf Speth

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Land Rover USA Headquarters Executive Team



Dr. Ralf Speth


Gerry McGovern

Design Director

Andy Goss

Sales Operation Director

About Land Rover USA, History and Headquarters Information

Land rover the USA is one of the most famous car makers all across the world. the land rovers are produced by the jaguar land rover and now the cars are sold and assembled all across the globe. the founder of the land rover is Maurice Wilks and is currently headed by Ralf Speth who is the chief executive officer of the multinational company.

There are approximately 37 thousand employees at land rover. It is currently owned by the tata motors since 2008. There are several dealerships of land rover across the united states and the land rover USA headquarter is in Jaguar land rover way, Mahwah, new jersey.

One can find several variants of land rover and can also customize one according to the choice. One can also get easy finance for their new land rover and can exchange their older car as well. One can search for different retailers to find the best one among them who not only provide the best financial service but also the best customer service.

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  • Robin Graham says:

    I wanted to share with you my recent experience at the Land Rover Service Department in Greensboro NC. Firstly, I’d like to state my past business trip in this area for our semi annual furniture market was the trip from hell.

    I will let you know that this service department took it to the next level with their service. My car lost all power while driving on Monday morning after working 10 hour days for 7 days with walking pneumonia. I had my car towed to your facility in Greensboro Monday morning. Service team member Brady said the alternator had gone bad and they could order the part from Atlanta (where I reside) and would arrive Wednesday morning. He said the car should be ready by mid afternoon. Our team was scheduled to leave on Tuesday so we made hotel arrangements for another night’s stay. I inquired about a loaner but one was not available which due to the last 2 years of supply chain logistics I understand. I’m in an industry that has had its fair share of issues with supply. Meanwhile, there were no rental cars either, due to the international furniture market. I was able to borrow a car for the morning from one of my furniture sales representatives. My team and I ubered to your facility Wednesday at 12noon as I had called multiple times and was unable to speak with anyone and disconnected twice. Once we arrived, we unloaded all our luggage which appeared to be a major inconvenience to the employees. We were asked to move it a couple of times. Brady then informed me the part had not arrived and they were working on a solution. I inquired about a loaner again. He told me he actually had one but had no tags for it. The tags had been stolen. I’m a little confused since this is a dealership that issues temporary tags. I researched one way airfare for me and my team to return home at $549 each. We were then able to find 1 rental car left through Alamo. This added salt to the injury as we waited 20 minutes for a shuttle over to get an ashtray smelled car. Not sure if you realize what that does to an asthmatic not to mention my current health-state. Of course this isn’t your fault, just needed to add so you understand the full frustration. We drove back to pick up our luggage. I asked Brady to please make sure to communicate with me as I would need to fly back to Greensboro to pick up the car. He assured me he would keep me updated. I reached back out to him at 5pm on Wednesday and received a response at 8:46am this morning stating the part still had not arrived and his parts manager was working on it. I am leaving town again next week so I need a solution. I contacted your Charlotte facility, they had the part and Mike Burstine said he could get me worked in tomorrow. I called a tow service and arranged transportation of my vehicle in the morning. I emailed Brady and explained what was going on. I wish I was making this up but he responded in 5 minutes that the part had arrived this afternoon and the car would be repaired tomorrow. I told him that I had lost all faith and I’d preferred to have my car repaired at the Charlotte facility. He then responded that I would owe the $190 diagnostic fee. I asked him to have the manager call me. He responded that the manager wouldn’t be in prior to 8am when the tow truck would be there and that he would not release the vehicle without services rendered. I am utterly shocked after the service I have received thus far. I told him to have the manager contact me asap.

    I run a large furniture company and couldn’t imagine treating my customers like this. The overall experience while on-site, I was made to feel like an inconvenience. One of the staff members even said with a tone are you guys moving in when we brought in our luggage to his office at the request of the front desk. I’ve had better service and treatment from my daughter’s Hyundai dealership.

    Unhappy Land Rover Customer,

  • Laura Reitman says:

    Extremely frustrated with Land Rover. My 2016 LR4 caught on fire on May 22, 2022. The cause specialist with Liberty Mutual said it started at the engine harness. There is a recall issued for 2017 Discovery Sport and 2016/2017 Range Rover Evoque for this but not the LR4. What the recall says could happen is EXACTLY what happened to my vehicle: “This could result in electrical arcing and short circuiting, which may cause the loss of the electric steering system, an engine cut-out without warning, the melting of engine parts, or even an underbonnet fire.”
    I let Land Rover know and since it is out of warranty they will not help me do anything and just said to go through my insurance company. There was absolutely no warning, no indication that my vehicle was about to catch on fire and it all happened so fast. I filed a claim with my insurance company and had to find a shop of choice. The Land Rover dealerships give me the run around and don’t want to bring it in and just tell me it needs to go to a body shop which makes no sense. I have called a handful of private shops and they don’t want to work on it because it caught on fire. I finally found a place that would at least inspect it only to tell me they don’t have the capacity or comfort ability to repair the damages the fire caused. So I go back to calling Land Rover dealerships and again I’m told they won’t tow it to their facility because it’s out of warranty and that it needs to go to a body shop and it’s my responsibility. So here it is August 1st and I don’t have my vehicle and Land Rover will not work on it. So what am I supposed to do?!

  • Ron Peyton says:

    My comment is for Ceo Dr. Ralph Speth,
    I purchased the first edition 2018Range Rover Velar in July of 2017 after my 2018 jaguar Fpace,S was stolen. I maintained the required oil changes tires and brakes and services as needed.
    In 2021 before the warranty was to expire the vehicle cut off while I was driving on the NJ turnpike.
    I safely made it to the shoulder the vehicle did not display any codes specifically to the situation at hand I had gas I had oil and the car was not overheating so I had no clue what was wrong, I sat for twenty minutes trying to figure out my next step.
    I press the ignition switch button and the vehicle turned on and I drove home I scheduled a appointment at the dealer for the issue they couldn’t find the problem don’t know what cause the problem and couldn’t give me an answer for why it happened .
    Fast forward after the warranty expired I had and engine coolant level low problem topped it off brought it back to the dealer 1800 for a hose, I paid cash. Sometime later i get the same heads up display 2700 for another hose in a different location I was told again I paid cash. Then get this some time passes not enough in my book the truck over heated I had it towed to the dealer they tell me the thermostat was stuck open that was a week after I had it towed to them, I towed the vehicle to the dealer the end of June they called me and told me about the thermostat the second week of July. The third week of July they call me back and ask did I get an extended warranty, I reply no they then proceed to tell me I NEED A NEW ENGINE! Wtf !!
    And it’s gonna cost 30k. That’s unacceptable this is extremely frustrating,costly time lost. How do I resolve this situation?

    • Donald Marion says:

      Ron – We have a 2018 Velar with 30,000 miles. With no warning, the car started smoking. We stopped immediately and had the car towed to the nearest dealer. After their evaluation, we need a new turbo and a new engine. $34,000 repair! It’s out of warranty. WTF is right! Their customer service has done nothing to help. Bottom line is Landrover does not stand behind their products.
      Did you ever get a resolution to your issue?

    • Jeanne Lassard says:

      Did you ever find a resolution to this? I am having the exact same issue.

  • Tracey Morris says:

    Today makes exactly 1 year and 1 month since Ive purchased 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport from Land Rover at Freeport and from the moment I drove off the lot Ive had to bring the car back multiple times to get fixed. At first it was a very loud disturbance when I would turn the car on and it took them several times before the problem was resolved and then now the car lunges when Im driving or go to put my foot on the gas. Ive brought the car in at least 3-4 times for the same issue and each time they had the car for weeks and then told me it was resolved which I had to pay out of pocket not cheap by the way because they said it was a computer issue with the car the gear box issue and thats not under warranty. The thing is the car still lunges and its gotten worse. I don’t know what to do and Im sick and tired of having to take the car back and forth because it inconveniences me due to my job. I either have to go in late or leave extra early at my place of work and the Land Rover of Freeport service department and the Manager treated me as if Im wrong for being absolutely fed up with this issue. There’s no way I should have had to return the car the amount of times since the time of purchase. This has been my worst experience in purchasing a vehicle from any dealer!

  • Johnny Gallegos says:

    If you could please look at the attached emails and see my frustration. I will be leaving bad reviews on all Land Rover Range Rover sites corporate sites and I will not be looking to purchase another range rover nor get assistance or service from you guys again I really did enjoy my Land Rover Range Rover sport HSE but due to how I’ve been treated from the Columbia store South Carolina and the disrespect I have been shown I will not be doing or having any one that I associate with associate with Land Rover Range Rover. The sad thing is it takes one bad apple to mess up everything

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Johnny Gallegos
    Date: Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at 1:25 PM
    Subject: Re: Tracking information

    If this is how you conduct business this is seriously so disrespectful I will be putting in a complaint as well as a bad review this is not customer service and how I’ve been treated and how this has been handled is totally absurd. I have left you numerous phone calls as well as voicemails and I have yet to hear from you only one time and then you forwarding me the tracking information thinking that’s going to suit me by looking it up it’s not gonna arrive until 5:30 PM tonight!

    When you guys conduct business and you guys tell the customer it’s going to be finished Thursday night or Friday morning the customer is expecting the dates and time that your service people have said! So I hope you feel my frustration and lack of communication from your department as well as you.

    On Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at 1:05 PM Bergerson, Anthony wrote:
    Hi Johnny,

    Attached below is FedEx tracking information on your window regulator, as of right now we still have not received it. Tracking information is telling us today.

    So if you would like to plug in the tracking number you can see the information.


    Tony Bergerson

    JLR Columbia

    Sent: Tuesday, November 2, 2021 2:35 PM
    To: Land Rover NA Record Accuracy Management ; Fomby, Clifton
    Cc: Boney, Charles
    Subject: RE: D2D Request LR153952 FROM DL 0171 TO DL 0675

    FedEx Tracking: 775094740953

    Christopher Dano

    Parts Manager, Jaguar Land Rover West Ashley

    T: +1 (843) 852 4029 | M: +1 (843) 934 9119

    E: cdano@bakermotorcompany.com

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  • Jim Clausen says:

    Original owner of a 2005 Land Rover LR3 and the driver side sun visor is drooping. Is there any detail on how to tighten the visor connection to the rod that holds the visor in place?
    Thank you!

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