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For the beauty-conscious individuals out there, the brand of Kyani is the perfect destination for you because it blends the natural elements with modern technology perfectly. The very foundational basis of the brand was upon the natural benefits that one can draw from nature for the best of skincare and hence get the best solutions that not only stay effective for longer times but also not cause any allergic or other harms to the individual. Apart from the services of beauty products, the brand has now become quite active in solving the hunger and nutrition issues by dealing with a good number of nutritional supplements and successfully running the project Potato Pak that offers the food to the needy and deprived sections of children. Maintaining the perfect balance between nature and technology, the brand has always strived to offer the best to its consumers. Thus, visit the website now to know further about it and its various chains of stores.

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  • Siniša Lukić says:

    I don’t want to share with anyone except Kyani management and the team of doctors. If they are interested in what exactly it is about, I can send a competent presentation.

    Thank you, Siniša

  • Siniša Lukić says:

    Subject: proposal on cooperation
    My name is Siniša Lukić from Zagreb, Croatia.

    Until 2015, I was a member of the kyani team until the breakup of the branch from Slovenia.

    My ID 643845, password: Lukic77!

    I am addressing you because you are the strongest company in the world in nutritional supplements, and I have a recipe for one of the two products in the world that man produces and which are necessary for the life of every person on the planet. The most important thing is the air, which, thank God, they still don’t charge us for.

    The first of the products produced by man is the water that he draws from some deep wells, and they charge us 10,000 times more for it than they pay for the concession.

    Apart from water, there is only one other product in the world that is produced by man and is necessary for the life of every person.

    If you want to learn something about it and possibly include it in your program, I will send you a complete presentation and description of the product.

    Hoping for your soon reply,

    Best regards, Siniša

    Please forward this email to the doctoral team and management

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