Where Is Kwik Trip Corporate office Headquarters

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Kwik Trip

  • Address: 1626 Oak St, La Crosse, WI 54603, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 608-781-8988 

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 10000+

  • Established: 1965

  • Founder: John Hansen, Don Zietlow 

  • Key People: Steve Loehr, VP:Operations Support

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Steve Loehr

VP:Operations Support

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  • Brian Givens says:

    My daughter is 17. She works for the new Windom branch. I am a business man operating my own company and have a degree in business management. A manager there treats her like a pet peave. We live north of Windom and when the weather is bad she can’t make it in because of the blowing snow. And I don’t want her stranded in windom on bad weather days if the snow is bad so they need to let her leave before she is stuck there. She speaks her mind and the management called her a winner baby. My daughter name is Madeline. I’m Brian Givens her father.

  • PC says:

    1. My GIFT CARD was deemed invalid at your stores. The card was NEVER used. Its Christmas season. How many gift cards would one want to purchase given they can NOT be redeemed???

    2. You accept payment by phone INSIDE but NOT outside your stores at the pump or car wash! What sense does that make???

    Do you care to continue business???

  • Jim Williams says:

    The worst customer friendly Kwik Trip store manager Carrie not ever on premise. 401 N 3rd St & Pennsylvania Ave. Madison, WI. Yet one of the busiest stores you would think it would not run out of receipt paper, be as filthy as it is, etc. At least give Matthew clean up person some help or change store mgr. Maybe put some of the profits this store generates back into the location.
    PS corporate customer service phone line is for all practical purposes non-functional. The beginning of the end.

  • Vickie Loos says:

    I have 2 concerns about Kwiktrip, why isnt there a separate table for the sampler to use to prepare her samples. It gets to busy when i to get in the way of other co workers because i have to use their space to use to sample preparation. 2nd i have days i took off a was approved, but never get put on my sheduls for work. Then i may get into trouble because i didnt come to work. Thank you

  • Carl Ernst says:

    As I most recent stop at the K Trip in Harmony Mn having been a customer there for 29 plus years I find the so called store leader to be a flat out rude and uncaring person as to what is said when I was in verbal contact with a store employee. An employee that can make 2 minutes to interact with a customer makes for a reason to want come back.But when the Leader has to make comment while I am present in store and tell said employee its time to work and not talk not a very tactful thing when I and other customers are in store. I have often wondered why there always seems to be new employees there That ONE person needs a lesson in work relations. Most store employees have been there way longer then she which made stopping there pleasent

  • Lori Laky says:

    We just stopped in Baraboo Kwik Trip to get gas, and it took my boyfriend 5 minutes to get 1 gallon of gas, cause the pumps were so slow. We were planning on getting $50.00 worth of gas, but instead, we went across the street to Amoco. Your cashier in the Kwik Trip said he’s contacted you numerous times and you choose to ignore him. Well, we’re gonna ignore you now, and get our gas elsewhere. Thanks a lot!

  • Randy says:

    I’m done with Kwik trip. They have taken my money for the last time. Double charge you and take more money from your account then they should without permission. From what I thought this place was supposed to run by Christian people. Don’t think so.

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