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  • Address: 165 Flanders Rd, Westborough, MA 01581, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-225-9702
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: GuestServices@eg-america.com
  • Number of Employees: 127
  • Established: 1959
  • Founder: Dillon Stores
  • Key People: Jeff Parker

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Jeff Parker

Chief Executive Officer

Mohsin Issa

Co-CEOs of EG Group

About Kwik Shop, History and Headquarters Information

The brand of Kwik Shopis highly known for its chain of convenience stores and gas stations that offer a wide range of products starting from gasoline and lottery tickets to the general food items and cold beverages. Headquartered in Kansas, it was founded way back in 1959 and has had the perfect metamorphosis from a small group to one of the leading giants in the nation. The stark points about the chain include its wide range of products available at very competitive rates, the best and consumer-friendly terms and conditions to quickly act in the convenience of the buyers and the well-trained staff who know very well how to handle the former. With the recent revamps in the structure done to improvise the customer interface, it would not be wrong to trust this brand, and hence one can easily visit the official website to know more about it and have the best buying experience.

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  • Hutchinson resident says:

    Well the website is very good but I went into a Kwik shop to get a cup nothing in it just a cup and they wanted to charge me 27cents for a empty cup

  • Barb says:

    You should not be charging mail carriers for ice water if they bring their own cup in. That is ridiculous. I guess I will tell my coworkers to start going to quicktrip to get their ice water

  • Khaled Morgan says:

    Store 118 the cashier will not answer phone on pizza calls had to go 10 miles down the road to get one you should do something about that

  • Hhfrr says:

    Your location in ellsworth sucks. They are closed more than they are open. In the middle of the day being closed. Ridiculous. You are losing money.

  • Terri Cross says:

    Went to your store at 17th and Lorraine this morning. The custom service was great but that store is dirty! There were 4 employees standing there (maybe shift change?) but the pop machines were sticky, there was a cup of coffee just sitting on the coffee bar with no one around, the area where the packaged muffins and donuts was a mess and the organizer for the coffee cream and sugar packets was gross! Surely one of those 4 employees could have come out from behind the counter and done some morning cleanup! Not sure if the health department would approve.

  • A Kwik shop Employee says:

    I have worked for Kwik shop for years now and I have worked under two different female store managers at the same kwik shop location,the only difference was the time frames of when I worked for them was a four years difference.I just walked out on my job for the second time today for the exact same reasons that I ever left my job for the very first time yet again. They feel they can bully their employees and have this high school favorites and constantly have drama and are not professional constantly gossiping about you behind your back with customers.i used to love my job but this second time around I thought it was going to work out and be ok that was short lived when I surly started to feel that same feeling that the managements actions made me feel the first time I worked here by the constant feeling of fear and dread of coming to work for your 8 hour shift and not knowing who’s going to know your personal business and who’s going to smile in your face and gossip behind your back the next time you see them. Not to mention when you find out that four other employees that you have trained because they have all just started to work for Kwik shop and haven’t even been employed for 90 days all are under the same impression that you are because my manager for some reason has promised them the same management job that she has been promising to you for the past few months it really opens your eyes on who’s truly fake and don’t have your best and honest good intentions towards you and your future career with the company that you once loved So much to work for.

  • Christopher says:

    Y the fuc does your store close so early in Davenport west Kimberly road I work across from them and I wanted some things from the store it’s only 11p.m

  • Kwik shop employee says:

    Hello this is a worker at this said kwik shop, this is NOT the corporate numbet, this is a kwik shop in huthinson kansas, the corporate phone number is 1800-225-9702. Please correct the number for the corporate up above.
    Thank you,
    Kwik shop employee

    • Denise K Beaty says:

      That truly is Corporate number but the prompts get you know where. One prompt says push 5 for recruitment and it says there’s no one in that office also I applied on snagajob just a minute ago and it won’t allow me to put only one reference from another job I’m just wanting to make sure that they got my application.

  • Lisa says:

    Kwik shop 4400 O 69510 2:44pm 10/26/21
    The store I unkempt, I let the only clerk know it smells like a wet mop. She shrugs, doesn’t look at me and mumbles “I just took my mask off”. So what she can’t smell it unmasked? I asked if she was OK, again just a shrug and no customer service. I told her to keep what I was going to purchase and walked out. If people can’t do their job don’t hire them. In fact fire her, she obviously thinks not working for 2 years and now back making a paycheck allows her to be rude. I will not be visiting ANY keik shops anytime soon. I’ve noticed most are unkempt lately. I’ve had to work, pay my mortgage and taxes the last 2 years. My company doesn’t allow me to slack on my job, no matter how slim the employee market!

  • K says:

    The store at 96th and Q in Omaha has a homeless man living there. Please remove him and most of the customers will come back.

  • Meaghan Daniel says:

    Need to start drug testing managers and employees

  • Bob says:

    Manager in Fremont nebraskas store is using drugs and dating a drug dealer

  • Alanna says:

    I am writing to you today in utter disbelief. I am outraged you will not enforce masks in your establishments. I have been to all your Salina locations, and every single time there are a handful of people strolling in without them. I even watched someone cough in her hand, and grab the door and go in (Schilling location). She touched everything in there and not once did anyone ask her to put one on or leave. I’m disgusted. I have lost 3 people in my immediate family in the past 3 months due to covid. I am high risk. We spend hundreds of dollars with your business every month; however, I have no problem taking my farm business elsewhere if this is your “normal”. I cannot believe the complete disregard for the safety of others, especially the elderly, some of which have no other options than to get out and do things themselves.

    We will be in town again this week for gas for the farm. I will give the company this week to see if things are enforced. In the meantime, I will research other companies who are not afraid to say something to entitled customers who don’t care about anyone other than themselves.

  • Maggie Madigan says:

    I was in the Kwik Shop at 3959 S. Hydraulic at around 7 am 11/21/20. I gave the attendant a lottery scratch ticket that was a 10 winner. She gave me 2 dollars, I know I should have taken the ticket back but thought maybe I picked up the wrong one as I had two tickets that were winners. Checked at home and the $10 did not have. Probably need to check your cameras as she acted very nervous, I had to remind her to ring something up as she forgot. She may be stealing people’s lottery money.

  • Mike jones says:

    I was at the kwick shop in glenwood Iowa 4 or 5 different times there is a clerk by the name on her tag Schula I have heard severe profanity from her and very unappealing looking super tight jeans multi colored hair always has head phones on and super loud. As a guest in the store I am very offended by her and the way she presents herself very flirtatious with the men that walk in there. I feel that it needs to be addressed i have seen enter clerks get let go for less than what she is doing. Please address this person or I will have to go further. To me it almost feels like harassment for some customers.

  • Traci says:

    I stopped at the Kwik Shop in Cedar Rapids, IA today on J Street SW. The employees were wearing jeans as usual. However, the guy there had his pants down so I could see his underwear. This is so unprofessional. I will be doing my shopping at Kwik Star from now on. This store has gone to shame. Either close that store or fix it. This is a disgrace!

  • Rodney says:

    The clerk at a Lincoln NE store asked if I wanted to donate my coins to charity. She didn’t say which charity and I didn’t see any advertising for one so I said no. I hope she is not asking all customers this and then keeping it for herself.

  • susan says:

    Stopped by your store in Goddard, Kansas today, 8-19-20 at prox 8:00 am. Saw a few customers were not wearing masks but the shocking part was your employees were hit and miss wearing masks. One lady, with a Kwik Trip shirt on, was taking inventory, no mask. Not even hanging off her face. No attempt to protect the public. One guy, looked to be a vendor checking his product, no mask. Three ladies behind the counter – one was eating -no mask. The other two had a masks on, even though one was down below her nose. What the heck is going on at your stores? Doesn’t feel like a safe place to shop

  • Shari says:

    Bellevue Nebraska on mission never puts paper in the gas pumps. People need receipts to turn into jobs. Have to hold up gas line to go get receipt. Are clerks lazy? Now the pump asks for zip code then only one number shows on screen then it says it don’t match debit card and to pay inside. Then I paid inside and told them about no paper again and I need receipt. So paid inside and got thru transaction and the young girl grab her phone and went to side corner and started texting. I said I need receipt and then she stepped back and got for me. I complained to manager about pump receipts and zip code. He said that jail shop is owned by a company in Europe now and they don’t help with anything anymore. They are not happy either. Do we need to start boycotting these company’s not owned by USA? Tired of China and other country’s ruining America.

  • Leroy Menninga says:

    Stopped at the Kwik Shop on Crawford in Salina, KS. Time was 3:45 p.m. There is a mask ordinance in Salina. We were shacked that not only were many patrons not wearing masks, but the young male clerk’s mask was below his chin. He seemed not to really care. The manager was right there and did nothing to rectify the situation. The young female clerk was wearing a mask properly. We will not be stopping at this Kwik Shop on any of our future trips to Salina.

  • Dan Millspaugh says:

    We use your store at 37th north and Ridge Road. Went in this afternoon and not one of your employees had a face shield on. We will start using the Quik Trip just north of your store. We are done with your store.Very bad respect for others.

  • lesquinn says:

    since Kwik Shops came under new ownership, the frequency of their Debit/Credit card system becoming inoperable has dramatically increased, and takes much longer to get fixed. Please do what is needed to get and keep your electronic payment system working. The failing in this area is very noticeable.

  • Charles R Suhr says:

    Your managers at Fremont doesn’t deserve to be manager they dont no how to do scheduling how to act around customers they act like teenagers

  • Ronnie says:

    This morning on my way to class, I stopped in to the Kiwk Shop on 27th and W I’m Lincoln, Ne. I am running a little late to catch the bus. The cashier greats me by saying A my man will you put your backpack at the front of the store. There was no “Welcome to Kiwk Shop” or Good morning. So I did what I was asked because I didn’t want to miss my bus and this was the only place open at 5:49am. I grab my drink and head to the counter and say to the young man ” I am not a thief and I’m a Christian. The young man (Kyle) says ” It is corporate policy to have customers put there backpacks at the front of the store”. I not getting upset or use negative language say ” Well I don’t see any signs posted saying it’s a corporate policy.” The Young Man ( Kyle) then said “Well I have the right to refuse you service”. I was gonna get cigarettes also but just paid for my drink wished him a good day and left to catch my bus. I have worked as a cashier and there was one time I could remember telling a paying customer I can not serve you. That customer was under the influence of alcohol. I don’t know Kiwk Shop’s policies, but treating a customer who has done nothing wrong by saying ” I have the right to refuse you service. Is a bit extreme.

  • Tinday says:

    I frequent your store #705 in Topeka Kansas, every morning to get my coffee OTW to work. you changed your creamer machines and I am letting you know that the new machines are not a good decision. They are UNSANITARY, it’s like milking a cow, you have to use your hand to position the “utter” to your cup which would be fine if I was the only one touching it but can u imagine how many people touch that in a day. That is just GROSS…

  • Joy L Schreckhise says:

    I went to the kwick shop on douglas 11/10/19 in Wichita the assistant manager was extremely rude and actually slammed my change in my hand. I got coffee and presented my rewards card and he said that one isnt free I said what do u mean he again said that one isnt free I said what do u mean he repeated that one isnt free. I then said ok now ur pissing me off and rephrased so what size cup is the free size on the rewards. He then said u dont have enough points. Great now I know. My issue is when u scan the card say ur total is or u have a free cup would u like to use that now. And when the customer is confused by what u are saying dont repeat the same confusion 3 times the circle of words are annoying. And most definitely dont slam the change in my hand. That form of aggression is completely unacceptable and frankly he is lucky assault charges were not filed

  • Jackie heady says:

    hi my name is Jackie headyI went to the Kwik Shop and Garden City Kansas and I was trying to air up my mother’s car on the tires and I went inside to get help and that lady I do not remember her name I do know her face don’t know the names I do apologize but she was rude very very rude she’s like I can’t help you I don’t know how to air up a tire and very rude to me and says you should know how to air up a tire I said I don’t even know how to air up a tire she wanted me to go to oil alley so they can air it up even though they have at the Kwik Shop an air pump but I don’t know how to use it but the lady was very rude to me I will not shop there or get a pop there because of her rudenessif I was a employee there I would help them instead of losing the customer I felt very unsafe there because the way that she told me to go to oil alley which is next door to get the tire donewhich oil alley did help me but still that lady was very rude to me that day I went and I can’t remember what day it was but it was November 2018

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