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  • Address: 6400 Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA 50266, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 515-226-0128

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 1959

  • Founder: William A. Krause

  • Key People: Kyle J. Krause (CEO)

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Kum And Go Headquarters Executive Team



Kyle J. Krause

Chief Executive Officer and President

Craig C. Bergstrom

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Hasting

Chief Operating Officer

About Kum And Go, History and Headquarters Information


Kum And Go were founded in the year 1959. The company has been active for almost 60 years now. The founders of the company were Tony S Gentle and William A Krause. The co-founders had established the Hampton Oil Company, which had eventually become the Krause Gentle Corporation. It was Kum & Go’s parent company. In the year 1963, Krause Gentle had introduced the company’s first convenience stores, selling both fuel and gasoline, along with merchandise items as well, in which they changed their gas station into a station store.

The company’s name was adopted in the year 1975, in order to unify the company’s array of stores under a single brand. The name of the company was coined after a play on the phrase ‘come and go’ using the initials of founders Krause and Gentle. The sales of the company branded merchandises, increased after Johnny Knoxville was seen wearing a Kum & Go T-shirt during a scene in the 2006 movie, named as Jackass Number Two. The reason behind the success of the company’s franchise was due in part to a unique marketing campaign in which they featured the Kum & Go ‘Gold Cup’. The cup was introduced in the later parts of the year 2008, for the holiday season. It had featured a coffee mug for $50 and benefitted customers by offering unlimited coffee and soda fountain refills for the year 2009 at any Kum & Go location in the USA. In the year 1998, the company had moved its headquarters to Iowa, USA. As of the year 2009, the company was ranked at 238 places in the Forbes list of the largest private companies in the USA. Then in the year 2018, the company had moved its headquarters again to Des Moines, USA. During the year 2004, the company was sued by an Omaha man claiming racial discrimination was carried out after being denied access to the public restroom. The lawsuit had alleged a pattern of racist behaviour by the company’s employees ranging from low-level store employees to even corporate officers as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 6400 Westown Parkway. The name of the place is West Des Moines, while the name of the state is Iowa, USA. The pin code of the area 50266.


Kum And Go is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of products and services as a convenience store chain, located in almost 11 states of the USA. The company currently has over 400 stores, operating under its name. The current CEO of the company is Kyle Krause. As of the year 2011, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $2.1 billion. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 3,900. The company is the 23rd largest chain of convenience stores in the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of products and obtain services, offered by the convenience store of the company. The company provides gasoline products, snacks, drinks, fresh food, etcetera.

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  • Crystel Wulff says:

    Yes we’re getting ready to have a memorial ride for a young woman that was murdered an her boyfriend dumped her body at one of u your locations, I was wondering who I needed to talked to to see if you guys would like to help fund the ride or be apart of this ride/fundraiser, what’s donated or gifted will go to the family of this young woman, which includes her mom, dad, 2 brothers, and the very main person of all is her little girl what was left behind. I’m her dad’s fiance, and I’m trying to help them get everything set up so they’re not stressed out, an we can finally make this day a very special an memorable day ever. It’s been 4 yrs an very hard in all ways even financial. I’m wanting this to be a surprise to the family. Let them know that people do really care an won’t have to worry to much on making all this happen. Please if anyone can help guide me on the right way on who to talk to to possibly help? Email me at crystelwulff022@gmail.com an I’ll send you my phone number. Thank you I hope to hear from anyone soon. Have a blessed day.

  • Jim Muldoon says:

    Regards your plans for gas station overlooking sugarhouse park in SLC. Sure about 90% of us in the neighborhood DO NOT want this and will do all we can to stop this total nightmare overlooking our beloved park. Expect pickets and boycott for destroying our city. Please stay out of Utah

  • Brandon says:

    I’ve been shopping at your rangely Colorado store for 10 plus years and I’ll NEVER GO BACK your management team really sucks

  • Kung Fu Donny Wong 4th degree black belt says:

    Store 1505 N National Ave, Springfield, Mo. I love K&G no matter which one I visit, read some of the comments consumers wrote, not positive. I am leaving this note to the owner’s and upper management. A Guy named Logan works at this location he is one of the kindest you will ever meet, the store itself is located in an undesirable part of town, homeless people come there a lot, but many varieties of folks go there on way to work, school, road trip, I live not far from this store frequently and sometimes the line is long with 2 to 3 registers open, as observant as I can be Logan is a total professional in his role, courteous, understanding, treating all of us who come there with respect and dignity. He has this ability due to that is who he is, no training could of taught him this trait. My recommendation is give him a raise, get him on path of leadership, companies head hunt for people like him.

  • Anthony Berg says:

    I want to know why after a married couple of over 22 years together in a quite south Jordan Utah, where just recently (kum and Go) recently purchased 5 acres of land,.with 3 residincal homes lay bare for over 3 years Why we were kicked out after living there for over a year legitimately under MOYEL OIL UR BETTER KNOWN AS (COMMON SENSE GAS STATIONS) why we were kicked out and told to be out in 2 hours and denied access to any KUM @ GO owner or anybody’s phone numbers to get our things out this happened 4 days 6-7-22 ago and our property has been ravished by thieves everything lost with no help from you s, j, police who’s more concerned about a couple who’s done nothing to you guys but cut and burn all dead trees lacaped property including trash, vandalism, was pay are own electric bill so ileagel dumping would not happen I could go on and the money that we have saved you. And people in Utah have never heard of kum and go . yet this is how your top executives treat a struggleling couple who lost everything in a residential fire losing everything I mean everything 2 years prior not to mention all the covid and the earthquakes have we not lost enough. also me who is almost graduated from odyssey house!!!!!!! please explain? I have never felt such humility in all my life

  • Tristan says:

    Store 316 in erie Co. Has the worst GM,I’ve been going there for years and since she started has run 3 of the back bone employees out of the store. Food manager and and assistant have left because of her lack of caring. I wont be back to a kum and go,since higher up doesn’t care.

  • Elena says:

    Stopped for coffee at sore on broadway DSM. Lids so packed in dispenser can’t get out!
    Terrible design for lid and cup taking a drink u end up wearing down the front of u. Did anyone at corporate try drinking from this coffee cup/Ill fitting lid??
    Not a good am with coffee on my face shirt and jacket.

  • Trish says:

    Worked at a store here in colorado,extreme favoritism to managers who do bare minimum and agm’s,food managers and associates dont receive credit. No breaks or lunches are allowed, most at that store pushed 50 hours or more cause we arent receiving enough canidates as you tell us. Shady shit is going down in stores but its swept under the rug. Serious issues on why i left and dont plan on going back.

  • María garcia says:

    Gordon drive Sioux City kum n go sucks

  • María garcia says:

    Store Gordon drive Sioux City iowa

  • María garcia says:

    I walked in around 1:30pm on 4/15/22 over heard the manager scream and putting down the employees how lazy they are! The young lady in front started to cry! This store has not good customer service you are out of everything and when ask to talk to manager they say there is not one! This place is very unorganized in understaffed! I feel like you will be losing customer if things don’t get better! The line is always around the store due to no staff! At one point back in February I don’t know what happen to the staff but that was a team!! So good luck

  • Myron Hoffert says:

    Stopped at Grimes Kum & Go and got a cappuccino today(Christmas). Went to pay for it and the gentleman said Merry Christmas. Really caught me off guard. He said I owed nothing. Thank you so much. That really blessed my heart. Thank you for your generosity! Myron

  • Josh Parrish says:

    Pricing never correctly marked & we dont honor the prices posted

  • Mike says:

    Do you not have an ethics line for employees? I need to report something about a manager, and I’m not getting the correct information on who to report it to.

  • Brandon Casias says:

    My son visited the store in Loveland Colorado at 1600 E. Eisenhower store #0995, as soon as he walked in on Sunday 10/24/2021 at around 1:30 pm the employee says out loud, I am not going to serve you without a mask. My son has asthma and is not required to wear a mask if the employee would read the rules instead of embarrassing customers. There is a mask mandate although not required if you have a medical condition and cannot tolerate a face mask. The employee did not have a name tag on and is very rude I hope corporate can resolve this issue before this employee gives Kum and Go a really bad reputation, for disrespecting customers. We have always filled our gas at Kum and Go although our family might go somewhere else.

  • Jackie doke says:

    Sarcoxie, MO Kum &Go has gown hill very rapidly. The store manager lacks in many ways. Out of product often, dirty lot, store messy, no food selection. Cody is very rude.

  • Cassandra says:

    I just witnessed a disturbing encounter at a store in South Springfield Missouri (S National Ave) I man came in and was immediately asked to leave I can only assume because of his appearance he had dreadlocks. I can garauntee the clerk did not know his social economic situation but sure to his looks she made him leave, told him she would call the cops. I am very disappointed and if I ha not already drank some of my fountain drink I would have left and not give that store my business.

  • r w says:

    filled my tank with premium yesterday in Conifer Colorado today my car is in the shop with contaminated fuel and will not run thanks a lot , the worse thing is i paid for nothing but problems way to go “

  • Christopher Eugene Zvolanek says:

    I find this store unacceptable visit at 800 W. Santa Fe, Denver Colorado when having problems with Pepsi machine was out of Pepsi and my debit card direct express wasn’t working go through. Then I was forced to pay extra $3.00 cashing out of my debt card on key bank ATM. It supposed to be free of charge for us Treasury direct deposit to have cash advance. I paid out of my pocket $23.00
    They charged Pepsi bottle and cup of ice. These cashiers mocked me making fun of disability deafness behind my back. They gave me hard time, guffaw and by. Even though they refused to give me receipt.

  • G. Allen says:

    I have occassionally visited Kum & Go at 9610 E 61st(61st & Mingo Rd) in Tulsa Ok. Everytime I shop there the music over the instore speakers is EXTREMELY LOUD. It like a night club sound of 50+ decibels. Why?
    I will now drive out of my way to go somewhere else. We choose where to spend our money and that loud
    music should not have to be tolerated.
    Respectfully submitted.

  • M. E. EVERS says:

    i am sorry that I entered your Anthony Rizzo sweepstakes. Please remove my name from your sweepstakes entry list! after finding that Anthony Rizzo has no regard for his team mates or the general public by his cowardly act of having no desire to receive a COVID 19 vaccine– Maybe he’s just afraid of the needle injection! In my book he is NO longer a Chicago Sport’s star .

  • Jonesboro worker says:

    Guys, we are really struggling down here in Jonesboro, Arkansas, with this snow storm. Our city is not prepared for all this. The ice came and I could not get of my apartment for 2 days because the management here at the apartments do not put down any ice melt or anything–but– then the snow came, and I could walk on the fresh snow, so I made it to work this morning–but–the snow keeps coming and in places it is up to my knees, and more is predicted, which seldom happens here.

    I only work part-time because I am 63 and semi-retired, now but when I learned today that our 2nd shift, 3rd shift, and 1st shift for tomorrow morning has already called in because some associates live as far as an hour away from work, others have children that are home because Day-cares and schools are closed, and others have dead batteries and various car problems from the related snow storm and it is now 3pm and only 7 degrees outside, supposedly dropping to below zero tonight.

    Now I understand that in Iowa, this is probably no major problem–but–in Jonesboro, AR, this is a horrible mess. I drove home today on roads that were so rutted that if you got into one rut, it would pull my car into another one no matter what I did, and if I tried to drive on the un-rutted part, the snow was so deep, the bottom of my car got stuck and did not want to move. i am scheduled off tomorrow–but–I intend to TRY to cover 1st shift for my associate friend who cannot get here and also has a 4 month old at home that needs her and if she feels it is too dangerous for her to come in, I certainly understand that, so I am going to try to cover her shift. BUT–I was scared to the point of tears driving home today and not sure, many times, I was going to make it home safely.

    My point is, while I understand Kum & Go has to remain open as much as possible for our wonderful customers— this is not just a small snow event for our city, this is a major, crippling situation for us right now. I will attempt to go in tomorrow morning for 1st shift, but if they do not sand down these roads tonight, I am not sure I will be able to get there. It is unheard of, in our town for a Kum & Go to close unless our power goes out, but in this type situation, with only a few workers able to get to work, and those of us who do are risking their lives to get there.

    My request is simple, please consider closing our store (at least 3rd shift) until our street crew can get a handle on this massive amount of snow we are getting. The weather here, forecasts another round of snow coming Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning with temperatures not reaching above 21 degrees until Saturday. There should be a brief time from 7am til 2 pm tomorrow morning of sunshine in which road crews should be able to work on some of these bad roads, but the sunshine and low temps will only make these roads slicker and more dangerous. Then the snow begins again on Wednesday morning through Wednesday night. if we could at least shut down our 3rd shift, then the folks who can get to work could cover those hours, but–the roads i drove home n today, scared the crap out of me.

    I am not trying to create a problem for any GM, Regional Manager or go above anyone’s head, I am simply concerned for my co-workers and myself. I love my co-workers and I respect my managers, but I am really concerned for all of us right now. My area of the state is simply not prepared for this much snow.

  • Joyce Husted says:

    For the last 2 Sundats my husband has gotten me biscuits and gravy at the Kum n go on the corner University in Waukee, Iowa. There is hardly any gravy at all. The biscuit today was half dry and had no gravy. They used to be great and now, they are horrible. I would rather eat a bowl of cereal. Sundays are our treat day and so we get breakfast out. Please do sonething to get them back to being good again.

  • Good employee treated bad says:

    I’m curious on we have to talk to about favoritism in the stores. Some employees treated bad while others are favored. Some take it up to district manager only to be threatened with our jobs or totally ignored. A few of us want to transfer stores and we are ignored and therefore making us stuck at a location we don’t want to be at. Only way around it is to quit. Jon is one that will not answer any employee… Not good..

  • CMO says:

    Change ur applying stuff. Ive done 2 interviews and its been over 48 hrs to get my background then u email me stating i got offered the job but yet u dont have my background dont offer any positions if dont have all there information together get the back ground then tell them theyre hired…

  • Amanda Roberts says:

    Why are your stores the least worried about keeping your staff and customers safe? It seems like you guys dont care about your employees or customers so you dont shut down any 24 hour stores to be allowed to clean and sanitize, because I can assure you it doesn’t get done during the day! The stores I have been to recently are so disgusting and dirty it’s a wonder how you haven’t had an employee or customer catch a disease. You are losing money by keeping your 24 hour locations open the full 24 hours, most of your locations only get around 3-4 customers in on your overnights, so what is the point in staying open? I know a few employees of yours from a few different stores and honestly corporate should take more precautions about everything going on. Just a thought.

  • Armando Gaipo says:

    I work at store 156 did not get paid this past week why is my job to find out why and how many other times have you guys stole my pay check

  • >