Where is Krystal Corporate office Headquarters

Krystal Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2509 Main St, East Point, GA 30344, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 404-766-6420

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 6500

  • Established: October 11, 1932

  • Founder: Rody Davenport Jr. and partner J. Glenn Sherrill

  • Key People: Paul Macaluso

Krystal Headquarters Location & Directions

Krystal Headquarters Executive Team



Josh Kern

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Hagler

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Scott Gallagher

Senior Vice President of Operations

Partha Mukherjee Ph.D.

Chief Information Officer and Vice President

Michael L. Wood

Chief Real Estate Officer

Casey Terrell


About Krystal, History and Headquarters Information

To all of our burger lovers out there, we present to you the chain of Krystal Burger, which is considered to be one of the leading ones in the fast food industry in the USA. Having its headquarters at Atlanta, Georgia, the chain is popularly known for its small sized and square hamburgers called sliders which render the best taste and satiate the cravings of a wide group of foodies. Having the fillings of cheese and steamed onions, these sliders create an everlasting impression in the minds of the eaters. As if these are not enough, the chain is also known widely for the level of hygiene that it maintains and the freshness in terms of the use of raw ingredients. Offering the best offers from time to time, it is worth trying at any moment. Thus, enter your zip code in the official website and search for the nearest outlet to savor the delicacy.    

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  • Shannon Anderson says:

    We went to the crystals in Daytona Beach Florida. The lady that was behind the counter, was freaking rude and a noxious and stuck her nose in somebody else’s business, and was nasty and your manager wasn’t any damn better, so guess what honey we will never go back to your place ever again

  • Lakee Upshaw says:

    Will the Krystal Restaurant location on Veterans Memorial in Mableton GA be permanently?

  • Terrie Strickland says:

    I live in Jacksonville, Fl . I went to the Krytsals on Normandy Blvd last and there were 4 employees in the dinning area not taking orders, basically ignoring the drive thru and just staring at us. not one of them were willing to help. There were times when we pulled thru the same Krystals and they told us it would be a twenty minute wait. You guys are losing business at this location. The employees just arent willing to serve us

  • Jimmy Cloninger says:

    if you’re going cashless at all locations, you just lost a 45 yr loyal customer . Also your Krystal.com is designed to encourage people not to leave a complaint

  • BROOKE says:

    This place is trash!! Waited 30 mins for our food there was no condiments. Dirt everywhere, every person who ordered before us was coming in complaining their order was wrong and they also waited a Long while for their order. This place needs serious Management

  • William says:

    I have been waiting since June 15 for someone to contact me concerning my unpleasant experience and being charged incorrectly
    I got a response that someone would contact me within 72 hrs and it has been 2 weeks

  • David Allen says:

    It’s no wonder you are going out of business with closing 40 stores and more to follow. I went to the Statesboro Krystal for lunch today June 28-23. Two people were waiting. After 3 minutes I asked had their order been taken. They said no and they had been waiting 10 minutes. When I asked the order taker why she was taking car orders and hadn’t taken these peoples order she said hatefully I might add she was to busy and if I didn’t want to wait I could leave. So we all left. I’ll never eat at Krystal again!

  • Sonya Rodgers says:

    Just wanted to suggest that you should really consider opening a restaurant in the Spartanburg SC area. There’s a need for something different here. There is a lot of new houses and industrial business going up all the time.

  • Ruby says:

    I waited to place an order for 15mins tonight. I pulled around only to find out the other cars had left so I waited at the window and no one came. I pulled off got mad because of the time I sat there. So I downloaded the app placed my order went back to drive thru cause the lobby is closed, and still nothing pulled to the window blew the horn the staff looking at me so finally some one comes, I asked if no one heard me and she said the speaker is broken..but you have nothing saying it’s down to pull around.

  • Regina says:

    I would just like to say Krystal in Magee, Mississippi is shit. Their service is not worth a crap. They never have any any Apple pies we sold out we ain’t got no More it is absolutely ridiculous. The service that people get in Magee the Better Business Bureau needs to be called on them and also the food and drug administration to go along with it. They are not any good so take my advice don’t go over there you’ll be sitting in line for at least 30 to 45 minutes to get your food. I can’t find the phone number and talk with anyone. I guess they’re so chicken shit that I don’t wanna talk to anyone because they know that their business is not any good any longer

  • Ricky jenkins says:

    The people that work for the company are so stupid they don’t know how to take care of the customers and just treat them badly

  • Wanda Jackson says:

    The Krystal’s restaurant in Cordele Ga used my debit card and purchased a concert ticket and insurance for 166.00 +/-. I had a police report completed to get my money back. This is not right and the employees should be dealt with accordingly. The owner responded to my review and asked me to call. That number is disconnected. Stop your employees from stealing!!!

  • Carolyn jackson says:

    While to start with door dash delivery the food from the store on 138 stock bridge Tried to call corporate but they did not answer the phone Stockbridge did not answer the phone my complaint is I ordered for the grit bowl and I said no eggs because I’m very allergic to eggs and cheese that’s what they put in there and also I ordered a sausage biscuit with cheese I got a bacon biscuit with cheese the driver drove off said that they didn’t give him the Pepsi’s that we ordered so I want you to call me as soon as you can at 470-5410873 the whole thing was a disaster please call me I’ll be calling back thank you

  • Trisha Smith says:

    Hi my name is Trisha Smith I works at krystal in Montgomery AL on Atlanta hwy and this new Gm Keeps cussing me out talking crazy all to me and talking crazy to the other employees Aswell I’m a grown woman just like she is and I don’t deserve to be talk to any kind of way thanks You.

  • Shawn says:

    Went to the krystals on McFarland and I ordered two krystal chicks an order of junkyard tots but they gave me junkyard fries instead and my sandwiches was hard as a brick and I asked for a bacon but they said it was out of bacon to put on the sandwiches

  • NOT a side chick says:

    The new “side chick” campaign is just trashy! I can’t believe that anyone thought this was a good idea. Extremely offensive to any decent woman!

  • Nancy Wiggins says:

    I am furious that you thought a TV commercial glamorizing an extramarital affair was a way to sell your product! I will never eat another Krystal meal! Disgusting!

  • Dana Sturgis says:

    My complaint is simple. Your “side-chick’ advertising campaign is offensive and sends the wrong message. playing on marital infidelity to sell hamburgers is abhorrent and unjustified. If you were to convince me of the quality and taste of your product on its own merits, I would consider purchasing it. This advertising campaign assures you that me and many others like me will never purchase your products based on this terrible advertising campaign.

  • Ahmad smith says:

    Hello my name is Ahmad smith I had bad experience with the Krystal in Birmingham, AL 1810 Crestwood Blvd 35210 I vomit all day Saturday and Sunday I really need someone to reach out to me and I sent a email I got food posin my number is 205 470-9354

  • Melissa says:

    I am a dasher for Doordash and was at the Krystal’s on blanding/103rd street when I walked into the lobby the smell of marijuana was so strong and a young black employee was rolling a blunt right in front of the restroom. This isn’t my first incident when going into this sane establishment. This goes on quite often and someone needs to take action! I was a shift manager there back in the 80’s when Mike Forte was general manager and he would’ve never allowed this with MANAGER on duty. I’m completely disgusted of how this store has went downhill!

  • Angel Berry (Atlanta, Ga) says:

    I’ve been attempting to contact someone regarding a refund for an order I placed in 10/21. I contacted the GM for the 14th St location however no one has contacted me. I placed an order and never received food. Please help.

  • Mike says:


  • Linda G Moss says:

    I find the new TV ads offensive and insulting to any woman whose husband has ever had a “side chick”. It makes light of the damage to everyone involved, including the “side chick. I know sex sales but this is downright tacky

  • Glenn says:

    Please do something about your Trussville , AL location. Last week no one responded at the drive thur after waiting 10 minutes. I accord the store, no answer. I called Trussville Police when I got home to make sure everyone was ok. Tonight I did receive service but it was slow as molasses and when I got to the drive through 4 employees were just standing around. I was advised to pull forward and wait. Look, I love Krystal’s but something is not Wright.

  • Kassey says:

    My husband went to the Krystals in Millington Tennessee on September 18th and purchased in order and has been charged three times for it we still yet have been able to get a hold of anybody to take care of this and resolve the situation. At this point I feel like they are robbing him and I will be contacting everybody to let them know to spread the word that this place is a thief.

  • Jackie Hendrix says:

    Nastiest Krystal I’ve ever eat at .( Millington Tn )
    Tables filthy
    Handles to door filthy
    Windows filthy
    Bathroom just as disgusting
    In lobby stacks of supplies for the Resteraunt where you eat . The floor was sticky and dirty all over . Then had stacks of buns right beside the garbage can in eating Area . I wish I would have turned around and not eat there but : / it was so nasty .
    I will not crave this for years and years to come 🤮

  • Tim letson says:

    Corinth ms. Store is a joke got there 1130 am had to wait about 10 minutes before ordering food then got food 10 minutes later while we was waiting seen about 3 people leaving because no one would help them and the workers was ignoring them. Finally got food after 15 minutes and burgers was cold and wrong stuff on them will not be going back because of lazy workers not doing there job someone need to come and see what they doing to the name Krystal running down the business. 8/5/22

  • Charity Wright says:

    I’m catching it trying to find a number for the Krystal headquarters here in Mississippi I have a complaint about the service at Krystal‘s on last Friday which was July 30 I pulled up to Krystal‘s there were lots of cars in line at the drive through so I waited before I pulled all the way up I was waiting to see if the line would move. I’m sick I’ve been in the house for some weeks and I wanted something different besides soup the lines appeared not to be moving then the truck in front of me wanted to get out the line so I moved back to let him out I’m starting to feel terrible I finally pulled up to the intercom and I asked the young lady is this going to take much longer because I didn’t feel like waiting a long time ? She said if you want to eat you will if you want to order I said what ? I said oh you’re dealing with the right one baby she replied and you dealing with the right one on this side so I drove off because I did not like being talked to that away that was not professional as she did not know my condition I am catching the run around trying to find a corporate number to report this. so now it’s August 1 and I said I’ll leave a message here hopefully someone will respond to me I don’t even know if I want to leave my phone number and email bc of spammers.
    One other comment the parking lot there is terrible ! ! Holes everywhere

  • Chris dorris says:

    Been to this krystals in donelson tn 4 fucking time. No one there and its gonna take 30 minutes to cook them. Have left many complaints but no respones guess that why yall are shutting all your businesses down. Its a fucking crying shame

  • Bill says:

    I love the Burgers first of all. My only problem is getting waited on while on the intercom inside laughing and carrying on. And try taking my order. It was around 6:40. 07/16/22 not very good service. Tk you.

  • Craig says:

    I went twice to the krystals in Foley AL. The first visit the cashier informed me that they were out of Krystals that it would be 10-15 minutes so I canceled my order 2 days later went back to the same Krystals there was zero customers inside and 3 cars in the drive thru we sat in the 3 car line for 30 minutes before our order was even taken then I was charged full price for the meal while the car in front of me said he had been pulled up for an hour waiting on his food WHAT IS THE DEAL THEY ARE SMALL BURGERS WHAT THE HELL TAKES SO LONG. I know that this comment will be blown off by this multi million dollar company but I’m leaving it anyway and the only reason I waited is to see how long I ordered 4 Krystal burgers fry and drink by now all 3 cars are pulled up so the cashier brings out 3 bags and goes to the last car in line I asked how that car got a sack full before I got 4 Damn krystals she reply idk. Wtf is going on here whoever is over that store needs terminated immediately also I asked the 2 workers what the store number was neither knew. Again they are small burgers how long could it take

  • Shift leader says:

    Hi my name is Angela I need to speak with someone that’s over the GM about harassment and a threat please and thank you diggy and Kayla from Jacksonville to another manager that I needed to watch my back I took that as a threat can someone help me with this situation cuz they’re trying to fire me and allowed to do that who was harassing me still to remain his job when he buy weed through the drive through selling drugs at work at work and none of the employees went to work for him I do my job and I’ve been there a whole year in a month and I haven’t had any problems and he was using profanity with the GM and I want to get her for discrimination as well because she was talking to him so calmly and was talking to me like I was a dog and I’m human just like he is respect is due to all

    • Ronda says:

      I use to work at krystal if you are not onthere level they will throw you under the bus real quick I’m sorry you went through that but seems to the dm and gm look out for them and get rid of the good workers that does there job I got fired for being the only one in the store and locking front counter with every car having big orders they didn’t see none of that I’m moving the cars bu myself and still all they seen was the door locked smh….

  • Diane Yaeger says:

    Stockbridge Ga.Went there today spent half hr.did’nt even take my order.He said he had 3 people at the window but he didn’t.The car in front of me was still there at the pick-up window when I left.

  • Suzie says:

    We have tried many times to order from the Krystal in Gluckstadt Ms. it is never opened! What is the problem at this location? You need to check on this location. Customers are driving away. They need to either open or let someone take it over!!

  • Jason Buck says:

    Can you reconsider bringing back our Krystal’s location to orange park Florida? Our store was located on Blanding blvd. There are other stores in the area on the other side of town but we have to fight the traffic to get to the locations. Please bring our store back. We miss our burgers. I’m thru complaining. Have a great day!

  • L Bragg says:

    PLEASE bring back waffle fries!

  • Jess says:

    Drove out of the way to the Hillsborough Ave location in Florida at 6pm on Wednesday Feb. 16th. After waiting in the drive thru for several minutes, we drove to the window where 2 staff members waved us off and didn’t even bother opening the window to explain why they were closed when they are supposed to be open until midnight. I hope they aren’t getting paid for 6 additional hours of work.

  • genny mcfarland says:

    went to krystal in Ooltewah tenn today and ordered chili and 2 krystals and so did my husband ,they said the chili wasn’t ready and would be ready in 20 t0 30 minutes so said what can we substitute for the chili the girl said more krystals ,so we got one krystal in place of the chili,not fair at all so what are you gonna do
    my e mail is gennymcfarland13 at yahoo .com or call me at 423 584 0215

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