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  • Address: N95W18000 Appleton Ave, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 262-251-9075

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1,50,000

  • Established: 1962

  • Founder: Maxwell Kohl

  • Key People: Michelle Gass  (CEO)

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Kohls Headquarters Executive Team



Michelle D. Gass

CEO & Director

Doug Howe

Chief Merchandising Officer

Jill Timm

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Greg Revelle

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Gaffney

Paul Gaffney, Chief Technology and Supply Chain Officer

Marc Chini

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

Jason Kelroy

Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Vivien Yeung

Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

About Kohls, History and Headquarters Information


Kohls was founded in the year 1962. The company has been operational for 56 years now. The founder of the company was Maxwell Kohl. The founder of the company who had previously operated traditional grocery stores since the year 1927, started his own first supermarket in the year 1946. It was known as Kohl’s Food Store. In the year 1972, Batus Incorporated had acquired a controlling share in Kohls’ Corporation. During that time, the company had 50 grocery stores, along with six departmental stores, three liquor and drug stores as well. In the year 1979, the Kohl Family left the management of the company. Kohl was then expanded slowly and steadily over the next few years. The grocery stores of the company were sold to A&P, which was operating under the name Kohl’s Food Store and was later renamed to Kohl’s Food Emporium. As of the year 2003, A&P had closed all Kohl’s Food Stores. The company had become a limited public entity in the year 1992.

During the 2000s, the company expanded throughout the USA, in over 49 states. Then in the year 2006, the company had sold its credit card division to JP Morgan Chase, for about $1.5 billion. In the year 2011, the company replaced JP Morgan with Capital One for their private credit card processing partner. The company also hired an advertising agency, known as DeVito/Verdi in the year 2009, in order to strengthen the brand’s name. In the year 2012, the company was awarded $62.5 million in tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. As of the year 2015, the company launched its OFF/AISLE chain of stores, for selling new clothing apparels, jewellery, home goods, and other accessories as well. In 2017, the shares of the company had fallen 19 per cent in value. The same year, the company also entered into a partnership with Amazon. The headquarters of the company is based in N95W18000 Appleton Avenue. The name of the place is Menomonee Falls, while the name of the state is Wisconsin, USA. The pin code of the area is 53051.


Kohl’s is an American company that focuses on providing the platform for its customers to shop for various kinds of apparels, footwear, accessories and a lot more types of items and products as well. The current CEO and the director of the company are Michelle Gaas. As of the year 2018, the total sales revenue generated by the company is more than $20.2 billion. Also, the number of employees currently employed by the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 85,000. The company has its presence in over 1,150 locations, all over the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the retail presence in order to purchase various products offered by the company, in its own departmental stores. Such products include footwear, clothing, bedding, furniture, jewellery, beauty, electronics, housewares, beauty products and a lot more other categories as well.

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  • Barbara says:

    I received a Kohls VISA credit card in the mail that I absolutely did NOT request. The unrequested credit card did not have an option for refusal. When I called Kohl’s customer service line, I was told I had to accept the card or I had to reapply for a new Kohl’s membership card. I’ve had the Kohl’s membership card for the last 23 years! I do not intend to apply for another one.
    When I asked and spoke with a supervisor, he repeated the same dribble that I had to accept the credit card or reapply as a new member. I asked to speak to his boss and was informed there was no one to speak to me. There was no one available, nor would they call me back.
    The lack of customer service and response is VERY poor business practice and a scam to force people to accept a VISA card unsolicited. If my original account is not reestablished on June 26th, I will never order/shop from Kohl’s again and start shopping at Target. It’s a shame because Kohl’s was always my go to place.

  • Jan says:

    I have two issues with the Kohl’s stores in Fort Wayne, IN. First, you went through and closed the rooms that you could try on clothes and the ones that are there have seat that you sit on must be for kids. I took my mother shopping and she couldn’t sit on the seat not enough room for a 91 year old person to feel safe on. Please relook at your fitting room especially for seniors. You lost money that day. Second issue you put all money in Sephora perfume area. Large room for no more products than you have and this area is right as you come in from both entrances. I’m a person with allergies and not alone on this. The smell is so strong I had to leave store due to this. Needless to say your loosing two shoppers who shopped there all the time. You need some changes. You’ve gone from good shopping store to your renovations being a bad thing.

  • Lynda says:

    After visiting twin falls store for a return they would not give me my money back I am furious. would only credit my card which had no balance. Keeping my money for your use until I charge. bad practice

  • Margaret says:

    The customer service is horrendous. Customer service representatives lied to me on numerous times about a merchant credit I never received.

  • M LAUB says:

    Find it interesting that Kohls believes it’s poor performance due to inflation. Are they not aware of how limited is the service that customer service reps provide. One needs problem resolution from these employees who have no problem solving skills and are taught to tell customers how constrained their authority is. Won’t give you other avenues, staff members to pursue problem resolution. Visiting brick and mortar stores even less helpful. Understaffed, uninterested employees and very limited stock.
    Kohls needs to go back to basics

  • Barbzu says:

    WHY DO YOU KEEP USING LASERSHIP? Third time packages delivery by Lasership and third time they messed it up. $400. Worth of comforters left at unit 156 out in the rain and people were up north of the summer. Second time, I have a large sign on my second door stating DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES HERE LEAVE ON CARPORT AND PAINTED ON THE STEP BELOW SAYS READ SIGN WITH ARROW POINTING UP TO SIGN. SO THEY LEAVE ON THE STEP WHERE IT SAYS READ SIGN! which is not covered and got rained on.
    Now this happens!
    This has been going on now since August 21. How freaking hard is it to have a truck stop at 2018 Willow Ave, Englewood, FL 33224 and pick the package up from the man that contacted me through Facebook after he FOUND THE PACKAGE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD? He has the package on his carport for pickup.

    Simple as
    1) pick up package at address above.
    2) deliver correct address shown.
    It’s NOT rocket science!
    The package was NEVER delivered, so the DRIVER the marked it as delivered is a LIAR, and is NOT doing his job correctly. I don’t care if he has to go there after work and correct the situation for his LIE.

  • Elaine Thornton says:

    Kohls needs to have customer service representatives that speak English! It may save money to out source customer service to a foreign country but it does not best serve your customers. They only repeat stupid excuses for orders not received blaming the postal service yet the postal service was able to deliver my bill. Then they stated that they would place the order as it may not have been placed. Corporate needs to stand up and accept responsibility for customer service. That also means they need to have an phone that is answered in American by English speaking representatives and an email that will be answered instead of just being posted on a public site.

  • Debra says:

    I went to Moreno Valley Kohl’s today at 7 pm. Found several dresses that I wanted to try on. But the dressing room was blocked off. There were three other ladies wanting to try some things on as well. So I went and found a store associate and was told that they close the dressing rooms at 8 pm. She even called the management and told them. They said no, that dressing rooms were closed at 8 pm. It was 8:10 pm at the time. Wow..Even though they close at 9 pm. That is their policy. So I kindly gave all my items to the associate and left the store. I wasn’t happy since I drove from out of town. We don’t have a kohl’s store close. Beyond terrible service! I’ve never shopped anywhere with a store policy like this. I will Never shop at Moreno Valley store again. Glad they can afford losing customers and business.

  • Anita says:

    They sell inappropriate items but won’t allow you to post the picture on their page. Also don’t provide email access for corporate location.

  • Laura Karasoff says:

    Do Not Shop at Kohls they lie and keep your money!! I have notified my Ford Motor co workers and my UAW union members!!

  • Laura Karasoff says:

    I made a purchase on Kohls.com and the company who made item was out of business and Kohls refuses to refund my money. I have made several dozen calls and sent to store to pick up gift card and was not able to get. They have told me numerous times it was in mail and I never received the gift card. Kohls Lies !! I am taking legal action. I am a Ford Motor co employee and UAW union worker. I am advised them not to shop at Kohls!!

  • Pamela says:

    My husband ordered me a cancer survivor ring(Pamela) for Christmas. He got for $90.10 including shipping and taxes. It is beautiful but it was a size 6 and I need a 7. So I traveled to the closest Kohls which is an hour and half away to exchange it. They inform me that in order to get the same price as when he first ordered it that I would have to order one again even though it’s not on sale it’s now $250 plus tax. Then once it gets delivered to me then I can make another hour and half trip back to them to return the smaller one and get my $250 plus tax back. They don’t carry this ring in the store and I understand that but why should I have to be out $250 plus tax more and make another trip to their store to get what I need. So I ask to speak to a manager. Her name was Teresa she works at the Kohl’s in Lexington, Kentucky. She was very mean and very rude. She did not apologize for the inconvenience she was very loud and very rude!! So I told her I would just get my money back and she walked over to another worker she started talking about me out loud! I heard her say there’s nothing I can do for her! Vey unprofessional! Horrible customer service!!! I’m a breast cancer survivor and this ring meant so much to me but due to all of this and in front of lots of customers I just got my money back! I will NEVER EVER shop at Kohl’s again!!! Horrible company!!! Awful manager!!!! Shame on Kohl’s!!!

  • Dina says:

    I placed online order and everything came wrong. Wrong style and wrong size! How is this even possible? When I called the customer service number, I was on the phone waiting for 40 min and when I spoke to the rep, he wasn’t willing to help at all and when I asked to speak for a supervisor, he put me on hold for 10 min and he came back and said the supervisor will call me back within a minute. I never received that phone call. How convenient is this and how a great customer service!
    Why should I have to go through this while I can go shop somewhere else with better respect to me as a customer? I’m still requesting a call from a manager or supervisor to talk about my issue if you guys still care.

  • Chrisina says:

    Waited on hold for over an hour today in regards to my Credit card I have had for 8 years. Customer service told me it had been closed, there was nothing they could do about it and I had to sign up for a new one. I did so reluctantly so I could purchase my order of over $450.00. That still did not work and the website directed me call customer service, again. After numerous calls and hours of being on hold nothing has been resolved. I have always loved Kohls and my mother even worked for them when they just started out back in the 60’s. I am extremely disappointed at how this company is being ran today, handled this situation and am seriously considering canceling my new card as well as never supporting this company again.

  • Cathy says:

    Today is to mandatory face mask. Well I was in their and others did not have face mask. I will no longer shop their.

  • Mary Presley says:

    I called Kohls headquarters two weeks ago and was told that someone would get back to me. That never happened. Here is my story once again. I purchased an item at Kohls in Wentzville, MO, on December 2, 2019. The tax amount on the item was 8.95%. I returned the item on January 7, 2020, and the amount refunded was less than what I paid. I asked why and was told that the city of Wentzville, MO, changed the tax on January 1, 2020, and they (Kohls) couldn’t do anything about it. The tax amount on the refunded item was 5.95%. I then went to a department in Kohls to shop and made a purchase. The tax amount on this purchase was 9.95%. I called the city of Wentzville and spoke to someone in the finance department. The 8.95% paid in 2019 is correct and the 9.95% paid in 2020 is correct. The 2020 tax amount reflects a 1% TIF tax. The 5.95% tax amount that I was refunded is not due to the city of Wentzville. This is a Kohls issue. This is where I called Kohls and told my story to someone in customer service. And never heard back. I am now contacting the Attorney General of Missouri as this is considered tax fraud. Imaging all the returns made from January 1, 2020, and forward that only received a credit amount on the 5.95% tax. That’s a lot of money that Kohls kept for themselves. This is why I will never have a Kohls credit card and will try my best to not shop there again.

  • wendy says:

    have literally never in my life had such horrible customer service. tried to get ahold of a manager to discuss which is proving impossible. kohls is my favorite store and I was a long time card holder but I am beyond upset by my experience, I cant imagine ever shopping there again, and I am a personal shopper so it makes it hurt my heart….

  • Beverley says:

    My experience at kohl’s was soo negative and racist that I would no longer support this company.

  • Justme796 says:

    Hello — Not sure where to direct this to. Firstly, I want to say I’m a huge fan of Kohls and have been for a long time. The problem was that when I was shopping and pulling jeans to try on, I noticed they ran small. And after taking them to the dressing room, I realized they were 3 to 4 sizes too small. This was various brands too. Seems like your sizing has always been pretty close, but these are way out of the ballpark.

  • Marla Miller says:

    First I would like to I always loved shopping at Kohl’s. Staff has always been friendly and very helpful. Today was a different story. My husband and I shopped at the coral square store in Coral Springs Fl. Not my favorite location as staff are not what I am accustomed to but it was closest. We went to the register and our purchase totaled $179. I had $30 in Kohl’s cash that apparently expired 5/27/19 and was not accepted. I asked to see a manger and cashier was very snippy. Manger came and would not accept it. I said in the past it has been overrided. He refused to do it because it was 12 days past expiration. I did not realize it was valid only 10 days after and he shot back you should have used it by expiration date and walked away. So after I felt like I had been slapped in the face I canceled my order and just purchased items with my rewards. I then went to Macy’s and bought my other items. I’m frustrated with Kohl’s as I have also recently placed online order and wrong items were sent twice and I’m waiting for third shipping. I’m seriously considering canceling my account when I finally get the right item.

  • Lloyd Schaefer says:

    I am a long time customer of Kohl’s with an excellent credit card history. Several months ago I over paid my account balance in the amount of $55.00. Since then I have made several phone calls in an attempt to get MY $55.00. On 3 occasions I have been told a check would be sent within 7-10 business days—yet it never comes. I realize that $55.00 is probably a small amount to you–HOWEVER I am on Social Security and that amount would pay my water bill OR perhaps a weeks worth of grocery’s. In case you are interested or even care my account number is 087-0626-512. At least give me the courtesy of extending me a reply with an answer to my request for the return of MY $55.00.

    • carl holtz says:

      I am going thru the same thing mine was for over 183 dollars when I paid my account in full to catch up-It was taken out twice and when I asked about my refund they said the same thing-
      7-10 days- I wrote a letter to the CEO and have not received a reply- Cancelled my account-
      they will not keep customers doing this.Very disappointed because I liked Kohls.
      account 0 85 6861299 01

    • Tara says:

      Did they take care of this for you ?

  • CTL Chicago says:

    Dear Ms. Michelle Gass –

    I recently applied to your Bucktown store in Chicago, IL. A group interview was conducted by Gary, the store HR. Before the the conclusion of the interview we were instructed to look for an email the following week (last week). I talked to Gary immediately following the interview. He offered me an opportunity to work for Kohl’s. He asked me to look for the email the following week. I never received it. I called Gary the next week to find out the status of this email. He said left a message with HR and call me back the following day. He didn’t. I called him early the following week. Gary said he hadn’t heard from HR yet but he would get back to me. I was still very interested in working for Kohl’s. Yesterday I again called Gary. I was hung up on by the operator twice and I also waited several minutes. Gary told me not to rule out on his hearing from HR and from me hearing from him. I then told him I just accepted another job offer. He said the company may have capped for holiday hiring. If that’s true, why wouldn’t he already know this information? If he wasn’t informed, why wasn’t this info communicated to him? Gary went on to say that hiring at the Bucktown store would resume sometime in February or March – that he would call me personally to get me on board at Kohl’s. Why should believe this? Most of the talk seems disingenuous now. I’m very hurt and extremely disappointed.

    Two things:

    1. You’ve lost a true Kohl’s customer.

    2. The company has lost a true opportunity to hire and work with someone with over thirty years
    experience in customer service who has excellent customer service skills, a strong
    communicator. Someone who has solving and managerial skills. Personable. Someone
    who exceeds all quotas, knows how to generate sales and knows how to really make things

    Be Well.


  • D. Carlisle says:

    I would like to send you a picture of one of your store that I was at today.
    Which was ridiculous and very dangerous. Every aisle filled with boxes!

    • Tara says:

      Did anyone get back to you about this issue? I have tried to get the one i work at to get the safety of that kind of thing. In wondering if its worth wasting my time sending them emails ?

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