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  • Address: 444 Highland Dr, Kohler, WI 53044, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 920-457-4441

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 50,000

  • Established: 1873

  • Founder: John Michael Kohler

  • Key People: David Kohler (President and CEO)

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Kohler Headquarters Executive Team



Herbert V. Kohler, Jr.

Executive Chairman

David Kohler

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Adler

Senior Vice President – Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Laura Kohler

Senior Vice President – Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability

Natalie Maciolek

Vice President – General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Brian Melka

Group President – Power

Michael Mueller

Vice President – Corporate Communications

Paul Ryan

Chief Information Officer

Larry Yuen

Group President – Kitchen & Bath

About Kohler, History and Headquarters Information

Kohler is one of America’s oldest and largest companies that manufacture kitchen and bath products. It is best known for its plumbing products. It serves customers worldwide.

Formerly known as J. M. Kohler Sons Inc., Kohler Co., Inc. was renamed to Kohler Co., Inc. in 1913. The company traces its roots back in 1873 and is headquatered in Kohler, Wisconsin.

It has 55 manufacturing locations spread over numerous locations in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Along with all its products, it also manufactures engines and power systems, decorative products ,premier cabinetry and tile, and operates golf and resort destinations.

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  • Michael Anenberg says:

    I spoke with Jen today about replacing a cast iron sink we purchased with a manufacturer’s flaw.
    She was accommodating. And helped me to receive a replacement.
    Most sinks are delivered in a flimsy box with little protection.
    Perhaps Kohler will change their shipping technique. Let’s hope.

  • Frank Moser/ken says:

    I am so disappointed in your product the Allison toilet that I purchased at Lowe’s I have had a whistling toilet when you flush I contacted your office on August 12 and they shipped a pot on that date as we speak I still don’t have it today being the 19th and I am told it’s somewheres in Arizona this product including installation cost me approximately $300 I have a total of three baths only replace this one I certainly will not use Kohler for the other two it’s very discouraging when you spend the money to install a named product only to be totally unsatisfied and still Wesley my name is Frank Moser my email address is Famjr123@aol.com 123@aol.com

  • Akshay Kumar Malhotra says:

    Feel cheated by buying Kohler products, by teh people associated with Kohler in Delhi, India
    In year 2015-16 I renovated my home at Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088

    Since there were lots of other good companies also in sanitary /kitchen fittings, then I raised a question that why I shd buy Kohler and at which I was told that Kohler gives teh lifetime warranty which is not given by other companies. This was said by the SBG as well as by the Kohler Company sales person ( I dont remember his name now) and that was the USP of Kohler which I found unique and I decided to buy Kohler product which to me are also of very good quality like other big brands, but service factor and lifetime warranty promise of Kohler made my buy Kohler products

    For purchasing bathroom and kitchen sanitary fittings I contacted Kohler Company directly ( not with any dealer / distributor)

    Those people in Kohler advised me to dealer / Distt M/s SBG Designs P Ltd., Opposite DAV School, Pitam Pura, Delhi-110034

    I cd hv gone to any delaer /distt directly near to my home, as there are lots of dealer/distt in my nearby vicinity, but I didnt do it, as somehow I consider most of these dealers and distt as part of unorganised sector/ traders, and they are very low in credibility, so I avoid dealing with them directly and tahts the reason I approached Kohler and thereafter on their advice I visited SBG, the objective was to take company in loop, as Kohler as a Company has good reputation.

    And how these dealers/distt are low in credibility was also proved by SBG also, as I keep on buying the sanitary fittings from SBG, as the renovation of my home in progress, and when the work was complete then finally I visited SBG to get the bill and at which I was told, in year 2015, that I hv to pay 4% extra to get the bill, as the rates at which various products were given to me was without considering that I might need bill.
    I had no option but to pay 4% extra to get the bill from SBG so that I cd avail service facility and lifetime warranty. Copies of the bills of SBG are also attached with this communication.
    quoted to me.

    Anyway, so issues till the time, today, when I needed some support from Kohler.
    Infact one of the concealed unit of shower in my bathroom started leaking a week back, I lodged the complaint with Kohler helpline on 29.12.2021 and on 30.12.2021, service technician Mr Amit visited me.

    Mr Amit told me that the valve set needs to be reaplaced and since the product is out of warranty so I have to pay the charges for the part as well as for the service charges also.

    I also explained him the entire sequence of events, as mentioned above, but he said that he is helpless and at which I talked to Mr Saurabh, franchisee, and he also said that he is helpless and then I talk to Service Head Mr Kamal Kant Sharma, but he also reiterated the same as what was said by Mr Amit and Mr Saurabh.

    This came as a surprise and rather sock to me that whether company like Kohler also cheats their customer just for selling their product and committing something which they never intent to honour.
    Even though Mr Kamal Kant agreed to help me for 1st and last time, but my point was that when I was promised that it wd be a lifetime warranty then it is my right to ask for it and I dont need any obligation from any person.

    Is it that Kohler is also in race with those pop and mom small small trader firms who promises anything to customer at the time of selling their product with the clear cut intent that never ever they are going to honour their words.

    Isnt it a cheating and that too when I initiated directly with Kohler and after their advise only I visited SBG, which is nothing but a trader who works just for their own benefit.

    Isnt it that cheating is done by people associated with Kohler directly, either the person frpom Kohler who advised me to SBG and SBG itself obviously.

    I paid 4% extra even to get the bill from SBG.
    What for

    Is it that Kohler is been run by these traders who makes any promises in name of Kohler with a clear intent of never honouring it and why the Kohler Complany is silen.
    I wont be the first customer who was made such committments and there might me lots of customers who also wd be feeling cheated.
    Does it mean that Kohler has no control on these fake promises.

    But still I am not considering it as fake promise as I keep on demanding teh service and warranty whenever I need it, then its the call of Kohler that what they do to such complaints, that whether they just ignore customer or take action on such traders but simultaneously honour the words given to customers andrecover it from these traders.

    If u aks me that whether I hv any proof, then my answer is no because customer is not supposed to go in market with spying devices to keep the proof of conversations, the only thing which customer can do is to be cautious enough to buy the product directly from Company or from a dealer distt, as per their advise and still after that if it happens like what has happened in my case then dont expect anything more than this from customer because after that its the customers choice that he shd stop dealing with such companies in future and also share such sour experiences for other customers.
    This is what I am doing now
    Now the ball is in the court of Kohler to act appropriately and diligently

    Akshay Malhotra

  • Cyndy says:

    My sister and brother-in-law purchased a walk-in tub from Pacific Bath in Portland, Oregon. The next morning after installation, the master bedroom and walk in closet had water all over the carpet, faulty installation. A disaster restoration company pumped out over 550 gallons of water. The insulation throughout had to be taken down.Fans and humidifiers ran for three days. The tub was reinstalled. Now, going on week four since original installation, they are still awaiting carpeting and insulation resolution. This company does not communicate unless you make the call to them and generally you do not get return calls. I have left messages for the branch manager and the manager. Nothing.

  • James Hill says:

    I have had an awful experience with a supplier of Kohler walk-in tubs in the New England area, a company we were required by Kohler to buy from called NewPro. They contracted to install a walk-in tub, with a shower head, and then our contractor was told by Kohler technical that a shower head was not to be used as this tub was NOT designed to have a shower head and that while Kohler was working on a new design that should allow it, this one didn’t.

    Since at this point the bathroom was gutted we asked NewPro to supply a non-walk-in tub, but they said they didn’t really deal with them and quoted a much higher price then Kohler direct, so we ordered direct from Kohler. We now needed to change the design of the bathroom (in the middle of renovation) to accommodate the new style tub with tile around it which NewPro doesn’t offer. Months later, the Kohler supplier has still refused to return our multi thousand $ deposit and avoids all contact by “promising” to call me back on certain days and then doesn’t. This has happened over a dozen times in the last few months. So far Kohler Customer Service has stated on multiple occasions that “there is nothing they can do” and refuse to allow me to speak to someone “with” the authority to contact NewPro directly and help resolve what I believe to be a fraudulent sale of their product. Please beware of of the outside contractors who Kohler insists you have to purchase from as they may not have the integrity you would expect from their “partner”. I will be contacting the members of the Family to see if they will stand behind their business and their chosen business partners. 12/2019

  • Mark Mitchell says:

    I purchased a push mower with your XT675 engine on it is 2014 and it has been nothing but one issue after another. After the first year I had to replace the carburetor and the gas cap on the fuel tank became oblong that is would not seat properly and fuel leaks out. I have replaced the auto choke, the ignition coil this year and this thing will run about 5 minutes and then run rough and shut off. Looking on line, I see where there are a lot of people that have experienced exactly what I have and can’t believe your organization does not have a recall on this engine as it is not close to the Kohler quality expected. I would like to know what you guys will do on this engine as I am about to take this mower to the dump as I have given up on trying to get it to run. My email address is Mitch8257@comcast.net and would like for someone to let me know what can be done about this engine.

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