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  • Address: 547 Garden Ave, Billings, MT 59101, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 406-252-3104

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1962

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Pat Hittmeier (CEO)

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For all of our camping enthusiasts, we present to you the K O A, the leading campground planners in the USA and Canada. Set up in 1962, it has achieved quite a success by being one of the prominent and trusted planners for the camping activities at various of the popular campgrounds in these two nations. Having access to more than 485 locations, it offers the best solutions to the campers in terms of the details of sites about the campgrounds, the accessibility to the same, the various methods of staying over there or setting up the camps and the tips and tricks for a memorable experience in the location. And guess what, all of these comes at very affordable rates. Hence, refer to the official website to know more about its different packages, deals, and coupons and book your most desired camping holiday with the family and dear ones.

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  • Deanna Watters says:

    I arrived here September 25th into a camper cabin 508. The mattresses were all flipped up however there was trash and food under the beds and the floor. I decided no big deal I would clean it up myself since there was already a broom and dust pin in the cabin and I was really excited about my stay here. That is when I decided I would like to stay an extra day. Upon my 2nd day I decided that I wanted to stay an which was Friday, Originally my stay was Monday through Thursday. So I went to the office and talked to them to see if I could stay an extra day and they told me that my cabin that I was originally in would be booked so I asked if I could go ahead and move to another cabin, instead of having to wait until Friday morning. They checked and they told me yes I could move right next door to cabin 509 after it was cleaned.. So I went ahead and paid for Friday and got cabin 509. I don’t like to complain but I am going to tell you when I arrived in cabin 509 it was dirtier than 508. There was donuts, marshmallows, trash, & candy wrappers and everything underneath the beds and yes the mattresses were flipped up. I had to clean the cabin prior to moving from the other cabin. Now I did take a video of this if you would like to see it. There was trash food donuts marshmallows all kinds of stuff underneath the beds along with numerous spider webs in the cabin. That is the only complaint I have here in Brookville Ohio. Other than that the bathrooms are spick and span clean the campground is clean and it is really nice. I totally hate to be a Debbie downer and complain, However I was extremely upset at how dirty the cabin was and that it wasn’t cleaned and I was told it was and handed the key aproximately 30 minutes later. This is my first trip here and yes I would love to come back because it is not too far from home. But I did not come here to clean cabins, nor bring cleaning supplies & a mop. I came here to relax. So yes I’m going to say something about it to you. I can send you the video if you would like however it does not get me the option on this page to do that. I would love to return here hopefully before the season is out but not sure if that will be feasible due to my schedule. The staff is very friendly & I really didn’t want to complain but it took me quite a while to clean this cabin which is also a lot more pricey Friday through Sunday.

  • Jerry Smith says:

    Why can’t Okechobee Fla take my reservations I’m a VIP member. Looking at April 2024 and they shut down reservations due to snow birds . Really upset. What should I do.? Call me 1-703-405-7395. What can I do ?

  • Teresa m Allen says:


  • Teresa m Allen says:

    Hello my name is Teresa , I have been coming to Cape Hatteras KOA for several years there is a group of us that meet here on the same day and stay just a little over 30 days ,for the most part we have been quite satisfied until this year, I travel from Indiana that is quite a distance go to go camping we come because we like the area and people here like I said we have been satisfied until this year the bathrooms are filthy, there has been sand , grass and trash behind the doors , some shower curtains tore, doors hard to lock and fellow campers leaving personal belongings behind. The walkway to the beach is covered with sand making it hard to walk on to get to the beach a fellow camper and one of the workers made a step so that people can get on the beach. One of the camp ground rules is all pets on a leash there has been dogs with out a leash I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. There has been talk about workers hiding under the high rise cabins.Wouldn’t make any difference to me as long as they are doing their jobs

  • Arnold Mantilia says:

    Why do I receive my surveys in Spanish??
    I have told various KOA’s with no results!!

  • Jeff Bush says:

    we have been camping at KOA’s for around 30+ years. i made a reservation in Hollywood, Fl for a months stay and was required to pay a non-refundable $400 deposit. well my wife has some medical issues that required us to cancel our trip to Fl. and when i called to cancel my reservations they still kept my deposit. i understand it was non-refundable but due to the situation i assumed i would get my deposit back……BOY WAS I WRONG!!! man how things change over the years, use to be about family now its all about money. guess i’ll have to look else where to take my motor home.

  • ElDuro Elegante says:

    Hi Mr. Toby O’Rourke,
    Please you need to send someone and investigate what is happening at KOA Davie Florida. 3800 SW 142 Ave, Davie, FL 33330
    I am giving a 1 star review because of the management situation. I came in and experienced great service (Denice). She left shortly after our arrival, and Julie and Amber showed. Later I came to find out they run 5 other camps for the 5 camp owner here.Well, the level of customer service went from a 10+ to a MInus-10 when they came in. Amber was like neutral not happy to see you, but not nasty either. Julie on the other hand should have been an Army Ranger. God forbid you make a mistake because its your first time living out of a camper rv or have not had a chance to read the rules because this is your first time in a campground. She yields and speaks to you like if you are a child. Extremely disrespectful. Short story, I made a complaint, she never apologized…Very low. Definitely The wrong person to be the face for 5! KOA. Then Michael and Stephanie came in and they were God sent! Extremely kind, customer oriented, professional and hard working couple. Immediately! The presentation of the place improved from one day to the other all garbage was picked up, lawns maintained facilities cleaned and smelled good for a change. It appears as if they set up systems and a schedule to do these things. Everything was running smoothly, especially with the screwed up sewer system. I spent the hurricane here and came to find out they do not have a written emergency plan for the site or any way to assist anyone during any event. They wouldn’t know what to do besides calling 911. no plan at all, you are on your own. Even during the hurricane this two were on top of everyone’s need and made sure they made face to face contact with everyone and checked if they needed anything. Now we are taking about receiving from a 0-10 scale a 20+. Going from a minus-10 to a 20+ on my scale is a significant improvement. But now I come home to find out that Michael and Stephanie were unjustly fired.
    This place is nuts! It is a very uneasy feeling to be here. You do not know what is going to happen the next day. All this happened in 2 month. I still do not know who is going to manage this now. There is no communication here. We are going to get the 4th group of managers.
    I do not recommend for anyone to stay here or work here. Only if it is your last resort.

  • Taegan Elmer says:

    Your KOA in Missoula MT saw fit to have a young woman traveling alone removed by police in the middle of the night with nowhere to go. The reason: I had a hardtop pickup camper setup that I slept in instead of a tent. I had been staying in KOAs on my way to Banff. I pre-booked, prepaid, and had been officially checked in to my site at Missoula. I was given a parking tag, receipt, map and codes to the facilities. I was shown to my site and told by one staff member “It was probably fine for one night” that I didn’t have a pitched tent after the front office had an issue that I had a converted truck camper instead of a popup tent. I was from out of state, staying one night, leaving at 7am the following morning. I had no family, friends, or contacts in the area. I was a respectful guest who kept to myself and was in bed by 10pm. Yet the act of not setting up a tent and opting for a safer camping setup was so affronting to your KOA that they felt it necessary to have me turned out by police in the middle of the night with nowhere to go. As explanation, one staff member stated “They’re strict you know, trying to keep out the homeless people and riff raff”. Confirming that the policies at this KOA are arbitrary and intentionally discriminatory by design. I’ve shipped them a donation tent to be gifted to the next young woman traveling alone that they feel tempted to turn out in the middle of the night for misunderstanding that a camping shell setup somehow differed from a tent.

  • Kevin Poignant says:

    TOA has now turned into a nickel and dime joke establishment. I was just charged $27 and our traveling companions were just charged $27 just so we can book sites next to each other. This is ridiculous and we will not be using KOA any time in the future. Congrats you just lost to lifetime customers

  • Charlie says:

    hello in the begging of September 2022 I booked a campsite at your KOA in Virginia Beach Virginia actually the number of the camp site Number was 151 when I talked to the lady on the phone and we had a nice conversation
    I booked that number 151 and she took my deposit and told me I will receive an email. I have not received an email to this day on my camping reservation, so when I called back to find out about my email they told me that my site number 151 had been taken already reserved and I said to the lady how is that possible when I reserved it two weeks ago and you took my deposit she began to tell me about what the woman who you talk to no longer works here and she should explain to you that you have to put down 23 more dollars to lock in your site number. I was never told this in the beginning and when I search your website up and down and read everything I cannot find one sentence written in there about a locking fee for $23 why would she give me a site number and take my deposit if there’s a lock and fee to do that without notifying me in that conversation about it. So in return I decided I won’t be coming to your campsite now or ever I feel like I was duped and to me the customer service was terrible to be treated that way and to this day when I cancel my reservation she told me I would receive a cancellation email I said how is that possible when I have never even received an email for my reservation I spelled the email out to her again for probably the fifth time and she says to me ohIC the problem instead ofputtingaol.com they putalo.com but I can’t change it now. I’m aggravated as you can tell through this long drawn out email that I had to cancel my plans and ruin my vacation time off KOA no way!

  • Lacey Radford says:

    We had a terrible stay at your cabin in cherokee, I emailed and called to speak to a manager for weeks now with no response. I’m very displeased with the whole situation. Sheets were dirty, dust everywhere, moldy shower with Crack in the floor, food caked on dishes and utensils. Ant infestation, all was brought to their attention and nothing was done to resolve.

  • Lacey Radford says:

    We had a terrible stay at your cabin in chimney rock, I emailed and called to speak to a manager for weeks now with no response. I’m very displeased with the whole situation. Sheets were dirty, dust everywhere, moldy shower with Crack in the floor, food caked on dishes and utensils. Ant infestation, all was brought to their attention and nothing was done to resolve.

  • Sheri bryant says:

    Need to file a complaint

  • Unhappy camper says:

    Obviously when you toured the Brussels, WI location that used to be Quietwoods Campgrounds, now your KOA, you didn’t see it for the family friendly campgrounds it was and how it was full every weekend with a waiting list, because you have changed that and destroyed what once was a welcoming place. Half the time the amenities are operable, such as the pool and bathrooms, etc. A green pool over half this season is not welcoming. Both pools used to be packed every weekend and now barely anyone is there. Seasonal campers are being forced out when they are the key to that campgrounds at this point. Three quarters of the staff is disrespectful and not helpful. A guest arrived one night right around 8 when the store was closing and needed hamburger buns for supper, was told to leave because they were closed… couldn’t even accommodate them for a pack of buns. Who does that. You charge an extra $25 to chose a site a camper would like. You have destroyed a great campgrounds and continue to do so every day. The list is so long. Thank you for taking away a good thing this community had in a tough world we are living in. Pretty sad you chose power and money over what you saw when you toured Quietwoods Campgrounds and a true family campgrounds.

  • Debbie Critchfield says:

    Your KOA in Missoula MT turn us down we sleep at koa’s alot 2h7H63 rewards number. Only because we have a 2022. Toy hauler being converted to a living quarters. It has air conditioning and small fridge and bed. It’s terrible that they can turn down your rewards members. We will remember this with our bigger rigs that we have. Very disappointed. And the last place we just stayed at last night wasnt the greatest location for a koa

  • Joe says:

    As a camper for over 4 decades I thought I would share my views of the present KOA reality.stayed at Cheyenne whoyming may 28 75.00 a nite really😱stayed in newton Iowa and west wendover neveda both 41.00 a nite realistic👍Top it off Cheyenne whyoming during Cheyenne rodeo days 125.00 a nite your nuts🖕joe krineski

  • Jon Yockey says:

    Discounted with KOA Logan Hocking Hills. Booked 2 nights for October weekend. I ended up needing to cancel the weekend (cancelled July 26th) and was only refunded 1 night. Said cancellation fee was $79.92. I called them and asked if this was correct. I said I expected to be charged the $10 cancellation fee. They said October was their peak and the cancellation fee is 1 night stay despite cancelling in July. Not happy. I don’t feel this is good business and I will be deleting my KOA App. I am not sure if all KOA is like this but definitely hurts the reputation and brand of KOA.

  • Mark Hawes says:

    I was extremely disappointed with the KOA in Bernalillo, NM when I tried to charge my Tesla electric car I was told to leave immediately because they did not allow this. They said they had told me so but I did not remember hearing this and it was not stated in any of their rules or signs. I assume that KOA has a commitment to electric vehicles and have seen articles saying that chargers will be installed at KOAs but have never seen any.

    The particular situation was that I moved from a 50 amp outlet to a 30 amp outlet that I connected to my small RV trailer. After a drive during the day I plugged my Tesla into the 110 volt plug to trickle charge. Not 10 minutes after I did I was accosted by the KOA employee who said I had to leave immediately because he told me that I could not charge my car. I tried to reason with him and offered to disconnect but he would not hear of it and ordered me to leave. The temperature was well over 100 degrees and I had to pack up all my things connect the trailer and leave with a minimal amount of charge in the car battery with the possibility that the car could die and I would be stranded.

    Needless to say I am extremely disappointed with KOA and the least that can be done to would be to refund my money for the second night since I was forced to leave. KOA should clearly post their policy on charging electric cars so that owners can make informed decisions on whether or not to stay there. I certainly will not stay at this KOA and probably not others in the future.

  • Wendy says:

    We stayed at the mystic KOA in north stonington ct 7/10-7/17. The campgrounds pools were not available for use and the place has REALY gone down hill. We were told upon arrival to bring in our beach passes for the week and we would be credited for the inconvenience When I brought the weekly pass in I was told they would not credit us . To say one thing on Sunday and turn around and say forget it on Saturday by the assistant manager is totally wrong. Does corporate condone rudeness? Reneging on promises?. So wrong on all levels. I am disappointed to say with the way I was treated. Anyone knows that good customer service is where it’s at. I then suggested we wanted to check out late and would they give us that. We were told no. We have been RVing for 30 years. I’m thinking my money will be better spent elsewhere

  • Dawn Wilson-Gsge says:

    I’m so disappointed in a KOA located at 3500 Strain Muskegon Mi. My family and I and kids were there from July 3, 2022 till the 6th. Lot 7 WE left a day early. Due to the manager who was a very rude man. Dirtiest bathrooms I’ve seen in a long time Only 1 shower worked in the front women and men’s and also in the back only 1 worked. Barley warm water . Then the owner decided he’s going to lock the bathroom doers closets to us and told us we need to use the front bathrooms. My husband is handicap which wasn’t fair to us. My family and I travel a lot to KOA’s and this one was by far the WORSE. NEVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!!

  • Serge Loriaux says:

    To Mrs Toby O’Rourke, President and CEO KOA of America:
    We are a canadian caravan company and we are trying to finalize a reservation to Newburgh, NY, for 20 to 25 sites on 10/18, 19 and 20th 2022, departure on 10/21st. After received a call from a Melissa (Responsible for the groups, we have been told) about a week ago stating the prices per site, we are trying to reach her since then (phone calls, messages to other employees and emails) have tried MANY times but this seems to represent an impossible mission!
    I have left at least 8 or 9 different messages and emails but she NEVER get back to us! Is this a way to run a business in your opinion? I would like very much to know what is going on with this KOA canmpground? Is that Melissa still working for that Newburgh, NY, KOA or not anymore? If not, can you please have someone else join me so we can finalize that reservation?

  • Paula Urbanke says:

    Hello. Just wanted to share an idea with KOA corporate. We love camping KOA and enjoy the secure feeling we get just knowing franchisee campgrounds must meet corporate standards. Ease of use, convenient locations, K-9 kennels and rewards program are just some of the reasons we always choose a KOA. My observations & opinion, and maybe just another way to make KOA even better, might be to consider having each KOA offering a doggy daycare service as an availability/option. One thing we have noticed is how many people leave their beloved canine companions locked in their RVs all day so they may enjoy amenities at the campgrounds or enjoy local communities events & attractions. Outsourcing a paid doggie baby sitter might work, charging campers for allotted times by reservation day use per hours/per pet. Also possibly is having volunteers from the campgrounds offering an hour or two watching a set number of pets, I would do this. I do understand the liabilities and cost of insurance, employment issues etc., as we ran our own business for years, but I don’t think it’s prohibitive or impossible. I know for us , with one little doggy, I love for him to be able to play with other dogs and people, rather than being stuck inside our RV while we get to enjoy freedom and worry on our trips. Hoping someone from corporate sees this…or others chime in if they agree. Happy camping!

  • Tort Action says:

    So can some one normal contact me, I need someone over KIM, she has hostility in her words. I never said anything SHE ASS~UMED. Good gosh almighty, I would like a response from legal or corporate officer, or someone that has intelligence at this Corporation, From Rude workers at KOA Brussels WI to just insecure drunks that are alcoholics workers that drink too much, suffer withdrawal from street drugs or other drugs, and talk shiet about guest and become focused on slandering guests some need counseling for their personal issues they take out upon guests. All KOA workers, supervisors, managers should be ashamed of how they let there workers insult others staying at a so called Family Focused Campground. This is a sample of an employee and how she does not read letters or words just another person under the gun, just an hourly wage earner that acts above customers that pay her salary, wages, or maybe she is just a child laborer from India talking smack behind a key board?? Well again can some one with power, control contact me. Thanks for nothing.

    Kim (Kampgrounds of America)

    Jul 5, 2022, 2:28 PM MDT


    I actually just found the reservation and as you are long-term, that is a private agreement held with the campground and the tenant (you and Sandy). As such, the home office does not get involved because it is not considered camping. All KOA Campgrounds, regardless of ownership are managed onsite as an independent campground. There is a management team onsite as well as offsite. Any questions or concerns need to be addressed by the campground manager. We also cannot help with anything if you are trying to remain anonymous in telling us not to contact the manager.

    KOA does not have a “legal” department for those living onsite nor for campers. Should you wish to retain your own legal counsel, they will in turn contact the appropriate parties. Unfortunately at this point due to your threats of legal we will not respond to emails nor converse any further with you.



    Kim (Kampgrounds of America)

    Jul 5, 2022, 2:06 PM MDT

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your reply. Are you a registered guest and if so what is your reservation number (and the last name the reservation is under)? I am the head of this department, however we are not an outgoing call center and we need additional information if we are to assist in any way.


    KOA Camper Experience Team

  • Jessica McMahan says:

    I would like to be contacted due to a bed bug infestation in Cherokee N.C. K.O.A

  • Ingrid Meyer says:

    We stayed at Paradise Valley, Livingston KOA.
    Absolutely rude management, not accommodating at all. We stayed across the office and asked constantly for the people to turn their engines off, the exhaust came right into our trailer. The staff did not help, the internet was horrible or none existing.
    I want to wash, they did not gave me any coins, I had only a VISA with me.
    we will never ever go there again!!!

  • Christie Avery-Cooper says:

    I would like to be contacted by someone regarding terrible / rude staff at the KOA Angola Indiana.

    • Michael stevens says:

      Did anyone reach out to you. I have an issue with a koa as well . Don’t want to waste my time if you get no response. Thanks

  • Dee says:

    Bristol TN Koa was a terrible experience for an overnight. Please contact me for details. I would rather not do a negative review on all the camping sites. Things can be addressed to make this not happen again.

  • Lori Crandall says:

    I need some one to contact me regarding a stay at. KOA in Coloma/St.Joe Michigan. Horrible management!!

  • Donna Brown says:

    I wish KOA headquarters had an email address where I could give some kind constructive criticism. The inconsistency of early arrival policy and other differences makes using KOA not as pleasing as it could be. 90% of the time KOA is excellent, but the mediocre owners ruin your reputation.

  • Clay Simmons says:

    Left a comment yesterday and have not heard back from you let’s try again trying to book 3 months stay at the pine island KOA and we keep getting told they don’t have the new rates I think that’s a bunch of BS I want a call from someone about this situation 609-675-4020 I spend a lot of money at your facilities

  • David moore says:

    The Koa in hatteras NC I have called about 5 times about them to email a confirmation but they still have not

  • Clay Simmons says:

    We’ve been trying to book for a three months stay in Pine Island KOA West Coast of Florida they keep telling us they do not have the rates yet what is going on are we getting snowballed or what I want an answer

  • Russ says:

    Have had reservations at Spokane KOA and needed to cancel in plenty of time based on web site stated rules. Many calls tried but only recording and no calls returned to multiple voice messages left. May end up disputing credit charge!

  • Shirley says:

    Staying in Koa in Nashville on Music Valley DRIVE. The workout room is filthy,has been since Friday April 1st. I asked at office if it had been cleaned. Her reply was I doubt it,. Employees were sitting there. A trampoline was just outside the door with sand around it. That is being tracked in. Both treadmills are not working and have sand on them. Ppl just look in and are disgusted by the filth.i took pictures and can send them to you.

  • Karen Lennerton says:

    We have stayed at 6 KOA’s on this journey from Canada to Texas and back. I will never join KOA again nor stay in one again. For the price you charge and get nothing! In 6 KOA’s I couldn’t hook up wifi. The grounds in most are unkept and not kept up at all. To park on pea gravel or be in a dust bowl for 60.00 or more a night is unacceptable. How do certain KOA’s think it’s ok to charge $116.00 per night? Ridiculous. I will never recommend anyone stay at a KOA again. You used to have a higher standard. What happened?

  • Patricia Ann Chamberlain says:

    Have reservations at Ludington KOA near Baldwin, MI. NO problem making reservations and taking my money, but have had to cancel and I hear nothing from them. I’ve made phone calls, text message, and an email with absolutely no reply. My reservation is the 3rd week of June so I figured they could easily get the cabin rented again. Disappointed that their voice mail mentions returning any call or text. It has been 2 weeks and no answer! Very disappointed in Michigan

  • Claude & Louise Leblanc says:

    I’m at Moore Haven KOA. The swimming pool is closed because the water turned green do to lack of maintenance. The reason for no maintenance is because the owner does NOT want to pay the pool man for the work that he is doing. It would be appreciated if someone could fix the problem. Thank you in advance.

  • Jim says:

    Corporate needs to send their people to Friendly School before they send them out to Camp Grounds

  • DA says:

    I was saddened today when my daughter who works at the Willcox KOA told me she was going to take a break from the Insanity. She has worked there for about 17 months and loves the campground but is treated disrespectfully. She doesn’t take days off, except for for one funeral. Works all Holidays, weekends and helps whomever needs it. All she asked was if she was rehireable. Management now totally ignores her. Won’t discuss any other options. Thanks for showing absolutely no common courtesy.

  • David says:

    KOA Campground, it should be call the KKK Campground in Albuquerque, if you have any skin color other than white stay away from this place, the guys on the golf carts will not talk to you acknowledge you or help you in any way unless you are white , this place is in a bad area is why they have such a high fence around the place. I would not recommend.

  • John Anderson says:

    You need to be aware that the KOA Lake Livingston/Onalsaska Texas is requiring guests to provide their drivers license so they can photo copy.

    When asked why, the explanation was that management wants a copy of everyone’s drivers license in case of a credit charge dispute. I was told they keep the drivers license on file so that they can look up if a credit charge back happens.

    My question is where are everyone’s drivers licenses being kept? In a file cabinet? In a drawer? How long are they keeping copies of the drivers license? A month, two months? How are they destroying them? Are they being thrown in the trash?
    With today’s identity theft, this is wrong in everyway!

    This KOA is even requiring everyone to where a wrist band with your name on it if you are out walking around? Really!

    We booked two nights and left after the first and shall never stop again.

  • Kris says:

    We’ve been a seasonal camper with KOA for nearly 20yrs……and after this season we won’t be coming back. We’ve had enough of the new owners, she is one of the rudest most unpleasant person I’ve ever seen. Her children are mirror images of her nasty personality.
    Camping is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful but the KOA in Onawa Iowa is a far cry from that….it’s walking on eggshells at its finest. Many of her seasonals aren’t coming back because of her attitude. During covid 2020 she wouldn’t allow any camping until June but we all paid and never received credit for those months that were unable to be camped….her response “we lost,you lost” ummm no you took our money we were the ones that lost!

  • gueat says:

    omg im at koa in cardinal ontario i juat watch the guy that runs the place pull uo on his golf cart and screan amd swear at young kids i have it on video and all i want my mkney this place is crazzy stay away run and run fast.

  • Marie says:

    Went to KOA at Lake Milton in Ohio. Owner disrespects the KOA name. He was so rude to us. Called my son in law a fucking dummy. His words. My grandchildren were scared of him. He yelled at us for flashing a flashlight and having one flashed back. Um. It was a game we were playing with other family members. Then he saw I had a clothesline tied to a tree. Yes. I did not know this wasn’t permitted so I immediately walked there to untie it. As I was trying to untie the knot, he pulled out a knife and cut it. I’m a 65 year old grandma and this was suppose to be a fun time but that man is miserable and he should not be allowed to have his nasty attitude associated with KOA unless his KOA stands for Kranky old ass…never again. I’ve never been treated like he did. Just constantly bitched at us.

  • Edward says:

    Stayed 1 of 4 nights in the Fort Collins/Wellington campground. Wished I had checked the reviews. So many others complained of the same thing on websites like “tripadvisor” and others. Next door to a cow pasture with swarms of flies, smell of feces and a mountain of manure nearby. Asked for a refund for 3 of the 4 nights ($100.00). Owner refused all but 1 night refund. Called KOA Corp., spoke to “Tina”, who said she would pass on the complaint/refund, but said it was up to the owner. No response from KOA corp. I advise anyone considering staying at KOA to think again. Irresponsible! I have contacted several several state agencies and the BBB to investigate. KOA Wellington is aware of the problem and so is KOA Corp. They deceive out of state travelers knowing full well they won’t be around to take other legal recourse. All this for $100.00. Some business model. Real professional.

  • scott hammond says:

    i have been calling to get one of your catalogs for 45 min. you people suck

  • Cindy says:

    Do you inspect all your KOA sites to uphold to your standard? Curious KOA camper

  • Diane says:

    Staying at the KOA in Flagstaff Az, booked a full service RV park. However, we do not have sewer hook up. Also laundry facility has 9 washers which 5 are out of order. Very disappointed.

  • Jordan Yates says:

    I currently have reservations for this weekend at the KOA in Albuquerque, N.M. I received word yesterday a family member passed away and tried to cancel my reservation (knowing the cancellation policy but hoping for special circumstantial treatment considering the death). Not only was “Ruth” terribly rude and not helpful or empathetic but she hung up on me twice! I have never been treated so poorly by an organization in my life! I hope someone reads this and contacts me!

  • >