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Where is Knott's Berry Farm Corporate office Headquarters

Knott's Berry Farm Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 8039 Beach Boulevard
    Buena Park, CA 90620
    United States
  • Phone Number: 1-602-269-2000
  • Fax Number: 714-220-5148
  • Email: info@knotts.com
  • Number of Employees: 952
  • Established:
  • Founder: Walter Knott
  • Key People: Jon Storbeck

Knott's Berry Farm Headquarters Location & Directions

Knott's Berry Farm Headquarters Executive Team



Jon Storbeck

General Manager

About Knott's Berry Farm, History and Headquarters Information

To all the lovers of adventure parks out there, welcome to knotts berry farm, the first theme based park at California where you can plan for your dream vacation. Having the facilities of a small city all within itself, it is the perfect hub for all of the thrill and adventure rides meant for all age groups, individuals and families. Apart from the regular rides, it also organizes several special social events at regular intervals and puts different entertainment and amusement shows to cheer up the visitors and make their trip worth memorable. To add further on the cake, there are several well-maintained hotels within the premises where the visitors can have a comfortable stay and get all of the transportation for the tour. Thus, what are you waiting and visit its official website to get a better insight into the campus and book the tickets for the vacation that you have been craving for.

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  • Angela Dixon says:

    The phone number for Knotts corporate is wrong.

  • Janai says:

    Customer service is rude, when I asked to speak with a supervisor David stated no one is available. No corporate office to contact.

  • Acj says:

    Customer service sucks can’t speak to a supervisor and you ask for a number they want u to send a e- mail

  • Mrs mitchell says:

    I went to soak city the other day with my daughter and they took my very expensive speaker the security her name starts with an M she said that (after a long drawn out answer came to where will my speakers go if she Takes them) her giving me the trashcan as an answer or she wanted me to walk all the way back to my car to put it in my car mind you I had two bags full of stuff for that day a four-year-old child and my car was parked at the
    Farthest end of the lot because it was a very crowded that day..And let’s not forget she’s treating me like this in front of a whole group of families and friends and we’re in this is me and my daughter and I’m seriously feeling picked on and she couldn’t even bend over backwards she’s just telling me she’s going to throw this $150 speaker I just got probably 2 to 3 days prior straight into the trashcan..
    I was so frustrated I gave her my speakers because I want my daughter to enjoy her day after that day was over I went to the security and ask them where is the trashcan that they throw all the things That Weren’t able to go past the gate to.. Everyone gave me the answer as if they were gone and the trash cans that were there I look through them it was not in there so finally I believe it was there manager of the security came and he told me that no she’s not supposed to throw that away and that they still have my speaker but I will have to go to security the next day to get it so I’m calling the next day I can’t even get through in order to get my speaker.. I’m overly tired frustrated And feeling now does good/great customer service no longer exist?? And I still want my cute brand new mini jbl pink speaker

  • Jason Pewterbaugh says:

    The unfortunate incident that took place outside of the front gates of Knott’s Berry Farm’s amusement park on July 10, 2021, should be reviewed for a chance to improve overall crowd management and how it relates to safety and security while adopting better use of an Icident Command System style approach. Specific example of where improvement should be made relates to patrons being given access to their car/house keys stored within on site locker rentals to ensure an efficient and safe mass exodus from the park when deemed necessary. PLEASE contact my given email for further details, as I was one of the patrons on July 10, 2021, who suffered from this lack of organization and was not allowed an opportunity to recover my secured property when I was mandated by staff to exit the park for overall safety and thus forced to abandon my secured personal property. Though I believe in the concept of safety for everyone, I know management should have perceived a need and already
    preemptively strategized a process by which patrons could regain access to their automobile/homes keys located inside the amusement park’s provided rental lockers during the time of the Icident that resulted in the park’s closure for the remainder of that evening..

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