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  • Address: Amsterdamseweg 55, 1182 GP Amstelveen, Netherlands
  • Phone Number: +31 20 649 9123
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 50,000
  • Established: 1919
  • Founder: Albert Plesman
  • Key People: Pieter Elbers (President & CEO)

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Pieter Elbers

President & CEO

About KLM, History and Headquarters Information

In today’s time of the development of commercial flights to the zenith level, KLM stands out to be one of the best choices for the customers. Being the flag carrier airlines of Netherlands, it was opened way back in 1919 and is considered amongst one of the oldest brands that are still running successfully with the operational destinations up to 145. Offering both domestic as well as international flight services, the airline covers nearly all of the accessible routes to the nations and has been well-acclaimed for its infrastructure, hospitality, staff expertise and system of maintaining the entire process hassle-free. It offers several schemes and offers from time to time to make the overall services cheaper and aid the passengers further. SO, what are you waiting for? Visit the official website to book the tickets to your dream destinations now and for further queries, report to its corporate office at Amsterdamseweg 55, 1182 GP Amstelveen, Netherlands.  

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  • Jodie Cohen says:

    I have not had my luggage for three days and the information being shared was false. Spent hours in the Rhodes airport waiting.

  • Dayib abdulkadir hassan says:

    Hello my name is dayib I live in Africa especially somali I need to travel suriname I have visa but the problem is I don’t have transit visa in Netherlands we are group more than 15 people how we solved it this problem we need to travel (KLm) we can go anywhere to came klm

  • Avril Smith says:

    Why can customer service not tell me what flight I can rebook from Amsterdam to take my small dog onboard? Rejected for first flight with no reason, paid another £200 to change flight and rejected within one hour and customer service cannot help me!!! Were do I get the required information??

  • Mrs. Zsigmond and Mr. Gerges says:

    My wife paid $877.20 around trip from Orlando, Florida to Budapest Hungary. She got sick in Hungary. She did not use her return back trip. I am her husband I paid another $357 rescheduling to come back on August 23, 2022 but she still under medical treatment. We paid twice for return back to Orlando Florida amount total $438.6 + $357= $795.6 just for return. We did not receive our refund, shame and shame. I hope billing dept refund us and I hope the CEO examine my complain

  • C Ling says:

    On December 10, 2021, I purchased a ticket from Vancouver to Bologna, Italy, returning from December 19, 2021 – January 1 , 2022 through CIBC travel but paid for the upgrade to business class directly through the KLM website.
    I had no problem flying to Italy, however, when coming back upon boarding the plane, they had to change to a smaller plane and I was bumped out of my Upgrade seat and returned back to economy.
    KLM said that they would give me a refund on my upgrade along with additional compensation.
    After months of reviewing my claim, KLM then told me that they cannot give me the refund and I will need to go back to CIBC (the travel agency) for that.
    I have paid $163.59 to get to economy comfort and iI paid an additional $615.66 to get a Business class seat

    It has been almost 10 months now, I have tried to contact the CIBC; however they have directed me back to KLM , and KLM will not be able to do anything for me at this time. I have tried to contact them by telephone, emails, messaging, Whatsapp in the last 10 months.  No one has responded.
    Anne, I would really appreciate it if you can help me out. I’m getting very frustrated when they would not deal with this.  I’m very disappointed that such a big airline promised to pay back and then refused!!!

  • Victoria L says:


    Why are you ignoring people’s requests for information about their lost luggage?

    At least let people know you are working to resolve this situation.

    The CEO doesn’t even care; he’s leaving soon anyway and giving the problem to someone else.

  • Victoria L says:

    KLM- We want our bags!

    You will not give us a PIR number, can’t get through to anyone.

    What kind of company is this that’s robbing people of their luggage ? Schiphol is a mess.

    You’ve ruined our first vacation in four years.

    What is the CEO doing to ensure WE will receive OUR luggage?

    I see a class action lawsuit in the future.

  • Annie Bell says:

    I am a disabled traveler and need assistance on/off the plane and during the flight when I have to use the restroom. Unlike any other flights that I have been one, KLM will not reserve my seat with my my aide and 2 children without me paying $30 USD per person per leg of flight, which will be an additional $240!! This is obscene. KLM has to do better for disabled travelers who already have to pay more to travel by virtue of accommodations.

  • Monte F Kay says:

    KLM left me stranded at Nuremberg. My flight from Austin TX was delayed 4 hours causing me to miss my direct flight to Dresden. KLM booked me on KLM1887 to Nuremberg… Lufthansa 153 to Frankfurt… Lufthansa 216 to Dresden… except they didn’t! First, KLM1887 arrived late, just moments after Lufthansa 153 departed. Lufthansa said they would have waited for me if they knew I was coming but KLM never actually booked it. So I was stranded in Nuremberg with no flight due to KLM’s incompetence. I expect them to compensate me, first they can pay for the train to Dresden and that’s just the beginning.

  • Theresa Schmelzer says:

    I am a business class customer who recently flew from Amsterdam to Chicago and 3 pieces of luggage never arrived in Chicago. Still days later no idea where bags are per the tracking app. This is unacceptable, especially since I paid a premium price for my airline ticket. I cannot get anyone to help me either. If this is how you treat business class customers I will choose a different carrier going forwards for my travels.

  • Daniela Joseph says:

    On 17 June 2022 I was denied boarding due to my manual wheelchair. I arrived at the gate and was scolded by the gate agent for 1) the inability to walk 2) for not having requested assistance. I requested assistance days before my flight via email, phone and in person at check in. There were stairs to get into the plane and no lift bus was requested. We were then rebooked for the next day without any compensation for a hotel, transportation and such. KLM representative handed us a pamphlet and stated KLM is not responsible. How can that be?

  • Daniela Joseph says:

    On 02 June 2022 KLM handed me my wheelchair broken in half at my arrival in Amsterdam. Said sorry, instructed me to file a claim online and wished me good luck. I submitted the claim but KLM has been silent. Breaking someone’s wheels is the equivalent of taking someone’s ability to walk. It was almost impossible to push my chair and it is still causing great discomfort. I was given no resources on when I could get my chair fixed nor how I will get reimbursed for it.

  • Saul Badjie says:

    I need my luggage KLM! I’ve been stock in Dakar for 5 days waiting for my luggage. What kind of airline is this?! I need to proceed to my next destination. I will express my disappointment on social media upon my return to Maryland. Deliver my luggage ASAP! PTL6DY/ DSSTK20742/ KL508817. My local numbers in Dakar are 221778677866 or 771980297. I am emailing my Congressman to investigate KLM and Air France. This cannot continue.

  • Anant Thakur says:

    I was denied boarding KL1818/KL 877 flight from Berlin to Mumbai on 27.10.2021(under booking code:TYFF5V). I have lodged a request for refund under C-4552527 and C-4677402. Customercare of KLM has, of late, started sending in-built replies that they are not able to trace details. I have sent email to ‘refunds.india@klm.com’. They have also not responded. This is not justified. There appears to no ‘check and balance system’ in your organisation (KLM airlines). This brings down your credibility as a service provider which is not concerned for their customers. The approach will not only impinge your reputation but also your business prospects in the long run.

  • sian says:

    Dear KLM
    You sent me an email on 13 March with a Refund code of 570-ACD5F9729103 stating that a refund will be credited to my bank account. Unforutnately I have not had the money returned to me. Please could you resolve this matter. Furthermore, what is most annoying is that I am unable to email KLM and chase this up, which I think is a little unfair considering this was your initial choice of communication with me. Regards

  • Kay Lee says:

    I had excellent service from flight attendant Jasje Van der Vecht on AMS to ATL Oct 9th. She was absolutely delightful, helpful, friendly, caring, and very professional along with being a fun person with a great personality. She deserves recognition for a job well done – actually she went above and beyond.

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