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  • Address: 2000 M-63, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-584-4315

  • Fax Number: 269-923-8345

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 364

  • Established: 1919

  • Founder: Herbert Johnston

  • Key People: Debbie O’Connor

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Debbie O’Connor

Senior Manager of Brand Experience

About KitchenAid, History and Headquarters Information


Kitchenaid was founded in the year 1919. The company has been operational for almost 100 years now. The founder of the company was Herbert Johnston. The founding of the company has its origins back in the year 1914 when Hobart Corporation was found, and the development started on a baker mix though, known as model H mixer, mainly for industrial work. Two mixers were ordered by the US Navy for its battleships. By the year 1917, the mixers had become a standard tool in the US Navy Department, and therefore, the company started manufacturing for home models as well.

In the year 1918, the first KitchenAid named mixer was invented, which was named as the ten-quart C-10 model. The mixer was manufactured at Hobart’s Troy Metal Products subsidiary, which is located in Ohio, United States. The prototype mixer models were given to the wives of the factory executives. The products were first marketed towards farmhouse kitchen and therefore was available to buy in hardware stores. The company during that time faced problems in convincing retailers to take up the products and consequently, the company used female salespeople to sell the mixers door to door. The C-10 machine was also very much marketed towards small commercial kitchens and even soda fountain kitchens as well. Then in the year 1922, the company had introduced the H-5 model as well. It was much smaller and also lighter than the C-10. During the 1920s, the company had introduced a number of mixers, and the Sunbeam Mixmaster became the popular choice during the 1950s. The company was closed down during World War II and was reopened later onwards. In the year 1949, the company had introduced dishwashers as well. Then in the year 1985, the company had taken over Chamber Company, and therefore integrate its range of cookers into the Kitchen Aid brand as well. The following year, the company was purchased by Whirlpool Corporation for about $150 million. The same year, refrigerators were also added to the overall product line as well. In the year 1988, the company collaborated with Williams-Sonoma, in order to create more brand awareness about the company as well. During the mid-1990s, the company started manufacturing small appliances and blenders. The company also released its pro-line of appliances in the year 2003, in collaboration with Williams Sonoma. The headquarters of the company is based in 553 Benson Road Mail Drop: 8060. The name of the place is Benton Harbour, while the name of the state is Michigan, United States. The pin code of the area is 49022.


Kitchen Aid is an American company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of home and kitchen appliances, for its customers around the world. The company has more than 92,000 employees working in it. The current CEO of the company is Jeff Fettig. The company is currently a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of home and kitchen appliances, designed, produced and sold by the company itself. The company also sells cookware, as well as refrigerators and wine cellars too. The appliances sold by the company include dishwashers, mixers, etcetera.

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  • John Renz says:

    I have Kitchenaid Refrigerator model #KRSC503ESS01 and it has been terrible. Within 8 months of buying it the water quit dispensing. Since then the ice has also quit multiple times. There is a known defect of the small wires breaking on the freezer door and requiring to be soldered. After enough continual flexing they break again. I have had this refrigerator repaired 4 times in 4 years and now it is out again. Why hasn’t there been a manufacturing solution to fix this design flaw after this many years? I have Diamond coming back out on the 21st of August again. Does anybody out there have a recommendation for a refrigerator that is reliable? I’m fed up with this junk I have.

  • Tina Shaheen says:

    I bought a refrigerator KRSF705HPS01 Serial# HRA0498111) April 12, 2021. It sat at Lowes for 4 months due to construction. Soon after it was installed, The ice maker and water dispenser quit working. I called Lowes and they sent service through S and S service (205-324-1673). sandsappliance.com/schedule-service/
    Kitchen aide warranty: April 12, 2021-22
    During that period I had 4 visits to repair the same problem:
    November 24, 2021
    December 15, 2021
    February 24, 2022
    The problem continued during the Lowes Service Advantage (888-775-6937. S and S then came out under Lowes warranty 6 times!
    April 29, 2022
    June 1, 2022
    June 10, 2022
    August 4, 2022
    December 22, 2022
    December 28, 2022
    I had an appointment for today and they did not show or call. It was the 11th appointment to fix the same problem. I called and the parts are on back order. I have called the Lowes service Advantage and Kitchen Aide.
    No-one will help me. How have had 10 service calls to fix an ongoing problem for 1 YEAR!
    Please call me and replace my refrigerator!
    Tina Shaheen

  • Sherry Mohler says:

    I have ordered a mixer Oct 20. I have called 6 times each time on hold for at least 2 hours. Each time they tell me they have them in stock and they tell me it is to be shipped out with a delivery date in the next week. Each time the delivery is never sent and I call back with another story different verse. I have heard everything to they were out of stock when I ordered ( which I received an email saying it was in stock and website showed in stock) and then a batch of stickers got printed and lost. They were going to get right on it. Then next time they had 1400 instock and it would ship out in 3 days, next time it was we never had any in stock. We are due to receive 1000 today and it will be shipped out. Last I was told they reentered the order and it would be shipped out Jan 5. Well here we are still not shipped and I have been on. hold for 1 1/2 hours with terrible music.
    I will NEVER order from this company or own a kitchen aid appliance in the future and will do my best to spread the word about this company. You can never talk to someone that can REALLY do anything. I just want my mixer.
    A lot of time the people were “working” at home and you could hear animals and children. Not professional business practices.


  • C. Haque says:

    I ordered a stand mixer on black Friday as a Christmas present. Estimated delivery date is Nov 29. I have not received my order and am unable to obtain an updated delivery date.

    I’ve tried to call, but queue is more than two hours. I’ve tried the chat feature and keep receiving a message stating business hours and that the are closed now. It is well within business hours as it’s 10 am EST.

    Has the company closed its door permanently entry and not notified the public?

    9:42 AM
    You said
    Help me with my order
    10:01 AM
    Virtual Assistant
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    Hello, I’m your KitchenAid Automated Assistant. I will do my best to either assist or direct you to the right care expert. How may I help you today?
    10:01 AM
    You said
    Estimated delivery date is in the past. Please provide a new estimate so I can know if my wife’s Christmas present will arrive in time.
    10:02 AM
    Virtual Assistant
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    Please confirm your order number. Please provide just the number without any additional text.
    [Provided order number]
    10:02 AM
    Virtual Assistant
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    The shipment of your order is in progress, but delivery information has not yet been assigned.
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    To hear that again, choose ‘Repeat’. For additional questions, choose ‘Help’. Or, if that’s it for you today, you may disconnect the chat or choose ‘That is all’.
    10:02 AM
    You said
    10:02 AM
    Virtual Assistant
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    The shipment of your order is in progress, but delivery information has not yet been assigned.
    10:03 AM
    Virtual Assistant
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    Thank you for confirming.
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    Thank you for your inquiry. We are currently closed. Our chat service hours are: Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm EST.
    Bot Virtual Assistant said
    Thank you for contact Whirlpool. Good Bye.
    10:03 AM
    Type your message here
    Type your message here

  • michael runge says:

    What a disappointment this refrigerator is and the customer service is even worse. My refrigerator has not worked since the end of August. I scheduled an appointment through kitchen aid and the soonest they could get there was 3 weeks. The repairman showed up, was there 5 min and said he needed to order a part. A week later they called and said the part was in and scheduled another appointment 2 1/2 weeks out. He replaced the compressor and the dryer and 5 days later it wasn’t working. Called back set up another appointment which again took 3 weeks. He said the compressor was burned up again. He had to order another one. They called when the part came in to set up another appointment which again was 3 weeks out. A couple of days later it wasn’t working again. I had to call kitchen aid again to schedule another appointment which was on Nov 29th. of course when the repairman showed up he had to order another part and will call to schedule another appointment once it is in. One of the kitchen aid reps I talked to said she would put in a replacement ticket and that I would hear back from someone in 3-5 days, which of course I never heard anything. I sent two emails about it before finally getting an email saying the replacement had been denied and I needed to keep my appointment for repair. I am going on 4 months without a refrigerator. The customer service is about as useless as my refrigerator. The model I have is KRMF706ESS01. It seems like once kitchen aid has our money we are on our own since they dont want to stand behind their appliances. What a shame.

  • Ronald Caperton says:

    Our Kitchenaid refrigerator, Model # KRFC 704 FSS has been not working for one month. Kitchenaid’s vendor Diamond was to come out this morning and fix it, after we waited for almost two weeks since they were last there (it took them two weeks to get there in the first place). We were called at 8am and the repair person said his car wasn’t working and it would take till December 21 to get back to us. I wonder if Kithcenaid CEO Jeff Fettig would wait 6 weeks if his fridge wasn’t working. DO NOT BUY KITCHENAID – It’s JUNK.

  • Diana C says:

    What a terrible kitchenaid experience I am having. After being a loyal kitchenaid customer I am disgusted as to how I have been treated. My $4000 refrigerator broke before Thanksgiving. I called Kitchenaid and they orgnaised a service call the following day. Great I thought! That was until I called the repair company the following morning to get a rough time that they would be here. They told me they couldn’t come and see me that day. It would be a week before they could get to me. I lost all the food in my fridge and freezer. I have 2 children. Our Thanksgiving was ruined.
    Today the repair company turned up. I find the parts are covered under warranty which is great! However, I then find the labor cost to repair my refrigerator is $2,098 for approximately 2-3 hours of labor. SERIOUSLY???? That’s more than an attorney!!!!
    I call KitchenAid back and lodge a complaint about their authorized repair company. The guy said he will log the complaint. Great. But that doesn’t get my refrigerator repaired.
    I am absolutely disgusted that Kitchenaid use companies that are clearly ripping people off. Maybe it’s time to look at an alternative brand.

  • M.J. Nottoli says:

    My daughter and her husband replaced their 27 year old frig with what was reported to be a top line KitchenAid refrigerator/freezer. Quite pricey too! It lasted exactly 3 months. An entire freezer and refrigerator full of food at today’s prices, gone. Repair scheduled and she was told the compressor was broken and had to be replaced. She was also told compressors were a known problem with the brand an, given it was only 3 months from purchase, she should call and ask or a replacement. When she stepped to do this, she was on telephone for t least to hours, shuffled from one representative to other and was basically given no satisfaction or help—tough luck lady! I noticed that the ‘parent’ company supposedly has taken over many brands that used to represent quality but I guess that’s a thing of the past not to mention abysmal customer service!

  • Diana says:

    I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with my KitchenAid self-cleaning double oven. Last week I thought I would use the self cleaning feature before my baking this week for Thanksgiving. I followed all of the instructions exactly as written in the user’s manual for both the upper and lower ovens. A day or so later when I went to use the lower oven, it would not heat. When I went online to see what might be the problem, I found articles all over the internet warning never to use the self-cleaning feature, since the extreme heat might blow a fuse or cause other serious problems. When I called several repairmen, they told me the same thing. Why do you make an oven with a self cleaning feature, if using it will necessitate the customer needing to get the appliance repaired? The repairman was here today and said that it will be $279 to get the fuse replaced. Additionally, he cannot get the part replaced before Thanksgiving, so I am without that oven for all of my holiday cooking. I am so disappointed that Kitchen Aid would deceive their customers this way. I should be compensated for this expense since I am sure that KitchenAid is aware of it. Shame on you! You got me once, but I will not buy your appliances in the future, nor will I recommend them to family or friends.

  • Darlene Hudson says:

    They are using your wonderfuk products and your famousI really love your stand mixers. My family have purchased four. What I am contacting you about is a scam on facebook useing your brand and company. My niece is a single mother of 3 and low low income. I took the chance to win a kitchen Aid stand mixer in her behalf . I answered the question that was required and then you pick two boxes out o25 chooses. I was notified I was the winner of the mixer.They gave me a order id# and I had to pay 2,99 in shipping and handling. They said I would recieve it in 5 to 7 business days. After about four days I contacted my credit Card and they said they had charged the s/h fee plus five dollars more. Then on the sixth day I was texted a letter from ups saying they were unable to deliever my package because the shipper forgot to put the house number on it and requested yet another charge.I called the 1-800 number that was on the contest. I explanned the problem. Her name was Ann and she said you do not have ant documation on this. I said oh yes I do I screen shot ever page and have the text and emails. Then she said you did not win the mixer I said yes I did,. I have the picture you put that I was the winner, picture of the order id# and the fees you had over charged and were trying to charge more. Ihave been on this for days. She said they would credit my card back.They are useing your product and your brand To scam poor familys who can’t afford one. It is on facebook on two diffrent ads. I know my niece and I were so disappointed. Please put this scam to a stop. Thank you

  • Terry says:

    Six years ago we bought a Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator (KSC23CBEYW02 Model, HR34809379). In late May, I called customer service because my fridge/freezer runs many degrees warmer than it should be. They made me deal with an authorized dealer in order to have my compressor paid for under the warranty. She suggested two businesses, one was closed, the other had lousy reviews. So I went to Sears repair. Sears contracts out to A & E in Clinton Twp, Mi.

    We are now in October and after several service calls, replacement of the compressor and other parts, the frig and freezer are still running 10-20 degrees warmer than should be. Yesterday, a tech from A & E refused to wear a mask, as my husband is immunocompromised, so I told him to leave. I paid $559.83 service charge for my repairs that were not covered by warranty. I would like that money back or a new refrigerator. No one should have to live without a reliable frig/freezer for 6 months. This product is obviously defective and I think 4 tries on my part is more than enough patience. Please respond asap.

  • Paula says:

    I am so upset about my new KitchenAid dishwasher that I wish I could have it uninstalled. I am telling everyone I know How awful the middle rack is. The rack has a hump in the middle so the bowls flop around. I have taken my bowls to various stores to have them show me how to load them. Not one of the sales reps could show me how to load the dishwasher a better way. I’ve tried to send an email to KitchenAid but their email address is not valid. They do not want to hear from us. I want my old rack back

  • SM says:

    I did not receive an operating/owners manual with my KitchenAid microwave/convection oven that was just installed. I can’t seem to get anyone to acknowledge my request either through your chat line or telephone. How can I get a manual so I can use my oven? And I’m NOT printing a 45-page manual from your website.

  • Rey C. Buzon says:

    I purchased a whole KitchenAid set during my home remodel, April 2019. I went with your brand for reliability. I WAS WRONG. In the past 3 years, I have now had my refrigerator/icemaker repaired 5 times. The first time, was right after the year mark. The First repairman Warned me about how BAD this model refrigerator was. It is Always the same issue. The icemaker does NOT operate correctly, causing the ice tray to break, or just fall apart.
    The refrigerator/ice maker has now been Repaired Multiple times, Replaced parts, Replaced whole internal ice maker, modified/cutdown “so it won’t happen again”!?! Each time it only lasts MAYBE a few months…UNACCEPTABLE.

    Model# KRSC503ESS01

  • Larry Foster says:

    Closed on a new built home in Feb 2022
    New KitchenAid refrigerator delivered 2/25. We picked Kitchen Aid because we have had such good luck with KitchenAid dishwashers in the past.
    Model KRSF705HPS Serial Number HRA 4982818
    Everything worked great for 5 months
    7/26/2022 The refrigerator tripped the dedicated breaker
    • I reset the breaker which immediately tripped in just seconds.
    • I plugged the refrigerator into 2 different outlets both of which tripped the circuits
    • I reset the dedicated breaker and plugged other items into it and the breaker stayed on
    7/26 I called Kitchen aid and made arrangements to have a service call.
    • A Fields Appliance Service apt was set for 8/1. a Tech checked out several things and said he had to order a wiring harness and would be back on Friday 8/5
    • 8/5 The tech replaced the harness and looked more and told me that it was not the refrigerator but instead was a problem with a bad breaker. He also mentioned that this type of breaker went out quickly. He said there was nothing else for him to do and that I needed an electrician to change the breaker.
    • A reference number of 7734243553 was assigned to this issue
    8/5 Lenart Electric came out and changed the breaker. I witnessed him doing this. We plugged the refrigerator in and the breaker immediately tripped. We plugged the refrigerator into multiple outlets throughout the house to try various circuits and the breakers tripped on all of them. He then plugged other items into the dedicated outlet and did not trip the breaker.
    We discussed building codes and he informed me that this breaker box and all related circuits are 100% up to Florida code. I now have a $200.00 bill from Lenart Electric
    Page 6 of the KitchenAid owner’s manual states clearly that we must “Observe all governing codes and ordinances”
    This leaves me to believe that the issue is the refrigerator not the home circuitry.
    We are now 2 weeks without a refrigerator after spending $2,534.86 for what we thought was a quality product.
    8/8 Spoke with a supervisor who set up an appointment for a master-tech from Fields Appliance to come back on 8/9. I received an email with all the information including a job service number. . Waited until 1PM and heard nothing so I called Fields and they knew nothing about the appointment. I am now waiting for Fields to call me back.

  • Kathy Gillen says:

    I am extremely disappointed in my KitchenAid gas range model KSBG900ESS1. After about a year, the oven would display an error code. after several tries, the oven would then work. Fast forward 4 years later and multiple error codes, the oven finally quit all together. I contacted the customer care and they sent out a technician. He determined that it was a part failure and it was covered under warranty: however, the part was on back order. I waited through 4 months of no oven before the part became available. When the serviceman came he pulled out my stove and because I had a mouse in my house, he wouldn’t fix the oven. He took his parts and left. I was then bounced back and forth between Whirlpool and Platinum and received no resolution. Now I have a barely used, expensive oven that I need to replace because I can’t even get the parts to fix it and if I could get them would cost me over $1000 just for the parts. Sadly, my daughter has the same range and her thermostat went out after 3 years. Now I have to say, I have barely used my oven- not even enough to warrant having to clean it and now I have a beautiful piece of junk that I need to replace.

  • M Landry says:

    We have always purchased Kitchen Aid appliances. Over the years we have renovated and built a new home. In choosing Kitchen Aid we felt that we had quality appliances. However, our latest purchase of a KITCHEN-AID 24 CU. FT. FRENCH DOOR COUNTER DEPTH
    REFRIGERATOR – WITH EXTERNAL DISPENSER – STAINLESS -Model Number: KA-KRFC704FSS has been a disappointment. The ice maker doesn’t shut off properly and oftentimes we end up with ice on the ground. We have pointed this out since the beginning. We were told there was nothing that could be done. Over time it has only gotten worse. This is a design flaw. Our ice maker needs to be replaced or perhaps the entire refrigerator. I would happily purchase a higher valued one in exchange IF the ice maker would work properly. Would someone please contact me at mdlandry@bellsouth.net? Thank you, M. Landry

  • Michael says:

    Very disappointed with my kitchen aid artisan mixer. While it is definitely outside it’s one year warranty, it is unacceptable for the bowl to dislodge whenever I use it to mix anything. I am not a heavy user so it hasn’t been used that much and there is no reason a metal bowl can’t be made well enough to withstand years of use. And customer service just says “sorry, we can sell you a new bowl.” This is one of the most expensive kitchen tools I have and expect a lot more. I expect the company to send me a new bowl, perhaps one that won’t fail this way. I see tons of complaints online about the same problem and it doesn’t seem the company gives a hoot. I suppose it’s a moneymaker to make the bowls so they need replacement from nominal and normal use.

  • Nichole Mullis says:

    I have been having issues with my new kitchen aid refrigerator since April 6th. It’s not even a year old. We have to reset the breaker 5 to 6 times a day and on the days we don’t catch it in time our food in the freezer starts thawing and the melted ice starts pouring out of the water dispenser. I had a Samsung before replacing it with a KitchenAid and I feel like Samsung has better customer service and trying to make it right with their customers. After speaking with kitchen aid this morning, I have to wait another 21 business days before someone higher up will review this claim. So I have deal with a broken and very expensive refrigerator for 4 months before they will make it right. Shame on kitchen Aid

  • Stephany Loberto says:

    I have been on hold today for one hour and thirty minutes waiting to speak to a customer service representative to schedule an appointment for the third time in less than a year to replace the LED lights that have gone out in my bottom mount built in refrigerator that I paid $6,000. for. KitchenAid customer service has always been poor in service, but it has gotten even worse. I am starting to question the quality of there products and the disrespect they have for there customers. I have spent over $18,000. In total on KitchenAid appliances and will never do that again. Still on holding waiting to speak to a supervisor. I am now at one hour and forty one minutes.

  • BJ says:

    KitchenAid Dishwasher: This product is Definitely “Quiet”. After only 2.5 years of use it “Quietly” emptied its water contents onto my one year old WOOD FLOORS…Causing $4K of Damage! Obviously, this product is built with CHEAP parts, as this problem was caused by a one inch defective rubber Grommet (Kitchenaide wanted $350.00, found online for $16.00)! I noticed all the 5 Star reviews, then notice most have “incentivized review” noted to the side. You have to PAY FOR A GOOD REVIEW! Why don’t you just make a 5 Star Product! My “Louder” 14 Yr Old Kenmore (never leaked), was upgraded to your Kitchenaid Trash. How about you incentivize me by FIXING THE DAMAGE TO MY FLOOR YOUR PRODUCT CAUSED! I would not recommend your product to an enemy, much less a friend.

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