Where is Kinney Drugs Corporate office Headquarters

Kinney Drugs Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 29 E Main St
    NY 13642, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 315-287-3600

  • Fax Number: (315) 633-0576

  • Email: mediarelations@kinneydrugs.com

  • Number of Employees: 415

  • Established: 1903

  • Founder: Burt Orrin Kinney

  • Key People: Craig C. Painter, Stephen P. McCoy

Kinney Drugs Headquarters Location & Directions

Kinney Drugs Headquarters Executive Team



Craig C. Painter

Executive Chairman

Stephen P. McCoy

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President and Director

Bridget-Ann Hart R.ph.

Director, CEO of Kinney Healthcare Services and President of Kinney Healthcare Services

Brian Scott

President of Health Direct Institutional Services

James Spencer

President of Kinney Drug Stores

David Warner R.ph.

President of ProAct

Owen W. Halloran R.Ph.

Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Procurement

Jeffrey A. Rorick

Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services

About Kinney Drugs, History and Headquarters Information

Kinney Drugs is a pharmacy chain with over a hundred drugstores and pharmacies spread over Central and Northern New York and also Vermont. Founded in 1903 by Burt Orrin Kinney in Gouverneur. Today, the company has a number of stores across the region and a distribution center started in 1962 in the same place.

The executive team of the company includes Craig C Painter as the Executive Chairman, Stephen P McCoy as the Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Vice President and the Director, Bridget-Ann Hart R.ph as the Director and the CEO of Kinney Healthcare Services and the President of Kinney Healthcare services, Brian Scott as the President of Health Direct Institutional Services, James Spencer as the president of the Kinney Drug Stores, David Warner R.ph as the President of ProAct, Owen W Halloran R Ph as the Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Procurement and Jeffrey A Rorick as the Chief Information Officer and VP of Information Services.

Besides the drug stores, the company also operates ProAct prescription benefit management firm, HealthDirect institutional pharmacy services, HealthDirect mail order and, Noble Health Services.

Kinney Drugs Headquarters Photos

  • Yvonne Todd says:

    I just was notified from Kinney Drugs in Canton, NY that my subscriptions would no longer be covered by GoodRX as of 12/1/23. What other programs are available at this time to set off the high cost of prescriptions? Thank you for your time.

  • Shaina says:

    I just left Kinney Drugs on electronics Parkway in Liverpool. As I was picking out the Christmas bags I wanted to buy one of the cashiers (Kris) took one of the bags I wanted and put it underneath her register so I was in on able to buy it, she kept it for herself.
    It was the rudest thing I’ve ever seen, and I even said hey I want ed that as she ignored me. Kinney’s great customer service

  • David Dymock says:

    To Owen W. Halloran
    I would like to have a dialog with you about a medication that’s on backorder but is available from multiple Pharmaceutical production sources You guys seem to Be purchasing from One of the only companies that is on back order for this medication as per the FDA’sTracking of this shortage perhaps you should look into purchasing from another source Please contact me directly at my email.

  • Deborah Turner says:

    I would like to thank Kinney Drugs in Tully NY 13159 FOR THEIR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE and for working with my doctor’s office to make sure I got the correct medication in time for my overseas trip. They were helpful, kind, and efficient. The staff in the front of the store are also friendly and efficient. Thanks Kinney Drugs, Tully!

  • Kamryn says:

    I went to the kinneys on electronics parkway and i had about 10 minutes to shop still and all the employees were pretty rude and were telling me and my sister that we needed to hurry because they were going to turn off the lights whether we were in there or not. Another lady who worked there then glared at me and gave me a dirty look when I said thank you and i’m sorry for the last minute shopping, but I finished right before they closed and then there was another guy there who did not let me leave until everyone else who was in there was also on their way out. This was at 11:45 on june 30th and it was the night shift. This isn’t uncommon because I have gone to this jinny multiple times and have received this same rude attitude from the employees.

  • Pam Hislop says:

    I was at the Berlin, Vermont location this afternoon. There was a line at the pharmacy. A younger lady said she didn’t feel well, could she be waited on sooner. One of the people behind the counter said to her loudly. “You can wait in line, people with Covid do, you can too” I felt that very inappropriate. It’s ok to refuse her the skip the line but the woman didn’t have to be so loud and bold.

  • Gary Kazimer says:

    my name is Gary Kazimer.. I call Kinney’s located in Oswego N.Y. at 174 West Bridge Street.. I called in for a prescription on 9-25-2021 and they said (tomorrow) they would have it ready on 9-26-2021.. I went to Kinney’s pharmacy the next day 9-26-2021 at 10 am and they did NOT have it ready and said to wait another hour so I waited for 1 hour as requested.. I than went down at 11am and still was not ready..they said they would get it ready.. I waited another 30 minutes before I could get my prescription.. since when does it take another 30 minutes to get a prescription when they said it would be done tomorrow and than wait another hour and still NOT filled..if u believe this is good practice to get a prescription filled and get jerk around when a company can NOT do as they say.. a disgusted/frustrated customer

  • louie james woodworth says:

    these are the cable companies that heard on what is going on Spectrum direct TV Dish Network and other cable companies this is gonna not only be a fight between them but every grocery store and drug store the law enforcement people and they will win because they have more people than everybody else does because Thomas Rutledge has a special friend that is gonna be helping him the multi glamor billionaire at one time Ted Turner and his men

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  • louie james woodworh says:

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