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Kings Island
  • Address: 6300 Kings Island Drive, Kings Island, OH 45034, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000

  • Established: 1972

  • Founder: 

  • Key People: Michael Koontz, General Manager

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Deb Purpura

Director of Workforce

Sarah Boone

Area Manager

Sara Maine, MBA, PMP

IT Manager at Kings Island



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Kings Island has the best combination of world-class family attractions and thrills. It offers all guests 16 roller coasters with the longest wooden and steel inverted roller coasters. In 2017, Kings emerged as the top facility with the best new ride of diamondback and mystic timbers. It has won 17 titles as the leading planet snoopy kids’ area. It has a soak city water park with over 50 water activities plus 36 water slides. Kings Island is at 6300 kings drive Mason, Ohio 45040. The king’s contact numbers include (513) 754-5800, FAX (513) 754-5725, website and email Email Kings Island. Taft broadcasting company founded kings island in 1972 in Mason, Ohio.

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  • Mindy Schaurer says:

    I am writing about observations during my last visit at KI. I noticed many changes and wonder why certain changes have been made while certain issues go unaddressed. I am curious why smoking areas were removed, forcing those who do smoke to walk to the entrance gate? It seems rather discriminative to those who spend massive amounts of money to enjoy a day at the park to not be able to take a smoke break while they possibly wait hours for their kids to get thru a line on a popular ride. As well, it creates an opportunity for parents to leave their children unattended or out of site just because they may want or need a cigarette. Also, I was unaware that the park quit accepting cash. I am aware of the machine to use to get a KI card, however, it is a huge inconvenience to an already over priced product such as a bottle of water that we are no longer allowed to bring into the park. If you are a parent with multiple children, it is very inconvenient. Also, I was disgusted to see so many rules yet no dress code imposed. I saw grown men taking pictures of young girls from their cell phones without any consent.. One man took advantage of a situation where a minor girl must have been injured on a ride and while the medics showed up,, he positioned himself to snap a photo of the girls cleavage as she was lying on the bench and i didn’t know what to was right there and they were too busy talking to each other. I am a mother of a teenage boy and I take him and his friends all the time. However, it is not appropriate to expose them to half naked girls and women thru out the park when I pay for a family atmosphere. I understand bathing suits at the water park, but it may be time to to require one piece suits since people can’t use common sense around children. I saw boys also wearing Playboy t-shirts and remember the days when you had to be an adult to acquire such items. With the amount of human trafficking that exists, I would think you would impose better rules for the safety of children. It saddens me because as a teenager it was an exciting time to be able to go to KI and have fun without your parents. Unfortunately, I’m not able to to do the same with my own children due to the lack of trust and lack of morals that has over shadowed a once family fun place. I’ve never seen so many strollers and babies at an amusement park and pregnant woman in bikinis. There’s got to be a way to clean it up, and its not enough to just force smokers to the entrance or quit taking cash or putting up an annoying net at the wave pool because parents aren’t responsible enough to watch their kids. I suggest a dress code and no human trafficking signs placed thru out the park. After the exposure on Disneyland, I expect more from Ohio. Its time to stand up for the children and protect them. I’m quite sure the park makes more money than I could imagine and if I’m paying 25 dollars for chicken fingers, I expect to be able to eat without worrying about who’s watching my kids while they eat, or possibly waiting outside the changing areas in the Waterpark. Its an exhausting experience for good parents to have a day at the park now, and that’s beyond sad. It was so obvious and bothersome I wanted to address it because its all I can do as a concerned parent who pays for these season passes.
    Hoping to see more changes for the better.
    Thank You

    • Koneika McCollum says:

      I wondered the same things. A few years ago they put in smoking areas, most were just off the path behind the scenes. They should have left them. Its an out door park!!! I can understand not smoking in line or the kids area BUT to have to walk all the way to the front of the park to smoke is ludicrous after all you will pay. After tickets, parking food and drinks your well over $300 at that point. Not to mention anything extra. If I pay my money, I want my freedom!

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