Where is King Soopers Corporate office Headquarters

King Soopers Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1014 Vine Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 513-721-7285

  • Fax Number: 303.333.8180

  • Email: giftcards@kroger.com

  • Number of Employees: 449000

  • Established: 1947

  • Founder: Lloyd J. King and Charles W. Houchens

  • Key People: William Rodney McMullen

King Soopers Headquarters Location & Directions

King Soopers Headquarters Executive Team



William Rodney McMullen

Chairman & CEO

John Michael Schlotman

Executive VP & CFO

Michael J. Donnelly

Executive VP & COO

Gary Millerchip

Chief Executive Officer of Personal Finance

Liz Ferneding

Ruler Division President

Valerie Jabbar

President of Ralphs Division

Bruce A. Lucia

President of Atlanta Division

Matthew Perin

Head of Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs

Stephen M. McKinney

Senior Vice President of Retail Divisions

Mark C. Tuffin

Senior Vice President of Retail Divisions

About King Soopers, History and Headquarters Information

King Soopers located in the Rocky Mountains of the United States of America stands out as a supermarket brand of the Kroger group. Started in 1947 in Arvada Colorado with the mission to offer the customers “friendly service, value, cleanliness and quality”. Within a few years, the brand grew to nine stores which was then acquired by Dillion Companies in 1957. Later, in 1983, Dillion merged with Kroger.

The executive team includes William Rodney McMullen as the Chairman and the CEO, John Michael Schlotman as the Executive VP and CFO, Michael J Donnelly as the Executive VP and COO, Gary Millerchip as the Chief Executive Officer of Personal Finance, Liz Fernending as the Ruler Division President, Valerie Jabbar as the President of Ralphs Division, Bruse A Lucia as President of Atlanta Division, Matthew Perin as the Head of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Stephen M McKinney as the Senior VP of Retail Divisions and Mark C Tuffin as the Senior VP of Retail Divisions.

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  • Linda Kelly says:

    Most often when I shop King Soopers and have clipped the digital coupons they are not there when I check out. I have to wait for the attendant to come by, check my phone and do her thing with the register. Hate this, hate coupons. Just give us the sale and skip all the hoopla. We’re going to shop here anyway. What a pain!!!

  • Lori Steele says:

    I have been in contact with both the IZZE company and it’s parent company Tropicana regarding the lack of BOTTLED IZZE in my 2 local stores. I have been told that they are still producing BOTTLED IZZE …. But YET TO FIND IT IN MY 2 LOCAL KING SOOPERS!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tropicana company has encouraged me to contact King Soopers management to relay the problem but the site is extremely confusing!!!!!!!!! Please Help

  • Monica Lucero says:

    Can anyone in the corporate part of Kings Soopers please tell me why in the heck is Kroger Sweet Tea taken out of your stores… and any possibility of it making a comeback without changing the taste? Is it just a regional item now? I live in Colorado. Thanks in advance!

  • Beth Taylor says:

    I too am EXTREMELY ANGRY about the hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on advertisements about how well your employees are being paid. It is a slap in the face of all those who are on the front lines helping your company get big bucks. You need to STOP those ads and put that money toward your employees salary and health benefits! These essential workers have kept stores open for all of us through this crazy COVID time. Without them, you big wigs could have lost your stores. Maybe that is what it takes for you to realize that they deserve a living wage and respect.
    Neither I or any of my family work for your company. I am just trying to help the little guys earn what they deserve.

  • Eric Grossman says:

    As a regular King Soopers customer, I fully support the striking workers. Ever since the very beginning of the COVID epidemic, these “essential workers”, “our heroes” were not provided with adequate protective gear, were not paid an ongoing extra hazard wage, were not paid sick leave, were not paid family leave, were not paid a living wage. King Soopers has never treated its employees with respect and dignity. King Soopers employees deserve not only a living wage (starting at $20/hr), but also paid sick leave, paid family leave, decent health insurance and a strong pension plan!

  • Rebecca Myles says:

    Seriously!!! The recent ads that are side by side to the pending king Soopers (Denver) strike was a HUGE MISTAKE for Soopers. Employees are proudly discussing their $16-20.00 an hour pay, but what is that after taxes in a city where a one bedroom apartment is $1200-1600. Out of that pay also comes car payments, lights, food and other bills. What is left? Not to mention working during a pandemic that endangers their lives as well as their families.
    That commercial just showed how out of touch King Soopers is with the current cost of living for their employees.
    And this from a company that has a worth in the billions. Total ignorance and arrogance.

  • B.Alarcon says:

    Greetings: Since Your Establishment Requires Masks, Then Why Don’t You Sell 🇺🇸AMERICAN MADE🇺🇸MASKS? Not That CRAP From China!!!🤬

  • Judy Murrison says:

    I have been trying to return a knee brace for months with no luck…if there ever will be! I had a kneecap repaired and thought the brace would help…it didn’t fit. I immediately put it in the box, and it’s been in a sack since May. It was $15 which may not seem like much to suck it up, but it is to this 80 year old! I live in Littleton, CO, with my son and family. Would appreciate any help you can give.

  • Carolyn Horcher says:

    I am upset that King Soopers won’t regulate mask wearing and dogs in the store.

    Yesterday I was in the Kings in Lakewood, CO on Florida and Kipling where Ive shopped for 25 plus years. There were people without masks and one couple without masks and a dog on a leash. This dog did not have a handicapped vest on either. WHY does King Soopers not enforce the mask wearing and dogs in the store? I am a total dog lover but would never take my dog to a food store. I know Kings doesn’t want to say anything to anyone because it might lose dollars….REALLY? The masks are to help people from getting the virus. They walk around like they are in the right and no one DARE say anything to them. How sad is this? Rules are for everyone, not just a few.

    Thanks for listening and I’m adamant about the masks.

    Carolyn Horcher

  • Kristin says:

    I have shopped at King Soopers for quite awhile now 2-3 times a week, which has been great because my local store is up the street. However, this past month I have witnessed many shoppers without masks in the store. I am 70, this concerns me — especially on the day I arrive to learn the store had ran out of disinfectant wipes at the door and while in produce saw a man without a mask actually sneeze over the bananas — it was my last day going there — I don’t feel safe shopping. I feel like I’ve been forced to drive several miles away to go to the Safeway Store where they had disinfectant at the door along with a person who advised entrants that “a mask was needed to protect me and other shoppers”.
    While grocery stores go to all the trouble to disinfect carts and have employees wear masks thinking that this is enough — a shopper without a mask is sneezing over the produce. This was not the only concerning sight I’ve seen from those people who feel absolutely sure they don’t need to wear a mask because they seem to be absolutely positive they are not positive OR unknowingly carrying a potentially lethal virus because they themselves are asymptomatic. I absolutely don’t feel that I can rely on King Soopers to fully protect those of us who actually are wearing masks because it is what we can do to help solve the problem, not further create ones by either personal ignorance or some form of political stubbornness/expression — nor can I understand the rationale on the part of corporate that they feel requiring masks is not their responsibility or that it will offend the outliers.

  • lillian says:

    I don’t care who you show my comments to, what I want is an answer from your corporate office, unless they are just sitting in their offices allowing the lowly employee’s to respond to all comments with a comment that is politically correct.

  • lillian says:

    I don’t understand did everyone at King Soopers become doctor’s and policemen, my understanding is you are now doing temperature readings on employee’s and now you are telling the public to wear face mask if going through the self checkout. I want to know when you became the president of the United States and have that kind of authority, or maybe I should be discussing this with the Governor. I believe that if you continue this type of harassment, you will be losing customers I know I will be telling my friends and family and start looking for another grocery store. I know this so called pandemic is the excuse you are all using, but I believe you have gone to far. I do not believe you can dictate to the public to wear masks when they choose not to. I think grocery stores are going a bit to far as dictators, I still live in a free country and will continue to live in a free country even if some of my fellow citizens want to give up their freedom I DO NOT.

    • Kristin says:

      Too bad it’s actual ignorance like this that’s actually preventing this potentially lethal virus from spreading. I’m so happy for you that you seem to be 100% sure you are not unknowingly asymptomatic or haven’t come in contact with others who are. Perhaps you haven’t had loved ones infected or die as I have — and they obviously were exposed somehow to people who didn’t wear masks since, in case you weren’t aware of it, it transmitted through respiration! I only pray that public places (including King Soopers) actually requires this level of protection not just for me — but for you too.


    I am trying to talk to king soopers corp office…..,someone in charge of FRAUD. my mother sent $61,000 to scammers through western union before k/s said we cant send anymore. this is a scam.
    so they told her to go to money gram (Walmart) when they said no more. she went back to the SAME king soopers where they had previously told her NO.. and continued to sell her money order …………

  • Debbie says:

    Mr. McMullen, Sad to see you have increased your prices, you should be lowering your prices during this pandemic. People are layed off work and are not getting pay checks. We as consumers support your corporation all year long for many many years and you can’t help the consumer now. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Do something to help the people that keep your stores open. I’m sure you don’t have to worry about not being able to afford a gallon of milk, a dozen of eggs or a loaf of bread, a sack of potatoes, etc.!!!!!!! ? I do appreciate that your stores are open for business and have told your employees thank you for working during these uncertain times.

  • Christine says:

    I have shopped at King Soopers for years. This morning, I was one of so many, waiting outside before the store opened. This is my regular store I shop, located on S. Quebec Street, in Highlands Ranch Colorado. Minutes before opening, the store manager came out, kindly greeted everyone, thanked us for choosing King Soopers, and explained the process for getting the essentials everyone is looking for in these uncertain times. The process was orderly, organized, and worked very well. I was the most impressed by the individuals working inside the store. They were kind, helpful, compassionate, and went out of there way to assist a huge amount of customers. The manager continued making announcements on the loudspeaker, thanking customers and keeping it lighthearted and remained upbeat the entire time. Although this whole situation is unnerving, sad, and something so extreme I have never experienced in my lifetime. It was so wonderful to witness the kindness of human beings(allowing older individuals to go to the front of the line, etc.). Especially with all of the recent negativity we have been exposed to lately (i.e. people fighting over toilet paper and other products. ) I just want to sincerely thank the employees of that store and the manager for their kindness and positive attitude, despite everything they have to face on a daily basis. Thank you so very much. You are all appreciated for what you do.

  • Ed says:

    Need to close King Soopers on 287 in Broomfield the people are Rude, Not Helpful and Store Mgr. Monica is as useless even her employees state that.

  • Gloria Olsen says:

    We desperately need a King Soopers store in the Widefield Fountain Colorado area. Are there any plans on building one.

  • kelly says:

    Surprised to see you now charge a fee to get cash back using a debit card.
    No communication to customers, just make the change…BAD PR.
    I will now shop elsewhere.
    Congratulations on loosing a $15,000.00/year customer over a few pennies!

  • Harold says:

    You make millions of dollars, now that is not enough, you have to charge us for money back transactions. I will shop elsewhere. Fuck You!!!!

  • Darla Swan says:

    I have been a King Soopers customer for over fourty years. I shop at the Colemine and Pierce store in LIttleton Co. Why, I remember when this store was built. I was at the check out on Nov. 7th and when I wanted twenty extra in cash, there was a .50 cent charge. WHAT? I was charged for receiving money back! Who get this “extra” charge? Souldn’t you have let the cumtomer know ahead of time? What is the reason for this? An explination would be appreciated.

  • Ellen Alexander says:

    Store Wadsworth/Jewell, worst mess I’ve ever seen since 1980. Dirty, cluttered, no room for buggies, never stocked well, and it seems to be getting worse!!! Do something constructive!!!

  • James says:

    your latest thing is to charge a transaction fee if this is your practice I will just start shopping somewhere else for you making it inconvenient To get a couple dollars in cash

  • bobbob says:

    Dear King Soopers; You have sales, these sale’s, that require everyone to buy 5 like items, to achieve some kind of savings. This thing is kind of stupid. Get rid of these sales of “5”.
    Divide them by 3 different categories instead. I mean, right now you have peanut butter with pasta?
    The is the reason no one can figure out the maze of requirements needed to save a few cents at King Soopers.
    The second thing is that I know why you lose shoppers to Wal-Mart is this saving thing; “ONLY ON FRIDAY and SATURDAY SALE”. Well, people can’t shop just “only on Friday or Saturday”…. AND… KING SOOPERS IS NOT FAMILY TIME!!!!!!
    Have your advertised sales run from Wednesdays thru Tuesday the next week. That way we all get to shop at King Soopers.

  • Citizen Militia says:

    I work all week and walk into your stores with my lawfully owned and carried sidearm. I spend weekly over 500 dollars to feed my family and I really liked your store. Now? looking at how I dropped over $2000 a month and totaling over 24,000.00 dollars a year only to have you decide to tell me I am not welcome in your store if I exercise my right to carry? My money has been banned from crossing your store’s threshold in response. You are demanding that your in store “victims” be unarmed. That will keep away the now informed dopers and homeless who prey on the unarmed and weak alike. You’re so smart! We have a pool going at work on who will be targeted first. Cruel? So is disarming me just so I can buy food.

  • Troy Bland says:

    I visited King Sooper store #14 in Aurora Colorado located on 6th avenue and Peoria approximately 4pm to shop for a few items. I ordered a two piece chicken dinner, instead of giving me the dinner so I could continue shopping, the employee named Tina insisted I pay immediately as apposed to finishing my shopping. After I had to walk to the other end of the store and back to complete my shopping to pay for everything and it took time away from other customers. The lady who checked me out said it is the store policy to require payment at purchase do to frequent theft. No other King Sooper I visit has this policy. I am a 58 year old disabled black man that requires a cane to walk. There is absolutely no way I could steal anything even if I had wanted to. I personally feel that it was because I am a black man. I am deeply offended, I have made King Sooper my primary store for better than 30 years. With such an insult I am seriously considering the competition. Finding a place where there is quality customer service.

    • Citizen Militia says:

      When I worked at King Soopers I was told to keep an eye on the blacks and poor looking people. This happened in Colorado Springs but it was no different. They do profile blacks.

  • Mr.Jones says:

    Right now I’m writing a letter to a CPO of king Soopers to see if I can get an issue settled that happen to me at a store here in Colorado Springs , Store .
    Accused of something and privacy i felt was violated by Manager on duty while putting my information in you pay line.
    This all happen last year almost a year to the day.
    After numerous calls , let’s see if I get a response.

  • Anonymous says:

    Over a year ago I stopped going to this store because it is so dangerous. But I thought maybe the store had become safer. I was wrong. While in the store today a man stepped right in front of me and yelled “Don’t go that way!” I jumped back frightened by his aggressive and hostile demeanor. “Oh my gosh,” I said. “You got something to say you say it,” he yelled. I moved away quickly. About 8 of 10 feet away was a security guard. I told him what had happened even though he had to have heard it. All he said was “Yeah, okay,” without even looking in the direction I indicated or then walking toward the man . From home I called the story manager who said, “Well this is Cap. Hill. We get a lot of people like that in this store.”

  • Mrs. Le Cavalier says:

    Good Afternoon. I went into the Kings Soopers on 58th and Ralston in Arvada November 2, 2018 to purchase 4lbs of Chicken Tenders. It was 10:15 AM. Your lady behind the counter was wonderful, letting me know that the store does not normally make the tenders until 11:00 AM, however she would be happy to accommodate my request.
    The Deli Manager, Lucy (?) said sorry those can not come out until 11:00 AM and we are out of them anyway, we ran out yesterday. I really did not believe that your store could be out of a popular product such as chicken tenders, so I went to speak with the store manager.
    I asked an employee at your self scan if I could speak with the manager. He said what manager? I said I did not know, but how about the store manager. He paged Erica, she called him to see what it was about. He replied he had a guest that wanted to speak to her.
    I was already not happy. I was there to pick up some food for my company and Miss Erica apparently did not see it urgent to see what a customer would want as I waited for over 5 minutes and left.
    This is not been the first time I have had an issue with the Deli.
    If you do not care what your customers are treated like, apparently my business, our companies business is not needed.
    Thank you,

    Mrs. Le Cavalier

  • Michel Godbout says:

    Dear King Soopers
    I commend your decision to stop using plastic bags. But not until 2025? Billions more tons of plastic dumped into our oceans? Could you not collaborate with other major retailers to build a better bag? Something that would decompose within a few weeks? Your loss of sales from customers who won’t give up on plastic may be more than the cost to invent a new bag. Or spend your money to elect that state representative who will pass a bill to mandate no more plastic. What about paper? That was always a better idea environmentally.

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