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  • Address: Kiddie Academy®
    3415 Box Hill Corporate Center Drive
    Abingdon, MD 21009 USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 410-515-0788

  • Fax Number: 410.569.2729

  • Email: ka@kiddieacademy.com

  • Number of Employees: 163

  • Established: 1981

  • Founder: Pauline Miller

  • Key People: Gregory Helwig, Michael J. Miller

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Kiddie Academy Headquarters Executive Team



Gregory Helwig


Michael J. Miller

Executive Chairman

Susan Wise

CFO & Executive VP

Kevin Murphy

Chief Operating Officer

About Kiddie Academy, History and Headquarters Information

Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care is an educational franchise system offering to teach young kids without hampering their curiosity. Started in 1981 at the Baltimore County, Maryland by Pauline and George Miller, today, it is a leading chain of educational institutions in the country.

The executive team includes Gregory Helwig as the President, Michael J Miller as the Executive Chairman, Susan Wise as the CFO and Executive Vice President and Kevin Murphy as the Chief Operating Officer.

Qualified professionals own and operate the Kiddie Academy locations. The firm sold its first franchise in 1993 and expanded beyond 1996. By the close of 2018, the company had over 200 locations in 29 states and the District of Columbia. In Maryland alone, 16 Kiddie Academy Locations spread in the cities of Urbana, New Market, Lanham, Odenton, Ellicott city, Oxon Hill, etc.

Kiddie Academy has been recognised and honoured by many publications like Franchise Gator, included Kiddie Academy in the top 100 and fastest growing Franchise Companies.

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  • Sharon Denise McCoy-Dixon says:

    Now this is not to take away from the curriculum and the upkeep of the facility, organization and the skills the teachers have, but I do feel my review is needed to express when there is greatness in all companies (establishments) there are weaknesses and is not “perfect” but for me it was a little concerning with my Journey because I was always a firm believer of not giving up on a child (No Child Left Behind born in the 80’s or 90’s) or trying your best to work with a child to succeed So let me explain my journey with Kiddie Academy in New Market:

    Want to express I am a African American Single Mom (1st Time Mom) Enrolled my child in January to Late February of 2022 cost was a little steep but wanted my daughter to be in “One” of the best facility (Contract was to be in Kiddie Academy for 3 days ($260/week $1,000/month)

    She is a “Covid Baby” (Meaning confined in the house for majority of her 3 years so I knew & was full aware of my daughter would need assistance in playing with her peers socially and being around new people enforcement (Including Adults) would take sometime. (Informed Kiddie Academy of this matters)

    So she loved the first week or/and two but then of course she is starting to show strengths and weaknesses (showing her true self mommys not around so she had alittle bit of the “Acting Different” around other people because mommy was not around). Regarding my daughter’s behavior (Kidde Academy) (Teachers, Owner) would tell me “Vague Descriptions of What my child did” I wanted (Informed Kiddie of Academy of my requests) to be provided with “descriptive details” in order for me (Parent) to able to assist with issue at home (which it was not any issues I seen and was shock of what my child was doing that Kiddie Academy express to me) (Always supported the teachers owner staffs first and what we can do to help couldn’t talk to my child she is too little to explain) I wanted to ASSIST GREATLY to correct my daughter’s issues Kiddie Academy,
    even suggested to stay a day or so to assist with the transitioning (had issues with doing another activity as well as going to another one, she would play with the children but had and wanted to stay at the first activity not understanding their is multiple that you would being doing for the that day, Cat and Dog imitation would really get into the act of a dog or a cat that was an issue for Kiddie Academy as well)
    Kiddie Academy had trouble in the following: Informing me in detail “What was the incident, who was specifically involve, what everyone could of done better no one is perfect in the incidents and all these different culture background (of children) that has to be mindful as well (being the parent to do at home to assist)

    So When picking my daughter up started receiving behavior reports from the owner expressing that she was not listening, she was not transitioning correctly to different activities and even said she has bitten teachers and students. I wanted to believe all but NEVER I seen or HEARD (EXPRESS) to any other adult or family member that has cared for my daughter she bites. So I was stressed I didn’t know what to do “paying all this money” for this pre-k and they are not able to maintain my daughter thought all kind of things: “what am I doing as a mother” What can I do better AGAIN no issues at home Mother (Myself) and Father is in her life NO verbal, physical abuse she is NOT around not affected by.

    The Care of Kiddie Academy seem like it really decrease once I started paying Green (Physical Money in the Envelope) instead of Direct Deposit, also they wanted you to pay at least 3 weeks ahead of time, I did not have that kind of money but I wanted this to work, so I was making it work I might of been late but I didn’t mind paying the late fee with what i was required to pay.
    Its just that, “This day and Age” every child is not on same accord these daycare’s/pre-k’s or any school for that matter should be educated more or Different Culture Backgrounds as or the Differences. Your child in these facilities would like for your children to be “Robots” and just do what someone says with not considering other matters of the behavior instead of “Writing it off” like the Child is unbearable (My child was unbearable to work with because of Acting like an animal and not wanting to stop playing what they activity they give her previously.
    Again This is not a Bad Review just want to inform people of “Issues I have faced with Children Facilities such as this one
    Thanks Greatly

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