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Kia Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 111 Peters Canyon Rd
    CA 92606
  • Phone Number: +1 949-468-4800
  • Fax Number: 949-468-4515
  • Email: parts@kia.com
  • Number of Employees: 53255
  • Established: December 1944
  • Founder: Kyungsung Precision
  • Key People: Seungkyu (Sean) Yoon

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Kia Headquarters Executive Team



Seungkyu (Sean) Yoon


Saad Chehab


James Bell


About Kia, History and Headquarters Information


Kia was founded in the year 1944. The company has been operational for 74 years now. The former name of the company was Kyungsung Precision Industry. The company was a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts, eventually producing Korea's first domestic bicycle as well, known as the Samchully, in the year 1951. In the year 1952, the company had changed its name to Kia Industries and later built Honda-licensed small motorcycles (1957), along with Mazda-licensed trucks (1962) and cars (1974) as well. The company had opened its first integrated automotive assembly plant in the year 1973, known as the Sohari Plant. The company used to build the small Brisa range of cars until the year 1981 when the production had come to an end after the new military dictator Chun Doo-hwan enforced industry consolidation policies. This forced the company to stop producing passenger cars and focus entirely on light trucks.

Starting in the year 1986, the company had rejoined the automobile industry in partnership with Ford. The company used to produce several Mazda-derived vehicles for both domestic sales in South Korea and also for export into other countries as well. Some of the models included the Kia Pride - which was based on the Mazda 121 and the Avella, which were sold in North America and Australia re-branded as the Ford Festiva and Ford Aspire. In the year 1992, Kia Motors America was then incorporated in the USA. The first Kia-branded vehicles in the USA were sold from four dealerships in Portland, Oregon, USA, during the year 1994. Since then, the company had strongly expanded one region at a time. The company car dealers in 1994 sold the Sephia and a few years later, expanded their line with the addition of the Sportage. By the year 1995, over one hundred Kia dealerships existed across thirty states in the USA and selling a record of more than 24,700 automobiles. Due to the Asian financial crisis, the company had declared bankruptcy in the year 1997 and made a deal with Hyundai Motor Company, in order to diversify the business. Hyundai had acquired almost 51 per cent of the company. Starting in the year 2005, the company began to focus more on the European markets. In the year 2006, Kia Motors America had broken the grounds for Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia in West Point, Georgia, USA, representing almost a $1 billion investment for the company. The manufacturing plant had opened in the year 2010 after Kia recorded its 15th consecutive year of increased USA market share. As of the year 2016, the company was awarded for its reliability. The headquarters of the company is based in 111 Peters Canyon Road. The name of the place is Irvine, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 92606.


Kia is a Korean company that focuses on the designing and development of various kinds of cars and automobiles, for its customers all around the world. The current CEO and vice-chairman of the company are Hyoung-Keun Lee. As of the year 2016, the total revenue of the company is more than 52.7 billion Won. Also, the total yearly production output of the company is more than 3 million units, as of the year 2016. The total number of employees working at the company is more than 53,200, as of the year 2013. The company is currently owned by Hyundai Motors, with a 33.8 per cent share.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of automobiles that are designed, produced, marketed and sold by the company itself. The company also sells luxury cars and other commercial vehicles as well.

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  • Heather says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I bought a 2019 Kia Sorento with only 35,000 miles on it. The car broke down after less then 2 months of use and it had nothing to do with anything that I did. I went out to start it one morning and it simply would not start. It has since been towed to the dealer and been sitting in their lot for over two months now and it is still not fixed. The day my car quit working, my brother was taken to a hospital with a massive heart attack and he ended up dying. Because my car would not start, I was unable to get to the hospital to see him before he passed away and that is something you can’t fix and should not have happened. I will never get that moment back and it was all verbose I decided to buy a new “reliable” car.

    The mechanic said they don’t know when the car will be fixed, and that he is still waiting for parts from kia. I have called them several times about the fact that I am making a car payment for a new car and additional fees for rental with no end in site. I bought a new car specifically so I would not have these types of problems and so I would have reliable transportation. This situation is completely unacceptable and I will never ever buy another kia as long as I live. I honestly don’t think the company even cares which is all the more frustrating.

    I would prefer to just give the car back and get my car back that I traded for this new Kia. I am very disappointed and I am worried about the future and this car breaking down again and having all these and problems all over again. This has by far been the worst experience I have ever had buying a new car.

  • Douglas. Moody says:

    I have a complaint not with the KIA product but it’s way of settling complaints.
    My wife and I purchased a 2022 Sportage more than two months ago. The salesman promised us that he would get a security cover for her vehicle as part of the sale. Every time we contacted him, he would tell us that he is still looking. After two months I called to talk with sales manager who never returned a call. So I called KIA cooperates office and was assisted great. They called and got the manger to contact me which he did. The manger assured me that he would take a off the situation and that the salesman would contact me within 48 hours. Well that’s was 8 days ago and still no contact.
    I then tried calling again and refused to return my calls. Do I again contacted KIA corporate office which this time gave me the run around. She told me that this was a dealer problem and they couldn’t interfere As I explained the situation I was again told it was a dealer problem. I know that the dealership of responsible for hiring liars but it is the reputation of KIA is at stake. After several minutes of the runaround I just give up. I told the person I spoke with that I would never t another KIA product and would discourage anyone else from buying one.
    I would love for someone who has integrity to call or contact me. I will welcome the conversation.

    • Joyce says:

      Once they get you to buy their product, they want nothing to do with you. I bought a 2017 Kia Sportage on August 9, 2021 and still do not have the plates. Getting the runaround and the GM Mr. Basulto is a liar just like the salesmen.

  • David Boyer says:

    I bought a 2014 Kia Forte 2 years ago for my granddaughter, it started to use oil about 3 months ago so I took it to the dealership that I bought it from. They performed a series of test on it over a 5 week period and concluded that everything was good and only recommended to get oil changes every 3000 miles. It has been less than a month when I got it back and now it uses 2 quarts a week in less than 50 miles it is not leaking it is using the oil. I made a complaint with Kia and submitted a complaint only to have them close the ticket without contacting me. I also emailed an executive at Kia and never heard back.

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