Where Is KFC Corporate Office Headquarters

KFC Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1441 Gardiner Ln, Louisville, KY 40213, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 502-874-8288

  • Fax Number: 502-874-8790

  • Email: kfcinternationalmedia@yum.com

  • Number of Employees: 90,000

  • Established: March 20, 1930

  • Founder: Harland Sanders


KFC Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact KFC Corporate Office

KFC is one of the very few American brands that can boast a prosperous, decade-long history of innovation and thus success in the food industry. It is passionate about feeding many people who wish to have a world-class fried chicken meal, be it anywhere on the globe.

Following are some set of questions and concerns for which customers may feel a need to contact KFC’s customer care service:

  • To enquire about the nutritive information of any KFC product.
  •  To register any question, complaint, or feedback regarding any product or service.
  • To place an order online.
  • To get information about the ongoing KFC offers, deals, and exclusive discounts.
  • To get track of the order.
  • To contact for any payment or delivery-related stuff.
  • To contact in case of canceling, or re-scheduling the order.
  • To enquire about business partnership or franchise options.
  • To enquire about community responsibilities that KFC is participating in.

KFC does its best to help its customers get satisfactory service and experience. Be it any of the above-mentioned query, or a different one, consumers can freely choose any of the following options to contact KFC. Read more to know!

Ways to contact KFC


For users to send their written queries or concerns, they can use the below-mentioned address to send them via post. You can also visit the headquarters after scheduling an appointment if you wish to have a word with their officials regarding business opportunities or any other important matters. The address takes us to the headquarter office of KFC:

1441 Gardiner Ln, Louisville, KY 40213, the United States of America

Fax number

Reach KFC’s customer services via fax in case there is a need for the same. The given fax number can be used to send any written complaints, documents, or paperwork.


Phone number

To get personalized assistance in terms of any issue or question, users can give a call on the mentioned helpline number. KFC’s customer care representatives, including their managers, executive officers, and experts are ready to help the consumers, solving any query in the best way, anytime.

+1 502-874-8288

Email Address

Consumers can choose to mail their questions and concerns in order to get help from KFC’s customer support team.



To get information about KFC from scratch, users can simply visit the website. For getting help via the website, they must go to the contact us page or FAQ page. The link to KFC’s website is provided below:


KFC Headquarters Info & Photos

KFC’s headquarter is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The headquarters office is a three-storied building built in colonial-style dubbed colloquially as the “White House” due to its resemblance to the American President’s home. It contains executive offices and the company’s various research and development facilities.

KFC Headquarters Photo
KFC Corporate Office Photo

KFC Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1441 Gardiner Ln, Louisville, KY 40213, United States

KFC Headquarters Executive Team

Harland Sanders


Colonel Harland David Sanders (1890-1980) was an American entrepreneur who is globally famous as the man who found fast-food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. He later acted as KFC’s brand ambassador as well in its symbol. His name’s “colonel” title is an honored one. His secret recipe and patent method of cooking chicken in a pressure fryer, which he sold in his roadside restaurant in Kentucky, made his KFC’s foundation ever successful. His net worth was $3.5 million at the time he died.

Sabir Sami

Sabir Sami

Chief Executive Officer

Valerie Kubizniak

Valerie Kubizniak

Chief Marketing Officer



Dyke Shipp


Vinod Mahboobani

Chief Legal Officer

Lanchi Venator

Chief Financial Officer

Nitin Chaturvedi

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Rob Swain

Chief Operations Officer

Nivera Wallani

Chief Development Officer

Cristi Lockett

Chief People Officer

About KFC


Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, in 1930 began feeding hungry travelers at a humble service station in Kentucky, USA. He spent the next nine years perfecting and polishing his innovation of a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, preparing fried chicken in a pressure fryer. The idea was a great success, and the company still uses the recipe as its foundation cooking style ever since the business gained fame.


The KFC Corporation is globally eminent for serving finger-licking fresh and delicious fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, wraps, French fries, and much more, all at affordable prices for more than 90 years. It is a subsidiary of Yum! – one of the largest restaurant companies in the world. KFC has the revenue of USD 27.9 billion currently.


  • Harland Sanders, in 1964, sold KFC to a group of investors led by John Brown Jr. and Jack Massey for USD 2 million (current-day value-USD 16.5 million).
  • The world’s first KFC franchise is located in South Salt Lake, Utah.
  • The company had sales of USD 23 billion in 2013.

  • Bart R. says:

    The Jerseyville KFC is absolutely terrible. This was my 4 th time trying it. I figured because it was new. I would give them a chance. But just got food from there this afternoon. The chicken is always dark overfried a lot. The potatoes and gravy and coleslaw are fine but only because its box can and a bag. The Alton and Ferguson location are really good. But the chicken in Jerseyville is terrible.

  • mike D says:

    Today I purchase a combo order there was only 1 car in from of me.They forgot my fries meaning I did drove back cause I was only mins away thank God.A lady standing there looking at me like I’m insane the same lady that had me waiting 35 mins for my lunch she happen to give me 5 extra hot wing on that day last week Thank You..on this day they didn’t even offer anything after I had to drive back..some customer service that is..it’s not about the food it’s how you treat people..

  • Electria Laws says:

    I am writing to inform you of the horrible customer service experience that I encountered at one of the KFC locations (1133 North Telegraph Rd. Monroe, MI). I am so upset and have never experienced such rudeness and unprofessionalism in all my life.
    I pulled up to the KFC on my lunch break, and ordered the 8 piece hot wing combo with fries, (COOKED FRESH). When I received the order it was not fresh at all and I was not able to go back to the restaurant to ask for my order to be done over because my lunch break time was running out. Once I was able to contact the restaurant, was when I ended my shift, I asked for a manager in which the lady (Joy) stated she was a manager. I explained to her what my complaint was and she continued to ask me the time I came to the restaurant, I provided the ticket number from my receipt and at that point she told me that the food would have been cooked fresh because there are 40 wings in a bag and there were only 8 orders of hot wings so I would have received fresh food. I informed the manager that I did not mind waiting for fresh food out the grease and she proceeded to tell me that the food was fresh and if I did not wait on the food, I should have known it was not fresh out the grease. The lady was being rude and at no point did she provide a resolution for my unsatisfied order. She told me to have a nice day and hung up the phone.
    I at that point knew I was not going to get a resolution from her, so I waited a few days and contacted the restaurant again to get a resolution. A guy answered the phone and when I asked the guy what his name is, the guy told me that he is not going to provide me with his name. I at that point asked for a manager, AGAIN, he stated he was a manager. I asked for the contact information for the corporate office where he then told me “NO, I’m not giving you that information”
    I am not sure why the level of disrespect and rudeness was portrayed to me, other then racially provoked. I am very displeased with how I was treated and have NEVER, received this kind of treatment before when I am a paying customer. I would really appreciate if someone who values the customers would reach out to me in order for this matter to be resolved.

  • Karen Dennis says:

    I contacted KFC customer service on 8/17/2023 regarding food we purchased in Columbia TN the day before. We live 2 hours away and were there for doctors, since not having KFC in our town we buy when we are somewhere that has one. In all the yeas that I have eaten this chicken I have never had bad service or bad food until this day. The lady in customer service took my information and was very kind to me. She said that I would be hearing from someone in a few days, it is now 9 days later and I have not heard from any one. spent $41.15 , had bad service bad food and not one leader in this company can call and discuss this matter. Sorry to say but after 50 years of buying KFC I hate to say it but no more. Please treat customers with the respect that you would want to be treated with, this is my first ever complaint.

  • Connie Barnes Scott says:

    The way me and my husband were treated at the KFC location here in mount Pearl Nl is by far the worst I have ever , ever witnessed. The manager there and this little girl who worked there stood behind the counter cursing and swearing at us . After we complained because we had ordered on your app where your advertisement claims “ skip the line up . Order ahead “ we waited an extra 45 mins in the store being the only 2 people in the store . AFTER waiting an half hr fr putting the order in for a 17.99 meal !!!!! So it took an hr and 15 mins for popcorn ckn , 4 ckn tenders, 4 pieces of ckn and fries ! So really your advertisement is false !!!!! Well this store makes it false . Because the manager there isn’t fr our country ( very obvious fr her English and what she was wearing ) she and the little girl accused me and my husband of being racist !!!!!!!! All because I told her she was rude and I went to say “ idk where your fr but this isn’t how the service industry works “! But as soon as I said idk where you are fr they pulled the racist card and jumped on me and my husband calling us racist !!! The manager threatened to use our private information fr the online order . She threatened to call the police . She told me that I would end up coming in and kneeling on my knees in front of her . She told me to go somewhere and have someone teach me manners .!!! She started out by complaining by the reason for such shitty service was because they were short staffed . She was human . She was working a 12 hr shift because they were short staffed . She had just come back fr going to Mary browns across the street and bringing it back to the KFC store for her supper . But they claimed the reason for the long wait and shitty service was due to being busy and being short staffed !!!!!! So maybe you guys need to fix the staffing issues at your stores to ensure the level of customer service is what you advertise it to be ???!!! Also , you need to be sure that your store managers aren’t ignorant and made aware of the duties that are involved to ensure good quality customer service. She told me and my husband we weren’t welcomed back there and that’s fine because I had no interest of ever stepping inside another KFC ever again in my life and I’ll be sure to pass along the word of how we were treated at that location !

  • Julie West says:

    It’s 9:50pm I’m going to order I ask for a 3 piece original meal the girl tells me WE ARE OUT OF CHICKEN she said all chicken this is a chicken restaurant what chicken place runs out of chicken all types of the chicken they offer this should be a huge embarrassment for y’all this is s not the first time this has happened to us but it will be the last I will warn everyone I see not to go there don’t worry they won’t have any chicken you’ll have to go to Popeye’s if you want to eat. Thanks for the most unpleasant non- dining experience oh and if you can please give me more rude and unkind employees. Shame on y’all. I WANT SATISFACTION OF SOME KIND! I HAD TO EAT THE TACO BELL CRAP FROM THE SAME LOCATION! THE ONLY THING OPEN IN WYNNE, ARKANSAS ON TUESDAY JANUARY 3,2023.

  • Michael candelaria says:

    I just stopped at kfc in Bernalillo New Mexico the only one in town and placed my order while waiting for my order I waited patiently and received my order but did not receive my drink so I waited and waited and waiting so I decided to honk my horn to get someone’s attention that didn’t work so after 5 minutes I decided to knock on the window the individual that took my order opened the slider window and told me quit knocking on the window hard like very rud all I said was I didn’t get my drink as I was explaining to her she actually said man your rud and slammed the sliding window as I was explaining I understand that people are going through hard times but this was very un call for if you need further information please feel free to contact me at (505) 930-0602 my name is Michael Candelaria disable vet

  • Michael Williams says:

    Location: Duncan, SC
    This has to be the most unprofessional place I’ve dealt with, I placed an order online for two buckets of chicken and allowed them 50 minutes time to make it and when I arrive at the drive thru to pick it up I was informed that I needed to come inside to get it and while I was standing in line behind customers that was placing orders, they canceled my order and then told me that they couldn’t make it because they did not have enough chicken cooked… This is BS I wasted an hour of time waiting on food with 10 people expecting me to bring food back. The employees were just to lazy to cook it. All they had to do was call me and tell me that they were not able to fill my order. That would have saved me from a 30 minute round trip. Sorry for posting this here but your website was un responsive and wouldn’t let me send it.

    • Trevin Langston says:

      I agree Michael I just had a situation last night. She was very rude. She didn’t give me no condiments. No napkins in the chicken was very dry and not hot. Not done properly. I would like to get a refund.

  • Sonia says:

    I need some help

  • Tina says:

    What happened to the recipe?? Bad.

  • Tina says:

    Went to KFC on Kingshighway, Paragould Arkansas. I looked on line and seen it was 1.5 stars but tried it anyway. It was BAAADDD! Food looked like it had been sitting in Warmer all day. Not appealing at all. We bought three different meals and all three wasn’t good. The only good thing was the mashed potatoes and gravy. The tables needed to be wiped off. Bathroom is dirty. The dryer didn’t work and there was no paper towel. Got home and had to run to the bathroom. I wouldn’t give this place a 1 star.

  • Theda says:

    Horrible Service. They keep your money and do no respect the customers especially on 57th Broadway in Merrillville, IN. You can never talk to the manager

  • RichyRich. says:

    Went to London on vacation last week. Stopped in to try KFC. No legs? No thighs? No breasts? Only wings and strips? Well I bought the strips. They were just ok. Was looking forward to some Original Recipe chicken. 😩. On a brighter side, my meal came in a “Bucket” YES! Bring back the bucket here in the states.

  • John says:

    Went to Kfc in Jennings, La. It was very unprofessional. It was 4 o clock in the afternoon and they said the did not have any chicken and that they weren’t dropping any. I had to settle for a famous bowl. The woman working the register was on her phone having a personal conversation. Her phone was on speaker phone. I also noticed that the floors were dirty and sticky and tables were not clean.

  • Andrea says:

    BRING BACK THE POTATO WEDGES !!! The fries are crappy and we can get crappy fries anywhere. (PS Please do not change anything with the cole slaw, KFC has one of the best cole slaws around!)

  • Yvet says:

    Will Corporate pay the KFC in Bryan, OHio a visit! WE’ve had so much trouble! Went there one day, tons of cars at the drive through, and the employees were in a circle having a “discussion”They are always out of things. Please bring back the green beans, potatoe salad, macaroni and cheese! I have to go home and finish a meal! My last visit they had no chicken! I waited. I told the gal they were crazy! She goes, Yeah, YeaH, yeah! Raise your pay, but hire older people, make the younger people work for descent money! Train!!!! Tired of these young kids! Fire them! Pay decent people!

  • Carolyn Johnson says:

    I visited KFC in Union City Georgia on yesterday and was disgusted by what I saw. I went to the drive through and was told I had to come in to order. I understand that there is a staff shortage but there should be some sort of dress rules for the people you hire. The young man who was working the drive through had on pants that were completely below his rear end with his entire under wear showing to the customers. I was disgusted by what I saw. I do not want my food or bag handled by someone who is so disrespectful to the customer. How do I know he’s not scratching and then handling food (he had on no gloves). That is just plain nasty. Where is the management for these young people. They should not be allowed to work in attire like that – tell them to pull their pants up. No one wants to see their nasty underwear. I saw a restaurant with nothing but young kids operating it – if management was there I did not see them. We need to try and teach our young ones to be respectful in their dress and how they speak. They don’t even know how to say thank you. I am so tired of patronizing restaurants like these. If that is all the help you can get then please management have some set standards and if the workers don’t want to abide them let them go.

  • William Hunziker says:

    I used to work at kfc when i was 16 all the the people come in to the restaurant loved the buffet I went to your kfc in Harrisburg Illinois today wanting the buffet and the don’t have it anymore you going to loose a lot of people doing that and ask y you don’t have it anymore and they said they make the same money with out it yeah when it cost as much money to get a chicken meal as it does to fill up my car at high gas prices I think it’s bull you take them out it’s just getting to the point people will stay home I was just very disappointed when I walked in if it wouldn’t been for my two baby’s being hungry I would have walked out

  • Debbie Egan says:

    I am writing to you about the KFC in Arcadia Florida because I went there yesterday August 6, 2022 to get the 12 piece meal I wanted extra crispy chicken. I did not get that I got chicken strips because the people that works there does not get the orders right. I will never go back to that KFC again. This is the second time this has happened to me. I went 20 miles just to get chicken. That KFC needs people to work there that can get orders right or close down. This is bullshit with the KFC in Arcadia Florida. Close the KFC down in Arcadia Florida!

  • Marlene says:

    Went to Clio < MI KFC , My grandson pre ordered our meals .We drove 25 minutes and was told no chicken . This was around 6pm on Sunday . In what world does KFC not have chicken ! She said they would not have chicken for 45 minutes so go get your money back from your order. This is inexcusable

  • Sandra James says:

    Tony Lowings you sucks as CEO. KFC has went to the dogs. Food sucks and the service is the worst ever. Come from behind your beautiful desk and fix this. Your ideals look good on paper, but it’s not working. Chicken isn’t finger licking good anymore. You all need to take notes from Chic Filet on customer service. KFC’s are ran ghetto. Please contact me.

  • Florence Dufour says:


  • Ngy says:

    I just had the worst experience with the KFC on broadway in orangeville, ON. The supposed shift manager gave me a very bad treatment just because I was trying to up my mind about what I wanted to order. He has no customer service skills whatsover and did not hide the fact that he did not care about how badly he was speaking to me and addressing my concern. He did not even care that I wanted to make a complaint. He was very bold to tell me that my complaint would make no difference. He ended up threating to call 911 for me and took a picture of my car because I told him that I would wait for his 911 to come. He ended up calling someone and spoke his language to the person all through. I am even scared for my life at this point because how cold he seemed and only God knows who he was calling in the name of calling 911. What a horrible experience for myself and my 12yr old. Never again will I visit that location or even patronize KFC. What was supposed to be a good evening for my daughter and I became such a bad experience. I believe this guy must be racist. He never showed any empathy or concern for my complaint about his treatment.
    I am so disturbed about this experience and more so, worried for my life. He is a disgrace to KFC and all that it stands for.

  • Susan Annette Cornell says:

    I went to kfc and I was not happy with the costumer service I did not get what I ordered and when I called them to tell them they messed up on my order they said no they don’t offer that and it’s right on the website and I want my order fix and I I’m not happy with any of it at all. The food was cold and hard and biscuits hard and didn’t get sll my potatoes and gravy and my chicken tenders. The whole meal was a disaster.

  • Merry B Swerngin says:

    I had the WORST experience at the KFC on Centennial ever and want to warn you all. It is so rare I ever go there but I had a craving for a pot pie. First getting my order taken was impossible. They kept saying they could not hear me so I finally had to scream at them. I first asked if they had any pot pies left and they confirmed they had 1. I then ordered 3 tender strips and some biscuits as well. Thats it. No drinks. No sides just the three items. Easy.

    I get to the window and immediately apologize for screaming. The girl tells me it was not her so she didn’t care. She rings me up, takes my credit card AND THEN!!!! she shuts the window, slowly turns around and as she does I see her pull her phone out of her back pocket. She then has her back to me with both elbows bent, my credit card in one hand and her phone in the other. She then starts to turn back toward me slowly hiding her phone in hand and slides it back into her back pocket.

    She hands me the receipt and quickly closes the window and walks away. I notice the bottom of the receipt is torn off so you can’t make anything out. I can only assume this is where the corporate number is from the little I can see. I also notice, the pot pie is not rung up. Honestly, I was a little in shock.

    I sit there and another girl comes to the window because I have not moved up to get my food. She asks if she can help me and I tell her “I didn’t get rung up for my pot pie” she looks to her left and said “this lady said you didn’t charge her for her pot pie” I hear in the background “She didn’t order no damn pot pie” I then hear a male voice saying “yes she did, I took the order, it is our last one”

    The girl storms up, pushes the other girl aside leans out the window and says ” “What do you want!” Trying to be the calm one here I jokingly say “You forgot to charge me for the pot pie, aren’t you glad I am honest?” She rips the receipt out of ny hand and says “you didn’t order no damn pie, see!!” I said “I am aware it is not on the receipt, you did not charge me! But I did order it. Back and forth this went until finally I shout out “I WANT it, IT is why I am even here. It was the last one you had and IF I had not ordered it, how would I know that?”

    Again I hear to her left SHE ORDERED THE PIE, JUST RING HER UP FOR IT AND LET HER MOVE ON!” Again, she rings me up, I hand her the card and AGAIN. she shuts the window, turns around and as she does pulls her cell phone out of her pocket. As she turns and ives me my card and receipt she slides her phone back in her pocket,, and yes, the bottom AGAIN is aggressive torn off. Now I have back to back receipts and the top it a totally clean tear on both. So I know for fact she tore the bottom off intentionally.

    I stop her and say “would you like to tell me why not once but twice pulled your cell phone out of your back pocket each time I gave you my card?” OMG she got super hostile and screamed at me “I didn’t do that, why would I do that?” I said ” I Literally watched you pull your purple phone out of your right back pocket not once but twice when you got my credit card” We went back and forth until she whips her phone from exactly where I said it was, and yes it is purple and shows me pictures of her butt. I can’t make this up. I ask to speak to her manager and she refused me 3 times until he finally came over. She starts screaming at him. He did nothing, I did not expect he would. I just wanted him to be aware. He does tell me “she didn’t have her phone on her body, it was not allowed”. So now he is calling me a liar?! I said to him, “all you have to do it look, you can see the outline in her back RIGHT pocket and its purple! How would I not only know it was there AND the color it if I had not seen her use it?” (I didn’t mention she showed me a bunch of pictures of her butt). He says “ill take care of it” and then asked me to move on. Needless to say I have to cancel my major card on a Holiday weekend which is horribly inconvenient. Every prepaid bill linked to my card now all has to be set up again AND its the first so payments are due.

    I posted this to my local face book group and instantly was flooded with horrible experiences from that location. One lady was even inside when this happened and said that it was an awkward situation and that the staff was very hostile. They also were commenting inside that ALL the receipts had the bottoms being torn off.

    To add insult to injury..I have been sick with food poisoning all night. I was told this store is D212094. It is on Las Vegas Northwest part of town. It is on Centennial in Centennial Hills. It is a KFC / Long John Silvers combo. This has been the worst experience in my life at any fast food establishment.

  • Roland Krona says:

    Very, Very Disapointed in KC. I ordered at the Gig Harbor, Wa. store 3 Chicken breast (reg) 3 biscuits and a large Cole Slaw. It was the worst chicken I have ever had in my life. The Chicken was dry and chewy, no flavor at all. This isn’t the 1st time at this store. The cole slaw (lg) was full of liquid and tasted bland. As for the biscuits, try to cut them open, they just crumbled into pieces. I don’t think that the order would make a good garden furtlizer. The entire order was a complete waste of money, and just want to let you know that I will NEVER buy from that store again.

  • Kaati says:

    I went with my sister to the KFC at 7272 E14th in Oakland California and they had a sign up that they were closed until 2:00pm and so we waited then one of the workers came around 1:40pm and took the signs off so we assumed it was open so we drove up to the drive through and tried to order but the female that answered was totally rude and cuzzed my sister out so my sister told her off just as rudely until I said to ask her coworker because he took the sign off that’s why we were ordering. I tried calling to talk to a manager but the phone was never picked up and each time it would be redirected to the fax machine. I have always worked with the public but this was absolutely uncalled for and to not have anyone to talk to is not good business

  • Sharon says:

    KFC #C975071 in Trinidad, Co never has chicken ready at lunchtime. It is utterly ridiculous at 12:15pm. Ppl who have a 30 minute lunch break don’t have time to wait 26 min. on chicken to be cooked.

  • Xavier Trammell says:

    Everytime I go to KFC here in Indianapolis 38th and Lafayette rd. They never have any chicken. The employees always hanging outside not working. Then my family have to drive 5 miles to the KFC. I will never go to Lafayette rd KFC again

  • Pamela says:

    We were treated extremely rude and obnoxious service! After spending 75.00 at a drive thru the fries were frozen and the food was not up to par! Very disappointed. I have my receipts and I would like some compensation! I love KFC but these people Should not work for your company

  • John Wishnevsky 239@Gmail. Com says:

    The KFC in Collinsville VA has went to the crapper I’m a retired truck driver and I’m 71 years old and live alone. I can’t cook for one person as many older people can’t we just waste a lot of food and money so we eat out. I use to love getting food for this restaurant now the people are rude, food is old not fresh and they don’t even say thank you or anything at all. Please look into this matter and give me back my store

  • Sharon says:

    I ordered a bucket of chicken and got sick the next day. Diarrhea, cramps, fever. Investigate! Jefferson Ave Newport News Va

  • Monica says:

    I went to kfc in Jennings and the General manager is lazy she just sit to the computer never there but always on the clock yall need to get rid of her

  • Nikki Ward says:

    I went to KFC in Conway, AR and the last few times I’ve been there, they have been out of chicken. However, on Monday this week I ordered $33.23 online KFC app and when I got to the restaurant, they informed me that they were out of chicken and chicken strips, they had had a rush. I’m not made about that, because that can happen but if it’s happened more than once, order more chicken in the future. My big complaint is I ordered $33.23 online and it posted out of my account. The store said they could not refund my money and gave me a number to call 800-225-5532 which I have done everyday this week and 3x today and left messages too. On Monday when this happened, the phone disconnected after being on hold for 10 minutes. This is UNACCEPTABLE and sorry customer service. I need to get a hold of someone to get my money back. I went online to submit online but only NewZeland and the U.K. locations have a form for that. I can’t find one for the USA. How do I get my refund since I walked away without any food???

  • Autumn says:

    I worked there for 4 days found a better job quit and never got paid on pay day I called the manager and alls she said was well I don’t know you want me to do here 😂 the incompetence is real I don’t understand like I want my money what do you mean! State road Cuyahoga falls ohio

  • Pamela White says:

    I visited KFC on May 11th at 5:34 and on May 12th at 5:16. I was told that it would be one hour or thirty minutes for chicken. This in Little Rock, Arkansas on Markham. On other occasions the customer service is horrible. The employees were out side in an parking lot arguing. I am appalled this location have so many issues and just opened back up like one a year ago.

    • Randy says:

      Hi my name is Randy and my experience with KFC today August 8th at 12:00 I went to the one in Little Rock Arkansas off of geyer springs the woman told me that that she wasn’t open till 11: 15 and I just saw a car load of black people get served from the same woman now I don’t know about racist but that call that just a little bit too far and y’all need to do something about it

  • Locke says:

    Hi KFC Headquarters I was just at KFC on North Lamar and one of the employees that I thought was a child Started yelling damn I really want some wings in a high pitched pretend so called black voice they told me everything I order they didn’t have so I ordered an 8 Peace meal with the sides and asked if they could put bbq sauce on it they said no so I went to the window and was about to pay for my order but they thought it was funny to make fun of me so I drove off to a different location an it’s 9:44 pm I’ve just arrived at the location on Parmer at this point I don’t even want any chicken at all

  • Marijo Lavalle says:

    We waited pkd for 25 min where they said after ordering in Lompoc. Finally went inside and still had to wait 10 min more. Food was cold when we got home. 8 employees inside. No excuse for this. Wouldn’t tell me mngrs name.

  • Michael says:

    I’m trying to reach the corporate office using this number that doesn’t work that doesn’t surprise me to make a complaint about one of your stores in Dublin California on Village Parkway seems like nobody wants to answer the phone they walk right by you when you’re only you’re when you’re the only one in in the store took eight minutes for somebody to notice that I was at the counter so they can help me and then I didn’t even get the order right my name is Michael call me back at 925-784-9466 appreciate it

  • ahtizaz says:

    Supply sub standers burgers on line by KFC. Today my kid has pleased online burger order no, 4339210. After eating burger kid complain that the burger was not fresh and having trouble in stomach, I think it was not fresh and it was preheat, in microwave, and lose its freshness. Due to Ramadan they must have ready their orders 5 to 6 hours early, they just preheat in microwave and please the order, which is giving stomach problem. Talking to branch manager he is not taking it seriously, and don’t want to lesion his compline. Very very shameful.

    Supply sub standers burgers on line by KFC. Today my kid has pleased online burger order no, 4339210. After eating burger kid complain that the burger was not fresh and having trouble in stomach, I think it was not fresh and it was preheat, in microwave, and lose its freshness. Due to Ramadan they must have ready their orders 5 to 6 hours early, they just preheat in microwave and please the order, which is giving stomach problem. Talking to branch manager he is not taking it seriously, and don’t want to lesion his compline. Very very shameful.

    Supply sub standers burgers on line by KFC. Today my kid has pleased online burger order no, 4339210. After eating burger kid complain that the burger was not fresh and having trouble in stomach, I think it was not fresh and it was preheat, in microwave, and lose its freshness. Due to Ramadan they must have ready their orders 5 to 6 hours early, they just preheat in microwave and please the order, which is giving stomach problem. Talking to branch manager he is not taking it seriously, and don’t want to lesion his compline. Very very shameful.

  • tammy webb says:

    Well after seeing all these comments it makes me very sad to read them it also make me sad because my family has been going to KFC for over 45 years and my family was around when they started KFC it’s just not the same . The last 4 times we have gone we have gotten the wrong food or bad over cooked food and they give us bad attitudes and dirty looks and did not even say sorry or want to replace anything , What happened to this company? The way the people are treated and the food taste so bad , Where is the good customer service ?The founder Harland would have been soooooooooo upset with all of this, I hope and pray something changes ” soon” so very sad” . My family and I will not be going back any time soon please can you all do something to make it better . May God bless the KFC company and the KFC family name .

  • Christine Neville says:

    I went to the KFC off Linden/Woodman Dr in Dayton Ohio on 04/22/22 at approximately 10:15pm (on my way into work). I ordered just a CHICKEN SANDWICH, large side of mashed potatoes and a large side of green beans. The green beans were lukewarm, at best, the mashed potatoes were very hard/stiff, and I didn’t even get my CHICKEN sandwich. I paid $16.47 for basically 2 large sides. I attempted to contact the number listed for them and they NEVER answered the phone. I even attempted to contact the Corp number listed on this site, and got the “not a working number” message. if this issue is not addressed and resolved in 24 hours, I will be filling a dispute with my bank for the full amount.

  • Mike B says:

    hi I would like to file a Corporate complaint regarding a local store. My girlfriend & I ordered food via the official kfc webpage. It is now going on 2 1/2hours now & still no food. We have been bounced around between the store & customer service to get no answers. When we called the store to find where our food is the person who answered the phone at the store told us that was not there responsibility. I have been billed for my order, we DID NOT order threw skip the dishes but from your webpage. Me, my girlfriend & my youngest are now HANGRY. This is unacceptable. Delivery in a timely manner is a must. So 1 fix this problem please, 2 file a complaint against the store, if my food arrives cold I will be even more upset, and will lodge that complaint if need be, furthermore we should get this order for free & I should be refunded. We are also going to contacting the better business burrow.
    You sent
    and now to add we wish to add management to the list, for bad customer service, being offered a 2L of Pepsi as a compensation effort is absurd
    You sent
    it is now 3hours in, we have now canceled the order & we have asked for a full refund, Im now waiting for that to come in if not that will another complaint. WE are now going to McDonalds

  • Sandy hines says:

    My opinion is that you send someone to retrain the Longview Texas restaurant. We went and got a family meal asked for xtra crispy. I don’t know what I got was not extra and it was not original. They smashed my biscuits put them on top of my chicken and pushed the lid on. I have never been so disappointed. Won’t be going there again. Worse part about all this is that there are no more kfcs near me. That’s the kicker

  • Rick De Wiggins says:

    You guys need to do something with your store in Marysville, Ohio in flat terms It Sucks. How at 5:30 dinner hour and no regular recipe again this is not the first time. We have decided from now on when we want chicken we will drive to Columbus this is ridiculous. The best thing to do is close it. I and my wife have had nothing but trouble our last two visits. So needless to say we are done with this kfc. We will take our business else where. And yes you may contact me.

  • Cheryl george says:

    I just went to the Kentucky Fried Chicken on East Michigan and Jackson Michigan andHe told me to return the bucket cuz that feathers in I guess I’m a little slow or something because I wasn’t aware that they needed the chicken that was in it that have feathers in it my name is Cheryl George my phone number is 517-250-4221 and I am not happy I’ve been eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken for almost 30 years and it’s the first time I ever been treated so terrible

  • D.Davis says:

    Transactions without giving a receipt! Then making you wait on your food.

  • D.Davis says:

    I just had a bad experience in, Concord, NC. Hwy. 29 KFC/ Taco bell. Doing transactions with receipts being given to you after all is done. But, not before they tell you to wait on the other side of building.., to receive your food from your drive-thru transaction! ????? Just a little sketchy!

  • Colleen Denniston says:

    Our order did not have French fries that we really wanted. Luckily my husband checked the bag before leaving because no one said anything or marked it on the receipt. We would have had no sides and paid for them!!! Color me angry!!! This is not how to run a business. If you are out of fries, update the website. Let people know. What a poop show. And we had to wait an additional 25 minutes on top of it. What the heck?!?

  • Kristen says:

    KFC on 8505 Winton road 45231 Cincinnati Ohio is so BAD you have the rudest employees, slowest service I’ve ever seen as your waiting atleast 45 mins everytime you go, an pretty new store in a good location that is just ruined by the actions of your employees working there such a shame

  • Amanda Browning says:

    Why is kfc in tiffin ohio not giving workers or ex workers their w2 forms

  • Sheila Clausen says:

    I am so done with the KFC in Alameda Ca on Encinal ! IN 8 years , I have literally come TWICE & gotten the correct food & continue to hear 25 minutes to PRESSURE COOK CHICKEN WINGS ! calling BS! I have a PC and not a snowballs chance in hell ! This is because they don’t want to cook it as it’s easier to get out of work faster .
    This is my last attempt , I’m going to Popeyes ! Every time I go , the staff is amazing , the food is never more than 10 min for chicken sand A HUGE THICK BREAST! Sure it’s a 10 min drive to Oakland , however I can still get my food faster EVEN WHEN I NEED TO WAIT ! How do you have commercials citing your sandwiches are made to order , and tell me it’s 25 min for wings ? BTW- the sandwiches WERE READY SO NO. OT MADE TO ORDER. You’re not inexpensive , I can go and sit at Applebees for less money . Look at the reviews of this place , it’s been consistently bad for years . I stay away for a ys, try again thinking KFC corp is going to be watching as it’s their name on that franchise , so perhaps there is a new manager .. the last time WAS and it was great & I posted it . Tonight , check the sales , THERE SHOULD NOT BE SUCH A WAIT . We have been coming to KFC for years and years & we were spoiled by the San Jose franchises , this is horrible , why ? ITS THE ONLY ONE ON THE ISLAND AND THEY KNOW IT ! I think I’m
    Going to get coupons from Popeyes , and stand on the sidewalk handing them to EVERYONE crossing this drive way ! I’m that fed up .
    Now let’s discuss your online ordering site ? Can a person have the whole menu please? Where is the customize options ? Get this place in check Corp ! It’s still your name .

  • Michelle says:

    What happened to the quality of meat for the hot wings. On three different occasions I visited our local restaurant and ordered hot wings. The quality of meat was bad. I think they are serving old wings. I wish that I could upload the pictures that I have.

  • Justen Disterhaupt says:

    I was treated horribly at the rock hill location by one of the employees in the back. She refused to give me the sauces that came with my 3 pc tender meal and then threw them in the bin and another employee had to come and give me my sauces. I will never come back to this location. Store#J870014 Tish Howell is the employees name that mistreated me.

  • Deb mcwilliams says:

    Your chicken was not fresh at all I asked for original skin was hard chicken was dry I called queen street kfc she said corporate change things were there is nothing she can do I left the property she can not exchange it.that is so wrong Its not good you are taking inacent customers money not right all and putting a sign at the window saying not to be rude to employees if you can do there job better then come do there job the customers are not the ones being rude employees are the girl that supposbly was manager was not professional at all you need to make your customers happy and 1 is not selling people chicken that is hard

    • Sally J Cotton says:

      I had the same experience at the KFC in South Point, Ohio. I ordered the 8 piece meal with Cole slaw and macaroni and cheese, large order of chicken livers, and 2 small drinks. The total was $32. When I got home, the chicken was dried out, the biscuits were hard as bricks, the macaroni and cheese was burnt, and the livers were hard as rocks. I called the store and talked to the manager. I explained that the person who drives me where I need to go (I don’t drive) hard already left and returning the food wasn’t an option. She said there was nothing she could do so I ask for her name and corporate office number. She wouldn’t give it to me, said I was being rude and then hung up on me.

  • Vicki says:

    Was in Newton NJ KFC,on2/9/2022. The floors and place in general was dirty. Soda fountain was empty of most all sodas. Way under staffed. Food was greasy and taste horrible,as if it had been sitting way too long.
    For the price we paid the food and service sucked.
    Won’t be returning anytime soon.
    Corporate needs too get too this store and have it cleaned properly. Never seen such a poorly run store

  • Margaret says:

    WHAT IS HAPPENING AT KFC IN WICHITA,KS? We ordered 3 chicken fried steak dinners (it was the special that night) with gravy on the side and was told it would be an extra 7.00 for each gravy on the side to pay for the container. Then we said to put gravy on 1 and no gravy on the other 2 and was told it would be an extra 5.00 for the gravy on the 1. I worked for Pepsi (Pizza Hut), it became Tri-Con (Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell). Then be came Yum. I worked for 10 years with these companies.
    This was never the policy. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

  • Lorie says:

    KFC at 2000 Lafayette Ave. Terre Haute, In has the worse service I’ve ever experienced at a restaurant. Had to wait for a pick order for over 30 min while the employees argued and cussed at each other the whole time. There were kids present while these employees yelled the F word at each other. I will never use this particular KFC ever again! I would have left without my order but I had already paid for it and didn’t want to get in the middle of their fight by asking for a refund. Ridiculous and unacceptable behavior from the employees!

  • Ralph W Tharp says:

    We went to KFC in Selma NC and we live in Four Oaks NC and my wife ordered a 2 pc snack and sides of corn and mashed potatos and got ready to go (drive thru) and I told my wife to check it and glad she did in the bag was 2 pc chicken fingers with no mashed potatos we had to go around and get her food (again). Somebody needs some training and how to get things right the first time. I don’t know who checks the food before it goes out the window or some one needs to. Thanks RWT 02-07-2022 2:15 pm

  • SHELL says:

    Please let me know why the Grant’s Pass Oregon KFC has stopped serving the Beyond Chicken? It is still on the menu and the manager said it’s not coming back. Why start it to begin with only to say it’s gone. Take it off the menu if it’s not permanent.

  • Thonasta Harris says:

    7707285044. I need to talk with. HR. Or a CEO. I spit on at work by another employee who I’ve been complaining on. Now I’m terminated.

  • Thonasta Harris says:

    I’m seeking to speak with someone who is in charge.

  • LaSonya Pruitt says:

    I went to one of the stores on Sunday January 23rd 2022 and upon getting there I can order 12 pieces of chicken the chicken was old it was very dark and at the bottom was a whole bunch of dark Grease the grease was basically black when I called to talk to a representative about the food that I received they told me that the chicken was pressed the chicken even had an old taste to it I went to store number G135686 in South Bend Indiana

  • Me says:

    Your place on central ave in albany is disgusting

  • Ron Wissman says:

    As your commercial states you have to go somewhere else to get your chicken sandwiches. I guess it’s right tried to get some of your chicken sandwiches 5 times at your Cincinnati Eastgate local in Clermont County with no success. Each time they come up with a different excuse why they don’t have them. I quit buying your chicken because the pieces get smaller and smaller and the price keeps going up. You can get chicken from Kroger’s deli with much bigger pieces, more and a much lower price. So your commercial is right I will go someplace else to get my chicken sandwiches. Sad how your stores went to the pigeons and no customer service, the Colonel is rolling over in his grave.

  • Ruth says:

    3 weeks ago I went to the kfc in Forestdale Alabama. I was told that they were out of everything except sides. Several times my food from there has been over cooked and cold! Yesterday my friend stopped by there and bought me a grilled chicken meal. There was only one side in the box. There should’ve been 2. The chicken was hard and cold! Kfc’s grilled chicken is my favorite so I went back again today, gave it another try and was told that they didn’t have any! That’s the last time! You guys need to check on that restaurant. Something is seriously wrong!!

  • Brian says:

    Could you please stop using canola oil, there is no such thing as a canola. People are allergic to this stuff including myself and it gives people tremors. It is not healthy!!!

  • Wafa mohammed says:

    your chicane to much salt
    Alot of people have high blood pressure
    salt is not good please try to make in your food little salt

  • Eric Anderson says:

    Someone needs to call me about one of the restaurant 12488191091

  • Darryl League says:

    Most of your franchises have become a bad advertisement of the company. Service personnel are lower quality, or not trained well, the original recipe is often a poor likeness to what it was, the buffet bar was a huge attraction giving an advantage over Popeyes, but it is now gone. Dining in is not an option anymore (drive thru only). In Anniston, Popeye’s across the street is blowing KFC away!! I think, when the recipe is right, KFC original is the best tasting food on earth!! There is a problem at KFC. PS and the chicken pieces are scrawny by comparison!!

  • Tena says:

    Medford Oregon KFC very bad employees were telling the drive thru people who were in line to Fuck off. The employee a male stated they were out of everything except for side dishes at 9pm on a Saturday night. We are not from Oregon but I promise we will never eat at KFC again!!!!!! I video taped the whole conversation of the employees it was the craziest thing I ever heard

  • Willie stewart says:

    I was at the Kentucky on Cullen And reed road here in Houston Texas I witness little kids working there so sad and the lady at the window was so disrespectful will never go there again been In Neigborhood for over 40 years Time was between 5:00- 5:30 pm 12-18-21 so sad 😞🙏🏽

  • Susan combs says:

    Last night i was at a kfc in wynne ar.i ordered a 8 piece meal and a buritto box it was almost 40.00 so i cansled the 8 piece mealand just ordered chicken. They told me that i had to pay for what i ordered.they denied my new order

  • Susan combs says:

    I was at a kfc in wynne ,ar. Last night .i ordered a 8 piece meal and a burrito box ,and when i got to the window it was 38.00 i didnt realize it would be that much so i canseled the meal ,and told them i just wanted the chicken. They told me that they could not do that ,and if i wanted to place a order i had to pay for the meal i previously ordered.it almost got ugly . So i was denied my food i ordered

  • Quent lankford says:

    On Wednesday December 15 2021 I went thru the drive thru at KFC location 1410 Expy griffin ga. I ordered a meal and left when I got home I started eating my meal and drinking my drank when. I realize my cup felt extra heavy I looked inside and found the drink tip nozzle in my cup I called the restaurant and told them they ask for my address so they could come pick it up not offering in compensation at all.

  • Louise Mazziotti says:

    My name is Louise Mazziotti. I went to KFC Sunday night Dec. 12,2021. I ask for 6 piece wings. I would not have given those to my dog ,they were so bad I could not eat them . He charged me $10.04. I called and called back to complain and they would not answer the phone. This KFC is on Hwy 16 in Denver,N.C.

  • Alicia pryor says:

    Tried calling corporate phone number posted to get it is no longer in service . Would love to have a talk about the horrible service and actions of your manager .

  • Mike Marzley says:

    The Westerville Ohio location on South State St is the worst managed restaurant I’ve ever experienced. Never answer the phone hang up on you!
    I went yesterday was told no food computers don’t work
    They never have their exterior signs lighted at night can’t tell if they are open? Never get your order right screw it up every time!

  • Kari says:

    Never eat at the crystal river Florida location. The chicken was grey!! And when I called the so called manager she said “I just got here so I don’t know what happened”. That is not what a manager should say. She managed that badly.

  • Christopher Hill says:

    Never eat at the KFC on 21st and Post Indianapolis In, the food is horrible, the customer service was very rude and unprofessional .

  • Pamela Hill says:

    The WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! Never go to the one on 21st and post, very unprofessional horrible customer service, terrible food!

  • Joe Smith says:

    I had the worst experience of my life at KFC in Bridgeport,Ct on Boston ave the store is gross the staff don’t care about your order and are extremely rude and confrontational they don’t like there customers and are extremely ghetto I will never return there again or possibly ever goto anther KFC again after this experience when I went to leave a bad review online I noticed that they have a lot of negative feedback Why is corporate not doing anything about this ????

  • Cheri Parsons says:

    I am so unhappy with the KFC on Dupont Road, Fort Wayne, IN. Kid working drive thru was rude and a smart #$%. Won’t go back! Been there 4 times since I moved here and 2 out of the 4 were horrible visits. Customer is NOT always right at that location!!

  • Jeff says:

    You need to repave the Oneida NY parking lot, all of the way in and out are huge potholes at least a foot deep, you can not make it through the drive through without hitting at least five of them!!!!

  • jan russ says:

    R U closing store in Lathrop, CA, sine drive long distance and store is closed; wasted fuel to support ur store, even tho staff needs much training

  • Pamela says:

    The KFC in Grove City, Ohio (London-Groveport Road) needs to close down. The food is consistently bad and when you complain to the manager she hangs up on you.

  • Tonya Thomas says:

    I dont know if this is the place . But we would like a KFC on the East Side of Spartanburg SC . Alot of us have to drive about 30 min away . My parents would also love to have a K F C in Inman SC.

  • Shauna rennie says:

    I ordered food last night we got the 16 piece meal, ordered 2 pot pies, the spicy chicken sandwich and 6 piece of the Louisiana chicken. When i went to the drive through the guy wasnt paying attention dropped my change 1st and formost took a few minutes to say dont worry about after i put my car in park, pulled the emergency break and took my seat belt off and was about to open my door to get. When i got home the gravy was all over inside the bag and they didn’t give us the 6 piece Louisiana. Called today and spoke with Alex and asked if they could give us a gift card in the mail. We dont live any where close to the KFC i specifically drove there. He said no. I could come to him and he would write my name down and I can get the food. I said i dont live near by and roght now gas is super expensive i would rather have a card. He told me to bring all the food back and he would give me the money back as he continued to have an attitute i said this is not customer service and he hung up on me. We spent $81.22. I just want to be remembered for the money spent and the service we received. I will not be returning back to this kfc.

  • Gina Etchells says:

    I just got screwed over by one of your locations. I placed an order through your website and when I got to the store they supposedly never got the order and wouldn’t cook what I order. How do I go about getting my money back?

  • CLG says:

    Was a loyal customer until the manager at 10556 S. Indianapolis Chicago Illinois told me to stop being a KAREN after I asked for my receipt.

  • Shaquita says:

    Good afternoon I am writing because I have no way of getting in contact with someone in any department but I was wrongfully terminated after working 14 years with this company I just wanted to let someone in corporate know I am starting a lawsuit!!

  • Charles says:

    Very disappointed i have always enjoyed your food but last three times I got chicken here in waycoss ga it’s know longer cook the way kfc is known for cook like Walmart chicken I don’t like Walmart chicken no batter on it just nasty

  • Alvin Buechele says:

    I purchased 12 tenders from kFC Kingston NY for 21.60 used to be around 15
    This kind of increase is outrageous
    You will not see me again in KFC. I can afford those increases

  • Joseph Holmes says:

    Dear Tony
    My name is Joseph j. Holmes I have a billion dollar idea for KFC I think you should give me call please 6109698714 thank you for your time

  • Teresa Ann Stueck says:

    I wish KFC would open a store in Petal Mississippi. I am tired of driving to Hattiesburg to get good fried chicken.

  • Helen k. says:

    I am so happy and pleased that you open one up my town excellent service and fast 😀

  • Kathy says:

    My daughter went to the KFC on Waters Avenue in Savannah, GA 08/26/21right before 1:00 p.m. and she asked the guy at the window if he had any plastic forks. He started yelling and cussing at her and called her stupid. It scared her 2 small children in the car and upset her. I understand the it is hard to get workers but it is also hard to get customers bank after being treated so rudely and unprofessional.

  • Yvonne says:

    We had dinner at KFC Hanes Mall Blvd, Winston Salem, NC on Sunday, May 19,2019 between 5:30&6:00pm. The young man that took the order was out of it. I asked questions about the $5 fill ups and it was like he was bothered. No customer service personality at all!!!! My husband watched as he packed the orders, and he mixed side items and didn’t give eating utensils. Then I went back to get my cookie. He was like I gave you a cookie. I said yes you did but we had two orders, whew. Then my husband had to go for silverware. What an experience! Another customer left out swearing! Another customer had to go for silverware. Not sure what the young man issue was but he should NOT be taking orders. What a turn off.

  • Marc says:

    A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed an 8 piece chicken only for $13.99 at KFC, Newport TN. A few days later I stopped into the KFC, Greeneville TN and they wanted $18.99 + tax for the same 8 piece chicken only, $5.00 + tax more. I then called around to check prices for the same 8 piece chicken only: Erwin $16.49 + tax, Johnson City $16.41 + tax, Rogersville $17.00 tax & all. While in the Greeneville KFC I asked them why I would want to pay over $5.00 more for the same meal we had 2 days earlier. I also brought to their attention that we ate in there last year and the chicken was black, hard, and dry. We were so hungry I did not want to even take the time to go back to the counter and complain. I relayed our experiences to your corporate headquarters a week ago, and 5 days ago I got an email response saying how much they want to make us happy customers and appreciate our comments. 5 days of silence. I believe you do not care. Maybe other folks will feel the same way and vote with their feet. Your Corporate HQ Master Price List says they should be charging $13.99. Why the gouging? 1 out of 5 restaurants I checked on is complying with your company prices. The rest are gouging, and honestly, the $13.99 seems a little high.

  • >