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This is a company that produces luxury or recreational vehicles and has been in the industry for a while now to gain some dominance in the market. The corporate offices are located in 2642 Hackberry Drive, Goshen, IN 46526, United States. It is a subsidiary of its parent company and can be found on this telephone number (574) 535-2100.

The vice president is the current head of the subsidiary and they are David C. It was founded in 1996 and has been serving the market with motor homes, travel trailers, recreational vehicle parts among other automobile options.

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  • Rebecca Saiff says:

    My Keystone Cougar had a tree fall on it, the repairs were done (insurance covered it) but I am so unhappy with the repair, there’s wrinkles in the lining, globs of silicone by the drain that I have to clean out all the time, and the answers I get is……’s just cosmetic?

  • Ryan Blair says:

    We purchased a new 2022 Montana Legacy Keystone. Took delivery on 6/6/22. Unit broke 8/8/22. Delivered to RV One in Auburn Hills MI 9/8/22.
    Since this time we are getting bounced between Lippert, Keystone and RV One.
    Appliance side of 5th wheel broke. We are being treated as if we are someone off the street.
    Spent good money on this trailer. Sold our home so we could start living our dream? More like a nightmare.
    Please contact us so we can resolve our issues.
    Ryan Blair

  • Pam Wiechern says:

    This is the letter sent to Keystone Corporate office. 4 phone calls and pictures sent with no action taken to help with this unit.


    Not sure who this should get addressed to because I have left 4 messages with your corporate office and have been trying to deal with your Tacoma, Washinton RV sales.
    First of all, my husband and I sold our Alfa motorhome because it was getting hard for my husband (73yrs. old) to maintain it. After 4 months and 100’s of inquiries we decided to look at the Keystone Montana (regretting it now).
    Hi, my name is Pam Wiechern and I purchased a 2022 Keystone in October. I paid $100,880.99 in CASH, spent 3 hours there going through all the things that they usually take new owners through, hooked up and drove away. We were very excited to get it home and get it set up for our usual trip to Yuma, Arizona.
    My husband noticed the Solar System was not keeping the batteries charged, so he called the sales office in Tacoma, and they wanted us to drive it back there to look at it. Now just to let you know that is a 2-hour drive from our home. So, he asked them if they could tell him a few things to try first, no luck there. We have a young gentleman that is our neighbor and is employed by an Rv company in Longview, Washington, so we asked him if he would take a look. He found that during the whole 3 hour walk thru, the gentleman did not switch the system over to the Lithium batteries we paid extra for. THAT is just for starters……..
    1 – the water pump is so load and knocks so hard; you can hear it next door at our RV neighbors. If it is used at night, it wakes the other person up.
    2 – When we stopped the first night on our trip and walked inside, the countertop extension was hanging from a snapped hinge.
    3 – When heater is on, it barley blows thru registers in bathroom and bedroom. This makes a 5 degree difference in the back.
    4 – When I first used the shade behind the stove, I was shocked to see one side all crinkled up. (BAD)
    5 – First time we put the dining room slide out, the corner of the trim at the bottom came completely loose from the wall.
    6 – After leveling the door does not shut properly. It rubs on the frame.
    7 – And when we first went to look at the 5th wheel, I noticed the seam above the door had pulled loose but they said they would have it fixed when we come to pick it up. When I seem the fix job, I asked the gentleman if their workers washed their hands before doing it??? The seam is still sticking up and is filthy dirty. I was told that they could get me some of the seam material and we could replace it on our own.
    I will stop there because all the rest of the stuff is just cosmetic, and I should have noticed it before purchasing and taking it home.
    I have pictures of all these flaws and boo boos.

    They have been sent to your Tacoma sales office. I have some e-mails from Bianca McGlumphy whom has asked for more pictures.
    They want us to bring this thing back to them for repairs, however since we had already left for our trip, that would have been impossible. I was told that, “We don’t have a mobile vehicle to send out for repairs”. Not sure they understand that we are NO where near Tacoma. We are in Yuma, set up in our regular space and have NO intention of packing completely back up, pulling in slides, hooking back up, and hauling some where to have this thing fixed.
    I know your company has to work with an RV place here in Yuma that DOES have a mobile unit that you can send to us and have these things fixed. I also believe this should be on your dime and not mine.
    And on a final note, we asked for a manual and was told we could download it off the internet. However, when you are traveling, you don’t always have internet and for $100,880.99 I believe you can afford me a manual.
    Please advise us as how Keystone wants to proceed in correcting these issues.
    Thank you
    Pam Wiechern

  • Lynn Moran says:

    Having problems with Keystone too.This is my second Keystone. This one is a real lemon 🍋. It has had problems since day one.But now they won’t honor their 3 year structural warranty. Had to different tech guys look at it,took pictures, and they said it was factory fault that our slide out is leaking. Will never buy another Keysone again. They do not honor their warranty.

  • Mark kirk says:

    Hi I purchased a new 2016 keystone passport I gave around 30 thousand dollars for it it is in perfect shape like the day I purchased it it’s a 2770rb except it started delaminating on the front cap and then this summer it started on the rear it has never been wet and always covered every winter so I start researching what could be wrong and discovered that they are all kinds of passports doing this and after further research I find that from 2004 until present that it’s been stated that keystone used a bad glue that lets go after a few years I would like to know if this is going to be recalled and fixed I love the camper but after seeing this I would never buy another keystone brand if they don’t fix this I can’t even get market value out of it and it looks like the day I bought it never has had shoes wore in it no pets no smoking no kids just me and my wife and we are 45 yrs old treat it like it’s still they first day never have scratched it or put any holes in it keep it well maintained at local keystone dealer but need answers before I post this issue live on social media to all the other keystone owners that think they did something wrong but they haven’t it’s keystones issue

  • Dennis Cole says:

    I have a 2022 cougar the camper but over the two theater chairs you need a set of cabinets because the ones over the dinette are to high for short people like my wife.You would also save money on shorter windows.

  • George Gordon says:

    Can we order our Keystone Alpine with the kitchen up front we like to add a dishwasher

  • Charles Kriz says:

    Purchased a 2019 Keystone Montana 20th Anniversary Addition 5th wheel, $80,000 in 2019. Purchased a $5000. extended warranty. Moved the camper from its winter storage to my site for the summer and upon opening the bedroom slide, the 1/4 inch hard plastic underneath the slide that protects the plywood was shattered in numerous places. Was not like that when stored. Contacted Camping World of Syracuse and they told me to contact Keystone to see if it is covered. Go figure, purchased it from them and the extended warranty and I have to contact them. Well I have now made (8) attempts, three phone calls and 5 emails, ALL to no avail. Great companies. Take your money and run. Anyone got any clue?

    • DONNA Cribb says:


  • Castleberry, Michael L. says:

    Just purchased an Alpine 5th wheel about a week and a-half ago from Camping World in Tylor, Texas. I’m very displeased with my purchase, and to think I put $45,000 for a down payment. Kitchen a/c hasen’t worked since we got it,auto leveling doesn’t work, stove doesn’t work (burners won’t light, oven light doesn’t work and knob lights doesn’t work), kitchen floor is buckling,saw-dust every where, no flooring for battery and propane compartments…open to outter elements, sky-light opening not complete…piecies of roofing material left hanging, slide-outs not sealed when in the out position…can seel day-light from the inside, who-ever did the wiring did a poor job of running the wires(just strung any way), under the steps to the bedroom you can see a large, jagged cut with wires comming through and can see the furnance. I’m going to call Camping World in Tylor, Texas on Monday, May 9th, and demand a return of my money or give my attorney the go-ahead with litigation proceedures. And another thing about Camping World in Tylor ,Texas….they won’t return your calls. I’m 62 yrs old and retired from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Agency and I’m not going to put up with such non-sense as this. Period.

  • Kathy Varcato says:

    Thank God I purchased an older Raptor. Didn’t spend $70 plus. But $30 was to much. Problems keep coming. Furnace, landing gear, propane leak, generator problem, toilet, etc etc. UGH.

  • Teresa Hogle says:

    I have a 2019 Montana high country. Hurricane Nicholas came through and found that there are a lot of issue with water that made it in. Insurance company will not fix it. They said there is defaults… I’m stuck with a 70,000 RV that has water damage! I have done a lot of work on this because keystone refused to help with anything as well as insurance and now I’m out of the RV because I have been getting sick and can not stay in it. Would be amazing if keystone did something about this and backed their product! We don’t spend this kind of money just to keep putting money into it.

  • Michael Thomas says:

    We just bought a brand new 2021 Keystone outback paid $ 65,000 dollars for it got it set up and turned on the heater and it started rattling and then shutdown. We could not get any help from the dealer in Gainesville, Ga. where we purchase it. we had to hire a service tech to come to look at it. It took him 3 weeks to trace the problem to where he could fix it. $ 1400 dollars later we have heat. warranty dept. has been sent all documents and video and they will not respond back to us. We have sent it all to Corey Steinert but no answer for 2 weeks. Mayb were talking to the wrong person. I hope someone will call us 770 298-2273

  • Steven Camacho says:

    Hello, I just purchased a 2022 Arcadia 3250RL, I have to be honest and tell you that this trailer is worst I have ever purchased in the 33 years I’ve been Rving, all the valves in the water compartment labeled in positioned wrong, the tank pull valves are in the wrong order, black is actually gray 1 and gray 1 is black rank, refrigerator was installed crooked and doesn’t seal right, curtains fell off , pocket door hing broke, black tank flush leaks in the trailer, self levelers don’t level trailer in correct position and the rear jacks hang down about 2 inches from being fully retracted, one more thing, washers for any of the water fittings. I hope this gets to someone who will investigate the poor workmanship on your trailers,I just signed away on a 50,000 dollar what I thought would be investment for our travels now it looks like it’s going to be in a shop for months because though the dealers sell Keystone products they don’t sell that model line.

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