Where is KeyBank Corporate office Headquarters

KeyBank Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Key Tower
    127 Public Square
    Cleveland, OH 44114
    United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 216-687-0500

  • Fax Number: 123

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 18415

  • Established: 1825

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Beth E. Mooney

KeyBank Headquarters Location & Directions

KeyBank Headquarters Executive Team



Beth E. Mooney

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Amy G. Brady

Chief Information Officer, KeyCorp

Craig A. Buffie

Chief Human Resources Officer

Robert A. DeAngelis

Executive Vice President

Christopher M. Gorman

Vice Chairman – President of Banking

Paul N. Harris

Secretary and General Counsel

Don Kimble

Vice-Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Mark Midkiff

Chief Risk Officer

Kevin T. Ryan

Chief Risk Review Officer and General Auditor

About KeyBank, History and Headquarters Information


Key Bank was founded in the year 1825. The company has been operational for 194 years now. The company has its origins back to the Commercial Bank of Albany, New York and Cleveland’s Society for Savings, that was founded in the year 1849. In the year 1994, Key Corporation, which was the owner of Key Bank, merged the two companies, namely – Key Bank along with Society Corporation of Cleveland. The two principal subsidiaries of Key Corp are Key Community Bank and Key Corporate Bank. Key Community Bank offers traditional banking services which include credit cards, deposits, loans, financial planning, while Key Corporate Bank offers real estate capital, equipment financing and also capital markets to various corporate clients as well.

In the year 1998, the merged company had taken over a brokerage firm, known as McDonald & Company, for about $653 million. During the year 2008, the company had received $2.5 billion investment from the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Then in the year 2012, the company had acquired HSBC Bank USA branches located in Upstate New York area, for about $110 million. The following year, the company had acquired the mortgage servicing rights from Bank of America. In the year 2016, the company had acquired First Niagara Bank, for about $4.1 billion. The headquarters of the company is based in 100 Public Square. The name of the place is Cleveland, while the name of the state is Ohio, USA. The pin code of the area is 44113.


KeyBank is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of banking and financial services to its clients and customers. The current CEO and chairwoman of the company are Beth E Mooney. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $6.8 billion. Also, the number of employees currently working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 18,400. As of the current date, the bank has almost 1192 branches and 1,572 ATMs all over the 39 states in the USA. Also, as of the year 2018, the company is ranked at 412 places on the Fortune 500 companies list. The assets of the bank exceed $92 billion, as of the current date.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of financial as well as banking services offered by the organisation. The bank deals in investment management, commercial banking, retail banking, consumer finance, investment banking services and products, and also to businesses and individuals in the USA and even internationally too.

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  • Des says:

    I’m so fed up. There has been fraudulent activity on my account REPEATEDLY. Each time they’d dispute it. This last time, today has been the last straw. I went in to dispute again and the lady screamed and complained at me that I should have called the fraud department. She put me down and nearly cussed me out. I’m done. I’m getting my money and leaving. F this stuff.

  • Gretchen good says:

    I live on the west coast not the east coast however my banking deposits are controlled as east coast deposits why????????
    I have been with key bank for 15-16 years and I set my accounts up so I do not get overdraft
    And now I am told my deposits are reflected to easteren time even though I live in the pacific time zone !!! This is wrong! It’s another way for you to take money from hard working people! I take flowers to your bank for free and then you steal money from a gardener ! I am sick of this and will be taking my money else where this is bull shit! I already pay enough out and I will not have you continue to take my hard earned money!! My phone tells me that an amount is avaiable but it’s not this is living to the public and you should be put in jail for false advertisement!

  • Camilla M Shirley says:

    I’m about ready to get an attorney I’m going to start looking for an attorney right now there is about $20,000 of fraudulent activity that key to benefits debit card has allowed to use my card against my authorization with walmart.com nobody will help me I’ve been on the phone for months and months I finally got somebody to help me with a $5,000 claim of part of this money are for what are considered apparently purchases that are actually not purchases because I never received any goods in exchange for these $5,000 worth of money that’s gone and KeyBank apparently is just telling me that that’s okay that they allowed Walmart to fraudulently use my card against my authorization for all these transactions not only that but there are authorization holds that are not showing as being authorization holds that are holding the other $15,000 of my money and I can’t even find anybody to acknowledge that this is happening I found one or two people but it was like on a Sunday when I didn’t have any help other than them and they were like I hey I’m sorry there’s nobody else here hopefully you can get a hold of somebody Monday that will listen to you like I did and lo and behold I haven’t meanwhile my kids are starving I’m starving I have no food I have no gas and I’m getting ready to call an attorney and sue for five times the amount that this is in total because this has been months it has ruined my entire half of my summer all of my fall my kids don’t get any attention if I had a full-time I would literally have to quit my job just to be on the phone to argue with people about whether or not they can even do anything about this I mean like I don’t understand what’s going on these are simple procedures that should be taking place that I cannot find anybody to help me with and I am fed up and tired of this I’m letting you know right now that very soon you’re probably going to hear from an attorney for me and the pain and suffering and time and effort that I’ve put into this I’m a comptroller by trade normally okay I know this is way out of hand this is absolutely ridiculous and if I get an attorney and we review the phone calls that have taken place you’re going to be very very appalled when you hear how your customer service people handle a situation of of this kind of magnitude with someone’s money and especially when it’s going to end up costing a lot more money when this is something that if they would have just this is these are procedures they have the ability to take care of for them not to do this and get me off the phone repeatedly when I am literally sitting here missing a lot of my money this is insane I cannot even believe it I am so appalled and I feel like making a big scene out of this.
    I’m not sure which attorney I’m going to call but it’s probably not going to be a very inexpensive one because this needs to be just dealt with the way it should have been dealt with the first time I called I’m not saying I’m going to cause a big fuss this making this comment is already a big enough fuss and I feel horrible for having to do it but what’s happening here is straight up robbery it is against the law it is fraud it is wrong and I cannot believe that your customer service teams handle things this way this is not going to be the first time that something like this happens I promise I can guarantee this probably happens to other people and they probably get tired and worn out and probably don’t have a money for an attorney however I am going to handle this the way that I should have just handled it in the first place apparently KeyBank will not help me and I am through trying I have done everything I can if you want to call me back my name is
    c a m i l l a s h i r l e y
    thank you

    • Patti Krol says:

      I am having key2benefits diputing fraudulent activity as well. Let me know who you hire cause I will as well

  • Ronald Barriere says:

    I would NEVER RECOMMEND this poorly run bank to anyone. For two years I’ve worked with customer service, supervisors, all the way up to executive branch. The higher you go the more promises and I’m sorry you’ll get. The screws up also get worst. Soon I will close ever account at key bank. You every talk to a Olson person run.

  • Ronald Barriere says:

    My accounts

  • Sue Crouthamel says:

    Their customers are NOT treated like neighbors like their commercials state.

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