Where is Key Food Corporate office Headquarters

Key Food Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1200 South Avenue
    Suite 103
    Staten Island, NY 10314
    United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 718-720-3208

  • Fax Number: 604.433.4684

  • Email: servicebby@keyfood.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: April 20, 1937

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Dean Janeway

Key Food Headquarters Location & Directions

Key Food Headquarters Executive Team



Dean Janeway

Chief Executive Officer

George Knobloch

Chief Operating Officer

John Durante

Vice President of Business Development

About Key Food, History and Headquarters Information

Founded in 1937 in Brooklyn New York, Key Food Stores Co-Op Inc. is one of the famous supermarket chains in New York. Dean Janeway is the Chief Executive Officer, George Knobloch is the chief operating officer and John Durante is the Vice President of Business Development.

With its headquarters on Staten Island, its branches are spread over five cities of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and, Connecticut.

The firm operates stores under Key Fresh & Natural, Food Dynasty, Urban Market, Food Universe Marketplace, Key Food Market Place, The Food Emporium and SuperFresh banners.

The company has expanded its share in the market in 2015 by purchasing 23 stores from bankrupt A&P making the total number of stores under its management to 212. These stores included A&P, Waldbaums, Food Basics USA and Food Emporium, two of which operate under corporate ownership (the company is a cooperative ownership and this is the first time in the history of the company that there is a corporate ownership).

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  • Nancy says:

    I been going to the Key Food on 169 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201 for over 23 years.
    They alway make mistake, over charge you. Double the amount or when there is sale price example bag of chip sale $3.99 they will charge $4.79 (original price). Not sure if they don’t update their cashier machine on the sale items or they need new cashier machines. I have mobility issue, it hard for me to go and forth for price adjustment or refund. Can someone go there to check the machines and maybe get new ones. and why does it keep happening!

  • Sandra says:

    Urban Meadow sliced bread is said to be white bread but it is beige, plus it contains Bioengineered Food Ingredients that may be harmful to people’s health. How dare you food companies put harmful things in our foods. I am a very longtime customer of Key Food and I think I might be changing where I shop. Shame on you Food industry people

  • Catherine Shalen says:

    Subjected to assault and battery on nov1 in 235th st keyfood in bronx plus refusal of service. Manager vinnie gomez refused to do anything.even if staff had battery and assault charge. Says many on staff are felons.

  • Laurence says:

    So I would give this place 5 stars before today as a mistake was made with the pricing of milk on my end of course due to the fact I’m not used to these off brand products and they look alike. However the general manager beato waited for me to finish eating my lunch and waiting to depart to call me to show me a video of myself looking at the price tag with the sale. Now ok I told the cashier since it was my fault I don’t mind paying about 70 cents more for milk. The price manager came and said this brand was out of stock but I will give you for that price which I said ok no problem I don’t mind paying. Mr Beato now showed me a video he did not call me a thief but surely insinuated it but after showing him one of my account with a few commas he quickly apologized and try to say he was just informing me that the price was not a mistake on their end which again I told them I don’t mind paying cents earlier. Moral of the story don’t lower your standards stick to Publix or Whole Foods or even Walmart. Thousands wasted here.

  • Guest says:

    key food in forest hills 108-27 Queens blvd has no respect to customers, as the customers cannot use the recycling machine in front of their store because the same people (one women) only use the machine the whole day and everyday and the manager says that he cannot control the machine .

  • Natasha says:

    Keyfood corporate office in matawan nj has no tespect for employees getting involvedf with each other

  • Elizabeth Gonnzales says:

    Key food headquarters should do a better job with old men employees preying on the young receptionist.

  • Elizabeth Gonnzales says:

    I’m a concerned parent, so this issues really hits home with me. How could a company like Key Food have a 70 year old employee having an affair with a 32 year old receptionist out in the open. This is a hr situation and this company is aware and is not doing anything about it. #ME TO!!

  • EA says:

    Bay Street Staten Island
    Chairman Reserve Pork Loin
    USDA sell by October 29
    Store sell by November 5
    Another reason I don’t buy ANY meat, frozen foods or produce there
    Pre packaged dry goods are ok

  • Elsie Valentin says:

    I shop at Key Food supermarket at 110 Queens Blvd. Yesterday I went to the store without a bag (my mistake) they told me the price on paper bag was 4/$100, .25pc each bag. Everyother store charges .o5cent including Trader Joe at Metropolitan Avenue. How could Key food charge these prices to their customers who have been so loyal. I am very upset since I have been one of your most loyal customer

  • C~ says:

    Keyfood on Arden Avenue. Employees are pleasant to each other, not so pleasant to the customers with the exception of Deli employees whom are always pleasant! Pleased to see previous manager left, not subjected to the smoking outside the store anymore!

  • Cheryl Kelly Perez says:

    I am reporting the Key Food Store on Riverdale Avenue in postal zip code 10471. They just reopened the store after being shut down for a week. They did nothing to renovate the mess that was there before. The ceilings are stained with leaks, the freezers and refrigerated sections have not been replaced. The areas that are empty are stained and dirty and the most discerning thing of all is that the whole store smells horrible. The only thing I can compare it to is rotting meat. It it through the whole store and hits you in the face the minute you walk into the door. How can you reopen a store that was a filthy mess with bad machinery and a leaking roof without any type of renovation? This is a disgrace.

  • Luis says:

    Dean Janeway I want to commend you on store #155 “Mike”(manager). I have a medical condition which prevents me from wearing facial covering and this morning I entered your store( 9:35am) to shop. I quickly informed management “Mike” of my condition(out of courtesy) and informed him that the signage on door instructing customers to wear masks or no service is unlawful according to ADA compliance. He also proceeded to ask of my condition and I refused under HIPPA Law. Although after a long interaction with him, which by the way he was not wearing a mask in office?, I was allowed to shop in store for my items. I ask that you please review with your legal/HR dept. on appropiate signage for the entrance doors and that ALL STAFF, is fully educated on both ADA and HIPPA LAWS. I will be revisiting this location again to follow up on compliance. Thank you in advance. S.I. resident

  • Manny P says:

    Today at 6:30 o’clock pm was at a Key Food in the Lefferts Boulevard and Jamaica Ave Queens New York.The Belt where we put our items was whit blood and very wet SO UNSANITARY!!! And I tell the cashier why she dont clean, then Supervisor ( Dominican )come over and He said to me… mi amigo si no te gusta como esta esto te llevas o dejas las cómpras: “ “ “ my friend if you don’t like TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT “ …will no longer shop any key food.

    I was HORRIFIED to see bagels&rolls in a bin with customers sharing the sames tongs and some customers reaching in with bare hands

    I was MORE HORRIFIED to see large loaves of bread wrapped 70% by paper and 30% in the open air being breathed on

    I was taught that when stores aren’t sanitary where customers can see the conditions, you have to assume it’s even worse elsewhere
    Please somebody do something about this big problem because this its no the firts time


  • Guest says:

    The Key Food/Super Fresh at Bay Ridge Avenue, off 3rd Avenue still doesn’t get it. I saw 2 employees without face coverings and 3 employees with their masks pulled down below their lips. This is a disgrace, and is disrespectful both to the customers and the employees who ARE compliant with the pandemic guidelines. The management of this store really needs to step up and take care of their responsibilities. Customers and employees deserve better.

    • Paul says:

      I sometimes go to that store. When I saw a manager with his mask pulled down, I pointed it out to him. He started yelling at me. Asking if i am inspector. So rude. He was really angry. I just dropped my items on the floor in front of him and walked out.

      Key Food Market Place on 3rd avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway is even worse. Deli counter guys keep their masks pulled down below their chins and walk out among customers that way. Managers also don’t follow face covering laws. One time, recently, I pointed out to a manager there that his mask was not covering his mouth and nose and he got so mad at me. He berated me, mocked me and then threw me out of the store. Disgraceful.

  • Paula says:

    Key Food on Arden Avenue Staten Island dies not have 1 single item on sale. People are unemployed and trying to feed a family and the prices are also inflated. Also paying 5 cents per bag! I am sure paying for bags was stopped when the pandemic started. Shame on Key Food!!

  • Margith says:

    Food universe on burnside in the Bronx even the manager in the vicinity is the rudest your cant ask the staff for help or the manager why the prices at that location is so high when other supermarkets are at least having some merchandise on sale he just gives you a look like you are stupid, his only explanation is it is what it is there is NOT ON SALE ESPECIALLY WHAT PEOPLE MOSTLY NEED what makes it worst is that the staff and the manager make fun out of you they are the rudest just answer the question don’t mock people for wanting answers we are going through enough trying to make ends meet at the moment its on east burnside and grand concourse you should teach all the employees there some compassion for others food universe I use to love shopping there now no more I will go to key food on 176 and Walton Ave at least there they have some items that are on sale and a staff that helps you out I know they are affiliated but they treat you like a human being not a thing that doesn’t matter food universe could use a lesson from them

  • Analia Ferrara says:

    In the key food in Whitestone do not honor the circular price and when I ask they were very rude for example in the circular said 5/5 bag of 6 lemons and they charged me 2/5
    I don’t think this is right I hope you look in to this
    Thank you

  • Pissed off customer says:

    The Key Food on 220th Street and Hillside Ave in Queens Village does not put out the circulars. They do not honor sale prices and even inflate prices. That’s from my experience. I’m told by others that they are masking pork as beef and are selling it like that. Please look into this!

  • Yolanda says:

    I shop at the KeyFood on Lydig Avenue in the Bronx. First I want to say, generally I have had no real issues at this location, only once where my shopping cart was stolen even though there was a person who checked it in and let someone take my shopping cart by switching the tickets. Outside of that I haven’t had to complain about this particular supermarket, until now. I live not too far from this supermarket and shop specifically for their meats. Since this pandemic has started, the supermarket has become terrible. Because it is the only super market in close proximity, when I say there was nothing in that supermarket, it’s was a understatement. Literally, there wasn’t even any meat. Time has past, we are now finding more items, GREAT. Still not good, but way better than when this pandemic first started. We watch the news and they say wear mask. Now you can’t go into a store without one, even better. They even do their best creating lines on the floor for social distancing. Here’s more of the problem, these masks, most being worn, do not protect you from getting Covid-19 and many people are ignorant when it comes to social distancing. I’ve visited many supermarkets and this location is the only one I’ve seen that does not have the partitions installed to protect your workers, in addition to the customer, who are completely on top of each other. Which I find very concerning. You want and need these essential people to work. Many of your employees have been working here for quite some time. When speaking to management, they say, it’s not them, it’s corporate. It would be nice to give a damn about these young ladies, who also have families, who continue to show up for work, let alone the customer who has very little choice in where they shop locally. These conditions are very dangerous to both your workers and the customers.

    PLEASE do more to protect your employees and your customers.

  • Wendy says:

    My friend works like a dog at your store even during this pandemic. Can you tell me why she cant get health insurance thru the store. Can she get it thru headquarters?

  • Diana says:

    The Location Was In Parkchester.
    1511 Metropolitan Ave Is The Location

  • Diana says:

    On April 26 Btw 8am-8:45am , A Employee Approached Me & Said Where Is My Gloves At ? I Had Gloves , Mask & Hand Sanitizer . As I Walked Out After Paying For My Items , He Approaches Me Again About Gloves After I Told Him Already That I Have Gloves & Hand Sanitizer . He Begins Talking In Spanish To Another Co Worker About Me. I Am An African American Women So Instead Of Him Talking About Me In Spanish . He Could At Least Spoke In English Or Waited Until I Walked Out The Store. That Was Very Unprofessional & I Will Not Be Spending Money At That Location. There Were Other Customers In The Store Who Had No Gloves On But Had Mask On Their Face. Employees Be Walking Around With No Mask On. So Before A Employee Approachs Another Customer, They Need To Approach Their Employees . He Did Not Approach Them . His Approached Could Had Been More Professional .

  • Guest says:

    Good morning.

    About 45 minutes ago I was in the SuperFresh/Key Food on Bay Ridge Avenue off 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn. Someone from the meat department was in the main area near the chicken and was NOT wearing a face mask. He was talking to another employee who was wearing a face mask but standing less than 2 feet away. There were about 3 other customers less than 4 feet away from the 2 employees trying to access the items near them. The two employees then went into the meat department. The door closed so I have no idea whether the first employee put on a mask before going back to handling the meat.

    I have not reported this to the Department of Health but, if I see another employee without a mask, I will suggest that the DOH inspect ALL the Key Food/SuperFresh stores. It’s not enough post signs telling your customers to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart from each other. Your employees have to be compliant as well.

  • Unhappy Customer says:

    Yesterday apr16th I was at a Key Food in the metropolitan NY area. SO UNSANITARY!!! I will no longer shop any key food.

    I was HORRIFIED to see bagels&rolls in a bin with customers sharing the sames tongs and some customers reaching in with bare hands

    I was MORE HORRIFIED to see large loaves of bread wrapped 70% by paper and 30% in the open air being breathed on

    I was taught that when stores aren’t sanitary where customers can see the conditions, you have to assume it’s even worse elsewhere

    I will shop at another supermarket that helps keep me safe



  • Craig says:

    I’ve been shopping at the key food east village for years. I usually enter the shopping promotion to win 10% back during holidays. I recently found myself in Long Island and though I would stock up for the quarantine since I had my car. I spend about $200 In Massapequa Key Food and used my key fob tag to collect the points. Looks like they were not added to my east village total. Is this not a collective savings promotion which includes all Key Food stores?

  • Ewelina Kot says:

    We have pandemic and Key Food located at 87-15 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway Beach, refuses to honor prices advertised at the circular!!! Dishonest, unfair and inhuman!!!

  • Rudy Martoni says:

    Price gouging during the Coronavirus hysteria in Staten Island. Should be ashamed of themselves. I will NEVER shop there and will advise others to do so also. I will also investigate if they are breaking any laws. Shop at STOP N SHOP!

  • Michelle Lassoff says:

    In addition to my earlier complaints today:

    – Keyfood located at 2630 Frederick Douglass Blvd in Manhattan w/ Manager Patricio/Patrick, has continuously skimmed from the public by advertising lower prices on the tags they affix to produce and other products, yet NOT coordinating the sales prices at the checkout counters, resulting in excess charges if one is not carefully watching what is actually charged vs. what the advertised lower price actually is. — Be careful: know the prices advertised and watch the checkout registers carefully.

    – This keyfood location on Frederick Douglass Blvd is disgusting: It has a bottle return section open on the blvd. which results in tons of fluids, tons of bottle caps, broken glass and empty plastic and glass bottles being discarded within the return center AND MOREOVER, open on the street by the hoards of homeless people who return shopping-carts filled with empty bottles at this location. It is impossible for residents to return their bottles without having to work around the shopping carts filled with bottles, the filth, and the danger to animals and people tryin to get around this location. There have been many complaints which bring a day or two of attempts to clean the area up, but then it backslides constantly. It is disgusting.

    Michelle Lassoff

  • Michelle Lassoff says:

    Attention: Dean Janeway, CEO and George Knobloch, COO

    Re: Keyfood located at 2630 Frederick Douglass Blvd (140th Street)

    1) Many items are out-dated and not fresh.
    2) The produce is appalling — rotten/out-dated/not fresh

    3) Patricio/Patrick, the manager is not an honest person. I buy a lot of groceries (over $100 each week) AND I buy expensive lottery tickets ($20/25/30). On Friday, February 14th I had a $50.00 credit and requested 2x$25 lottery cards. One card came out, the other didn’t. Patricio informed me he did not have the key and to return over the weekend (2/15 or 2/16). I went back both days, Patricio ASSURED ME on Saturday, 2/15 that he would be in on Monday, 2/17 and that he would take care of the problem then. On Monday, 2/17 I went to the store and learned Patricio was not even there that day — although he PROMISED he would be. I brought the matter to the attention of an employee who said she brought the matter to the lady who is the accountant/manager/or whatever upstairs in the office. On Tuesday, February 18, 2020 I found the employee and she unlocked the machine and stated there were no cards that were stuck — OF COURSE NOT, IT WAS ALREADY OVER 4 DAYS SINCE MY INITIAL REQUEST TO PATRICIO!. I waited for Patricio, he came down from the office upstairs and basically stated “too bad” and he would not back up his claim to make things right on Friday, nor over the weekend, nor on Monday, 2/17 when he wasn’t there, and again today, 2/18/20.

    I have been a very very good customer, both for groceries and lottery tickets ouit of the machine — as a matter of fact, I tip very generously too. You have lost a valuable customer, because Patricio and the employees of this loication are dishonest and don’t stand up for really good customers and honest customers like I have been. SHAME ON PATRICIO and KEYFOOD.

    Michelle Lassoff

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