Where is Kevin Jewelers Corporate office Headquarters

Kevin Jewelers Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2104 Galleria Way
    CA 91210

  • Phone Number:
    +1 818-549-0856

  • Fax Number: 213-622-4035

  • Email: cs@kevinjewelers.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1975

  • Founder: Kevin

  • Key People: N/A

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Kevin Bral


About Kevin Jewelers, History and Headquarters Information

It was established in 1975 in a 300sqft store in California. Over 43 years of growth, now there are around 35 stores at mall locations and busiest places in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas. The financing company also has been opened under the same brand.

There are many products especially jeweler available for different occasions. The jewelry for anniversaries, birthdays, and festivals are available. Many materials are available like gold, silver, sterling silver, rose gold, and many others.

The Kevin jewelershelp the people to gift their favorite ones with expensive jewelry. The ornaments available here are made of high-quality material. It has the best collections which are trendy and stylish.

The headquarters of the Kevin Jewelers is located at 2104, Galleria Way, Glendale, California, USA.

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  • Rita says:

    I have a very expensive wedding ring that I bought from them 15yrs ago. Over the years of dipping and polishing it it has gotten thin. Their jeweler in store doesn’t want to touch it so it was supposedly sent to corporate to see about building it up or remaking it. Was told that they didn’t want to do it or couldn’t. I love my ring and don’t want another but that’s all they seem interested in. They want me to buy another ring. I’m being forced to go outside of Kevin’s to get it fixed if I want to keep my ring and then lose my warranty. BAD BUSINESS KEVINS!!!!

  • Melva says:

    Unaware that I bought 15,000$ of lab grown diamonds until a wares later

  • April says:

    have to say that this store is so unprofessional and the staff really have a hard time following directions. My 10 year anniversary gift was ruined by a staff member because I gave them specific instructions to call my phone number and what do they do, call my husband and ruin the surprise. The jewelry, not great quality either. My husband bought a guard for my wedding ring. The guard has had to be brought in 4 times for “diamonds” to be replaced. I was told my ring would be sent to one of their main offices to be examed. Should take 2-3 weeks and that was 9 weeks ago. I’ve called several times looking for it and their reply was “oh! Another week or two” so I called one more time today, only to find out my ring has been their for 2 weeks because once again, NO ONE THEIR knows how to follow directions and call the right number! I will NEVER buy another item from This company again and I don’t recommend anyone else do either!

  • Janee Seiter says:

    This company has terrible sales personnel as well as customer service.  Their Galleria at Tyler store sold a ring to my son and his girlfriend, who both have learning disabilities, for what they thought cost $400.  However, when the bill came, the cost was actually $5,737.  When I called to explain this to the manager and ask her if they could return it for a less expensive ring, she told me no, and would not work with me at all. My son took the ring back as well and tried to return it, and was also met with a nasty manager. So, he set the ring on the counter and left.
    The manager told him on the way out that if he left it there, it was his responsibility, not hers. I also posted a review on their website one day and noticed it was gone the next morning. I have proof that my son has a cognitive learning disability, and will get a lawyer if necessary.

  • Marcie says:

    You have the worst customer service ever and a very rude manager that runs your store in Mission Viejo, Zeinab. I have a warranty for my ring and you guys don’t even honor it. Then you have a new warranty and no one ever told me about it. Your company is a rip off.
    Recently my ring was sent into your home office to fix the prongs on my ring that were never fixed correctly the year before and I’ve been saying that all along, but know one cared. When I had my ring inspected every 3 months as stated for the warranty, I’m the one that would have to point out a problem with the ring. Inspections were so bad by your employees! I recently has a rough area I felt on my ring as well, so they sent my ring into your home office for both the prongs and roughness. After 2 weeks I’m emailing the store to find out whats going on. I get a call a day later saying it will be $400 to fix my ring!! That was a ridiculous price to quote me, one to fix the prongs that were never right that I paid for a remounting almost a year ago and telling me that I chipped 2 diamonds and they have to be replaced and whole band redone. Was told I must of hit the ring on something really hard to do that!! Well I didn’t hit my ring on anything and diamonds are the hardest substance, so now I’m wondering if these are real diamonds that I purchased from you?? I asked for my ring to be sent back to me because I wasn’t paying $400 to get it fixed. Was told by the manager that the real price to get it fixed was $900 and she talked to Home office and got the price down to $400!! Told me it would take 2 weeks to get ring back which made no sense since your home office is in L.A.!
    Then I go into the store to pick up my ring and the manager, zeinab hands me the ring. I look at the ring and noticed the prongs are fixed and said that to her. She is now arguing with me that they did nothing to the ring when clearly they did!!! I then said how do I know this is my ring and she pulls out a diamond meter which proves nothing!!!
    I will never go back to Kevin jeweler’s. I have written bad reviews on yelp, facebook and soon the BBB!
    I know I am one person, but one person that can damage your business by spreading the word that you are an awful company and treat your customers poorly and rip customers off!! I have contact with lots of people on a daily basis!!!
    Your company obviously doesn’t care because I wrote an email to your customer service and the response I got said I’ve received free repairs in the past, which is not true and basically that we will send your ring back from home office and you can pick it up in the store when it arrives. I responded to that email with another and never heard back!! Why have a customer service email when you don’t provide customer service.
    Oh and the icing on the cake was, the manager, zeinab hung up the phone on me on our last conversation!!!
    True customer service!!

    Thank you for all the lack of service and frustration that you have caused me,

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