Where is Keurig Corporate office Headquarters

Keurig Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 55 Walkers Brook Drive
    Reading, MA 01867
    United States
  • Phone Number: 866-901-2739
  • Fax Number: 781-246-3499
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1998
  • Founder: John Sylvan and Peter Dragone
  • Key People: Bob Gamgort

Keurig Headquarters Location & Directions

Keurig Headquarters Executive Team



Bob Gamgort

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Choe

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Degnan

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate General Counsel

Ozan Dokmecioglu

Chief Financial Officer

Stéphane Glorieux

President, Keurig Canada

Derek Hopkins

President, US At Home Business

Scott Moffitt

Chief Brand and Beverage Officer

Meg Newman

Chief Human Resources Officer

Monique Oxender

Chief Sustainability Officer

Mark Wood

Chief Business Development & Partners Officer

About Keurig, History and Headquarters Information

Keurig was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1992. Keurig bagged the title called Single Serve Coffee Maker Brand of the Year for four consecutive years from 2012–2015 by the Harris Poll EquiTrend Study. In 2018, Keurig Green Mountain joined hands with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and formed Keurig Dr Pepper.

Keurig, Incorporated offers designs and manufactures brewing systems which can be used in the home, hospitality, commercial office, food service, and medical office environments. Keurig operates throughout the world. It is produced by the American company Keurig Dr. Pepper via its headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts. Its main products are K-Cup pods. Its beverage varieties include a fruit-based drink, teas, dairy-based beverages, cocoas, cider, lemonades, and hot and cold coffees. Keurig offers more than 400 different varieties and 60 brands of coffee and other beverages.

Keurig Headquarters Photos

  • Babette Mertel says:

    Keurig customer service sucks!! They won’t help they don’t care, they lie when they tell you corporate will call you about your problems. Just another company who has made a name for themselves and don’t care about customer service. 8 straight days on the phone with them and they still are lying about replacement machine.

  • Melissa says:

    I have the keurig duo carafe and single maker! My first keurig was amazing so I spent $200 on this one. I bought it 9/2020 so less than 2 years and didn’t use the carafe a ton but when I did the other day it doesn’t make a pot! I’m so angry!!! I’ve called 2x with promise of a call back! So far I have been offered 10% then 50%! It’s not like I bought it 5 years ago! I feel it needs to be replaced. Spending that kind of money it’s should last forever!!!

  • Barbara Schmidt says:

    I called the warranty place for the mini plus in gray never got any of my recpt or the number on the back of the maker no help from them if possiabe if i can send the recpt for a new one in gray

  • Earl Hinson says:

    I bought a Keurig K-Elite on 6-28-22 and right out of the box and used for the first the machine would drip water out the nozzle where the coffee comes when it was heating the water up,so I took it back to it exchanged,got home sat it up like I did the first one and it did the exact same thing like the first one water did would come out the nozzle where the coffee does when water was heating up, called customer service was given a big runaround couldn’t hardly understand because they didn’t speak English very clearly,I’m very disappointed about the hard time I was given and the fact that two machines had the exact same problem, would’ve loved the convenience of having a nice cup of coffee in a minute but Keurig can’t make a machine right anymore very sad 😭

  • PJ says:

    Have purchased Keurigs for 20-odd years and had no issues with any of them. The last one lasted 10 years. Purchased a new one (which looks 1000x more flimsy and cheaply made than my 10-year-old one) in January 2022… and the unit started failing a month into the purchase. The add water light would come on when the tank was full, rendering it useless. Did trouble-shooting as directed and it was fine for another month. Did the troubleshooting again, this time it only worked for a week. Yesterday (5/2) it would only allow one cup and start claiming it needed water. Call CS. Talked to two offshore reps (who mirrored their non-assistance asking me to troubleshoot AGAIN). After 20 mins. of this chatter during my lunch hour, was told CORPORATE will call me today (5/3) at 7 a.m… stilling waiting… hey, Bob Gamgort! When are you calling me back? I’ll wait a little more and then end my 20 years of Keurig for a regular brewing coffee pot. And, tell all of my friends on social media that I am…

  • Larry E. OSBORN says:

    Purchased a coffee maker 8/28/2021($165.xx — after discounts), & then filed on-line the registration/warranty card on 8/29/2021. In April 2022, the unit failed. Called Customer Svc, (off-shore/ overseas speaking persons), who verified the purchase & the date, etc, from the registration card on file & verified warranty was in effect. Several more phone calls & I have been told no proof of purchase was required as the purchase was with a bank debit card. Keurig DOES NOT accept bank statements. REP explained that 2 phoptos were required (serial# & of the unit) & the claim would be processed! ALL of the required proofs have been submitted — NOT JUST ONCE BUT 7-8 TIMES — & receipt of these have been VERIFIED by a REP! Keurig has sent me 8 IDENTICAL AUTOMATED MSGS stating “SORRY”; & they have assigned several different SR#’s. I have NEVER been treated this poorly B/4. Keurig’s attitude lacks professionalism & this manner of handling legitimate concerns is UNACCEPTABLEE! A formal inquiry needs to be undertaken into Keurig & the manner in which Customer Svc operates!
    SR0002338906 — SR SR0002276710 — SR0002297708 — SR0002338090 — ETC

  • Dennis johnson says:

    This is one of the worst customer service cos ever! They do not return calls as promised and even at the executive office it is hard to speak with someone who is understandable. They just hung up on me again. This really is a class action because the coffee makers just stop working it is not isolated it is widespread

  • Joy Rogers says:

    Just talked for the second time to an agent overseas so obviously outsourced. Not only were they repetitive and not helpful, I was incensed at the lack of knowledge on how to fix the issue. I ordered coffee to be sent one time only to our destination in FL and instead it was delivered to our home address. When I called immediately after receiving a text that the coffee was delivered and checking outside and nothing was there, it was discovered that it was sent to the wrong address. I was assured that it would be shipped out asap however it never came. I called again today, got the same runaround and this agent said nothing was done the first call. She then proceeded to ask me what the order was even though she could see it and after a few hot words she hung up. The absolute worst customer service from a company that I have always held in such high regard. Shameful.

    Joy Rogers

  • AR says:

    Hello, I have a supreme k Keurig. Serial number: 910.2100.0290700. I have enjoyed my coffee maker up until it recently stopped turning on. It does not get power and will not turn on. I have researched and trouble shooted but no success. I am not sure where I bought it but I know it was around a year ago when I moved.in to my new home. Please replace my Keurig supreme. Thank you.
    Amy Reid
    626 Coral Way
    Coral Gables, FL 33134

  • John Chambers says:

    Coffee maker does not effectively make multiple cups. Water punches a hole in center of coffee leaving sides dry and coffee weal. Any correction you might offer before I throw your product out?

  • j b low says:

    piece of crap company! machine broke called and no replacement only had for 6 months, called got sr number, lied to be TWO different reps about the status of my claim!! PIeces of shit the whoile company!

  • Paula says:

    I have a problem with my coffee maker, can’t find anything on troubleshooting, I have unplugged, cleaned, seems to be something wrong with the buttons. This was a gift from my children 2 years ago this Christmas
    Can you help?

  • Anthony Padovano says:

    Couple days ago I email you company about problem that I’m having with my K Dou coffee maker. I know Otis still under warranty the past I’m having is were you pure water the top is starting to warp I had this K Dou double
    Coffee for a year half. For some reason no one is getting back to me about this problem. I don’t have your email address to send you a picture of product.
    Hope to hear from you soon .
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Anthony Padovano

  • Doreen Conoscenti says:

    I cannot get a replacement for a new and defective Keurig. I have called and emailed numerous times, all to no avail. My Service Request #, which was issued a week ago is SR0001161679. When I do get someone on the phone, they are in the Philippines and of no assistance whatsoever.

  • Patricia Nowakowski says:

    I have been purchasing K-cups on auto-delivery for a few years now. Many times the cups are damaged. I have called customer service and been treated like a criminal. I was told to take pictures and e-mail them with complaint. No response. I have called and was promised a return call. No response. My last shipment came in a box with no damage to the outside, yet there were two smashed boxes inside, and coffee all over due to broken K-cups. I spent 25 minutes on the phone with customer service so she could tell me someone would call back. No one ever did. I have found other companies who manufacture compatible K-cups, so I am canceling my Keurig order, never to return.

  • Linda says:

    I have never dealt with such an incompetent human at customer service in my life! Have been a keurig customer for years but never again!! They certainly don’t stand behind their products. The customer service person that I talked to would not help me at all. I will certainly let everyone I know about what I dealt with!!

  • Elisabeth Sneed says:

    My new machine, K155, just stopped working, many tests, still same issue with water reservoir. Company won’t replace but instead suggests buying a new one at 20% off. I will tell everyone not to buy these anymore.

  • David bishop says:

    I have been dealing with keurigs customerservice which is now being handled by the phillipines and its a nightmare.3 weeks now and sending the same proof of purchase 9 times with pictures and they are clueless.Inquiries@keurig.com
    we have asked to be transferred to a supervisor and they have none available at 9am 12noon 5pm 9pm

  • Steven B Ellis says:

    Mine broke down .Getting the run around from Company Only three months old I will never purchase another one…One hand does not know what the other is doing that’s for sure… 10 to 14 days is ridiculous to ship someone a coffee maker it should be express shipping for all customers..

    • Judie Eggersgluess says:

      mine only lasted 32 days very hard to get them to do anything about it, sent back by ups witch took awhile not sure if and when we will get new one, hopeful this year.

  • Jody Moulton says:

    I have a kerig that constantly beeps when plugged in I have to unplug it everytime and I can’t find any way to stop it. Do you have any answers for me?

  • Diana M says:

    I contacted Keurig about my Keurig Duo which I received for Christmas. Unfortunately, my story is as yet unresolved and I am extremely disappointed. My Mom purchased it for me for Christmas and due to her sudden death in March, I was unable to locate a receipt for it when it stopped working, in March as well. After being assured of its replacement by two staff members after 2 calls, and at this point more than 4 contacts with the customer service center of which there has been no return emails, I contacted corporate who simply advised me to contact customer service. In my emails and contact emails, I included photos of the serial number as I was advised and have yet to get the promised replacements. Until this point, I have been a fan of Keurig for over 10 years but unfortunately, I am not going to purchase another simple because I feel that if the lifespan and lack of quality for a 3 month old Keurig is symptomatic of the companies products now, it would be a waste of money. I am very disappointed after 3 months of contact that the problem is not resolved and seems as though it will never be. Caveat Emptor folks.

  • Brandi Rogers says:

    I have had several Keurig’s over the years and the pump always goes out. I am a heavy coffee drinker. Keurig’s customer service team has replaced tow of my three machines and taken exceptionally amazingly over the top, care of me. During my last issue, (which was my 3rd brewer) they were unable to replace it. Instead I was provided with a 50% off coupon to purchase a new brewer of choice. I did that today and was provided a free box of coffee to try in my new machine…JUST BECAUSE, FOR NO REASON! I can not say enough amazing things about how you have trained your team to provide the best service. Your staff cares about making your customers happy. Your company knows what it means to be EPIC and should implement a training center where others in the world can come to your seminars to learn how to be like you. I am truly a customer for life. Thank you.

  • Peggy Slivenski says:

    I have owned a Keith coffee pot for several years. Is there a place to contact as I can’t get the on button to work right it is down so far it is hard to turn on. Plus my coffee isn’t staying not please help me and tell me if there is something I can do my name is Peggy Slivenski I love in Pasadena .me thank you

  • Holly Linderman says:

    I purchased a unit, on sale for 99.00 in December for a gift for husband. Lasted 6 months at most. Cannot return unit due to time frame. This unit disappoints. It started giving us issues after several months and is now non functional. 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day and very unexpected since most units last over a decade in other brands. I work retail and I WILL NOT recommend any product for this company. No response from company, waste of money. I hear a lot of complaints from customers on these units. I should have considered those complaints before purchasing. I will now refer clients to other models.

  • Gladys Gilbert says:

    I purchased a 1 cup Keurig coffee maker in March from HSN, and have tried to get response from your company x3 , I sent them copy of my receipt,
    HSN won’t take it back after 30 days.
    I am so disappointed in your company.
    This is the 2nd brewer I bought, the one I bought my son, 5 years ago, still works perfectly.

    Your customer service department, just don’t reply.

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