Where is Kay Jewelers Corporate office Headquarters

Kay Jewelers Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3265 W Market St Unit 220, Akron, OH 44333, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 330-867-1557
  • Fax Number: 330-668-5187
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 18000
  • Established: 1910
  • Founder: Henry Shaw
  • Key People: Lynn Dennison

Kay Jewelers Headquarters Location & Directions

Kay Jewelers Headquarters Executive Team



Lynn Dennison

Chief Legal & Transformation Officer

Virginia “Gina” C. Drosos

Chief Executive Officer

Oded Edelman

Chief Digital Innovation Advisor

Mary Liz Finn

Chief People Officer

About Kay Jewelers, History and Headquarters Information

Sterling Jewelers was founded in 1910 by Henry Shaw in Ohio. It is a US-based subsidiary called Signet Jewelers with stores in different countries of the world. Kay Jewelers has a chain of retail stores in the United States with different pieces of jewelry for men and women.

The Kay Jewelers offers the products for online purchasing. They also sell customized pendants and accessories when orders are placed. The offers are available at occasions and many sales are lined up with offers from original prices.

The company offers more accessories like earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, and other ornaments for women. They also provide accessories and ornaments like watches made of silver, gold, rose gold, white tone, and in other metals.

The headquarters of Kay Jewelers is located at 3265 W Market Street, Akron, OH, USA. There are around 18,000 employees working for the stores at various locations.

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  • Bonnie Lee Stone says:

    My husband bought me a bracelet, I don’t work I stay home and I do no physical work at all as I have COPD and don’t breathe well but my bracelet broke two times on the second repair they said it couldn’t be repaired. Of course the ones in the store were more expensive we can trade and pay the difference so we did. Then this one breaks they fix it a few months later it breaks again they fix it now both times links were taken out so it’s tight to my arm I was never given my gold links they removed now it just broke again!! Now it’s likely it cannot be repaired and we are just out because no more links can be removed!! I’m a very unsatisfied customer!! Telling my aunt at a shower she shows me her chocolate diamond ring she bought had them clean it and it’s now looking aful!! Is this normally how you do your customers? We pay a lot for your jewelry to just be taken to the cleaners with expensive JUNK???? I feel my bracelet should be replaced at no extra charge we aren’t rich!! I will wait for a reply before I take this farther!!

  • Robert Miller says:

    I’m very upset with the Clarksville, In store. My wife broke her insured necklace why we were on vacation from Kansas we asked if they could take care of it or should we wait til we got home they said they would take care of it. We dropped it off Dec 18th didnt receive any emails finally I called Jan 8th they said its here in the store waiting for you to pick it up I told Sarah that we lived in Wichita and was told it would be shipped to us here she said she wasnt aware of this then I requested a phone call from the manager and today is Jan 12th and still havent heard anything from anyone. We have done alot of business with your company and have never been treated this poorly and still havent received the necklace

  • DS says:

    I have never seen a company treat their customers as bad as Kay. I purchased a ring (online exclusive) for my wife for Christmas and I got the wrong size. So the Friday after Christmas we went to the store here in Ashland and was treated like we were bottom of the barrel scum. They literally told us they cannot and will not help us. So I chatted with a few people from Kay through customer service and they told me to take it to the store and exchange it. I told them that store told us that they cannot take it because it was an online exclusive. So the representative told me that I can return the ring and they will refund my money. I told her that I didn’t want to return it and just wanted to exchange for a bigger size. She says that Kay doesn’t do exchanges for online orders and that I would have to send it back to them, wait for them to inspect the ring, refund my money and then I could purchase the ring online with no guarantee that the ring would still be available. So I decided that I would just order the ring now instead of taking the chance of it being in stock after they do their song & dance after I send it back. I go to order it and to my surprise the ring is now more than double the price that I paid for it. So again, I chat with a representative online and she tells me that I have to purchase it at the current price and I can’t get it for the price that I paid for the ring in the first place. I have NEVER seen a company treat a customer like this. So I guess my wife will keep the wrong sized ring because I’m not paying double and I don’t trust them to actually refund my money when I send back the original. I doubt that their home office will make this right even though at the beginning of their return policy is says, “If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’re not happy and we want to make it right”. So Kay will never get my business again and I will be telling everybody that I know about this interaction and I will also be posting it online to every social media outlet that I’m part of.

  • Jeff says:

    I’m writing to voice my concerns about Bowling Green Ohio location customer service. When you tell a customer it’s there fault there wedding set is damaged and tell them they wear it to much, then they come home crying…that is a real problem. Then when you try and get to the bottom of the situation the store head manager calls you and calls you a child and inappropriate. It doesn’t matter if your purchases cost 10 dollars or 10,000 dollars. You don’t treat customers that way. I will never be doing business with any Kay jewelries even again. Closing all accounts permanently. I will be contacting corporate.


    Kay Jewelers is quite possibly the WORST customer service I’ve EVER dealt with!! From the store level to the cust svc. department I called. I have 2 pieces of jewelry costing approx. $10,000 and over the last 20 months, have had it in for repair 6 times!! The clasp never stays clipped and was told by the rep that “the safety clasp works, so just see how that does”….SERIOUSLY?? and what if it doesn’t????? I should just “take the chance it does” with a $5000 bracelet????? I couldn’t even believe she said that to me and I’m not even getting into the hack job they did soldering the engagement ring and bands with it! I just wasted 1.5 hours of my life sitting on the phone with the incompetent rep that couldn’t even find my account and then followed up with the “lifetime” guarantee on batteries for the Citizens watch I bought in Ohio. I live in NY and it was a tennis bracelet!!! I asked for a supervisor 5 times and never talked to anyone else and was told I would receive a call from them in 24-48 hours…….Lets see how this turns out because if it goes like the call I just had, I’ll be driving to Akron, Ohio and talk to Gina Drosos myself!!!! STAY AWAY FROM KAY, ZALES, OR JARED BECUASE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!! I will make SURE I tell anyone that will listen NOT to think about buying the trash from there!

  • Robert Smith says:

    I am contacting you concerning my wife’s engagement ring. My wife’s ring broke we have the warranty so I took it in they said it would be 1 month to fix it. After that time I went in because I hadn’t heard anything. They then said they could not fix it but would give me store credit because of warranty so we up graded the ring and another warranty. They sent it to be sized. Said 2 to 3 weeks. After the time passed I went in then they said they couldn’t size it down to a 5 they will need to have one made it will be an additional 2 maybe 3 weeks. 3 weeks pass I call they say they don’t know when its going to come. They haven’t heard anything. We are coming up on 3 months dealing with this. I buy all my jewelry from you and this has never happened. Could somebody please give me an update. We are using Kay’s location in broken arrow ok. Thank you

  • William kalinosky says:

    Your customer service needs some real work william kalinosky

  • Kim Smock says:

    Excuse the last comment I’m on my phone. I just want to say your team in Mesa Arizona, Superstition mall are fabulous. Those women have helped my husband for years, they are friendly and go above and beyond. When I am in the mall I just have to stop and say hello which is rare for myself. Apologies for not remembering all names, Kim is the only common one that I remember. Thank you again ladies, you are a fabulous team!

  • Kim Smock says:

    I would like to say THANK YOU to every single woman that works at the superstition K jewelers in Mesa Arizona. My husband has been going there for years, I stop by just to say hello because these women are awesome and friendly, They’ve helped my husband for many years. That’s one team that I’ve seen in many years that is absolutely fabulous. Don’t lose those girls! Apologies for not remembering all their names Kim isn’t what I remember and that’s just because my name is Kim lol please give those women a Pat on the back!

  • Cindy says:

    It is terrible Kay’s uses interracial couples and LGBTQ couples in their commercials! They are trying to “normalize” this and it should NOT be normal! It is antiwhite and sets a terrible example!

  • Marla Mangus says:

    We have made many purchases with Kay Jewelers

  • Marla Mangus says:

    I lost an earring, I’m look to purchase one to make the set whole again. The SKU is:
    10WG diamond earrings
    Hearts in motion

  • Sean says:

    After purchasing a ring yesterday I paid 3299 when on the website this morning The ring is going for 1499 i will be canceling today and I will never purchase nothing from there agan i will never go back to purchase NOTHING

  • Lewis says:

    This is horrible! This is absolutely the worse experience I have ever had buying a RING!!! Straight GARBAGE 🗑️

  • Mary C. Newman says:

    Tanger Outlet store in Branson MO. Took in over $10K in jewelry to have the 6mth required check/cleaning. They refused to do it – stated I needed to come back M-F and no Holiday weekends (not posted on the warranty papers nor in the store). We work M-F and it is 40 miles away. Now they state I need an appt after we’ve voiced concerns. This is ongoing w/this store. I have a video I took from this last Sat. where they had only 1 customer in the store-cleaning their jewelry. They told me I could leave my jewelry there (40 pieces) & they would give me ONE ticket without verifying the bag contents. I am NOT about to do that but they refused to take the time to even review my pieces to ensure I would receive back what I took in. sorry – I’m not leaving a $4K ring, another $1K ring and a $1K necklace for them to lose. Each time my husband is in there he purchases another item-but NO MORE. They need to be customer service oriented-not when it is convenient for them especially when 2 of them were standing around (we wanted the store for a couple of hours and they were NEVER busy where they couldn’t have properly serviced us). We are filing with the BBB, our TV station that assists with these types of things & have called our attorney for proper resolution as a District Manager isn’t taking the time to give us return call. Believe me, we are telling everyone about, not only this particular store, but Kay’s in general.

  • Starr Keyes says:

    Hello there my husband shops at the Billings Montana store he is bought quite a bit of jewelry for me there and I had lost a diamond and had a loose diamond in my ring , and when I got my ring back it had been seized so now my concern is yes when you size up it’s going to loosen your diamonds I’m going to take it in next time I’m in the Billings area but but your billing store definitely needs late needs some management, Kama the new manager waited on me she was very rude when I said and I said what do you mean it had been seized I didn’t ask for to be seized oh I didn’t mean to say that well she did I never asked for it to be seized they didn’t even know what size decides to , so again you need to do something about the Billings Montana store thank you

  • Daniel Braddock says:

    Very rude Customer service

  • Kim Stewart says:

    I need help getting my ring back or fixed. I placed my ring at the Rome , Ga store to be repaired in June 2022. Sandy the manager and Katie working my case will not help me! I’m getting the run around.. I called today and the young woman said I have to talk to Katie but she’s with a customer. I’m a customer! They have my ring since June , they have my money and I’ve got no ring no answer….

  • Faye whaley says:

    I have a guestion. Do you sell anything 50.00 or under.

  • tj says:

    Rhonda Racine,Leominster,Mass.store, is a Liar ,a Pot Head and a Thief, I say this because I have witnessed her do all of these things in the past.She should NOT be trusted. I would testify to this in open Court,under Oath.

  • joseph buchanan says:

    never use kay jewelers you buy from them and have your jewelry cleaned and the employees never log it in when you have it cleaned and you go in to warranty a piece of jewelry and they do not waranty it kay jewelers of Oklahoma edmond branch never buy

  • Shirley says:

    I am never one to leave reviews or say negative things about a person as we never know what one might be going through. However, my experience at the Roseville mall Kay Jewelers was traumatic. I was yelled at and belittled by a worker named Dave as I was trying to return a ring where the diamond was set very crooked and would not be ready in time for an engagement we needed it for. Dave screamed at us, told us falsely that there was nothing he could do, and when we proceeded to ask more questions he yelled at us more and demanded we leave the store. After watching for a little while one of the employees Melissa came over and was able to help. She spent an hour on the phone and went above and beyond to help us get what we needed. Melissa was wonderful but unfortunately we will not be returning to Kay Jewelers or recommending them to anyone we know. This experience left us scared and confused by such a large reaction. Just thought someone at headquarters should know as this was a very difficult experience to have. Hopefully Dave can get the help that he needs.

  • Carl says:

    The phone number for the corporate office is incorrect. Poor girl at the store with the number given above, which is located in a mall near corporate, spends so much time answering the phone to redirect people. Correct number is 800 877 3616.

  • Dewayne says:

    I’ve been a costumer since the 90’s. I took a wedding band in to have it resize. The gentleman to me 95.00. I said did you fall and bump your head. I paid around 100.00 for it. So sweet KAY’S you have lost my business. UTC mall Sarasota fl. I will call Kay’s headquarters come Monday. Sincerely Dewayne.

  • Jennifer Chanderballi says:

    I went to kay Wellington mall Florida.. I dealt with Vicky sales person.. I purchased my husband wedding ring April 4 I never bought the warranty.. the sales person told me my 267,00 was for the down payment of the ring.. I received my bill from the credit card company.. when I called I spoke to someone she then told my. The sales girl added warranty to my bill.. I never bought warranty. This is very undermining and bad business. I have purchased so many pieces from this store.. shame. Will never go back.again!!!

  • Dontay Brown says:

    I’m still paying for an item that I don’t have. And it has affected my credit because I refused to pay my bill on my Kay’s Genesis card , I have returned this item.

    INGRAM PARK MALL Suite S12 6301 NORTHWEST LOOP 410 SAN ANTONIO , TX 78238-3801

    Store #: 1784
    Date: 03/15/2022
    Sales Slip #: 10964


    Product Image
    Orig Sale 2000 021822 548940 N
    Reason – RETURN (DL)
    Write a product review »
    Retail: ($524.99)

    Non-Taxable Amount
    Taxable Total

    Sales Tax

    Payment Info
    7002 CREDIT PLAN
    Auth #: 15595
    Account #: XXXXXXXXXXXX1112

  • Florence Cotton says:

    I purchased my wedding ring in 2004 in December 21/21, I took it in for resizing to be redipped and inspection. Prior to them sending it off they inspected. My receipt shows warranty no chipped diamonds and diamonds to be authentic. A month or so rolls by I haven’t heard anything I call the Visalia CA store and spoke with manager Laura. Who tells me the ring had a chipped diamond and needed to be repaired and goes on to tell me I didn’t have warranty. To which I argued I did she stated that the ring had not been taken in since 2019. I told her that was not true when I had taken it in they told me they did not need my receipt booklet they’ll automatically update it also during Covid they told me I didn’t have to take it in. I took it in mid year in 2021 and again in December. She told me she would give call them and attempt to get them to repair and would call back. Again nearly a month later nothing no call So I called she told me they refused too fix and she would repair it to for me at her cost. To which I argued she provided me with a number to call to which they told me she had to authorize. Again I began calling first out to lunch or she was with a customer. Now another month rolls by. I called they put me on hold after 20 minutes I hung up. I then called again a week or so later they told me she was busy. I then called from a private number and pretended to be someone else well what do you know Laura wasn’t busy anymore. I advised Laura of what the receipt stated she tells me the warranty only covered the metal. I’m like what do you hear yourself right now why would anyone waste every six months for the hardware and then you tell me the diamond wasn’t under warranty because I didn’t bring it in the six month inspection when I did. She tells me it’s not up to her it’s up to the repair company. I then called the repair company or whoever it is they send out to and they tell me I don’t know why she told you that because it’s not true she is the one that gives the okay. The operator placed me on hold called the store and talked to Laura who told her no she would give me the diamond at cost. I then called the store and told her I want my ring back. I finally received my ring 4 months later it had not been cleaned sized or dipped they did nothing to it now going back at the time of purchase this ring was at the jeweler repair every six months for the first 4/5 years because of diamonds and I told Laura this is ridiculous this ring is in the shop more than on my finger. I want my ring fixed. I had been with Kay’s for at least 30 years bought several pieces of jewelry and this was how I was treated. I am currently seeking an attorney to go after the store and Laura.

  • Melissa R says:

    I purchase a rope chain for my son for doing well in school. I replaced the chain a week when I purchase it on 4/8/2021. I had the send it three times for repair. I don’t want the chain anymore as the location in Livingston mall to closed and no location is close to me. I took it to Clifton to get it fixed 2/6/22. I received it on 2/29/22 and it broke again. All I want is my money back. If I don’t get a response from the corporate office I will file a law suit for selling me a lemon.

  • Janice Young says:


  • Janice Young says:

    I just left Kay Jewelers in Kennewick Wa. I stopped by to get my ring cleaned and checked, forgot that you need an appt. I understand that. But there were 3 girls standing around then 1 hovering over a girl on computer. One lady told me they had people coming in for their appt. I waited around and no one ever showed up. I said to them my but no one is here so you are not busy and with 4 people standing around. Now to me that isa problem. I could of been helped and sent on my way in about 5 minutes. Went on did a little looking around in another store came back and there was no one in store and girls still standing around. I have a life time warranty on my ring but as of now I am not going back to be treated like such. You need to look into this

  • .Denise says:

    Horrible customer service from sales people and phone sevice

  • Sheila Hockemeyer says:

    So upset that you took kay jewelry out of the Tracy Ca. Mall. The Tracy community is growing more and more. It’s a shame that you couldn’t wait till the economy bounced back from the Covid-19 Pandemic to make such an unnecessary decision.

  • Pamela Edwards says:

    I ordered a ring from Kay.com on 02/01/2022 and on 02/03/2022 received confirmation, a tracking # and the warranty for the diamond and delivery date scheduled for 02/07/2022. Today is 03/07/2022. I still dont have the ring nor do I have my money back. I have called, text and chatted 2-3 times per week and still nothing! They assigned me a Case# and told me that someone from the E-commerce Team would be reaching out to me…. NOPE. Believe it or not in a panic, I ordered a second ring for an engagement that was scheduled for 02/24/2022. At the moment I owe for 2 rings, I have 1 (wasnt first choice), cost more and have done all the leg work on trying to get my money back. Where are you CEO Gina Drosos??? Where are you E-Commerce Team???

  • Lisa Feliciano says:

    This is the second comment I am leaving. My previous comment is still up for moderation, whatever the hell that means and it’s been over a week since I left the comment. I hope a resolution is actually being thought up as we speak and that’s the reason for the long amount of time. This is my second issue with Kay Jewelers. Against my better judgement, we ordered my Fiance’s wedding band from the Stamford Mall Kay Jewelers. I was told that ordering a new band to be made would take to long and resizing the one he tried on in the store would be the same as if we ordered a new one. It was not in fact the same and again the band is thinned out because of resizing. That is not what we were told would happen. It was resized from a 10 to an 8. When I left the store that day I said to my fiance, wait is she going to order it new? He said no she said she would have that one reaized. I said no I want it ordered. We went back to the store and I told her I wanted it ordered new and she again said no that it would be faster if we have it resized and it will be the same. Even after I said I wanted it ordered new she basically said she wouldn’t do that since it would take so long and that I will be happy with the result. Perhaps she wanted to get rid of inventory going out of stock or style? Again her name is Ladia. If that’s how you spell it. This kind of predatory behavior from some associates is criminal. Perhaps she saw us coming? I will write a letter to the headquarters and or get the news involved if it takes this to get a resolution. Noone in the stores have been able to help us and noone at the headquarters has responded.

    • Rae Davis says:

      Hi if you get the news involved let me know. I’d like to ho on there with you. I had my rings appraised by their company and no one will contact me back. I called the appraisal several times still no response. I fill like its a fraud and just away to get more money from customers. They appraised my rings for half of the original price. Rae 630-296-7723

      The more of us that goes the better response.

  • JG says:

    I just can’t believe all the comments I have been reading all morning I just don’t understand why they continue to use the same shipping carriers if the merchandise continues to be missing or stolen like they’re just sitting in the office getting a paycheck with no heart and seeing the pattern of stolen and missing jury obviously there’s a thief involved on the inside and someone is just turning the cheek and not giving a hoot as I’m sure they are fully insured and covered quick to say just get a replacement if you have insurance but remember God sees all ! Very sad and very shocked I’m very anxious to wait and see I’m supposed to be getting a call back today for some options and answers all I want is my refund to move on with interest because filing a lawsuit will be mostly more involved and it’s not about money it’s about sentimental and how crushed my heart has been.

  • JG says:

    My unique ring very sentimental to me through life and death on my wedding day on the altar in front of God was sent for a fallen diamond replacement and was Lost,Missing after 2 months
    UPS with Tracking ?
    in the transit to the corporate office, unprofessional irresponsible why was insurance even considered for my precious piece of love my token of joy on my way
    overseas I’m numb for words My soul has a piece now missing of my puzzle in my life and I’m getting no answers a replacement is not appropriate for it was very unique and sentimental I have no words I just need answers for peace of mind my pain suffering only God knows who may have taken away where it may be my ring Lawrenceville New Jersey Mercer county.

    • Dee says:

      Just wondering if your ring ever showed up? It’s for this reason I don’t want to send my ring to be removed from the setting.

  • Stacy says:

    Too many issues to write but the main one is my center diamond kept falling out if my engagement ring. Three times to be exact. I finally had to get a new ring because they couldn’t replace it anymore. I got my new ring and now that diamond is loose. Manager lied and said my new ring was going to be certified as my other one…but it wasn’t. I waited 8 weeks for this special order so I took it anyway. Not as good of quality in color or clarity. Spending 16000.00 you would think we would have gotten at least an apology or they would try and make it right.

  • Eliza says:

    Diamond Bracelet $1,500. Paid in full and no merchandise received. Its been two weeks and now the order cannot be found . Customer Service or a Supervisor are no help. BBB has been reported. Now my husband has consulted our attorney for purchase of goods paid and merchandise not delivered. Inconvenience and time lost to customer. If they do not take their business seriously how do they expect to remain in business. Jared’s is their sister store. Beware.

  • Lisa Feliciano says:

    Kay Jewelers messed up my $12,000 engagement ring. An associate name Ladia (Not exactly sure if this is the spelling of her name) seemed nice enough when helping us in the Stamford Mall Kay Jewelers in 2020. My fiance ordered my ring too big. He ordered a 6. I turned out to be a size 4. We were told that my ring could be resized from a 6 to a 4. The ring came back with a shank. I did not ask for this shank. I was told that this was called a “European Shank” and that this was the only way it would fit on my finger because my finger was small. Me not knowing any better knew I did not like the shank, but I accepted it and was told I could get it redone since me and my fiance purchased the guarantee. I was told that since we were in the height of covid 19 (2020-21) any work may take months and since we were planning our wedding for a soon date, we decided to come back as we were assured we would be able to get the shank removed and the ring band redone. We returned many months, but the sales person said regardless of the time we had our guarantee and it would not be a problem, but she also was the one encouraging me to wait since covid. I would say the last time I went was last year. I went back Saturday, 2/26/22 to get my fiance’s wedding ring serviced since it oxidized and started to tarnish. Once that was taken care of, I asked the two associates helping us how long it would take to change the band on my engagement ring since our wedding is in May so we can once and for all remove this shank and my ring could be returned back to the state it should be in. I explained to two associates that my ring was resized from a 6 to a 4 and her eyes were surprised. She said we don’t resize rings that many sizes. She said it’s only supposed to be 1 1/2 up or down. Any more than that it would need to be a special order or returned for your size. I said well I was told several times by Ladia that it was possible and then I was angry because they obviously shouldn’t have and put a shank on it without alerting me and then told me to wait to get it fixed. The ladies asked to see my ring and I said putting the shank in thinned out the band of my 12,000$ engagement ring, which has ultimately changed its value and is not what a 12,000$ engagement ring should look like. I was told that yes it was thinned out because of the amount of sizes down they sized it and it thinned out the band of the ring. She said in the future I probably won’t be able to resize it as the band will get even thinner. Then what happens, I can’t wear it? The integrity of the ring will be compromised and is compromised. Furthermore, the person who helped me was not supposed to resize it, she was supposed to order me another ring in my size. To add insult to injury, the brand of ring I have Tolkowsky is no longer a brand that they are doing business with. I was very angry and almost in tears and was told they may be able to give me another ring for the same price, but that was not guaranteed. All I kept hearing was how sorry they were, but nothing was done. They didn’t start the motions for fixing it, they didn’t show me any rings for the same price, they didn’t call corporate or their manager or maybe she was the manager I don’t know. But, if she was the manager, she didn’t call her boss. They were both very surprised as to the fact that my ring was handled in this way, but nothing was done. This is unacceptable. I expect to be contacted or replied to about this message because I want my ring restored to it’s original state or whatever needs to be done for it not to be in the way it is. I want to keep my same diamonds and maybe the setting would have to be different? I want a band ordered in my size. I am more than willing to send photos, speak on the phone, whatever needs to be done. This is a synopsis of what happened not everything as it would be so long and this message is already long. My fiance has been a very loyal Kay customer and this is not the way to do good business.

  • Sherrie Adams says:

    Canceled my $7,000 limit credit card due to customer service

  • Shaye says:

    Very horrible customer service. Sales people are not well trained or well versed in the area of customer service.

    • JG says:

      I’m sorry for your loss that is very true they are very unprofessional and inconsiderate it is more than a piece of jewelry and many of our hearts with no answers no replacement can fulfill the sentimental of each piece of jewelry just remember to always pray God knows the truth and the way, as you see my comment this just happened to me and I’m pressed for words they have not even offered me a refund after 15 .
      You have a blessed day and change your Jewelers and who you choose to do business with today in this harsh world people are wicked and not genuine be careful who you trust.

  • Roderick Wilson says:

    Paid Kay Jewelers through PayPal online, went to pick it up at the Sumter Mall they said they didn’t get payment. PayPal said payment was made and I have confirmation number and email saying that it was paid. They wouldn’t give me my the item I bought.

  • Oryel R Williams says:

    I ordered a mother’s day ring at chillcothe ohio and they quoted me a price of 465.00 and they ended up charging me 675.00. I ended up paying for it because it was for my wife for her anniversary I will never buy anything else from Kay’s how can they quote me a price then charge me something else. Going to contact channel 6 on your side. Let them show your business on TV.

  • Christina says:

    This is the 3rd time my ring has been sent in bc my diamond kept falling out. October 15th I sent my ring in. I was promised my ring by November 15th. Every time I have called, I get a “I don’t know” answer. My husband has spoken to them several times and always promised a call back…and most of the time, no response. Next week will be 2 months. I need answers.

    • JG says:

      Good morning I’m sad that this has happened to you I just got a call last evening which I almost passed out same thing happened to me they claim it went overseas and then the transit back to corporate it is now missing not offering a refund or even payment for all of the insurance that was paid for my piece of jewelry and not even considering how sentimental it is I’m still waiting for a call back from corporate to see my options before I call my attorney this has been crucial to me my mental health being disabled is not helping in any way although God will find a way my token of love my wedding ring is now gone missing in action and there are no answers so please embrace if this is not your case I hope you are satisfied and received your diamonds back for the employees at the store are very kind genuine and respectful ladies however the issue is again with corporate they need more intense professional training and security as well why transporting diamonds for any type of services repairs cleaning etc. As I always say choose wisely who you do business with especially when it comes to diamonds people are wicked they just don’t care.
      Praying for all for peace to be a better world have a great day.

  • Masculinity says:

    Why do you choose to endorse homosexuality on your tv commercials? And Loosing customers because of it? Just a question and that’s all.

    • LGBTQIA+ says:

      Keep in mind, they’ve also lost business from the LGBTQIA+ community for not showing all types of love. 1 in every 60 or so commercials shows a different type of love other than a man and a woman. How equal is that? Sounds like they’re just throwing one in there so they don’t get backlash… just sayin.

  • Mark Belcher says:

    I placed an order online on November 7th. Estimated delivery on the 10th. Order still no shipped. Has shown preparing shipping for 4 days. I called and a ticket was created to investigate. I was told I would have an answer in 8 days! This is unacceptable. This will be the last item I purchase with Kay Jewelers.

  • Charles Cochran says:

    I have an issue and have found it rather impossible to get store help if the company wants my business I need a call back

  • Cas says:


    Many scams using your name a copy site.

  • Ella Delyanis says:

    I came across a Kay Jewelers ad on Facebook. It looked totally legitimate…but the prices were so low I was suspicious…items marked down 95% etc. In fine print I noticed the listing of bucdrw.vip…I assume this is a scam and wanted to report it. Thanks, Ella Delyanis

  • Rochellea Aquanetta McKinney says:

    I keep the bracelets I have bought they all have broken what is going on

  • Ronald and Carol Sarris says:

    My daughter in laws chocoalte diamond in her $2000.00 wedding ring fell out. ( we have ins of course ) sent the ring in to get the diamond replaced on June 12, 2021. The ring was promised to be back by July 12, 2021. It is now July 22, 2021 and we STILL do not have the ring back. Every time we call the store where we brought the ring, they say they’re going to check on it and call us back but never do! I have gone in and they say its taking a little longer than expected……… now we are trying to call AGAIN ALL DAY TODAY…. NO ANSWER. After 15 calls someone finally answered, they put my daughter in law on hold for 20 minutes and then hung up on her!!!!!!!!! this is not OK and Id like a call from corporate.

    • Margie Ramirez says:

      Hi Ronald, i am going through the same thing now. We took my husbands Movado watch for battery replacement in June and the promise date was July 13th. we are now in September and they still dont know and to top it off i talked to the “store manager” Kristy (from the Cerritos, CA. store) and she straight out lied to me. i had called on Sunday and they were supposed to call me back on Tuesday and when i called now she first said she wasnt aware of it and then messed up and said “let me look at my notes that i left for my team” so i told her so it was you i talked too. I am beyond upset and wondering if you ever got your ring back. This store managers gave us 2 options, first we can get our watch back and not have the battery replaced (im like are you really giving me this option)or second just continue to wait. I did tell her if i was at your store trying to purchase something you guys would be all over that sale. what a horrible way to conduct business by such a large company.

    • Carol Morissette says:

      My stone fell out of my Wedding ring .
      Brought it in to Kay’s they sent it in to LeVian to have the stone replaced
      45 days later they call me to say when the got delivery the ring had been stolen…
      I am discussed.. they say they will have a new one shipped in 12 weeks..
      Hard to replace a wedding ring

  • TV says:

    CAUTION! Spam Alert: Received a pop up ad yesterday while on Facebook touting itself as Kay Jewelers (www.kaylimitedgood.shop)

    SERIOUSLY CHEAP PRICES were our first clue it was spam. Apparently a foreign website that is using the Kay Jewelers name, logo and even elements of the current Kay website homepage…except numerous misspelled words and grammatical errors (second clue).

  • Thomas Besser says:

    Hello, I am a good customer with Kay’s, and always made my payments on time. I was going to be late on 1 payment, and was told it would not be reported as long as I pay within 30 days, which would be no problem. I don’t want to jeopardize my credit!! She was very nice, and I thought that would be it. Not long after, I got harassed and treated like I was a criminal. July 14, I went through the phone process as I always do, and they sent me to customer service and again? Why???
    After all of this harassment and treated like a horrible customer, I promise I will never buy anything again with Kay’s. The store associates have always been very nice. Corporately I’m treated terribly. I’m not a huge customer, but I’ve probably spent around $6000.00. Missed one payment, and treated with total loser.

  • robert m and nancy Evers says:

    Hi my name is Nancy evers my reference number is 40759648. I would like to tell you my side. My husband purchase a diamond ring for me from Kaye jewelers in brooksville Fl. He also purchase the insurance package the one when I questioned it the response was no questions asked.nov and may were my inspection dates I think I was also told I would recieve an email to remind me which I never recieved but I do no you have my email because I recieve advertisements.when corona hit the fan….everything blew up. I went to the store a few times they weren’t open they weren’t looking a jewelry they weren’t sending jewelry only allowing 1 person in at a time …closed a few times. I hollared thru the door doing inspections…finally got in inspected all good and nothing changed my months of inspections never recieved that information I learned yesterday it was feb I think. And I also heard her say for one time only so I have no idea what is going on. I dropped my ring off 2 weeks ago a side strong had fell out. They said they would honor the contract but only yeh metal part since I was late w inspection I questioned it but she shrug her shoulders like I don’t know .so off it went . Never told the other side diamond was chipped Andy when she inspected with photos she didn’t mention it. I recieved email when you recieved the ring w photos. So you do have my email. Yesterday July 9 th I recieved a call they have my cell number too. I called no answer 3 times no answer so I drove to the store. And was told it would 795.00 to fix. Wait I just fell off the chair….are you nuts .I said no way don’t fix it ….that’s when I questioned the ins.1st girl said you were late w inspection so they agreed to only fix the metal part. Don’t you remember ma’am I was the one who helped you. 2 nd girl says the stones are not cover after 1 yr. I said I bought the ins she responded not the stones after 1 year. If I’m not mistaken you fixed a stone for me and it was after one year. So out the store I go crying I call cooperate well I thought I did I called a store in Ohio. The girl who picked up the phone and listened to me rant for 5 min responded I’m so sorry we would never do that to our customers and she gave me the correct number to call. Which than called and waited for Ike say close to an hour on hold conclusion I have a reference number 40759648 and it has been escalated.
    Me I have no ring, and have to wait no one took my phone number it is 352 232 5207 the ring was purchased under Robert Evers. I have only a few choices. Get my ring back bring it some where else to be fixed. And make sure this never happens to someone else. Call my Atty and fight the legalities of the contract. Also I form better business bureau. Please call my sell as soon as possible . I am leaving on vacation and I really don’t want this to be topic of conversation w my husband. Let’s only ruin a few days not the entire vacation. Thankyou I hope you are able to make this customer happy Nancy Evers

  • Sonaya says:


  • Jessica says:

    This phone number is not the Kay headquarters phone#. This is the phone # to the local store inside summit mall. The headquarters is Signet 1-800-877-8812

  • Will says:

    That damn commercial you have of the two gay guys kissing that shit offends me you don’t want us offending them so don’t offend straight people

    • Julie says:

      I completely understand your offense however it is a reality of life, as is ppl of color and interracial couples so perhaps you can simply turn the commercial off or change the channel.

  • Jocelin Melendez says:

    Came into the store end of January 2020 and we purchased: 3 male wedding bands, 1 female wedding band and a diamond bracelet…

    1) I was told that if we wanted a safety chain added to the bracelet that it’d be free but since we had a huge purchase of several items I was directed to pay with the manager so we can finish quicker. The manager who may I say is very rude, unhelpful and not considerate at all about their customers told me that I’d have to pay $150 to add a safety chain. I told her that our salesperson said it was free and she said no. I declined the chain and continued with the purchase. Once I finished the purchase the original sales person asked us if we got the chain added and we let him know that his manager said it was $150. He let us know that it was free for us…. Manager was NOT HELPFUL!

    We went to pick up ALL of the jewelry the beginning of February 2020 and came across several issues:

    1) Another customers diamond bracelet was placed in my bag meanwhile my rings are misplaced in another customers jewelry bag for pick up. My engagement and wedding rings were BOTH MISPLACED and eventually found…..

    2) My fiance’s wedding band was sent to be resized to 12 and engraved ($35 engraving fee)…when ready to pick up the ring was sized to 12.5 and it was NOT ENGRAVED. We now have to wait in additional two weeks to pick up his rings..

    3) My dad purchased wedding band in January as well, when ready to pick up we were told that he needed to bring back the ring he went home with so he can leave with the new one…..MY DAD NEVER WENT HOME WITH A RING so not sure where that note came from.

    Although the salesperson that was had in January was wonderful, helpful and very kind but the unfortunate events when picking up the jewelry shows how unorganized and unhelpful management is. Management did nothing to make this right, ultimately I regret using Kay’s for my wedding.

  • Sandy Irwin says:

    Never will buy from Kay’s again after a ridiculous issue after purchasing a ring online in my size, only to have a size and a half smaller sent to me. Had THREE customer service reps trying to sell me a $29.99 warranty so I could have it sent in to be resized?! Why? I was not at fault here!! The customer service reps (one live chat, two live calls) tried to sell me the warranty and one told me they could exchange the ring for the correct size, however, the sale was now over so I would have to pay full price. I had to make three trips to the nearest Kay Jewelers which was an hour round trip every time and three phone calls to customer service, only to have the in-store sales clerks to tell me buying online is a “no-no”. Sadly, my husband has spent a great deal of money over the years with purchases from this jewelry store but no more. I will never go through that again. Tip to anyone who sees an online “special” pop up on social media, DON’T do it.

  • Carl ,Shelley De Guilio says:

    When are you finally opening your stores ? You are the ONLY 1 still closed.Now that its been 2 months .You need to fire your CEO you are losing your ass business wise.I will never buy from your company again.

  • Robin M. Godfrey says:

    To add to my previous review. I was unable to retrieve my jewelry from the Kay in Independence, MO because I am out of the country & they wouldn’t allow my sister to pick it up for me. Even though I was willing & able to give them all her information & she was going to be required to provide her identification. I also texted my sister a signed note giving her permission. They could have asked to verify the number she got the text from with the phone number they have on file. Kay seems to think they have the right to keep MY jewelry as long they see fit. That’s called theft where I come from.

  • Robin M. Godfrey says:

    The Kay Jewelers in Independence, MO is the place to go if you want to become frustrated & angry after hearing something different from several different people. Sara(h) will happily talk over you then take the only 3 words she heard & twist them into something you didn’t say. She will also hang up on you because she thinks she is a professional. She is not professional & is in desperate need of some professional development classes or even customer service training. I will never purchase from there again & as for the jewelry I do have from Kay, I will not be dealing with Sara(h) ever again when it needs to be inspected or repaired. She is a disgrace & embarrassment to other customer service related people.

  • Kayce Page says:

    Anybody thinking about buying a ring from Kay Jewlers in Simpsonville,KY should also know about the customer service you will receive from them..The first review I wrote had to do with the wedding ring I purchased from them that had to be sized. On the day the ring was supposed to be delivered I called to ask where my ring was.Chris the store Manager was about the rudest person I’ve dealt with in a very long time. He hung up on me twice. Gave me an attitude when the issues we are discussing is their fault. I had to call corporate in order to get them to call the place that does the sizing.Come to find out they haven’t even started on my ring on the day it was supposed to be delivered. Corporate assured me it was an isolated incident and It would never happen again. Just based on the way, Chris,and Kay Jewlers handled this so far I knew I shouldn’t deal with them ever again. However, I did because corporate assured me that Chris ,the store manager, would be talked too and the issue would be resolved..S I had a seconed ring sized for my wife..Bad Mistake! Today the seconed ring was supposed to be delivered.AGAIN..Neither Chris or Kay Jewlers called me to let me know prior to today that my ring wasn’t going to be delivered on the day they promised. It took mre to call them again to inquire about my ring.Again comes the excuses. Today I called Chris to ask where my ring is and he hung up on me twice. Now Im pissed off. I call corporate again and speak with Cynthia at extention x1305 then Maria at extention x1229 with Zero help. Finally someone called from Corporate giving me excuse after excuse why my ring not only wont be here today but maybe on Monday but if not then Wednesday..WHAT?? Kay Jewlers has the worst customer service and dont even seem that interested in making any policy changes.They are all about making excuses.They are definitely not a company that takes responsibility when they make a mistake. If anybody in upper management cares at all about the way their customers are being handled please contact me. Otherwise I have no problem writing reviews on Facebook,Twitter,Google or any other platform I need to let the world know how Kay Jewlers does buisness..Absolutly Horrible!!!!

  • Kayce Page says:

    My wife and I went to the Kay Jewlers outlet in Simpsonville,KY. I purchased a new wedding ring for myself,trading in my previous ring, I upgraded and had to have my new ring sized.They sent my ring off and promised a date of two weeks later for delivery.Today is that date and when my wife called them to see if my ring has come in.They told her that the ring wasn’t going to be there today and maybe not tomorrow either. This is unacceptable!! They promise a date and cannot deliver.When I called them they had every excuse in the world why my ring cant be delivered on the promised day. This is the third ring my wife and I have purchased from Kay Jewlers as well as earings,pandora bracelet ect. Kay Jewlers has horrible customer service and cannot deliver on a promise. They have given me enough reasons why I should not do buisness with them ever again. Very unsatisfied customer

  • >