Where is Kay Jewelers Corporate office Headquarters

Kay Jewelers Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3265 W Market St Unit 220, Akron, OH 44333, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 330-867-1557
  • Fax Number: 330-668-5187
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 18000
  • Established: 1910
  • Founder: Henry Shaw
  • Key People: Lynn Dennison

Kay Jewelers Headquarters Location & Directions

Kay Jewelers Headquarters Executive Team



Lynn Dennison

Chief Legal & Transformation Officer

Virginia “Gina” C. Drosos

Chief Executive Officer

Oded Edelman

Chief Digital Innovation Advisor

Mary Liz Finn

Chief People Officer

About Kay Jewelers, History and Headquarters Information

Sterling Jewelers was founded in 1910 by Henry Shaw in Ohio. It is a US-based subsidiary called Signet Jewelers with stores in different countries of the world. Kay Jewelers has a chain of retail stores in the United States with different pieces of jewelry for men and women.

The Kay Jewelers offers the products for online purchasing. They also sell customized pendants and accessories when orders are placed. The offers are available at occasions and many sales are lined up with offers from original prices.

The company offers more accessories like earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, and other ornaments for women. They also provide accessories and ornaments like watches made of silver, gold, rose gold, white tone, and in other metals.

The headquarters of Kay Jewelers is located at 3265 W Market Street, Akron, OH, USA. There are around 18,000 employees working for the stores at various locations.

Kay Jewelers Headquarters Photos

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  • Jessica says:

    This phone number is not the Kay headquarters phone#. This is the phone # to the local store inside summit mall. The headquarters is Signet 1-800-877-8812

  • Will says:

    That damn commercial you have of the two gay guys kissing that shit offends me you don’t want us offending them so don’t offend straight people

  • Jocelin Melendez says:

    Came into the store end of January 2020 and we purchased: 3 male wedding bands, 1 female wedding band and a diamond bracelet…

    1) I was told that if we wanted a safety chain added to the bracelet that it’d be free but since we had a huge purchase of several items I was directed to pay with the manager so we can finish quicker. The manager who may I say is very rude, unhelpful and not considerate at all about their customers told me that I’d have to pay $150 to add a safety chain. I told her that our salesperson said it was free and she said no. I declined the chain and continued with the purchase. Once I finished the purchase the original sales person asked us if we got the chain added and we let him know that his manager said it was $150. He let us know that it was free for us…. Manager was NOT HELPFUL!

    We went to pick up ALL of the jewelry the beginning of February 2020 and came across several issues:

    1) Another customers diamond bracelet was placed in my bag meanwhile my rings are misplaced in another customers jewelry bag for pick up. My engagement and wedding rings were BOTH MISPLACED and eventually found…..

    2) My fiance’s wedding band was sent to be resized to 12 and engraved ($35 engraving fee)…when ready to pick up the ring was sized to 12.5 and it was NOT ENGRAVED. We now have to wait in additional two weeks to pick up his rings..

    3) My dad purchased wedding band in January as well, when ready to pick up we were told that he needed to bring back the ring he went home with so he can leave with the new one…..MY DAD NEVER WENT HOME WITH A RING so not sure where that note came from.

    Although the salesperson that was had in January was wonderful, helpful and very kind but the unfortunate events when picking up the jewelry shows how unorganized and unhelpful management is. Management did nothing to make this right, ultimately I regret using Kay’s for my wedding.

  • Sandy Irwin says:

    Never will buy from Kay’s again after a ridiculous issue after purchasing a ring online in my size, only to have a size and a half smaller sent to me. Had THREE customer service reps trying to sell me a $29.99 warranty so I could have it sent in to be resized?! Why? I was not at fault here!! The customer service reps (one live chat, two live calls) tried to sell me the warranty and one told me they could exchange the ring for the correct size, however, the sale was now over so I would have to pay full price. I had to make three trips to the nearest Kay Jewelers which was an hour round trip every time and three phone calls to customer service, only to have the in-store sales clerks to tell me buying online is a “no-no”. Sadly, my husband has spent a great deal of money over the years with purchases from this jewelry store but no more. I will never go through that again. Tip to anyone who sees an online “special” pop up on social media, DON’T do it.

  • Carl ,Shelley De Guilio says:

    When are you finally opening your stores ? You are the ONLY 1 still closed.Now that its been 2 months .You need to fire your CEO you are losing your ass business wise.I will never buy from your company again.

  • Robin M. Godfrey says:

    To add to my previous review. I was unable to retrieve my jewelry from the Kay in Independence, MO because I am out of the country & they wouldn’t allow my sister to pick it up for me. Even though I was willing & able to give them all her information & she was going to be required to provide her identification. I also texted my sister a signed note giving her permission. They could have asked to verify the number she got the text from with the phone number they have on file. Kay seems to think they have the right to keep MY jewelry as long they see fit. That’s called theft where I come from.

  • Robin M. Godfrey says:

    The Kay Jewelers in Independence, MO is the place to go if you want to become frustrated & angry after hearing something different from several different people. Sara(h) will happily talk over you then take the only 3 words she heard & twist them into something you didn’t say. She will also hang up on you because she thinks she is a professional. She is not professional & is in desperate need of some professional development classes or even customer service training. I will never purchase from there again & as for the jewelry I do have from Kay, I will not be dealing with Sara(h) ever again when it needs to be inspected or repaired. She is a disgrace & embarrassment to other customer service related people.

  • Kayce Page says:

    Anybody thinking about buying a ring from Kay Jewlers in Simpsonville,KY should also know about the customer service you will receive from them..The first review I wrote had to do with the wedding ring I purchased from them that had to be sized. On the day the ring was supposed to be delivered I called to ask where my ring was.Chris the store Manager was about the rudest person I’ve dealt with in a very long time. He hung up on me twice. Gave me an attitude when the issues we are discussing is their fault. I had to call corporate in order to get them to call the place that does the sizing.Come to find out they haven’t even started on my ring on the day it was supposed to be delivered. Corporate assured me it was an isolated incident and It would never happen again. Just based on the way, Chris,and Kay Jewlers handled this so far I knew I shouldn’t deal with them ever again. However, I did because corporate assured me that Chris ,the store manager, would be talked too and the issue would be resolved..S I had a seconed ring sized for my wife..Bad Mistake! Today the seconed ring was supposed to be delivered.AGAIN..Neither Chris or Kay Jewlers called me to let me know prior to today that my ring wasn’t going to be delivered on the day they promised. It took mre to call them again to inquire about my ring.Again comes the excuses. Today I called Chris to ask where my ring is and he hung up on me twice. Now Im pissed off. I call corporate again and speak with Cynthia at extention x1305 then Maria at extention x1229 with Zero help. Finally someone called from Corporate giving me excuse after excuse why my ring not only wont be here today but maybe on Monday but if not then Wednesday..WHAT?? Kay Jewlers has the worst customer service and dont even seem that interested in making any policy changes.They are all about making excuses.They are definitely not a company that takes responsibility when they make a mistake. If anybody in upper management cares at all about the way their customers are being handled please contact me. Otherwise I have no problem writing reviews on Facebook,Twitter,Google or any other platform I need to let the world know how Kay Jewlers does buisness..Absolutly Horrible!!!!

  • Kayce Page says:

    My wife and I went to the Kay Jewlers outlet in Simpsonville,KY. I purchased a new wedding ring for myself,trading in my previous ring, I upgraded and had to have my new ring sized.They sent my ring off and promised a date of two weeks later for delivery.Today is that date and when my wife called them to see if my ring has come in.They told her that the ring wasn’t going to be there today and maybe not tomorrow either. This is unacceptable!! They promise a date and cannot deliver.When I called them they had every excuse in the world why my ring cant be delivered on the promised day. This is the third ring my wife and I have purchased from Kay Jewlers as well as earings,pandora bracelet ect. Kay Jewlers has horrible customer service and cannot deliver on a promise. They have given me enough reasons why I should not do buisness with them ever again. Very unsatisfied customer

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