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Clark Hunt

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 Brett Veach ,

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Chris Shea

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If you are looking for Kansas City Chief corporate headquarters then you are on the right page. It is a professional football club located in the United States that was founded in 1960. Their primary location is 1 Arrowhead Drive, Kansas City, MO, United States, 64129.

The official website of the company is http://www.chiefs.com/ and you can also choose to mail them via mark.donovan@kcchiefs.com or alternatively call them on their main phone number that is 816-920-9400. You can find a list of all services you can be offered by this company by checking their official website however remember the services offered are subject to change depending on the TX authorities.

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  • Steven LeVine says:

    The chiefs – I sent a note yesterday to Clark Hunt
    On this website – 2/14/2024

    The message was loud and clear :

    Travis Kelse needs to make a public apology at once to the world. (This would have happened already – if he had the right legal & public relations in place. (Yes)

    The embarrassment from this player – Travis Kelse – isn’t at all stellar.

    His behavior started as a young child – obviously now being sugar coated – but the cover has been blown – off.

    His shove and yelling up close to head coach Andy Reed, is awful CBS Live NFL broadcast.

    In the offices of Kansas City Chiefs – it has to resonate huge posture for punishment.

    Every other professional sport – their would be immediate consequences-
    – Sanctions, Justice, fines, not being allowed to play for a period of time.

    Travis can’t be a player that gets away with this incident.

    Taylor Swift – as stated yesterday – will not be with this type of behavior ever.

    Better it was shown his other side – now Taylor can protect herself going forward.

    The Chiefs are the Winner –
    Super Bowl 58

    Long Island New York
    516 728 4355

  • Dalton Stokes says:

    Tell Kelsey to shut up about the vaccine. We don’t care about his new slut and we damn sure don’t want to hear an alpha male tell us to take a bitch vaccine for pussies. By the way you have never seen a photo of coronavirus because they isolated it on the goddamn internet and not in the lab. But NBC and Fox News forgot to tell you so you believed all of this bullshit..

  • Mike dunnihoo says:

    My name is Mike dunnihoo I am 64 years old and I have cancer and it is terminal stage 4 they give me a year to live. I would like to ask you if you could give me two tickets to a home game and I would like to ask if I could get a football with all the players signed it but if only kelce and mahomes to sign it. I love the Kansas city chiefs and I still pray to God every day and I don’t have anything else to say 🙏 😕

  • Rowz Cochran says:

    I just seen the best Chiefs hype video on YouTube on the Funkazulu channel check it out!!!

  • Bob McClain says:

    I have a real to real tape of the 1980 game vs the Pittsburgh Steelers which was the 10th game of the season. It is in a NFL locking case. I believe I may be missing from your film archives. If so are you wanting it back. Can send picture of you want verification of authenticity. Thanks big chiefs fan grew up in KC.

  • Derek dunn says:

    I received a box here in Salina addressed to Prince wanogho.

  • Mike Wilson says:

    Hello Chiefs,

    I have been a huge fan since the mid 80’s when I started paying attention to NFL. I am a Purple Heart Awardee from Afghanistan and have been telling my kids about the Arrowhead Experience. Unfortunately, I am not able to afford even the cheapest of Chiefs tickets due to a corporate restructure of my position this year. Is there a way that I might find some tickets at a Military discounted rate? Please help. Looking for answers.

  • Kathryn sullins says:

    I live in warsaw we need chiefs flags at our local McDonalds. I support Chiefs and McDonalds house. I heard the reason we don’t get flags we are not in district. That is no reason to not sale flags. Our kids need help to. I don’t buy there ex cause. Some one call me. It needs to change. 660 525 1523

  • Kenny says:

    Patrick Mahomes is not a great passer, so Andy or Eric needs to STOP having him throw the ball so often and just run the ball down the throats of their opponents. Patrick completely [by himself] blew the playoff game last year, and should not be allowed to do that again. RUN THE BALL!

  • Janet McArthur says:

    When are the TV announcer’s going to shut up during a game. They missed a sack. 2nd quarter Chicago game. They had to be told. They are not watch the game. Talking about everything else. Please tell them to zip it.

  • Adam cunninghsm says:

    I have a question i have a photo of Neil Smith sacking Steve Young at Arrowhead stadium I’ve had the picture for about 15 to 20 years the glass on the frame broke taking it apart I got another surprise there was a photo behind the Neil Smith photo of Joe Montana throwing the ball against the raiders this is something that’s not been copied a million times this is i believe One of a kind photo how can I get this looked at and valued there is a signature on the photo of Joe Montana

  • Lisa Carlow says:

    We want Tyrann Mathieu re-signed with the Chiefs. Bring our Honey Badger home to retire. We need his defensive leadership!!!

  • dale says:

    I’ve always been a Chiefs fan and they haven’t always made the best trades, but to get rid of Hill is pure stupidity.

  • Christina lopez says:

    Why did you guys trade trick hill he was very good guy

  • John G. Alling says:

    Chiefs’ DC Spagnuolo needs replaced. Consider Mike Zimmer or Marvin Lewis.

  • Sam Bash says:

    Mr Patrick Mahomes strong in the first quarter half way in the second quarter nothing on the third or the fourth,I watched the game from Los Angeles Ca as fan but Patrick failed every one.

  • Jackie.reagh.oliver@gmail.com says:

    Mahommes needs to have his mouth washed out with soap. He used the F word in the third quarter on national tv. A lot of kids look up to him & to hear this was very disappointing.

  • Brookelyn says:

    Hi, I am a really big fan of the Kansas city chiefs for a very long time and I watch every single game you guys play I am a Patrick Mahomes fan for a very long time I have been watching you guys play since I was 9 years old you guys are my fav football team on the planet and Andy Reid you are my fav coach ever you guys better win the next game.

    • BC says:

      That entire game us the most HATEFUL CUSSING, DEROGATORY GAME I ever been at; REALLY YELLING at me saying crawl back in the hole I came out of. That was only beginning. HATEFUL CHIEFS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nestor L Rivera says:

    Dear Kansas Chief. My condolences to Senator Bod Dole, family and Kansas State. Sincerely Nestor L. Rivera

  • Jesse Wilson says:

    Hi there, I am bringing my 8 year old son to his first Chiefs game against the Broncos on 12-5-21, trying to see if Travis Kelce wants to exchange jerseys after game or any Chief for that matter

  • Ruth Emett says:

    I have a friend who is a huge Chiefs fan. He just found out he has cancer.I was wondering if there is a way to get some free things for him. Like the guys signing something for him.

  • Candace Siderides says:

    Kansas City chiefs use KU Medical..who are discriminating against their unvaxxed personnel..do u really want to be part of that? Can u stand up for them and push to make sure that vaxxed and unvaxxed have to abide by ALL the same rules since both can transmit the germs both die from the disease. Please help the unvaxxed be treated equally by the hospital you trust with your employees.

  • Roger says:

    Great to see “Father of the Year” Andy Reid getting some, just some of what he deserves. How is the little girl doing? You know the one Reid’s son almost killed!


    Kansas City Defense Sucks big time. 3 weeks or more in a row, Defense allowing soo many points, that Patrick Mahomes can’t score enough points to win. Fire that Defensive Coordinator and the entire Defense.

  • Mark Mcglothern says:

    Hi, edwards-helaire is really not running nearly as well as i expected as a chiefs fan, #40 running back gore has better running ability.

  • Rob Tate says:

    Please get mahomes some offensive line protection. He is on the ground way too much. Tom Brady is never on the ground.

  • >