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  • Address: 1950 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94612, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 510-987-1000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,15,200

  • Established: 1945

  • Founder: Henry J. Kaiser & Sidney R. Garfield

  • Key People: Bernard Tyson (CEO)

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Kaiser Permanente Headquarters Executive Team



Kathryn Lee Lancaster

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Mark S. Fratzke DNP RN

CEO and President of Seton Medical Center & Seton Coastside

Gregory Andrew Adams

Executive Vice President, President of Northern California Region and Group President

About Kaiser Permanente, History and Headquarters Information


Kaiser Permanente was founded in the year 1945. The company has been active for almost 73 years now. The founders of the company were Sidney R Garfield and Henry J Kaiser. The origin of the company goes back to the year 1933 when Kaiser along with other large construction contractors had formed an insurance company, known as Industrial Indemnity, in order to meet the demands of the compensation of the workers. The company slowly started to grow more by insuring large groups of construction workers, who were doing their work in the same region. During World War II, there was an increased number of workers in the Richmond Shipyard. Kaiser had also set up insurance plans for these workers as well. This company was the direct descendant of the current company named as Kaiser Permanente.

By the year 1958, the company had expanded to Hawaii. In the year 1960, the number of memberships in the company had grown to almost more than 808,000. As of the year 1976, the total number of memberships had reached nearly three million. In the year 1985, the company had expanded to Georgia, USA. In the year 1990, the company started providing total coverage for almost one-third of the population of the cities such as Oakland and San Francisco, USA. In the year 2000, the company had sold its unprofitable Northeast division. As of the year 1995, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary as a public health plan company. In the year 2002, the company had abandoned its attempt to build its own clinical information system with IBM, writing-off almost $452 million in overall software assets. This information technology failure led to significant changes in the organization’s approach as well as to digital records too. The company had looked carefully at two medical software vendors, Cerner and Epic Systems – ultimately choosing Epic as the leading vendor for a new system, which was branded as KP HealthConnect, later on. By the year 2010, the system was the most extensive civilian system of keeping electronic medical records. As of the year 2013, the company had sold off its Ohio Division to Catholic Health Partners. The headquarters of the company is based in 1 Kaiser Plaza. The name of the place is Oakland, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 94612.


Kaiser Permanente is an American company that focuses on the development of medical health care and also is recognized as one of the USA’s leading health care provider as well. The current CEO of the company is Bernard J Tyson. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $79.7 billion. Also, the number of employees working in the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 217,400. The number of physicians though however is more than 22,900, as of the year 2018. The company has over 12.2 million health plan members, as of the year 2018. The company has 37 medical centres and also more than 600 medical offices as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a platform to apply for various types of healthcare plans as well as services, that are offered by the company itself. The health care plans, as well as services, include prenatal care and baby health care, preventive care services, immunizations, screening diagnostics, provide emergency care, pharmacy services, medical and hospital care, etcetera.

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  • Caroline says:

    Who do I talk to in Human Resources

  • Sheryl Dozier says:

    Where is the member service location in south riverside county

  • Disabled says:

    Kaiser’s employees think it’s ok to discriminate against disabled ppl. The Downey Location does it all the time. Also they r unwilling to help disabled ppl obtain a wc or to help ppl who don’t have anyone who doesn’t have someone to push the was kaiser has outside.

    I constantly have employees who make fun of how I walk. It makes me so depressed I think of things that I shouldn’t.

    The cafeteria ppl r rude and make fun of me when I go in to get soda. I compare the calories bc I’m trying to control my wt bc I can barely walk let alone exercise

    Why r employees allowed to do this.

    I won’t give my name bc I don’t want them to retaliate against me

  • Kay Ann Tekle says:

    Please reply to my comment. Kay Ann Tekle info below. Email address.
    1/19/23 PST

  • Kay Ann Tekle says:

    I was with Kaiser in Southern California
    (MR# 22305332.)from September 2016- December 2017. I got my medical records and so many corrections needed. Either somebody using my information or altering it my records. I am very upset and going to send your corporate Headquarters in Oakland a detailed synopsis of my records and corrections and misinformation on these records. I have found out recently 1 1/2 years ago my identity was stolen and sold lock,stock, and barrel 35 years ago- . By a person I knew, that I found out was in organized crime in New York. I didn’t know that at the time, I knew him and worked with him. I found out too late. Recently the person using my identity was in the same hospitals I was in at the same time causing extreme mixup in my records. I got my records from Kaiser and discovered gross mistakes in them.I believe this was going on as far back as September 2016 when I moved to California after my husband died. I am going to correct and mail these to you and beg for your assistance in correcting them.! What address and to whom do I send these corrections to.? Please! whom?? I’m going through them page by page!!
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
    Kay Ann Tekle
    1/20/23. PST.

  • GEORGE OWENS says:

    Dear Sir” 12/30/2022

    I notice visiting Kaiser you cannot carry firearm even if you have a CCW.

    I think this is absolutely wrong. I notice also none of your security guards have firearms,
    I believe that is absolutely wrong.
    People that have CCW permits have to go through a lot of background and training before they even get a permit. It’s a tremendous amount responsibility carrying a firearm. There is schooling involved and also the Sheriff of whatever County you belong to will have a interview with him. And also see if you are capable of having a CCW permit.

    One day if a madman or comes into your facility it will not have a chance to do anything. I believe it is a big mistake not having security have two different weapons. One would be, a real gun, and the other one would be a stun gun. It’s just a matter of time that Kaiser Permante has a serious problem! If a madman comes into your hospitals and starts shooting everyone who is going to protect the people in the hospital???? I believe is a big mistake that you are making!!!! In the past there has been people that have CCW and they have saved lives!!! Big mistake!!!

    Mr. George Owens
    6703 Sarsaparilla Simi Valley California 93063

  • Kay says:

    The woman on your EFT video causes more stress than help because of her voice. She has an extremely high amount of vocal fry at the end of every sentence. Can we not find someone that speaks normally? Referring to the video on this page.

  • SB says:

    To Whom it May Concern,
    Yesterday, 12/15/2022, at 2:23 pm (Mountain time zone) I was on a 48 minute call with your Member Services representative, Dania Jaimes. She was very patient, pleasant, and helpful for the most part. The problem is that she gave me incorrect information regarding the enrollment deadline and effective coverage date. She informed me that I had until December 31 to enroll for coverage effective January 1, 2023. I was surprised to hear that it could be effective the very next day after enrollment, so I questioned her about it, to verify what she told me. I asked her “Really? So, if I didn’t submit the enrollment application until December 31, the coverage would actually be effective the very next day after enrollment, January 1st?” She replied, “Yes the very next day”. I had previously thought the deadine was that very day (the 15th), so because of what your rep told me, I was relieved that I didn’t have to rush to submit it. NOTE: I made the call and completed the enrollment application on line for my adult son, helping him because he is very busy with work. He needs individual insurance for just himself, and we chose one of the Silver plans.
    I had several questions about the coverage details for your rep, which I believe she answered correctly. However, come to find out just today (Dec 16) that the enrollment deadline for coverage effective January 1, 2023, actually WAS yesterday (Dec 15), so because I was given incorrect information, now my son won’t be able to have coverage until February 1, 2023. I called this morning as soon as I discovered the mistake (by my own Kaiser research on-line), and made calls to Kaiser to explain the situation and hoping someone could fix the enrollment date. But after talking to at least three different reps, there is no resolution. This is a situation that should be corrected because it was the original rep that gave me incorrect dates. I’m hoping that someone of authority can help at this point. As of today, my son has enrolled and paid the 1st month coverage, but now he won’t have coverage until February 1, 2023, instead of January 1, like he planned on and needed.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter. Kaiser will have my email address submitted with this comment.

    • SB says:

      This is SB (I wrote the above comment). Just to clarify, when I wrote “hoping someone could fix the enrollment date”, I meant JUST the enrollment date on my son’s application. To fix it from 12/16 to 12/15, just one day, because we were given incorrect deadline dates from the Kaiser rep. That only seems fair. I don’t expect any response from Kaiser about this (too bad), but wanted to call this to applicants and members attention. Incorrect information can easily be given out by representatives, so be aware and diligent in your inquiries.

  • Richard Gonzales says:

    Your hospital in Fontana is very rude and the security are on there phone talking to there Friends about weed and my kid is sick and throwing up his milk and can’t breathe good and they only let one person in I need to help my wife out cause my baby keeps throwing up and spitting up and there making me walk all the way to my car to wait there so if my kid end up not breathing and I could have been the one to help him before you they come that’s on you guys and I had to Deliver my baby and that’s on file that day that it happened my baby almost hit the floor if it wasn’t for me looking under the blanket my kid probably would have died that’s day you guys need to come under cover and see how things work out here this is not nice there supposed to help people not make them fill emotional and what if I had no car and I was in the rain it should at least be the mom or dad or just 2 people in the hospital and this is the address I’m at 9961sierra ave Fontana ca 92335 if corporate can get a hold of me I would like that please or I will contact my lawyer for me helping my baby be born and and me and my kid being out side to and my wife. 10/7/22 7:00 pm

  • Living to die says:

    Kaiser Permente aka kill people sent me home to die. And they continue to refuse to help me. They scared me a potential life ending illness the called me back and said hold on my mistake. It’s been almost 2 weeks. I don’t know what the blood showed. I don’t know what the biopsy showed and they are costing me job. Hey if you kill your patients you get no money.

  • Anonymous says:

    In regards to Steven Romo (Whittier site manager). Given the lawsuit that Kaiser is going through at the moment in correlation with charging for Covid vaccines. I would like to share my experiences with one of your employees. Jonathan Amezquita provided a colleague of mine with fraudulent Covid-19 vaccination cards in January of 2022 in exchange for a specific dollar amount, $100 per card to be exact. He forged and falsely claimed that vaccinations were provided on the cards that were purchased (several). As the consumer, only names had to be written in, all other fields were filled out prior to purchase even falsified patient ID numbers/ lot numbers. I have a card to prove this. This will also be sent to other KP facilities and higher ups. This is a federal crime orchestrated by a Kaiser Employee at the Whittier Kaiser Medical Office. This should be handled immediately.
    Best regards.

    Address of specific Kaiser Location:
    12470 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA 90602

  • April says:

    I ABSOLUTELY hate kaiser!!! My mom. Always told me hate was a strong word and not to use it but .. I have too in this case. I lost coverage that I had with my employer because of me no longer working with that company… I have diabetes and take other medicine plus insulin… Which I can’t afford right now because it’s too high and again no insurance… I called the pharmacy and they said they couldn’t do anything about it… 599.96 for two kinds of freaking insulin that I need to stay alive are you freaking kidding me smfh…. I applied for healthcare. Gov until I start back working and I was approved but… I still have to pay my premium before I can get medicine and go to the doctor… I’m not freaking working right now how am I supposed to do that…this is crazy… Healthcare is crazy that’s why ppl with certain diseases and mental health and not getting the care they need .. cuz the shit is too high and you can’t afford insurance and in time of need nobody cares . I’m in Georgia and they certainly don’t give a damn. I have never in my life seen a freaking state or healthcare institution give less than a freak about it’s citizens or clients… I’ll start back working in a few days and I swear I will NOT be chosing Kaiser as my healthcare provider at my new job on their insurance plan… I just pray everyday that God keeps me alive.

  • Dion Olivas says:

    Kaiser is horrible I’ve been on the phone for hours today trying to locate an approved DME. then I get a letter denying the DME supplies. I can get the DME but not the supplies. Then no one knows who handles IMR decisions. I ve been a member for over 25 years.

  • Carole Hemstreet says:

    From the best medical to the worst!!!! My parents had Kaiser for over 30 years and from the treatment my mother received when dying I joined Kaiser when I turned old enough for SS and Kaiser. For several years it was wonderful. Since 2020 it has been a nightmare. I can’t get an appointment unless it’s at least 2 to 3 months wait. If I call to make an appointment, I’m on hold with a recording, if I’m lucky enough to get a person they ask detailed questions then transfer me to a nurse. Once transferred it’s over a 3 hour wait!!!!!
    My doctor wants everything done via emails and photos, no personal contact. I have a problem with my eye since May 12th when I had dental work done. The eye problem was bad. I finally, via emails, got eye drops after I told my doctor I looked on WebMD and thought my problem might be pink eye. Well, today it’s worse and can hardly see out of it. I called to get an appointment with an eye doctor. After the wait on the phone the live person told me I could see a regular doctor at the end of next month who in turn can refer me to an eye doctor which I can only guess will be another several weeks wait to get an appointment. I’m forced now to sit in urgent care if I want to see a doctor. Kaisers NEW care. I even tried to change doctors but none in my area were taking any new patients. Our family has now had, including myself, well over 40 years of Kaiser but not any longer when November comes, I’m gone. THE WORST MEDICAL EVER. What a shame to see such a wonderful medical fall apart. I don’t do doctors via emails or over the phone I want to see my doctor when I have a problem.

  • Bo Mak says:

    You have someone working as a certified surgical technologist in San Fransico that has admitted to molesting young girls when in his late teens. Is that safe?

  • Kathleen says:

    The new medical office building in Redwood City lierally stinks. Some genius decided to supply the toilets with recycled water which looks amd smells like sewer. They try to cover the smell with some awful cleaner smell that is crazy strong. The smell some days fills the lobbies and patient care areas. It is digusting.

  • SUSAN A IRVIN says:

    This place is really awful for Medicare Advantage plans pharmacy have issues and no one seems to know the answer or can help they transfer the pharmacy all over

  • Mercedes Fitzgerald says:

    We have been a member to Kaiser over 13 years and made a mistake I forgot to make the feb payment. I was doing March payment now and notice that I never made feb payment. Today March 15 received a letter saying that my policy has been cancel. I have gotten any letter that my payment was due or even a call. I have four kids under the age of 8 years old and now they can’t reinstate my account which it doesn’t make any sense when we have been with Kaiser over a decade and one time made a mistake and never received a notice now they want to leave me without insurance until open enrollment. This is so upsetting and frustrating

  • Dan Embree says:

    Dear Kaiser,

    I want to explain a problem with Kaiser Permanente’s system for managing pharmacy refills. I have been experiencing this problem for several years, but I am not submitting this complaint just to solve my own problem. Several professionals, both on the medical staff and on the pharmacy staff have told me that the problem is generic.

    The problem can be best understood by looking at one short entry on my own Medication List:

    Pravastatin Sodium 80 Mg Tab
    Refills remaining: 2
    Status: This prescription is not available to fill.
    Prescribed by: ___________________ MD
    Prescribed on: 11/10/2021
    Instructions: Take 1 tablet by mouth daily to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

    Only one piece of relevant information is missing here – that the prescription is for 100 tablets – but that information is on the pill bottle, and of course in the pharmacy’s computer.

    The rest is arithmetic:
    – On 10 November I was prescribed 100 pills.
    – I was told to take 1 pill per day.
    – 100 days from 10 November was 18 February.
    – I am authorized to get 2 refills.
    – I cannot have a refill.
    – As of today, 5 March, I have been without this medication for 15 days.

    I know how to solve this problem because I have done it several times. I call the pharmacy and am told that the prescription is not available to fill. I explain the arithmetic. The pharmacist sees the problem, wonders why it has occurred, and directs me to contact my physician to authorize the refill – which, of course, he has already done. So I email my physician, and he re-authorizes the refill, and a day or so later my prescription is sent. No problem: just one more day of delay for me, a few minutes on the phone for the pharmacist, and an extra chore for Dr Won at the end of a busy day doing his real job. And, with luck, I won’t have a heart attack.

    But because I was trained at West Point to eliminate obstacles, I make another call, trying to contact a supervisor in the pharmacy department to see whether this problem could be fixed before I have to do it all over again for the next medication that keeps my blood pressure under control – and this is the kind of problem that tends to make blood pressure an aggravating factor. Contacting a supervisor in any organization is, by design I suspect, never easy, but when after some delay I reach a pharmacy supervisor, she listens carefully and, because she has heard all this before, she has a series of answers ready:
    – That this is an IT problem, not a pharmacy problem.
    – That the IT people do not allow themselves to be contacted, by her or by me.
    – That therefore the problem cannot be solved.
    – And anyway, I have caused the problem because I ordered this prescription from the Kaiser pharmacy in Virginia!

    I confess that this last charge is true. Since I live part of every year in New Mexico, and since Kaiser does not operate in New Mexico, and since Kaiser cannot ship medications from California to New Mexico, when a medication runs out while I am in New Mexico, on Kaiser’s explicit instructions, I order a refill from the Kaiser pharmacy in Virginia (703 466-4900). There is no problem with this part of Kaiser’s operation. It works beautifully.

    But not in California. That’s because of what I’ve come to think of as the Kaiser Reciprocal Interstate Prescription Paradox (KRIPP): A medication prescribed in California can be refilled in New Mexico by way of Virginia without a hitch, but a medication prescribed in California and refilled in Virginia cannot be refilled again in California. Worse, all other prescriptions, even those that have not been contaminated by passing through Virginia, can never again be refilled in California without the comic phone-and-email opera performed each time by me, a pharmacist, my physician, and another pharmacist.

    Do you think you have an IT person who could fix this? (Please do not try to fix it by just getting my prescription filled. That is not what I’m writing you about.)

    Dan Embree
    Berkeley, CA 94704

  • Lyudmila Kell says:

    I received a bad cortisol test which was not even prescribed by my new doctor, but by my previous doctor who retired (thank you, Dr. Bayles!) I have bilateral adenomas of adrenal glands and on-line it said that it could mean terrible things. I called Kaiser central number (there is no way to reach my doctor’s office – the number is unavailable) and they said that my doctor is on vacation ( although her email says that she was back 2 days ago) and another doctor would call me the next day – Dr. Rhodes . I’ve been waiting for 5 days now, very stressed out. Dr. Rhodes called an hour later than she was supposed to (and I am also at work and cancelled a meeting to take her call, mind you.) She said that she has nothing to tell me because she would have to read my chart. I asked why didn’t she read it, since this is a phone visit. She said that she will tell my doctor, and she hung up on me with the last words, “OK, I will not help you!” Is this the kind of “service” Kaiser provides?

  • Charles M Minster says:

    Your continued denial of signing a contract for the Operating Engineers Local 39, who skillfully and faithfully maintain the mechanical infrastructure of your hospitals and facilities in Northern California, and the fact that you are offering them less than the U.S. Government is offering retirees in Social Security benefits for the next year (and you are offering less for a 3 year span!)is unconscionable. The rise in cost of living and the loyal service they have delivered to Kaiser throughout the COVID pandemic DEMANDS much more than the insult offer you won’t budge from. Disgust and condemnation is my comment to you.

  • Dorothy L Hunt says:

    Hello. I have tried unsuccessfully to register for no-cost transportation with Safe Ride. I was informed my Member Services that I was eligible for this service. I was told that this service is available to all members. My primary doctor submitted a “referral ” documenting my cerebral palsy, arthritis and mobility limitations. I was informed by Safe Ride that this service is for Medicare Advantage customers only. Is this the case?

  • Nataliya Peck says:

    Kaiser Hawaii ER is currently harming my special needs child on the pretenses of keeping them safe. My child is severely depressed and suffers from sensory overload and they have been kept them in an empty room, with 60 degrees temperature, constant commotion of distressed patients (normal ER atmosphere) on a gurney that is too short for them ( legs are dangling off it from the calf down) for 7 days. My child is visibly disassociating and sleep deprived. Their mental condition that we brought him in for is deteriorating by the minute due to highly stressful environment. No diagnosis is being made, we get a different psychiatrist do a video call once a day just so they can order to continue psychiatric hold. No transfer to a proper facility has been done. At this point the KP psychiatrists are starting to tell me to medically sedate my child who’s condition is getting worse due to the situation instead of removing them from the harmful situation that they have caused. I have talked to ER supervisors, customer service, drs and nurses and patient advocate (who was nowhere to be found for 6 first days). I was denied AMA and threatened a police presence if I insist. This admission was volunteer, no suicidal actions were taken, my kid merely admitted to having suicidal thoughts and we immediately brought him in for help. The way my child and us (the parents) have been treated by Kaiser Permanente Moanalua ER is a blatant civil rights violation and medical malpractice. Kaiser Permanente failed my family. We have been your members for 14 years and we are leaving your system.

  • Richard A Lewis says:

    Hello Medical Development Team,

    I hope you will try a MicroLight “Hands Free” Smart Laser…You can provide another care center…Really fill your continuum of care!!!

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  • Kevin says:

    I just called Kaiser as we are in open enrollment right now. I was told to call 800-464-4000 and reference number 10250. Got transferred to 6 different people and one rep asked me how to spell Cortisone. Are you kidding me?

  • Edward Horne says:

    I have been with Kaiser for 7+ years. Recently my wife and I started experiencing mental health issues with our youngest son. He has stated he wants to commit suicide and indicated the desire to hurt others. His school has sent him home, because he poses a threat to his fellow students. My wife and I are not versed in what to do in this situation. Kaiser has referred him for counseling that does not start until December while it’s currently October and help is required now. I am being told because he is not attempting to commit suicide today, he does not qualify for additional protocols that would allow him to be seen earlier. To me this a distinction without a difference. I will hold Kaiser legally and morally responsible if my child harms himself or others due to their failure to respond with timely mental health services. This is ridiculously absurd. There must be a change in current mental health protocols.

    Edward C Horne Jr./Drue Horne
    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    • April says:

      This is RIDICULOUS!!! I hope your son is ok… May God Bless you all!!! My son has mental health problems as well… And Kaiser doctors are NOT it… They are prescribing jim medicine without a diagnosis… I asked the doctor… What is his diagnosis and she said don’t want to put a label on him yet… Then why in the freak are you prescribing him medicine gtfoh… Now my son won’t even take any of the medicine… And I’m not forcing him too like I was in the beginning because… If he doesn’t have a diagnosis… Then why are you giving him medicine… And when I was giving it to him it wasn’t helping… At ALL… I’m truly done with Kaiser.. I’m in Austell Georgia!!!

  • Rachid Zangui says:

    Good morning I am a member with Kaiser and I was scheduled for a surgery in Tyson’s corner facility, suddenly my appointment was canceled to be rescheduled in a different facility up to now nothing happened
    Here are the date
    First schedule 11/28
    2nd schedule 10/07
    Canceled. 09/28
    To be rescheduled
    Up to now they couldn’t find me another facility for a surgery in a none Kaiser facility as they told me, please explain to me how this can happened in Kaiser.

  • Elizabeth Smith says:

    I have been with Kaiser for over 13 years. I am very satisfied with the service they provide. Their offices are very complete and professional. The doctors are very professional and attend very well. It is also the only place where you go and find everything in the same building. Medical care, laboratory, pharmacy, X-rays, it is a very complete place. To have all these amenities you cannot expect it to be free.

  • Keessass bygtyme says:

    Hah! I totally agree with the comments below. Kaiser has to be the worst medical care facility in the USA. It’s a crying shame it’s the only choice from my employer, the other health company is a fortune. I’ve been on the phone 48 minutes, but I estimate it’ll be much more. That’s no even the issue, neither is the pathetic hold music! Are you people trying to make callers commute subside? Are you fucken crazy!?
    Your team of so called doctors has always failed me and my family. Please stay away from this complete pile of shit company. Wikipedia says it made 88 billion dollars last year, wtf? And netted negative 2 billion, too fucken bad assholes, take that . Still holding….52 minutes…….fuck this.

  • steve Inscore says:

    The worst

  • GREG LOUZAO says:


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