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  • Address: 547 Garden Ave, Billings, MT 59101, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 406-252-3104
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1962
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Pat Hittmeier (CEO)

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About K O A, History and Headquarters Information

For all of our camping enthusiasts, we present to you the K O A, the leading campground planners in the USA and Canada. Set up in 1962, it has achieved quite a success by being one of the prominent and trusted planners for the camping activities at various of the popular campgrounds in these two nations. Having access to more than 485 locations, it offers the best solutions to the campers in terms of the details of sites about the campgrounds, the accessibility to the same, the various methods of staying over there or setting up the camps and the tips and tricks for a memorable experience in the location. And guess what, all of these comes at very affordable rates. Hence, refer to the official website to know more about its different packages, deals, and coupons and book your most desired camping holiday with the family and dear ones.

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  • Lori Crandall says:

    I need some one to contact me regarding a stay at. KOA in Coloma/St.Joe Michigan. Horrible management!!

  • Donna Brown says:

    I wish KOA headquarters had an email address where I could give some kind constructive criticism. The inconsistency of early arrival policy and other differences makes using KOA not as pleasing as it could be. 90% of the time KOA is excellent, but the mediocre owners ruin your reputation.

  • Clay Simmons says:

    Left a comment yesterday and have not heard back from you let’s try again trying to book 3 months stay at the pine island KOA and we keep getting told they don’t have the new rates I think that’s a bunch of BS I want a call from someone about this situation 609-675-4020 I spend a lot of money at your facilities

  • David moore says:

    The Koa in hatteras NC I have called about 5 times about them to email a confirmation but they still have not

  • Clay Simmons says:

    We’ve been trying to book for a three months stay in Pine Island KOA West Coast of Florida they keep telling us they do not have the rates yet what is going on are we getting snowballed or what I want an answer

  • Russ says:

    Have had reservations at Spokane KOA and needed to cancel in plenty of time based on web site stated rules. Many calls tried but only recording and no calls returned to multiple voice messages left. May end up disputing credit charge!

  • Shirley says:

    Staying in Koa in Nashville on Music Valley DRIVE. The workout room is filthy,has been since Friday April 1st. I asked at office if it had been cleaned. Her reply was I doubt it,. Employees were sitting there. A trampoline was just outside the door with sand around it. That is being tracked in. Both treadmills are not working and have sand on them. Ppl just look in and are disgusted by the filth.i took pictures and can send them to you.

  • Karen Lennerton says:

    We have stayed at 6 KOA’s on this journey from Canada to Texas and back. I will never join KOA again nor stay in one again. For the price you charge and get nothing! In 6 KOA’s I couldn’t hook up wifi. The grounds in most are unkept and not kept up at all. To park on pea gravel or be in a dust bowl for 60.00 or more a night is unacceptable. How do certain KOA’s think it’s ok to charge $116.00 per night? Ridiculous. I will never recommend anyone stay at a KOA again. You used to have a higher standard. What happened?

  • Patricia Ann Chamberlain says:

    Have reservations at Ludington KOA near Baldwin, MI. NO problem making reservations and taking my money, but have had to cancel and I hear nothing from them. I’ve made phone calls, text message, and an email with absolutely no reply. My reservation is the 3rd week of June so I figured they could easily get the cabin rented again. Disappointed that their voice mail mentions returning any call or text. It has been 2 weeks and no answer! Very disappointed in Michigan

  • Claude & Louise Leblanc says:

    I’m at Moore Haven KOA. The swimming pool is closed because the water turned green do to lack of maintenance. The reason for no maintenance is because the owner does NOT want to pay the pool man for the work that he is doing. It would be appreciated if someone could fix the problem. Thank you in advance.

  • Jim says:

    Corporate needs to send their people to Friendly School before they send them out to Camp Grounds

  • DA says:

    I was saddened today when my daughter who works at the Willcox KOA told me she was going to take a break from the Insanity. She has worked there for about 17 months and loves the campground but is treated disrespectfully. She doesn’t take days off, except for for one funeral. Works all Holidays, weekends and helps whomever needs it. All she asked was if she was rehireable. Management now totally ignores her. Won’t discuss any other options. Thanks for showing absolutely no common courtesy.

  • David says:

    KOA Campground, it should be call the KKK Campground in Albuquerque, if you have any skin color other than white stay away from this place, the guys on the golf carts will not talk to you acknowledge you or help you in any way unless you are white , this place is in a bad area is why they have such a high fence around the place. I would not recommend.

  • John Anderson says:

    You need to be aware that the KOA Lake Livingston/Onalsaska Texas is requiring guests to provide their drivers license so they can photo copy.

    When asked why, the explanation was that management wants a copy of everyone’s drivers license in case of a credit charge dispute. I was told they keep the drivers license on file so that they can look up if a credit charge back happens.

    My question is where are everyone’s drivers licenses being kept? In a file cabinet? In a drawer? How long are they keeping copies of the drivers license? A month, two months? How are they destroying them? Are they being thrown in the trash?
    With today’s identity theft, this is wrong in everyway!

    This KOA is even requiring everyone to where a wrist band with your name on it if you are out walking around? Really!

    We booked two nights and left after the first and shall never stop again.

  • Kris says:

    We’ve been a seasonal camper with KOA for nearly 20yrs……and after this season we won’t be coming back. We’ve had enough of the new owners, she is one of the rudest most unpleasant person I’ve ever seen. Her children are mirror images of her nasty personality.
    Camping is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful but the KOA in Onawa Iowa is a far cry from that….it’s walking on eggshells at its finest. Many of her seasonals aren’t coming back because of her attitude. During covid 2020 she wouldn’t allow any camping until June but we all paid and never received credit for those months that were unable to be camped….her response “we lost,you lost” ummm no you took our money we were the ones that lost!

  • gueat says:

    omg im at koa in cardinal ontario i juat watch the guy that runs the place pull uo on his golf cart and screan amd swear at young kids i have it on video and all i want my mkney this place is crazzy stay away run and run fast.

  • Marie says:

    Went to KOA at Lake Milton in Ohio. Owner disrespects the KOA name. He was so rude to us. Called my son in law a fucking dummy. His words. My grandchildren were scared of him. He yelled at us for flashing a flashlight and having one flashed back. Um. It was a game we were playing with other family members. Then he saw I had a clothesline tied to a tree. Yes. I did not know this wasn’t permitted so I immediately walked there to untie it. As I was trying to untie the knot, he pulled out a knife and cut it. I’m a 65 year old grandma and this was suppose to be a fun time but that man is miserable and he should not be allowed to have his nasty attitude associated with KOA unless his KOA stands for Kranky old ass…never again. I’ve never been treated like he did. Just constantly bitched at us.

  • Edward says:

    Stayed 1 of 4 nights in the Fort Collins/Wellington campground. Wished I had checked the reviews. So many others complained of the same thing on websites like “tripadvisor” and others. Next door to a cow pasture with swarms of flies, smell of feces and a mountain of manure nearby. Asked for a refund for 3 of the 4 nights ($100.00). Owner refused all but 1 night refund. Called KOA Corp., spoke to “Tina”, who said she would pass on the complaint/refund, but said it was up to the owner. No response from KOA corp. I advise anyone considering staying at KOA to think again. Irresponsible! I have contacted several several state agencies and the BBB to investigate. KOA Wellington is aware of the problem and so is KOA Corp. They deceive out of state travelers knowing full well they won’t be around to take other legal recourse. All this for $100.00. Some business model. Real professional.

  • scott hammond says:

    i have been calling to get one of your catalogs for 45 min. you people suck

  • Cindy says:

    Do you inspect all your KOA sites to uphold to your standard? Curious KOA camper

  • Diane says:

    Staying at the KOA in Flagstaff Az, booked a full service RV park. However, we do not have sewer hook up. Also laundry facility has 9 washers which 5 are out of order. Very disappointed.

  • Jordan Yates says:

    I currently have reservations for this weekend at the KOA in Albuquerque, N.M. I received word yesterday a family member passed away and tried to cancel my reservation (knowing the cancellation policy but hoping for special circumstantial treatment considering the death). Not only was “Ruth” terribly rude and not helpful or empathetic but she hung up on me twice! I have never been treated so poorly by an organization in my life! I hope someone reads this and contacts me!

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