Where is Justfly Corporate office Headquarters

Justfly Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3333 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu#600
    Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada QC H4R 2N1

  • Phone Number:
    (514) 508-7500

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: guarantee@justfly.com

  • Number of Employees: 695

  • Established: 1980

  • Founder: Matt Keezer

  • Key People: Bill Ihnken

Justfly Headquarters Location & Directions

Justfly Headquarters Executive Team



Matthew Keezer

CEO & Founder

Nick Hart


Eric Parent


About Justfly, History and Headquarters Information

Justfly has its headquarters in Canada and it was established in the year 1980. The founder and CEO of the company are Matthew Keezer. A US-based travel-company which has made flying all the more simple and easy for their customers. You have the opportunity wherein you can search and then compare the deals with the other airlines available out there. all you need to do is put in the specific details like the date of your travel and when you want your return tickets, the destination you intend traveling to and the number of passengers including you during the journey and then get the other details on your mobile phone. Also, they offer an extended cancellation policy thus you can book your tickets without any hassle. The flights that you book are checked by the flight experts and that’s how you know you can totally rely upon us. The process is convenient and you do not have to wait anymore to get your e-tickets.

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  • Scott Rhinehart says:

    These guys are scam artists. There is no customer service.

  • Lee Phan says:

    I purchased a ticket to go to Thailand from San Francisco CA from February 10, 2024 to March 9, 2024. One of my travelmate has law enforcement warrant and he police arrested the passinger at the airport. On March 13, 2024 I called and canceled ticket and requested for a refund and I paid a cancelling fees on my credit card 03/13/2024 for $279.80 the guy told me takes 3-5 business day for my refund and I waited and waited until nothing no refund come to bank untill 03/21/2024 I called and talk to the same guy I spoke with and he said just wait until end of this week and we will send email to you when the refund check ready to you ok. I said ok. and until today 04/03/2024 I check in my bank and there is nothing refund to come to my bank and I call them talk to same guy and he said oh your refund was sent on 03/24/2024 and it cannot go throught your bank account they just lied to me. Please do any business with this company anymore.

  • Emily Achieng Oluoch says:

    I have been waiting for my Voucher/Refund since December 2023. Please contact me as soon as you get this comment.

  • Ji Lu says:

    JustFly Booking Number: 228-632-731

    To Whom it may concern,

    In April 2023, Justfly booking agent booked up 5 round trip tickets for my family from New York to Shanghai without notifying us the TSA (Taiwan)airport layover visa issue for non-AMERICAN passport holders. As a result, my wife Tao Li, my son Yintao Li couldn’t board on the flight EVA AIR 771 in Shanghai on 8/31. They are permanent residents holding Chinese passports.

    My six-year-old daughter Angelina Lu getting used to be with her mother also refused to board the flight EVA AIR 771. They also missed the international transfer EVA AIR flight 32 on 9/1 at TPA airport.

    I purchased 3 one-way tickets totaling $4,300 for my wife and two kids returning New York. I need reimbursement for $4300 expenses caused by your company’s negligence in informing the visa issues on returning tickets in TSA airports.

    I contacted Justfly since September, no response, no help. Terrible business service!

  • AV says:

    I booked my flight through your app. I ended up paying for my ticket again at the airport. When I’m back, I’m gonna sue you all my expenses and damages

  • GN says:

    My name is GN. I am writing from USA. My experience with fustfly has been terrible. I do not know who to reach to resolve my issue. I am unable to change the return date for my daughter. She has been ill and suicidal. I wanted to get her home sooner, but I was unable because of ill work of your emplyees. I tried to change the date first few times, your agents added illegal fees on top of fines. I am fine to pay fine, but why justfly acts tricky with its customers? I have been booking with you multiple times, but this is unbelievable. I am extremely disappointed. I have been already stressed out with my daughters depressed condition, and know your agency is making my life worse. I called to Turkish airlines, but they are unable to change because I booked this ticked thru justly. Please do something. I need to get my daughter ASAP!!!!

    I was desperate making change, but your agents today Michael and the other one hang up on me! I regret that I trusted your agency. You are so untrustworthy. Do not make money from peoples greive.

  • Hannah says:

    I have similar problem with Justfly. A cancelled ticket without refund. Plan to go to court but they refuse to give me Justly USA address

    • Raphael says:

      I have been trying to get my refund for over at least seven weeks we had to cancel going to Maui then the fire happened I have chatted phone calls and NOTHING! This company has been in litigation a few times I am going to put this out and won’t stop

  • Nasser kherella says:

    Big scamming company, their new website platform is designed to trick customers and scams them for many services that are not requested. Be very careful after you choose your flight and enter your credit card information, it will take you to another screen and you are trapped with many options that you can’t decline and all will be charged to your card immediately. Even when you call them, their customer service operates out of Egypt, they are well trained to scam you without offering any solution or even sympathy.. very bad company be careful, do not do business with them.

  • Mad Bama says:

    Flight booked in April and was cancelled by airline in May and JustFly doesn’t want to refund. They did not provide what was purchased and should refund my money. Airlines say I am entitled to refund.

  • toby Bloom says:

    I agree they now want me to pay 200.00 to get a refund back iof 1350.00 was not told this in august.

  • Hazel says:

    Literally the worst company I’ve ever worked with. Good luck trying to get your money back. This is a scamming place

  • Carol Anson says:

    Carol Anson
    Booking Number : 204-886-152
    Iceland Air Confirmation Number: 3UB7DV
    (2nd attempt) JustFly’s Reference #745431 for an internal review

    * May 30- canceled my reservation for an IcelandAir flight scheduled for June 3 with JustFly on their website as instructed by JustFly’s website and IcelandAir’s website.

    * Mid June- contacted Iceland Air to inquire about credit voucher for future travel. Iceland Air stated my ticket was not cancelled by JustFly and the ticket was suspended (shown as a no-show) and no credit voucher will be honored.
    Contacted Justfly customer service number 800-717-501 several times and waited for for assistance each time before successfully getting a person to speak with. Many times, after following the voice automated prompts, the line would just hang up or I had to wait excessive amounts of time before getting a person on the line. I waited anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hour. JustFly’s online “Ask a Agent” feature does not work. This feature directs you to a bunch of Q & A ‘s, never getting anyone online to assist. Spoke with a representative named Carlos who set up an internal review of my claim, not providing a reference # and stated a decision would be made in 1-3 business days and I would receive a phone call and email.

    * June 29th 2:13 pm received an email from JustFly stating my service request would not be fulfilled due to booking restrictions.
    6:20 pm- Called JustFly again and spoke with Sam to state that I cancelled my ticket in the manner as instructed by JustFly’s website and IcelandAir’s website and JustFly did not do their job and I requested a refund or credit from JustFly. Sam was very understanding, patient, professional, and documenting my complaint. Sam stated by looking at the details of my booking and previous communication with me, he stated that I did what I was supposed to do by cancelling my ticket on May 30th prior to my flight scheduled for June 3 and that I should indeed receive a refund or credit to compensate me for JustFly’s wrongdoing. He issued me yet another internal review, this time providing a Reference # 745431.

    * July 19- 8:00 am- called JustFly’s customer service number in Canada 902-620-0689, spoke with a representative named Mike. I provided my Reference # and he reviewed my file and after 3 disconnects and him calling me back, he stated that IcelandAir would be directly refunding me $113 for each ticket on the reservation (two tickets totaling $226) and that the refund by IcelandAir was to be sent out on July 1 and would take 1-2 business days. Mike asked if I received a refund and stated that I have not received a refund from Iceland Air. I paid a total of $1123.34 for these two tickets from JustFly. I stated to Mike that this was unacceptable and that JustFly failed to do their job and that I am owed more than the refund he stated. I asked that he refer me to a manager and the corporate office customer service number. Mike stated that “that is the best I/we could do” and he hung up on me. (This complete conversation from beginning to end lasted 30 minutes.)
    *9:09 am- called IcelandAir customer service and spoke with a representative named Selena to inquire about the refund quoted to me by JustFly representative Mike. Selena stated that Iceland Air does not issued refunds on tickets purchased by travel agencies.

    *9:11 am – I called Just Fly’s customer service number in Canada 902-620-0689 to state Iceland Air’s policy of not refunding tickets purchased from travel agencies and that Iceland Air only provides refunds for tickets purchased from Iceland Air directly. I waited on the phone for approximately 40 minutes before hanging up.

    Summary: I cancelled my reservation according to JustFly policy. JustFly did not cancel my reservation with Iceland Air. Iceland Air has me as a no show for my reservation and per policy I am not entitled to a credit for future travel. JustFly reviewed my claim twice resulting in a “so called” refund for $226 that would be paid to me directly from Iceland Air. No refund has been issued to me. Iceland Air does not issue refunds for tickets purchased by using a travel agency. JustFly owes me a refund. I do not wish to go around in circles with JustFly anymore as my time is valuable and I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in Canada (https://www.bbb.org/ca/qc) and in the Better Business Bureau in United States (https://www.bbb.org/file-a-complaint.) Personal research has resulted in me finding many many many unsatisfactory complaints about JustFly’s shady business practices. In addition to contacting the Better Business Bureaus, I will be reaching out to my State of Virginia (USA) congressman. I will also be emailing JustFly’s corporate office (Guarantee@Justfly.Com) and CEO Matthew Keezer’s LinkedIn email address (linkedin.com/in/matthew-keezer-38859a20). And finally, I will be putting JustFly on blast on every social media platform stating their fraudulent business practices until I receive compensation.

    • Mad Bama says:

      I am having a similar issue. Booked a flight from Dallas to Manila on April 27, 2022 ( American – DFW to LAX and Philippines Airline from LAX to Manila). Bookiing Number 208-062-371 Received several emails following the confirmation that my itinerary had changed. The last itinerary change email I received, I checked as usual and the Philippines Airlines flight was gone. I called and was told that the Philippines Airlines flight had been cancelled by the airline. Philippines Airlines also said because I purchased the tickets through JustFly, they would have to issue the refund. JustFly said American cancelled the flight and they also said that I paid Philippines Airlines directly. I have a receipt showing JustFly as the Merchant. I have contacted an attorney and will take legal action if necessary. American Airlines is still showing an active ticket and is boarding Thursday November 24, 2022 even though JustFly is showing the reservation to be cancelled. Here is a link to an attorney office doing an investigation for a class action suit against JustFly. (https://chimicles.com/justfly-com-class-action-investigation/)

  • Sharon says:

    This is the worst company to book with

  • Kari Gurney says:

    Dear JustFly and Flighthub,

    Reference Number: 195-636-542

    I wanted to make you aware of a MOST unpleasant experience I had with your customer service department. I have no doubt you would want to know about poor service in the best of circumstances. HOWEVER, in the middle of an unprecedented time, and COVID still impacting people’s ability to travel, you definitely need to be aware of the unprofessional and inexcusable treatment I have received in the last 2 months.

    Prior to the acknowledgement of the pandemic and the shutdown of our nation, I had scheduled a family trip abroad, using your application (Justfly) among others. Once the pandemic was announced and international travel restricted, I had to cancel my trip. All other vendors immediately refunded all tickets and reservations without penalty. Justfly offered me airline credit for future travel with an expiration date of June 2022. However, once the COVID variants were exposed, I realized the trip would not occur this year either . Initially I tried to work with the Justfly customer service line, but the Level 0 agents who answered the call were not sure how to assist me in extending my credit and forwarded my situation to a next level agent (Backoffice Dept). I was ASSURED a timely resolution and email back but it never occurred. I made multiple calls to the service desk. I still have two outstanding requests Ref # 2US9HP and ref #621839.

    ULTIMATELY I reached out to the airline (British Airways) directly. They completely understood and assured me they were extending all travel credit vouchers issued between March 2020 and September 2022 (I have Exhibit A & Exhibit B documents from British Airways I can email you) to September 2023. HOWEVER, since the travel was booked through your application, they were unable to do it for me. Even according to your own “Terms and Conditions” it states ” The booking date and/or travel date of your trip must be within the validity period allowed by the AIRLINE (eg 12 OR 24 months from the original ticket purchase date or travel date, depending on the AIRLINE policy.” (exhibit C is a printout of your own terms and conditions from my reservation). So, I called back to your customer service line, and received the same run around. The rest of my party I was traveling with booked through other applications and ALL of them had no problem extending their credit with BA to the September 2023 date.

    Therefore there should be no questions! This is UNACCEPTABLE customer service.

    I EXPECT my CREDIT VOUCHER to be extended to the September 2023 date IMMEDIATELY! If not, I will share this deplorable experience on all social media forums to ensure others will NOT have to suffer this situation and I have no doubt many will NEVER use Justfly again!!

    Knowing that your company’s success relies on great experiences shared by all, I am CERTAIN you can understand the hardships this experience has caused me. I am not normally a confrontation person and I’m disappointed that your application is taking advantage of the situation at your customers expense.

    I expect to hear from someone by May 26, 2022. If you require further information, or would like to discuss in person, please contact me at (301) 848-9810 or kaygurn@gmail.com during normal business hours (Eastern Time Zone).


    Kari Gurney

  • Madgie says:

    Justfly customers service is atrocious. Bought economy ticket on their website to London but was told by Virgin it was Economy Lite and 1 check bag is not included. How terrible is this. Airline charges $75 for 1 check bag and $100 for an additional. Also, you will only receive someone if you are trying to book a flight. If not ,they will answer from a call center somewhere out of the country with a foreign accent and lie to you about transfer to customer service or just hang up the phone. It is a shame they are allowed to come to our country and get away with deceptive practices. Hopefully cooperate office will assist.

  • zinash says:

    the same for me as well, I canceled my flight and never get my money back or exchange the flight date to use my money .

  • Mona says:

    I got screwed out of my tickets

    the airlines canceled my flight sent the money back to just fly on their credit card instead of mine and can not get the money back Have called several several times left on hold for hours

  • Bachtra says:

    Dear sir
    I want to have the adult supervision for my two daughter
    My justfly booking number 207010181
    Can you help me?

  • Julie Donley says:

    Reservation #176-842-182
    Case number524058 give to me from Abdallah Hassan (supposed Justfly customer service)

    EXTREMELY UPSET CUSTOMER – JUSTFLY customer service is terrible and unacceptable – I have been waiting for 3 days for a response to my case – this is unacceptable on top of I have tried to call been placed on hold TO NO ONE ANSWERING this is RIDICULOUS! Can someone get back to me ASAP – my phone number is 720-985-0439 or at minimum reply to my email with appropriate contact information for me to call!!! I want to know how to use my travel credit from a canceled flight back at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in early 2020 – I really need to get this handled as I need to travel Jun 30-Jul 9 2022. I spoke Abdallah Hassan (justfly) he emailed me this – Case 524058 told me someone would contact me immediately to which NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your company stole $923 dollars from me when i had to cancel my travel because of COVID…I want my money back you thieves!!!! Thats a lot of money considering fights have doubled in price!
    What kind of scam business are you running….I will be contacting my local news station fyi i live in Washington DC, congressman and the BBB to file a complaint and let the world know what a scam Justfly and your parent companies are!!!!

    How would you feel if your family was being scammed like Matt Keezer and company are scamming millions of people!

    • Jenn says:

      I am literally having the EXACT same issue right now!!!!!!

    • Shannon says:

      I literally want to copy and paste your message. Except they stole $2800 from me for an international flight, they booked and sent an itinerary, to the point where I could see my reservation on British airways website and when I got to the airport (3hrs before my flight) to check in, they informed me the booking was never ticketed (or funds released from just fly to ba) , I proceeded to spend 6,5hrs in the airport on hold with just fly customer service for most of it with my 4 year old trying to rebook my flight. I eventually went home and continued to call, they rebooked and requested a penalty fee (supposedly from ba for rebooking). I got them on the phone, a merged call with ba to confirm, and ba let them and me know that they are currently waiving penalties for changed flights so I owed nothing. By the time they were ready to “re-issue” my tickets, the flight I was rebooked for had closed check in and kicked my booking out. I proceeded to spend 3h30m on a live call with a just fly agent trying to rebook or arrange a refund and was told all they could do was rebook and I only had to pay a small difference of $7k (3 times my original ticket amount). Sorry for the long comment on your message, This all transpired today and I am devastated that I am unable to go to my home country to get closure on my mom’s passing (I was originally supposed to travel for this reason in May 2020). Good luck with your communications here, I sure hope someone gets back to you/us!

    • Jody McGhee says:

      Yep they are crap they supposedly booked my flight using my voucher from Covid and when I went to print my tickets yesterday they never finished my reservation even though they sent confirmation emails. Had to cancel my trip. Spent hours on the phone and lost money from my hotel reservation. They don’t care an won’t take responsibility for their mistakes.

  • YANESKY says:

    I have been trying to change the itinerary of one of my flights and nobody answers the phone, the websites are not working either. Who can help me?

  • Valerie Reid says:

    The ticket cost me 330.00 and 80.00 for the cancellation fee and I have proof of the payment

  • Valerie Reid says:

    I canceled my flight that I made with justfly and was sent a email to pay 80.00 for a cancellation fee and the money was taken out of my account and the ticket was never canceled so I’m supposed to get a refund for my ticket and I have proof of the payment.

  • Beverly Carlson says:

    How does this company still rip people off and get by with it??????????????????????

  • Beverly Carlson says:

    Mathew Keezer is founder and president of JustFly.com.
    This is a terrible company who rips off honest people.
    IS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick says:

    Just Fly customer service sucks, you are on the phone for hours. I requested my refund 4mths ago and still nothing, and I cannot get through. I even sent emails, only to say that the inbox is no longer monitored. I heard that they went bankrupt. I will NEVER use this site again.

  • Yess says:

    I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!!! F*****ING SCAMMERS!! So inconsiderate not wanting to refund people’s money ! They need to get sued for there bs!

  • Nokuphila Nhlumayo says:

    All I am asking is my refund since I paid a cancellation protection.
    I just want my family money back. You can not do this to people, it’s wrong and wicked.
    Below are all the charges that justfly charged me. Back inNovember, 14, 2021 I requested a refund since I am not going to be able to fly to South Africa on Tuesday 01/11/2022 due to a relocating for a new contract job. Nobody is explaining anything to me. I called justfly back in November 18 and I was told that I will have my money back. I have been waiting and waiting with no luck. Please stop doing this to people. We are all human beings and we work really hard to provide for our families. I haven’t seen my family in 11 years I just need my family money back.
    Base Fare $687.72 $34.50
    Taxes & Fees $100.99 $60.75
    Total Price (per person) $788.71 $95.25
    Bag Assist (Generali) $29.85
    Cancelation Protection $217.45
    Grand Total: $1,919.97
    Please note: Your credit card may be billed in multiple charges totaling the final price. All prices are in USD.

  • Sitharaman says:

    Wrost Unethical travel agent.. During the pandemic all flights were cancelled June – july 2020. Total flight cost $3478 for my family and another $1000 for my mom. Air India is ready to refund if justfly can raise the request. Was able to conect with them for 2 times in all these months ..otherwise just waiting on their calls..no response to emails…They are not responding not raising the refund request.

  • Joseph W Mountain says:

    I just got scammed 2100 to try to rebook!
    I was so stupid they did a giftcard scam!
    I camt believe it ! Now I see everybody on here! Is there anybody to report this to?

  • Joseph W Mountain says:

    I got ripped off money alot of money not very happy!

  • Usman says:

    They are a scam company. My mother was unable to board an international flight due to her PCR Test Results not coming in time (even though her test results would’ve arrived online by the time she reached her final destination). We paid $800 for that ticket. The man at the Emirates exchange booth at the airport claimed he couldn’t do anything from his end and that he cancelled our booking for us, but we had to call justfly.com to exchange it. That was Sunday. It is now Friday. We’ve been calling and calling, and no one answers. It is even more suspicious because the first few times we called, the robotic voice said “if you are calling about booking number…” and then listed our booking number. However, no one ever picked up, and then that menu option was deleted. We sucked it up and paid $700 extra to exchange our flight to this upcoming Sunday. They ate our $75 in handling fees and are “processing our flight request” on their website, which shouldn’t take over 24 hours. It has been three days now (it is Friday, we requested Tuesday). I have submitted two help tickets and no response to either. They sent a random vague email saying “Immediate Action is Required” and saying to call their number (as if I hadn’t been doing that for days) or else our travel plans could be delayed. No one answers call even after waiting hour and a half on hold. I am so done to the point where I just want them to approve the flight request. I do not even care that they scammed us and paid us pay $1500 total. But if they do not process our flight request in time and make us pay still, I will post all over social media, reddit, instagram, etc, dispute the charges for both the original and rebooked ticket with the credit card company, email everyone I know associated with justfly, until action is taken. When you are scammed, you do not sit down and take it. You fight it, and learn for next time.

    TL;DR JustFly is a SCAM company. Do NOT fly with them under ANY circumstances. Book directly from expedia.com or the airline website, even if it is a little extra money.

  • Brenda and David Orzen says:

    I’ve been trying for 9 months to get a refund for a cancelled flight .I’ve talked to and emailed 10 people at least . I even spent $177 in cancellation insurance not sure no available

  • Debbietiam says:

    The worst and most inhumane company in international transportation industry! Shame!

  • Jacqueline Magruder Perry says:

    Who, from JUSTFLY, reads these comments? I started in July 2021 trying to get a cash refund for my vouchers. Kept being told they (Justfly), would get approval from the airline and get back to me. I have called 3 more times between July and October, since then……NOTHING, in terms of a response. SO, now, Nov. 2021, I want to USE my voucher and they tell me it’s expired. The airline, KLM, sent me a letter saying it’s good until Dec 31, 2021, but JUSTFLY says its expired. EXPIRED by WHO? Justfly is now (supposedly) contacting the airline to validate the expiration date. I’m waiting, but not holding my breath.

  • Ntamel says:

    Hi my name is Ntamel and I have a long list of the horrible experiences I have had with just fly. If you share in my frustration and would like to file a class action law suit as a group. My phone number is: 6784680701

  • Ntamel says:

    Just fly is broad day light robbery. I am stuck with a 9 year old in a foreign airport with fake issued tickets from your company. I got to the airport and was told the tickets you guy emailed are not in the British airways system. Just fly is a use at your own risk company. The representative who answered my call had the audacity to ask me to borrow money from a friend for me to pay for my ticket to proceed with my journey. This company has taught me to purchase tickets directly from the airline if I want to fly out. DO NOT USE JUST FLY. ITS HIRRIBLE

  • Chukwudi Jieme says:

    It seems that Justfly company is a fraud. How come that I applied for refund and was approved, to my surprise 5 months after I have not received my money into my credit card

  • Alan Scott says:

    I guess i should have checked comments before booking. I am starting a campaign to give them bad publicity. I booked a flight just before covid started, and have been given the run around ever since. they said my tickets had expired and therefore i forfeit any claim, when they told me they had to expire before they could request a refund from the airline. I try to send emails and they are returned. a bunch of frauds in my humble opinion

  • Wendell Aulet says:

    Thier customer service is the worst

  • Meric says:

    I bought my flight ticket through justfly and wanted to change the dates of my ticket. They confirmed on the phone that they have changed the ticket and i will recieve an email in 24 hours. I never recieved an email and couldnt use my ticket. I called them and waited on the line for 10 hours. The service is very disappointing. They do not answer either my email or my phone calls anymore.

  • Olivia says:

    It is very heartbreaking what JustFly does to people. We work really hard for our money only for some company to steal from us. I had to get 5 cleaning jobs to afford my ticket so I can just go home to visit my husband. The thing is I don’t even want my money back, just a flight change and no one is ever available to talk to. All I know is I will never ever use your services again and now I will pursue a refund by all means. If I have read other peoples review, I won’t have falling for this fraud. YES! This is fraud and your company should be wiped out from operating.

  • E says:

    How can a company like this is allowed to operate, they are corn and all they are doing is stealing money from people. For the last 4 days they had run me around with fake rebooking of flights, customer service is non existence, no one to answer your calls, and when they do, they keep your waiting for hours only to hang up. If you can just refund my money and i promise you i will never use your services again.

    • Guest says:

      I couldn’t agree more… I’ve been struggling for months now. 4+ hours at a time on hold waiting for help.

  • Jeanette Stayton says:

    Your company has stolen my money on 4 round-trip tickets. I cannot speak to anyone and I am stranded with my children how are you going to resolve this

  • Dav says:

    Awful company
    I booked my flight and I got my cov test and it positive so I called them to cancel and customer service didn’t cancel it
    And it wasn’t 24 hours yet

  • Angry says:

    your company is fraudulent and disrespectul to its customers. I have not been reimbursed for my flight even though I have a credit due to covid travel issues. They will do everything to not rebook the flight and forfeit the money. Horrible company.
    Called to rebook; after 2 agents and an email that never came after 48 hrsa, I still do not have my flight or my money. Refund me asap!!!!

    • Salahuddin Mohammed salih says:

      Alway I called this phone 18007175015 no answer put me online more than 3 hours when scheduled for callback no returns back my vacation gonna start 07/15/21 booked through you by Turkish airline but the airline canceled twice flights tried refunded one agent accepted but longtime after that called they told me gonna take 4months to get my money back my vacation start 07/15/21 then changed my mind told agent booking back and selected for us date that since 05/29/21 told gave us 48 hours we gonna send email for confirmation but took longer tried to call many times but no answering

  • Broken says:

    Just fly robbed me during the pandemic 🙁

  • w.omura says:

    Just Fly has not returned my $1664 for my canceled trip due to Covid. JF provided me a copy of a refund transaction they claim was processed by JF. That was in April 2020. It is now February 2021 and my bank credit card account was NEVER RETURNED THE $1664!!!! I sent copies of my credit card statement since April 2020 through January 2021 as requested by this employee named Kyle W and no reponse after that.
    FLT 172-634-561

  • Filomena Cimbron says:

    2020 is been challenging for all of us! We surely do not need to deal with company that make you feel that you are not important enough to be looked after.
    My trip that I booked with JustFly back on Sep 25, 2019, due to government advisories I request to cancel my trip to be booked at a later date. I was not looking for credit, I was happy with just getting a credit to use at a later date.
    On July 7, JustFly sent me an email stating that I had a credit with JustFly to be used by Sept 25, 2020 by 11:59 PM
    I went on line to rebook, It would not allow me to rebook, I called on Sept 24 to rebook, I was first told that the dates that I request where not available. Then after being passed to 3 agents I was told that I was being booked and that I would be getting an E-Mail in 48 hours with confirmation. Never got it, I being told now that my credit has expired and they can not do anything for me…..
    JustFly took me for 1858.54 plus 140 for cancelling charges in July. Great at taking my money not so much in looking after you.
    Why are you making it so difficult for me to rebook trip that was canceled due to COVID-19?
    If you can not rebook, then refund my money.
    This will be going virial if not resolved in 48 hours


  • Carol Edwards says:

    HELP!!! I have booked flights through justfly repeatedly but now I have been getting the run around each time I call customer service. My refund was approved in early March however now it is showing that I never applied for the refund. I have a screenshot showing that it was being processed but now when I log in, the status has been altered to reflect that I never applied for a refund. I have called repeatedly and I was told there are no supervisors to speak with. If there is anyone that cares at all about customer service, would you please contact me to resolve this?

    Carol Edwards

    Ticket Number: 180-991-961

  • Nadia says:


    I have mailed JustFly customer service more than 5 times as my ticket was canceled. The only response that I must call despite being abroad. I called more than 3 times, no response.
    This is a very disappointing & frustrating service. I need to escalate this to get immediate action to get a refund on my two tickets as follows:

    Name E-ticket
    Alitalia : 055-7582146272

    Alitalia :

  • Kimberly P Richardsonlemons says:

    JustFly Booking Number: 172-886-071
    Alaska Airlines Confirmation Number: 9308695
    Lufthansa Confirmation Number: 9308695

    Why are you making it so difficult for me to receive a full refund for a trip that was canceled due to COVID-19

  • Gwendolyn Ricks says:

    I paid for two plane tickets in February 2020 to Key West, FL and from Birmingham, Alabama. The price they showed me was $286.00 per person round trip. I took out trip insurance. We were going in May 2020. Due to the Cornavirus and my husband being a Manager at a car dealership, they laid off all of their salesmen until further notice. When I checked my account the had charged me $1372.00. A lot more then what I was shown. I have called their trip insurance and was told I was not eligible for a refund. They posted a credit of $1172.00 on their website to be used by 12/30/2020. When I talked to the insurance representative she said even though I took out trip insurance I did not qualify for a refund. I have hired an Attorney and written to the Attorney General. Do NOT use Just fly.

    • Jane Gutierrez says:

      Hi my name is Jane Gutierrez wondering if all of us could get together and file a class action law suit against just fly for I also have been trying to rebook a flight to no avail my phone is area code 708 227 7194..

      • Ntamel says:

        His Jane,

        I share in your frustration. I will send you a text message to see if you are still interested in filing a group suit. WE NEED TO SUE JUST FLY and make sure the company is shut down so that other people do not experience what we just did.

  • Laynie Yip says:

    We received a check from JustFly for $100 US dollars, check dated 10-29-2019. The check was issued due to poor service on our return flight from WA to Orlando. We ar US citizen, live in the US and I have attempted to deposit the check but its a Canadian check, I have tried two banks that I have accounts with and they both are unable to deposit the check. They state that the routing numbers in the US are 9 numbers long, this being a Canadian check only had 8 numbers, hence why they are unable to deposit the check. I called JustFly customer service, they were less than helpful, suggested I called the bank on the check TD Canada Trust, they said I would need to contact the issuer, JustFly, so you see. no one is taking ownership.
    I would appreciate a resolution to this please.

  • Daniel R Murphy says:

    Justfly advertised a ticket price of $853 in February for a round trip from
    Chicago to Kahului on United. I bought six thickets and when the bill came they charged me $1707 a thicket. I contacted customer service and they told me that they did not have a way to lookup the price they originally charged me. I called United and they said they have a record of me canceling the flight and rebooking the flight. They told me that the price was high because they were refundable. When I talk to Justfly customer service the told me the thicket was nonrefundable. They also added a fee of $261that Justfly called extended cancellation . It appears to be a bait and switch tactic.

  • GLADYS JONES says:

    Just fly, is not transparent. Minors need escort under 15. No where on site flagged when booking flights. No problem will not book in this shitty site again.

  • Kathleen says:

    I used your site to book round trip flights between SMF and Lansing MI for March 12 to March 19, 2019. My booking number is 138-305-952. After paying an upgrade to your site I was able to pick seats on each plane. A United Conformation Number of MD7WLN was your firms e-mail to me. I agreed to a price of $311.15 USD and gave my credit card information. A screen also gave me United K38UGC conformation. Later I received an E-mail from your company saying I had no flights because of an “airline cancellation”. I called for more information and spoke to FIVE OR SIX of your agents. No one could explain why I had no tickets. Your agents offered to sell me tickets for an EXTRA $200 USD. I asked to speak to a supervisor who could explain the mix-up to me. No one knew what had occurred. I consider this bate and switch which is illegal advertising in the United States. If your firms computers or personnel make a mistake your company should guarantee the ticket price your computer quotes have offered to travelers’. Please have someone contact me and explain why my tickets do not exist. I want to travel next week but can not go if I must spend more money. I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income, to plan a trip and then not be able to go because of a huge fare increase is very disappointing. WHAT HAPPENED?

    • Fred Payne says:

      It appears to be a company program to generate cash, happened to me on my daughters and wife’s tickets to Chicago. I never heard of Basic Economy before but apparently I am the new owner of a set of these tickets to Chicago. United then sends me a message and tells me I do not have economy tickets, I have basic economy tickets and I got the same story from United if I wanted to change the tickets it would be $200.00 per ticket and I would still have to pay baggage fees on top of that. You got screwed just like I did, and my neighbor and it appears a whole lot more people across the US.

  • >