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  • Address: 1 One Bowerman Dr, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 503-671-6453

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: November 17, 1984

  • Founder: Nike

  • Key People: MARK PARKER

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  • Jehnsen martinez says:

    Good morning Jordan n family, my name is Jehnsen Martinez I just wanted to say that you guys should come out with the #10 Jordans again , especially the Chicago’s ; Anyways GOD BLESS Y’ALL AND YOUR FAMILIES HAVE A BLESSED DAY

  • Juanita says:

    Hi I was writing in regards to someone contacting me through email preferably

  • Luke Carroll says:

    Hello my son Luke Carroll is a adaptive golfer who competes at a high level. Last year he competed in the USGA inaugural Adaptive Open at Pinhurst, N.C. He will be a senior in High School this year and the state of Tennessee has approved HS athletes to receive NIL deals. He will be playing in the USGA Adaptive Open at Pinhurst again this year in 2023. He placed 4th in his impairment, 7th in the USA, and 12th in the world and was the youngest male competitor. This year he is preparing and practicing to win the tournament. We are looking for a long time supporter to partner with us to reach his goals of being the #1 adaptive golfer in the world and to one day play on the G4D tour and someday the PGA tour. We also want to start a foundation to give back and help all children with disabilities be able to find their path and confidence trough a sport or whatever they enjoy. With your help I know we can reach these dreams and goals for all.
    Thank you Duane Carroll

  • Daniel A says:

    I have never been able to afford my own pair of Jordans. I have a medical issue that keeps me from working . I have worn my friends Jordans twice playing ball . They are AMAZING..
    THANK You for making Great shoes…
    If you could send me pictures of the GREAT SHOES over the years..

    My name is Daniel
    Have a good day…

  • Chrystal says:

    I can’t believe people are stupid enough to pay for a name! Shame on you for causing an inflated personalities in children and teens putting emphasis on the fact only the “cool kids” wear your crap! What kind of egotistical a**** puts a price tag of 500 on shoes?! I guess a***** like your company!

  • Joseph Scott says:

    To whom it may concern. My name is Joseph Scott and I have been wearing Jordan shoes since I was a kid . I am not 50 years old and still wear them. In my room I made shoe racks that hung from the ceiling and went all around my room. I had over 100 pair until my home caught fire and I lost everything I owned. Now I’m out of work and have no more shoes. Please help me restore my collection of shoes.
    Joseph Scott
    3115 Gravois
    St. Louis, Mo
    63118. If there is anything that you could do to help me get back all that I lost. Size 13 is what I wear.

  • Tyrango M. Williams says:

    Have had the sole to come apart on 4 pair of Jordan’s. Can they returned for repair?

    Tyrango Williams

  • Joseph Stotts says:

    I bought the air jordan 6 point retros not even 2 months ago and they are all ready falling apart! I spent $190. I would of thought they would have lasted longer than less than 2 months. I’m not happy at all. Very disappointed.

  • Germaine S Carson says:

    Hi my name is Germaine Carson i play ABA basketball and was trying too see where can I get a pair of the Croc Jordans that’s coming out soon I play ball in those shoes and it’s is amazing that Michael Jordan brand came up with the same idea I had…

  • K. W. Taylor says:

    I currently own 15 pairs of Jordan sneakers. I have noticed a pattern in the lack of sufficient adhesive to keep the sole of the shoe in tact. I have had this problem with more than half of the shoes that I own. This is a pattern that truly needs to be addressed and remedied.

  • Wayne King Jr says:

    If I leave a comment will it even be seen??

  • Jesse Rivera says:

    Sorry for my spelling but I got to said that there’s is got to be a better way to be able for regular people ho don’t resale the shoes to buy them for them self and love ones I’m a real fan of mrs Jordan I’m a bulls diehart I have all the Michael Jordan and Scottie pippen card collection and I only were Jordan brand and rebook nothing else I will love for you guys tone able to tell mrs Jordan the true about what I just said there is a better way and I know that please understand don’t think about the alther one’s how buy and resale they always find their ways just got to be smarter than a6 year old thank you hope to hear from you guy’s specially from mrs Jordan thanks again

  • Shanel Smith says:

    I’m so frustrated the way the sneakers are being sold I’m a mother that works very hard to do good things for my kids when they show me good things they do in school so I stand in lines that are long like an expressway to get to the front an the raffles are over no more sizes the store not selling anymore until cooperate calls them I mean it’s so many rules an regulations to buy a sneaker my kids have not gotten a couple of you new releases an sheds real tears behind this it really touched me that Mr.Jordan would really wanna see or hear that kids are not getting a chance to get the shoes an crying about it thank you dearly Shanel Smith

  • Arlisha York says:

    i would like to talk to product manager for potential product partnership with Our company Starz&Legendz. Please check our website starzandlegendz.com

  • Michael Lactao says:

    I am from the Philippines. I am a big fan of Michael Jordan and The Jordan Brand. Is it possible to order directly from you small items, like Jordan Baller IDs or Lanyards for IDs at wholesale prices, so that I can sell them at SRP?

  • Frankie says:

    Hi I just purchased the jordan 3s that just dropped from champs so I’ve received my item today and was not happy I spent 200$ on the item and the sneaker on 1 shoe the stitching is soo bad I’ve never seen something like this on a shoe I want to kno how can this get resolved I have pictures if needed

  • Othello Chase says:

    Good evening to whom this reaches. My name is Othello Chase. I would like to get in contact with the individual or department that is responsible for the marketing/advertising/Sponsorship for Nike/Jordan division. Michael Spillane If you would provide me this contact information I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Kim Chambers says:

    I am so disappointed in ur brand.I love the shoes..But I cann find 4xxxx shirts or tee’s anywhere.You guys should produce more 4xxxx shirts and tops.I guess u guys don’t want bigger guys to wear ur products.

  • >