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  • Address: 3502 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 409-766-1515

  • Fax Number: N/A

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  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1991

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: N/A

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Tilman Fertitta

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Edward Montana

Vice President – Corporate Controller

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Established in the year 1991, Joes Crab Shackis based in Galveston, USA. This is an American chain of beach-themed seafood casual restaurants. It has a great menu with some mouth-watering dishes which you definitely wouldn’t want to skip at any cost. Also, they have some good drinks and desserts to keep you accompanies during your meals. They also have a gluten sensitive item which can be opted by you if required. They have some great offers that you can opt for. Don’t miss out an opportunity – if you are a seafood lover then this is one of those amazing places you cannot skip trying out. Have a great meal with your bunch of friends or just your close family. You can book an event with them as well – birthday party, small get together or anything that calls for a celebration. You can also purchase a gift card and gift it to your folks for a hearty meal at this outlet.

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  • Susan Radoff says:

    In addition, our order was wrong along with being overcharged and the credit not being put through waiting too long for takeout order food being ice cold and we got the wrong order. I expect total restitution on this. The managers name is Mike and he should never have been a manager.

  • Susan Radoff says:

    I want to add that I want a full refund for my trouble and for my poor meal

  • Susan Radoff says:

    Do not eat at Joe’s crab shack or Joe’s Crab Shack Oceanside , California. They cheated me on the bill and insisted they would correct it on my MasterCard, but they never put in the correction… Also, I ordered a large expensive order to go. We waited a half hour for it. We were told it was 15 minutes… I live five minutes away. It was ice cold, and the servings were embarrassingly small.

  • Fidel says:

    Hello, I used to work at Joes Crab Shack from 2014 to 2016 and would like to share my experiences at the 1606 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282 location.

    While I was server I was working under the manager Joe Johnson and advised him that the table I was serving was intoxicated and I didn’t feel comfortable to serve them alcohol. Joe sat with them and provided them free drinks and said they’re okay. They ended up leaving without paying and I got in trouble for that. While I was employed there I would see servers grab dirty dishes to use for their customers because the back of the house was so busy that they could not keep up with the demand for clean dishes and utensils. At the time I was young and didn’t know how to stick up for myself and feel the need to speak up about that location.

  • Lauren says:

    Decided to take my son out for dinner after a long hard day of work for him and we went to Joe’s crab shack in Clifton New Jersey. The waitress insisted that we get the queen bucket instead of the Dungeness bucket because the queen has more meat. I asked her if it feeds two people she said definitely since you’re getting an appetizer. Well, needless to say we left Joe’s crab shack starving. The bucket only serves one person for $57. Only two pieces of corn in the bucket and three little potatoes and snow crabs and two queen crabs. It was one of the worst meals i’ve eaten, I also ordered a Mojito and it came out all seltzer. They brought me a new one which was just full of sugar. I will never go back again! For $100 they should have given you bigger portion of food!

  • Martin Heninger says:

    My wife and I went to the Louisville, Kentucky location for date night dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack for the first time on July 5th. We had viewed the menu on line and wanted to enjoy seafood. My wife and I were seated by the hostess. That is where the engagement ends. We never received menus, never saw any wait staff, and never ordered any drinks, nor food. We waited over twenty minutes, then went to the hostess station to try to get service. No one was there, and anyone else we spoke with would not take ownership. It was “not their station”.
    We had no other choice, but to leave and find a meal elsewhere. It was a shockingly disappointing, and no one seemed to care.

  • Katherine Olson says:


    My husband and I ate at your location in Corpus Cristi Texas on June 7th. at 5:06 pm. I am not a seafood eater but he was so he was very excited to go. I ordered the Chicken Alfredo and it was horrible. It was rancid and the pasta was very watery. I didn’t eat it and felt stupid complaining because I figured that’s what I get for not ordering seafood at a seafood restaurant. I am pretty sure the waitress new it was bad since she took back an entire plate of food with no request for a box (She didn’t even offer me one) and never asked how things were. To add insult to injury we sat outside as this was the first time ever being on the coast and my husband stepped outside for a second right before the food came and the waitress put the food down in front of me and his empty seat and walked away with NO WARNING that I will be assaulted by all the seagulls. It would have been nice had she warned me or stuck around to shoo them away when they bomb barded our food plates.

    Well anyway we left starving as you can guess and paying $96.45 for our dinner that wasn’t eaten. My husband was very upset as I ordered a pizza and he called and talked to the manager and explained what had happened and our disappointment in the food and was told we would get a full refund back on out credit card and it would be credited in 7 to 10 business days. (Which I thought was excessive time) well here we are on 6/26 with still no refund. My guess she knew we were visiting and 7 to 10 days was probably long enough for us to be packed and gone and would forget all about it. Well I haven’t and I am even more upset! I don’t want a gift certificate as I know we will never be back. I want my money back!

  • Katherine says:

    Visited Joe’s Crab Shack in
    Kemah Boardwalk #7
    The restaurant floor was filthy with trash. Napkins, food, busboys throwing table food down on the floor while cleaning the tables. Very unattractive and unacceptable while visiting from San Antonio. I blame management for such filth. I took a picture to share with corporate.

    Ms. Salas

  • Kathryn Wert says:

    Are they ever going too open one back in indiana I live too far away too go too any of the locations

  • Kathryn Wert says:

    Are they ever going too open one back in indiana I live too far away too visit any of the locations

  • Jay the disappointed customer says:

    My Mother comes in town from Nashville for her birthday. She chooses Joe’s Crab shack for her birthday dinner. We order two appetizers with our drinks to start the meal. Zachary or (HORRIBLE) server never brings us plates for our appetizers. We call Zachary back to the table to ask for plates. Zachary never brings our plates so the whole table is eating off of the appetizer plates.
    Our food comes out next and one of the orders was wrong. My son ordered shrimp tacos and Zachary brings fish tacos. Initially not a deal breaker but Zachary then persists to argue with the whole table and say that no he ordered fish. After correcting him FOUR times over the course of several minutes he then goes and changes the order. While this is going on my Mother ask Zachary for some cocktail sauce for her shrimp. Guess what Zachary doesn’t bring any so I give my Mother my shrimp cocktail sauce. Another server comes out and brings my son his fish and she brings the bill, yes the bill. We haven’t finished eating and wasn’t offered desert and we already have the bill. We ask the server for some shrimp cocktail sauce. Two conversations later Zachary comes out some cocktail sauce but doesn’t set it on the table. He says that the cocktail sauce is extra and he needs to be added to the bill. I state that’s fine but set the cocktail sauce down so my Mother can continue to eat. He doesn’t. He keeps the cocktail sauce, picks up the bill and walks away?!?!?
    I get up walk towards to the kitchen and ask another server for the manger. Zachary interrupts me talking to the manger Michael. Michael tells him to go on and he listens to my story about the worse service I have EVER received at any restaurant how this complete totally ruined the mood at my Mother’s birthday dinner. I will not recommend this location to anyone but IF you do eat here and your server is Zachary. IMMEDIATELY asked to be seated in a different section of the restaurant.

  • Dale Burns says:

    I live in Oak Hill WV, 11 miles from the New River Gorge National Park, we do not have ANY seafood establishments in the area. There’s a location with 2 acres on Mall road, 20 minutes from most all rafting companies, located at a motel, medical facility, and several other stores and businesses. It would be a great location for one of your restaurants, please consider us.

  • Jose says:

    Me and the wife we decided to go out on a date to Joe’s Crab Shack we always have a good time but today made it different Louis the manager was just so degrading talking mess to the waitress in front of all the customers it was just so bad the way he was doing it and that waitress was the one taking our order when she was taking our order she was doing an awesome job but when she brought our food back I can tell he continue to talk mess to her to the point the girl was crying while giving us our food I even lost my appetite due to him being very unprofessional yelling at the girl and the girl wouldn’t say anything back I believe if the girl made a mistake it’s life we are human and I don’t believe he should’ve took it to that it extend that I over heard some of her co workers he was sending her home and I seen him he continue to make faces and talk mess to the poor girl.I believe if the girl made a mistake theirs no need to get loud or yell at them especially in front of customers that’s so degrading he should of pulled her to the side and had a talk with her about the situation. I wish I had corporate number they need to know about this situation very unprofessional of mrs Louis the manager over in Galveston the seawall I believe the girl he was being unprofessional with is leonisha.

  • Sean Hafner says:

    I was robbed on mothers day. I ordered a large meal for mother day. My mother loves seafood, specially lobster. We placed a large order which I was assured was accurate as I loaded it into my car on mother’s day to bring to our family. When I arrivhome there were many missing items. I called the restaurant immediately to complain and spoke to a nice manager who promptly stated he would credit me for the meal. I was never credited 1 cent. This tempe AZ Joes robs its customers on HOLIDAYS!

  • Jasmine says:

    Joes Crab Shack on International drive in Orlando Florida is horrible . Food came out quickly but cost a lot and was burnt when I got it home . It’s was not even edible . Anyone ever had burnt coconut shrimp!!! Then they refuse to exchange my meal .

    Secondly , the staff looked like a bunch of crack heads !

  • Gabriela Nemeth says:

    I placed an order Sunday June17, 2022. Take out oder.
    I went to the restaurant in Pittsburgh Station Square,
    First of all when I went in there and stood for almost 10 minutes and the hostess never acknowledged me eventually a men come out and asked if I needed help and I said yeah I’m waiting for a take-out order he went back in the kitchen came back out and said they didn’t start your order yet and I said OK but then about a minute later another girl comes out from the kitchen and hands me my bag I tipped her because I felt uncomfortable with the hostess I didn’t know what to do with the tip, I gave it to that person.anyways when we got the food home got the appetizers with the calamari and the balls 80% of our calamari was baby octopuses, it was disgusting our chips got soggy because they put it in with the fried foods and we had no crab dip! Get the main meal out got that king crab legs in the Bucket with the oysters shrimp(Kasian) corn and potatoes it wasn’t great either the potatoes were hard as a rock I couldn’t put my fork through them I had to microwave them I know they’re supposed to be Al Dante but these were Raw and the meal wasn’t cooked oh well for hour 45 minutes waiting for our food . I was so grossed out by the baby octopuses I could barely eat my main dinner the shrimp looked terrible it was a terrible experience I call Bob the manager at Station Square told him what happened he didn’t seem to care very much just said sorry and would you like me to give you new food I said not particularly Bob said We do not give refunds I said I don’t really care about refunds I just thought that someone that is in charge should know what’s happening in the restaurant he wasn’t much different than the hostess.I spent a lot of money here and I expect to get better quality of food and this is the third time I’ve tried this place and it’s awful every single time we’ve been there so it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting takeout or eating there. Very unsatisfied customer.

  • Jeff says:

    Hello, I have been to a webpage that is Joe’s Crab Shack date night specials. Many of these specials I have wanted to order. However, this page does not connect to the regular Joe’s Crab Shack page and these specials are not listed on the regular page. How does one go about ordering these date night specials for takeout or curbside delivery? I actually called Joe’s Crab Shack in Clearwater last night posing this very question. First I was told there were no Date Night Specials so I hung up. I was called back and informed that yes there were date night specials. I inquired as to how one might order them online. I was put on hold and subsequently hung up 15 minutes later having gotten no reply. My question is a simple one yet remains the same, how does one order the Joe’s Crab Shack Date Night Specials when not physically in one of your establishments??
    Write to

  • Julia says:

    After being kept away from visiting the boardwalk in Kemal Texas due to COVID. Went to eat at Joes for my birthday. I was so excited to finally get my favorite, a steam pot. That excitement was short lived, it quickly turned to disgust! The shrimp was slimy, crab claws were rubbery and hard, potatoes tasted old! I had the claws replaced, cracked them open only to find the flesh drip out in a gelatinous clump. Very dissatisfied on how the quality of your food has gone down. Luckily across the channel were some seafood stores where I purchased some and went home and made my own steam pot and I didn’t cost me over $100!

  • Penny says:

    Hello, was At the joes in LouisvilleKy. Was wondering if there was anyway I can get a copy of your music playlist? Damn that thing is on point!! Wanted to get up and dance, I asked the waitress if it was a station and she said it was picked out by corporate.

  • Angela says:

    Kemah boardwalk Joe’s was horrible today. We were seated and forgotten about for 30 minutes then we had to hail down a waitress to just get drinks then our order. We were told by server that the manager wouldn’t even comp anything not even drinks. Will never be back

  • Corinne Kourim says:

    I went to Joe’s in Colorado Springs. My whole family got food poisoning. I called the store to tell them that and they hung up on me. They only had one waitress working and the serve was extremely slow.

  • Nikki Wright says:

    You should open a joes in Weatherford, TX. We miss it an the others are so far away.

  • Mary says:

    We went to Joe’s Crab Shack in Westminster Colorado. It was right by our hotel, and we were just looking to have a nice relaxing evening out. The bartender was great, However, the bathrooms reeked of poop. Both men’s and women’s…disgusting to where we couldn’t even stand to finish our drinks let alone order dinner. Spoke to the manager and was told it happens everything it snows there’s nothing he can do about it! And it’s an area problem, except the restaurant next door had no issues.. Seriously. We both wanted to cough our cookies due to the smell. So disappointed and will have hard time ever going to another Crab Shack

  • Laura says:

    I went to Joe’s crab shack in Germantown Tennessee that was the worst food I’ve ever ate we would come up here two or three times a month but I’ll never come back to this place because it food was awful And I will let everyone I know know that

  • Joel says:

    Jacksonville beach fl
    This place was horrible. At 8:30 we were told we couldn’t be seated when they closed at 10:00. I challenged the greeter and were then seated at the bar. The service was way below expectations and the food was literally like a microwave meal. I had fried shrimp the day before at Mavi that was amazing and I basically threw most of my meal from here away. Do not eat here. Go to Mavi or something else local that cares what you think.

  • Leslie says:

    I went in for my birthday, not only did they burn my appetizer and make me order the king crab legs vs the queen but the waitress decided she was going to add a $30. Tip charge to my card in addition to the cash tip we left her. This is fraud and I hope something gets done about this before I take legal action.

  • Jack says:

    My niece and her daughter were dining in Jacksonville FL location. Her daughter choked and one of the employees stepped in and saved her. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves Thank you is not enough Johnny.

  • Eljon Marquez says:

    21 November 2021. Entered restaurant in Colorado Springs on 805 Citadel Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80909 at 5pm with my fiancé and her daughter who is four years of age. There were two other small parties in the restaurant at the time who already had their food. We ordered at 5:15pm. Within 20 mins four other tables were seated along with a large party of ten. Around 5:45 all other tables orders including the large party of ten had been served. When I asked about our food I was told that our ticket had been bumped for the large party due to waiting for the child’s meal which was chicken tenders. Around 6 pm I asked again about our food and was told that they are working on it and they apologized. At this point we were hungry and tired. We paid for what he had eaten which was an appetizer. At no point did the waiter ever ask if we wanted anything else to drink other than the water he gave us. The manager did not show up to try and remedy the situation until we were walking out of door. In my twenty years in the Navy I have eaten at many of your fabulous restaurants and never had I received treatment like this. There must be some training done at this restaurant from the top to the bottom. I will never eat at another Joes Crabshack.

  • Pat Gurcsik says:

    Deptford NJ. Take out tonight. Snow Crab Bucket bad. Crabs mushy and smelled / tasted like ammonia. I have the receipt. Hoping I don’t get sick tonight. $150. Disappointed!

  • Catherine Glover says:

    Very unhappy with the food and service at Destin Florida location

  • Venessa says:

    On 10/21 myself and family walked into Joe’s Crab Shack on International dr. in Orlando, FL. We have been here before even with the limited staffing and never had a bad experience. Unfortunately this time was horrible. I took my mom for her birthday and this year it meant the most as we almost lost her to covid. As we walked in with no reservation the manager was a little harsh in his tone telling us it is a 30 min wait. We understand with limited staff that would happen, and we were okay with it. We got seated ordered our drinks appetizers and entree’s. The appetizers took awhile but we were told the kitchen is backed up, no worries we understood. After 45mins our food came to the table and here is were it went downhill. They brought everyone’s food except my mothers and it was her birthday dinner, they forgot to make it and we were told that its gonna get done now. Our food that did come out was missing items and we have ordered these entrees before so we noticed. The waiter was standing at the bar watching the game just talking then comes back 20 mins later and was like oh let me go check on your food. We were all waiting for her food to come out so our food got cold and of course it still was not done. I asked for the check and the server stated let me get the manager. While the manager was busy the server came back and said I am so sorry we keep asking them to hire more staff and they don’t. He also proceeded to tell us that we shouldn’t have come there because that restaurant is a terrible place. Finally the mangers comes out and states Blake told me what happen I will take her meal off and get your check. We explained to him that our meals were missing whole items and he stated yea those plates are wrong and walked away. Needless to say HORRILBLE STAFF AND SERVICE . I payed the bill and I emailed Landry’s membership as well to cancel my membership.

  • Crystal says:

    Just left the Destin, FL location
    And the employee at the front door was extended rude. We had a group of 11 and she said she couldn’t sit with that many… We totally understand and asked if we could sit 6 & 5; she told us not she could not serve us because she has 1 server. She preceded go tell us she couldn’t serve us. That place needs to be shut down. She is costing your business money.. we were not the only ones she turned away. Poor service. She also looked to be very high.

  • Patricia George says:

    I just left the Fayetteville, NC restaurant and walked the hell out with my family! We walked in at 3pm and the host sat us down. We waited and waited for someone to at least take our drink order. After 15 minutes nothing! 20 minutes nothing! Another large family sat behind us and within 3 minutes they had a waitress attend to them. We were still waiting!!! My kids start getting upset because they are hungry and its 3:35. We proceeded to walk out at 3:40pm and told the nice host lady that we were just going to leave. We were very upset and that we would complain. The host at one time tried to ask the slow bartender why we were waiting so long and she gave the host an attitudes and told her she was making drinks!!! So the host apologize to us. I use to come here all the time and tip the waiters and waitresses well. We sat there for almost 45 minutes and no waitresses or waiters helped us.. No one asked us anything. They would just pass by us like we were not there!!!🤬🤬This was the worst way to treat a great past customer!!



  • JULIE INSLEY says:

    Oookkkk…. I have lived in NE Ohio for 11 years and have frequently asked you when you might possibly grace us with your presence, yet…..nothing. 🙆‍♂️ I don’t understand your reluctance to establish a location in the Cleveland area. Please educate me on your reasoning because it’s beyond me. I lived in Florida for 10+ years and was a constant customer of your establishment. I get excited when I see a new restaurant being built in the Mentor, Ohio area, only to be constantly let down by the fact that it is, once again, not a Joe’s Crab Shack. Please, please, please do the Northeastern Ohio community a solid and build a restaurant in the thriving suburb of Cleveland called Mentor. I GUARANTEE you will be very successful here. PLEASE..?

  • Raymond Watkins says:

    Just left the Joe’s crab shack Kemah board walk. We were seated and sat for 25 min. I had to flag a waitress down. She then had to go see who was supposed to take care of us. 10 min later we had a waitress. Took our drink orders. Then brought tea back to the table. Took our appetizer order. It came in a timely manner and Was good. 20 min later we still had not received our drinks from the bar. We finally received them just before our food. Three Joe’s steamers. One fried shrimp. One shrimp sampler and a steak. The steamers had no seasoning what so ever on them. The fried shrimp was the same way. The shrimp sampler was scorched. The steak he said had some taste to it but not much. We asked the waitress whom said she didn’t know how it was supposed to come. Asked if we wanted to see a manger. We said no but then said yes we would like to see one. We never saw a manage. Was not asked if they could nor did they try to fix our meals. Ours was 160$ and the couple with us was 120. Probably the most I have ever paid for that horrible of a meal.

    • JULIE INSLEY says:

      Just thank your lucky stars that you have a Joe’s Crab Shack near you. I lived in Florida for 10 years and Joe’s was my family’s favorite dining experience. Now, I am living back home inNE Ohio and the closest Joe’s is 250 miles away! Every restaurant has an off evening and I am sorry you had an unfavorable experience. But, I, personally, would prefer an off evening at Joe’s compared to no Joe’s. Period.

  • James Smith says:

    Just left Clearwater Fl Joe’s Crab Shack. Got there when it was empty and sat for two hours waiting on our food. The manager really didn’t care and just blew it off. This was my first and will be my last time eating at this restaurant. Poor customer service and long waits. Don’t ever go there unless you want to sit for hours waiting on your food and the waiter lets you sit there with your drinks empty. Someone really needs to do some checking into this location because it will shut down if it keeps up the bad service.

  • Maria says:

    Nasty food ugly service whoever the cook is don’t have no clue how to cook seafoods

  • Cindy Calvin says:

    King crab?? Really??? Not much bigger than snow crab and paid $24 for two small legs. When I think of King Crab I think of big, juicy, meaty crab. Now what I just received at your Fort Myers, Florida store. Will never order again. Or maybe they reserve the big legs for guests that eat IN!

  • Lee Romano says:

    Went to the one in Clifton NJ and even though they were extremely understaffed they were sweet and busted their butts to make sure we didn’t need anything. Had to wait 45 minutes for a table but they explained why and were sympathetic. This corporation needs to pay their staff more money for all they do. If they did that then things would run more smoothly and more people would eat there. The manager was the sweetest person even dealing with some irate customers. Never lost her temper or her smile.

  • A. Stout says:

    Had dinner at Joe’s in Sevierville, TN.
    Terrible, terrible service, waited well over an hour for our food.
    Line outside was incredibly long, plenty of empty tables inside, not sure what was going on.(it was not due to social distancing, as we had people right next to us.) I don’t ever place bad reviews, but our experience really was just that horrible.

  • Darla says:

    Just stopped at Joe’s in Kissimmee, Fl. Was told there was a 35 minute wait, but there was open seating in the bar. We head over to sit at the bar and a very rude female employee said “hey guys, can you just give us a minute so we can clean up?” Her tone was so snarky and she just sounded as if she was irritated that we were there. Obviously, we left immediately! Customer service people!

  • Anne-Marie Martin says:

    July 5, 2021, my husband and I wet to Joe’s crab shack in Round Rock, TX. He owed me a seafood dinner and we love your menu. Ws e got there about 5p and was seated immediately. Turned out that our waitress was the host also. Ordered drinks. 20 minutes later ordered food and had not gotten our drinks yet. A family that came in 10 min after us, received their drinks (alcohol). It had been about 30-40min. I asked for the manager from our waitress that finally came to our table. She told the manager we wanted to see her and to get our drinks. The manager was the bar tender. The waitress helped other customers and never brought our drinks. 50 minutes later our food showed up and before the waitress put it on the table, I told her I didn’t want it and I wanted the manager. Waited 5 more minutes and left with big disappointment. I’m talking an hour of very bad service, and it wasn’t even busy.We live in Kyle, TX. 30-45 min drive. All the yrs we have gone to your restaurant, this was the worst experience I have ever had. I settled for a burger when we left. We would of spent about $150 that evening.

  • Belle says:

    We just ate at the Destin, FL location and had the BEST experience. We were quoted an hour, but ended up waiting 2 hours. Though we were irritated by this, our server made sure we had an awesome time. He was positive the whole time and made sure we had everything we needed. An awesome personality and made the place better. Pretty sure his name was Nas. He deserves some recognition!

  • Scott D Ramsey says:

    3 hrs till closing and would not seat us a party of 12 but said they would seat a party of 4 and this is 2 yrs in a roll they have done this to us at Daytona Beach in Florida

  • Sarah a Tarnowski says:

    Currently at Joe’s crabshack in Galveston Texas. Made a reservation a week ago visiting from Ohio. It is my son’s 16th birthday and my brother’s 44th birthday. It is our last day here. We arrived 20 minutes early to find out that even with a reservation we would have to wait an 1 and a half. No apology from staff. There were tables empty inside however they chose to seat us outside when we requested inside. Shame on you Joe’s crabshack. You will not ruin our last day but I will let everyone know what a disappointment. Our waiter was pleasant. I can’t belive this how you treat a reservation why even have them.

  • Beverly says:

    Just tried to eat a Joes Crab Shack in Destin Florida the place was not busy they had maybe 12 tables full but a sign greeted me that said “we can take no more people due to wait time” they had 2 hours left to closing and couldn’t serve a party of 4 people. Very very poor customer service will NOT be back.

  • Victoria cromartie says:

    I came to the Joes Crab Shack in Fayetteville NC. Due to staff shortage. Iva seen several customers walk away because of the wait . There are hardly any customers inside , but the staff is working very hard . Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and we pray that things will get better soon.

  • Mary says:

    Just had the worst restaurant experience I have ever had at any restaurant at the Pigeon Forge TN Joes Crab Shack. The front employee and the manager are inept, rude, and obviously trying to run customers off. I will never go there again and I will never miss an opportunity to tell others what a terrible place it is.

  • Lin says:

    My family and I went to clifton location on friday . I was very dissappointed with the food . Im not one to complain( very rare) but the crab legs were VERY VERY salyty and did not taste like crab . I spoke the waitress told her it was aalty no taste and overcooked , she did offer for us 2 of same meals home and again the same very salty and did not taste like crabs, and over cooked .. Never will go back again

  • Jasmine says:

    Staff at the Clifton, NJ location lacks customer service skills. Poor management. Disappointed customer. I won’t be back!!!

  • Jasmine says:

    The store located in Clifton, NJ. POOR customer service and I won’t be back!!!

  • Kevin says:

    Never going there again in my life someone assaulted my kids on the playground. Then I get escorted out by police!! If that’s how Joe’s Crab shack runs things then f*** y’all! Can anyone I ever meet I will tell them to never eat there again the rest of my life. Fredericksburg, Va location. So mad right now!!

  • Jesse says:

    I visited the Joe’s Crab shack in Sacramento on 4/8/2021 about 5pm. The hostess informed me there a 2 hour wait but I order to go and handed me a menu. Two white ladies behind stepped up. She told them there was a two hour wait but they could sit at the bar. When she returned I asked her why she seated them at the bar and didn’t offer me the same thing. Her response was there’s only two seats at the bar. I was by myself, so that made no sense. I will not go there again and as a travel nurse I will encourage my fellow nurse’s not to patronize this establishment

  • Louise says:

    Went to joes crab shake in Orlando , girl told us the wait was an hour and that she would page us. We waited in our car for an hour , went back in and she says we are closed. She then said who told you an hour, we said you did. That was horrible service, we sat in our car with 2 kids for an hour. Will never go back. The girl should be fired

  • Jessica says:

    Who do you contact when the waiter burns you

  • Kymm Yi says:

    I think you should bring back the crab, shrimp and cream cheese stuffed jalapeños and the crab stuffed shrimp when the world reopens!! They’ve been gone way too long. Great way to to welcome customers back!

  • Efrem Hemphill says:

    This was just terrible i been eating here for years no complaining but today was terrible ordered the Joe classic potatoes taste like oil and the shrimp was swimming in water at the bottom of the bowl in the pot Mesquite Texas they just got my last 34.00 lost a dear customer

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