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  • Address: 2212 Fox Dr, Champaign, IL 61820, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 217-356-9900

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1983

  • Founder: Jimmy John Liautaud

  • Key People: James North (CEO)

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Bob Norman

Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Operations

James North


Darin Dugan

Chief Marketing Officer

John Shea

Chief Marketing Officer

About Jimmy Johns, History and Headquarters Information

The headquarters of Jimmy Johnswas founded by Jimmy John Liautaud and was started back in the year of 1983. It is located in the USA. Basically, this is a sandwich fast food restaurant chain which is specialized in delivery. In the past years, this chain has spread to different parts of the world. The menu will show you what the options are that you have to choose from. Also, it will show you the amount of cal per serving the sandwich. Well, this is actually great nutritional information that is being provided by the company. This will let the people be aware of the calories that they are taking in. Apart from that, there are other side snacks that you could order to satisfy your cravings. You can download the catering menu for your convenience. Also, you can buy gift cards from here and gift it to your loved ones so that they can enjoy a mouth-watering meal from Jimmy Johns.

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  • Jorge says:

    Ex-empleado como Delivery Driver, de la tienda sito en 1120 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, Tx 77079. Disculpen la manera en que me fui, pero no aguante mas la actuacion del manager, que favorece a un driver con los deliverys que tienen tips excelentes a cambio de dinero, eso es corrupcion, afectando a los restantes driver, que decidimos marcharnos.

  • Vickie J Krametbauer says:

    My son took me to Jimmy John’s on Northwest Hwy in Dallas, while there I needed to use the ladies room, however, there was and employee in the bathroom brushing her teeth and changing clothes. I knocked on the door which was no closed, but she did not reply. I then went to the young girl in the front and she ask me if I would mind using the men’s bathroom. REALLY IT COST ME 24.00 FOR A CHNGE OF CLOTHES.

  • Paul Hood says:

    Why does Jimmy John’s not take $100.00 or $50.00 dollar bills.
    It.s legal tender. Not happy about that. I like you product but I only had large bills the other day and I didn’t have my charge card with me so I couldn,t order. Very disappointed

  • Zina says:

    I purchased a sandwich from the 1019 E. Broadway Columbia, Missouri location . I ordered a #11 with no tomato. When I received the sandwich, it had tomato on it. I called the store about the sandwich, they told me they would credit it to my phone number. When I went back into the store to get the sandwich, my number didn’t register for the sandwich. They told me I had to call and speak to the manager. I called several times before getting hold of her. I was told my number was associated with an address that I let them know wasn’t my address. Long story short: I’m not entitled to the sandwich that is owed to me.

  • Grammy says:

    Just drove up to the JJ in Bullhead City AZ. Music so loud you can’t carry a conversation.

  • Monte Parks says:

    Hello My name is Monte Parks , I just came from one of your Jimmy Johns at 5580 Bull Run Dr Missouri, They made one of my two subs # 10 and #15 ,the # 10 with no tomatos or lettuce I took it back in to have it made right and the manger was horrible she took the sandwich and pawed throught it like I lied to her and then I caught her trying to add lettuce and tomato and when I called her out on it she got so nasty and then finally told the other girl to make another one. There was no way I was going to eat a sandwich she pawed through,This women was very nasty and everyone in the building was shocked by the way she talked to me, it was not right , when I did nothing wrong . they are the ones who left the tomatos and lettuce off to start with, not me . Then to have the attitude she had towards me, I don’t feel that was right . All I as asking was to have the sandwich made right.

  • Connie Redmond says:

    Please bring back the
    Salami Caprese Pesto Sandwich
    It was amazing
    Thank you

  • Melissa Kelly says:

    Store 2283 Bourbonnais. They sell day old meat. They do not follow jimmy rules. Theu keep what’s left at the end if the night and reuse it the next day until it’s gone. Old dry discolored meat. This is taught to do by the general manager and the new area manager. They use food that is not temping right. They serve s shaped and bat bread. They take 38 min for delivery 4 min from store. They have several workers who speak to the customers like they are ignorant. This store has multiple family members working there from the same family mother and kids. At what point is nepotism happening. What is the jimmy rule on using meat from the night before that was not only on the line all evening but it is only covered with a small deli paper at night instead of being tossed out so their cost of product isn’t ruined. They over prep. They act like they are a billion dollar store. They r not that busy. This is the 9th jimmy johns I have worked for. This store has the worst jj standrds.the store. Is sticky. The windows r filthy. The bathroom smells like a dumpster toilet fire and the walls of the bathroom wipe black. There is poop on the wall in the bathroom with urinal. Urinal sticky with pee. Wall under paper towels sticky with pee. When I tried to clean it o was told managers don’t do that and that they are trying to get the staff to clean it. The other bathroom has the same black stuff stuck to the lip of the toilet since my first day. The employees eat off the line when their mom isn’t looking. They serve tuna that is super dry and discolored from how jj tuna usually looks. I have been worker at jjs in 3 states. Theses stores put the company to shame. All the stores handled in this cluster or area of stores is ran the same way. Dirty. Under jjs standards Na
    And nowhere near hotel clean in anyway.

  • J.Moore says:

    I am employed at the University of Houston, and placed an order for delivery. I received a confirmation email stating that my order was received, as well as the order tracker to view the status of my order. After 30 minutes, the order tracker stated that my order was submitted, but it had yet to be received. After 30 additional minutes, my order still had not been received. I called the phone number (713)338-2233, but there was no answer. I decided to walk to the location, and discovered that Jimmy John’s is no longer at 4701 Calhoun Road, although I was still charged for my order. I contacted Jimmy John’s customer service number to provide a complaint, and to receive a refund. I was told that the best that they could do was submit the complaint to the franchise owner. How is that this particular location’s website is still active, the phone number is still active, and my credit card was charged, but the store does not exist?? By the way, I have already provided feedback via bit.ly/JJsFeedback. Now I am waiting to be provided my money back.

  • Kathleen E. Quimby says:

    Hello, I just got my sandwich from your store #2770 in Indiana. It was wrong! Missing the correct bread, oil and vinegar, onion and oregano. It is always one thing or another wrong with my order.

  • Andrea says:

    I am so disgruntled about my call with Jimmy johns today. They owed me $10.00 I ordered lunch and they still wanted to charge me full price. Then when I try to get what’s owed all of a sudden I have no credit. I’m a twenty year customer of this store only. Then they refused service. Wanted $20 for sandwich/chips/cookie and soda. They charged me ten dollars over for a salad I didn’t order.

  • Natasha Robinson says:

    Hello my name is Natasha Robinson i use to work for Jimmy Johns and I need my W2 form please

  • Michelle says:

    My daughter works for store number 1483. Her last paycheck 12/20/22 bounced and was sent back to the store. Her new bank account is now negative and is acquiring bank fees. I have reached out with no resolution as of yet. If someone would please contact me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Eareal Coates says:

    I was deliberately over charged for a meal I purchased on 12-27-22. I paid $11.09 upfront and the next day $5 was added to the charge making it $16.09. Not only was my meal delivered to the wrong address I had to retrieve it myself. I did not ask for a refund when I retrieved my meal so I’m appalled that more money was taken the next day. This transaction was made using cash app and should be final at the original price of $11.09, your company owes me $5, I will not tolerate thieves. Store contact number is 843 724 7771 Charleston SC.

  • LikeIt Matters says:

    If you REALLY want to set an example economically by “only using your own drivers” to deliver, you might consider no longer using UberEats to gain orders, then keeping the customers money and refusing to allow Uber to pick up the order for delivery. If you don’t have drivers, close the store. Pay more. But quit scamming people. It’ll be ANYONE else EXCEPT jimmy johns scam-sandwiches from here on out. Lame azz 5hit.

  • Joann says:

    I don’t understand why the store in Glendale heights Illinois has a tip jar. I think this is very wrong.

  • Melissa says:

    I live in garden city Michigan all Jimmy johns in my area do not have drivers get it together Jimmy johns pandemic is over Bob Norman ,James north this is unexceptionable business. Do better as leaders of company to serve the public. As of this week I know friends and myself included you have lost hundreds of dollars. Shaming you on social media. Bad bad business!!!!!!!!!!

  • Demond says:

    I placed this order at 8:09 pm. At 8:45 I call to ask about the order and the manage told me the driver was on the way. 15 minutes later I call and the driver answered saying he delivered my order but I was home looking at the door every 5 minutes. Then the driver hung up on me. I drive up to the store and they tell me someone else call about my order and they delivered the food. It is no way possible. none of what they are saying is true because I know I did no get the order. The manager would not give me my money back and that is a problem. As much money that I have spent at that store and I get this service and I am all prepared to make a stink of this situation. That store will not get anymore of my money and I need my refund and I need an apology or I will use ever resource I have to give that store bad publicity that match the horrible service I just received. No I have to go to bed hungry. I can not believe this shit.

    • Susan says:

      We waited 2 hours in Batavia Illinois for a delivery. We got excuses from the store manager and driver when he finally showed turned and said
      “Oh well.” That was several years ago. Haven’t been back since. We go to a friendly courteous Jersey Mikes.

  • Tracy says:

    I’ve noticed JJ equipment and tables being sold in Syracuse, NY. How do I get a hold of the seller?

  • Susan Norquist says:

    At store #2360 in Canton, Michigan at 1:20 pm on Sunday the 30th, I had a bad experience. I ordered two sandwiches. There were 3 young men working. There is no other way to identify them other than 2 black and one white. The black young men were fine. The white kid was goofing around pointing a knife at one of the other guys and swinging it around. I commented on it. Not such a great idea. I’m a retired teacher and I found that behavior in front of customers inappropriate.
    They made my sandwiches without even asking what I wanted on them. I was waiting my turn to give them what I wanted. They said,” oh we don’t do that here”. There was a sign with what you could request for free. They layered mayo on it so thick it was horrible and I didn’t want it on either sandwich. My husband can’t have it. I couldn’t even see what they were doing.
    We ended up throwing them away and we won’t be going there ever again. It was our first and last time.

  • …. says:

    The Lowell location needs to get things sorted out between their workers. The managers are aloud to be complete assholes to the regular workers and gm does nothing about it.

  • Shriek hater says:

    The driver at Kingsport jimmy johns is very rude and disrespectful. She always look high and smells terrible. She never does her job. I walked into the store to have her look at me with dirty looks . And was screaming at the manager. If this is not taken care of I will contact the police and do everything I possibly can to get this store closed . Thank you

  • Natalie v ruiz says:

    Store1052 in Liberty Missouri is horrible so is the manager John they talk to you like your not a human being and cut you off. It’s not normal and I want to be contacted by the ceo of the company because They are disrespectful and refused to give me my money back when I requested it. I placed a second order bc the 1st one was a small sandwich n he refused to do that too he said there was nothing wrong w my 1st order. He crossed the line many times n if the cameras work please review them. I had my husband go in and he then apologized and blamed it on his migraine well maybe he should of stayed home bc his service was out of this world. To say if he knew it was my sandwich he would of spit in it n he’s glad to never see me again. I need someone to call me back bc he should not be working there another second

  • Kate says:

    I would like to know why applications, which contain personal and sensitive information such as SSN are left laying around on a counter where any employee or customer can read them? Very unprofessional and a violation of personal information.

  • Unknown says:

    I will never ever recommend anyone to work at jimmy johns and i will never reccomend anyone to eat at jimmy johns in ames iowa. They let there employees smoke vapes inside there stores and they let employees chew chewing tobacco

  • Dana Hart says:

    Please, please please bring back your Wraps. I absolutely love your Thai wrap and ate it just about everyday during this summer. PLEASE BRING IT BACK AS A REGULAR MENU ITEM!! PLEASE

  • Dayna says:

    The store on Campus Corner in Norman, Oklahoma has become a joke. It is woefully understaffed. You wait at the counter for 5-10 minutes before someone will even acknowledge your presence. Still won’t come take your order because the one (maybe two employees) are over making sandwiches. You wait 35 – 40 minutes for one sandwich. So much for “freaky fast”. If you place an online order (thinking that will speed up the process), they won’t begin making it until you show up at the store and tell them you are there. Yet again, wait 30 minutes for your order. It’s gotten so bad that no one will go there. The staff are not nice and management needs to be changed. Ugh.

  • Mackenzie Lever says:

    Worked at store 2590 in Lima, ohio. Never received my pay. I told the general manager that nobody took my direct deposit information and her response was “well I hope you get paid when we all do” then I kept trying to come into the store and talk to her about it but every time I showed up she had “just left”. Still have not got my pay and been about 2 weeks. This whole place is a joke and don’t work here.

  • Frank Cooper says:

    I’ve been trying to contact Jimmy John’s corporate office to speak to someone about MANY illegal labor violations at three franchise stores in Oklahoma City that I KNOW of. The owner’s other two stores could be the same and probably are. I left the store under 300 days ago so I am going to file formal , legal complaints this week if this attempt does not give me access to speak with the corporate office. Please contact me via email and I can give you a phone number to call me at. Thank you.

  • DSE says:

    Three stores in Dallas, TX very bad customer service and I called corporate office and customer service is not available-go figure!11810 Preston Rd
    Dallas, TX 75230, 118 E John W Carpenter Fwy #120, Irving, TX 75062 and 1414 Elm St.
    Dallas, TX 75202

  • Jeanne Barna says:

    Just saw a new Jimmy John’s commercial during the PA. vs DETROIT game today 8/28/22

    Shame on you Jimmy John’s showing tire puncturing of cars of patrons – – like the “thugs/gangs” need to think of things to cause damage to others.

  • James Smith says:

    Just wondering why I didn’t get my birthday reward

  • AthensOhioCourtStreet says:

    Jarrett Bright is with Allison Walls.
    I just witnessed what is quite possibly the most f****d up thing I’ve seen happen in a long time.
    We decided we wanted Jimmy John’s for dinner after Liam’s baseball game. Anyone that knows me knows how much I despise dealing with uptown once the students are back. But nonetheless…There were a couple people in line in front of me. They ordered. I ordered. No issues. Immediately after I ordered, 2 uniformed officers from the City of Athens Police came in. The individual at the register told them they were out of bread and it would be 30-45 minutes before they would have any more. They said ok, and walked out. Then, 4 more people walked in, and their orders were taken, paid for, and made without any comment about lack of bread etc.
    The rack with French bread behind the counter had 2 full trays of bread still. The container above the sandwich table easily had 15 sandwiches worth of bread in it. The sliced wheat container was almost completely full.
    I sincerely hope there is a better answer and story than what appears to be obvious to me here. If someone from store management or the company sees this, I’d love to hear why uniformed law enforcement officers were refused service because of “lack of product” but then civilians were served without hesitation afterwards. Until then, I’ll never support a single Jimmy John’s franchise again.

  • Alexander Van Ness says:

    I was just at your warrensville Heights Ohio location 4:30 p.m. on August 25th.

    The music in the restaurant loudly played the racially charged N word over and over again in every song that played.

    Attempted to call the manager.
    The person claiming to be the manager rudely hung up on me when I brought this up to.

    I have attempted to call customer service and repeatedly got voicemail. I have left a voicemail directly with CEO James North.

    If this situation is not adequately remedied and the staff on the warrensville Heights location appropriately reprimanded my next step will be going to my social media platforms.

  • Thomas Buck says:

    I just watched your commercial with the guy vandalizing automobile tires. I cannot believe you would put such a thing on tv in this day and age of rampant crime!! I will not buy anything from JimmyJohn’s again, unless you take that off and apologize to the public. Thank you. Tom Buck

  • Tiffany torres says:

    Store on 11th street in Philadelphia is horrible so is the manager and Cynthia they talk to you like your not a human being and cut you off. It’s not normal and I want to be contacted by the ceo of the company because corporate didn’t do anything about it at all.

  • Paula says:

    Submitted on Next Door platform for the Baxter Ave location in Louisville Ky

    Becky Rains
    Upper Highlands
    • 20 hr ago
    Heads up people… I’m not sure if anyone has had a bad experience at the Jimmy Johns at 976 Baxter AVE or not but let me fill you in in mine.
    I walked into the store and while I was placing my order I was observing the people working the food line (which I always do). There was a girl working the line with long bushy hair and it wasn’t in a hat or pulled back. I stood there and watched her wipe off things with her hands (she had gloves on) she used a paper towel to wipe off a big jar of Mayo then when she put it back into the cooler down below her hair got all over the line where she was making food… she continued to clean/wipe things down with her gloves on then went right back to making sandwiches with the same gloves on… so I asked her if she would please change her gloves before she made my sandwich….. 😳 she got very rude with me… she kept running her mouth so I asked her what her managers name was and she refused to give it to me then said she was the manager… told me her name was non of my business that it was private and then another guy shows up and he refunded my money… then she told me no one was making my food until I sat down…. I told her I wasn’t sitting down. They would not make my sandwich and I left. I’ve reported it to the necessary people. I will never step foot in that store again. I get that places are understaffed… but they had 4 people working and it wasn’t busy. Absolutely no excuse!
    970-980 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY

  • Rhonda Harvey says:

    I have been waiting on my sub #14 for over one hour now. . This is crazy I came to location this time last time I ordered from work an it took 3 1/2 hours to get it I called 2 x’s . I ordered for my lunch not dinner.

  • Kathleen says:

    It’s sad to read all of these negative messages and yet management and headquarters continue to be apathetic. Maybe one day, they’ll go out of business. It’s karma.
    I was at a store in Fort Worth texas off 7th street and the kids up front were some of the rudest people I have ever encountered. (FYI, it was Friday 8/5 lunch time). I walked up to the counter to order and the kid with chewing gum in his mouth just stares at me as he leans sideways on the register. His young buddy with the bandana standing next to him at the start of the production line also stared. We all had a staring contest like idiots. I broke and said “hi” to see if they were alive and they continued to play the staring game. Then I asked if I can can place and order and the chewing gum kid could barely nod his head. He never once opened his mouth to say anything. So I took a step back and took my family and left. It was appalling and they get paid how much? I’m certain the food is contaminated. If they don’t care enough to treat you with decency in front of your face, why would they care enough to be sure they don’t give you food poison. Disgusting attitudes.
    I’ve worked hospitality most of my life and now I’m nurse. I have never ever treated people so poorly. I watched them and they continue to treat other customers the same way.
    It’s even worse to know that nothing will be done.

  • Gary Martin says:

    Sorry to hear that the Caesar chicken wraps again are just for the summer and going to be discontinued, that is my favorite and will have to go elsewhere for that.

  • April says:

    Was it normals landmark location getting sandwiches and at that store I saw workers sitting on the counters. A man slicing meat with no gloves on. And they were talking loud using the F word and the N word.

  • Your mom says:

    Jimmy John’s sucks now that it’s been incorporated under Inspire’d umbrella. RIP

  • Brad says:

    I don’t see how you stay in business in Houston …. Y’all need help in this area.

    Today we pulled up to one of the jimmy Johns close to our house. Lights turned off as if they were closed. No open sign. No neon signs in the window. After all it’s a holiday and the lazy girl inside who decided she wouldn’t make any tea so she didn’t have to clean it was working. Attitude galore.

    We walked in…. Asked if they were open because it was silent in there. And dark. Seemed like they wanted the store to appear closed so they didn’t have to work…. It was 12:30 in the afternoon.

    And that “freaky fast “ delivery??? Hahahah. What a joke. This is Houston and they don’t deliver to you unless you’re within damn near walking distance. Yet I keep getting delivery flyers on my door …. Hmmm. Called and asked if they would deliver but lone behold. They don’t deliver to my street, but will deliver to two streets closer to them.

    I had called the headquarters long ago about this. The guy basically told me “ it’s our policy”. Good cop out answer.

    It’s a great sandwich. But damn. All the freakin problems y’all seem to have. Maybe you’re not aware of them. And maybe you need secret shoppers to get a real fee of what’s going on. But please do something. It’s laughable at this point.

  • Tim says:

    Went to a hotel in Fort Francis, Ontario on Rainy Lake and was surprised that someone would take up so many parking spots in a small hotel, guess only your boats matter. By the pictures I have, it was someone who probably owns Jimmy John’s and his friends. What a bunch of jag offs!! Please stay in Illinois!!

  • larrywicker84@gmail.com says:

    hi im a long time customer i would like to have a conversation with a representive. very soon.store in southfield mi.one of your workers curse me out because she making sandwiches while on her cell.she totally messed up my order,i spent 50. buck and i get cursed out. not acceptable!im very dissapointed with you guys customer service.larrywicker84@gmail.com

  • N FIELDS says:

    Went to the JJ in Shelby NC and rude people there. Stood in line trying to give them my order and they took the lady behind me first because she called in an order. The lady didn’t want to go in front of me but I stepped back and told her it wasn’t her. Then I step up and they take another guy who walked in even though I was standing there. I walked out!!!!

  • Diamond says:

    When will I get paid

  • Robie Straws says:

    On Wednesday of this week I ordered from the store in West Lafayette Indiana on state street I was then called by a person who claims to be the store manager that he was going to cancel my order because he didn’t have any delivery people as of the time I’ve yet to see the money put back in my checking account I’ve done business with Jimmy John’s for awhile now as I’m a senior citizen and don’t get around all that well I depend on having things delivered

  • Karie Bushey says:

    I ordered from Jimmy John’s Tempe marketplace. They never delivered and did not have there website shut down for delivery. We never got our order. I called, no one answered. My daughter called from a different number, they answered. Called my bank to cancel the order, it was already canceled. So no one cared. I called them back, someone answered. I asked if they were ok because I called several times before. The gentleman said he didn’t receive any delivery orders, which we never had a problem with. And I told him we we didn’t receive our order almost 3 hours later. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok. He told me “word”. Which I know means ok. That is wrong, they canceled my order automatically. And they were jerks.

  • Gail says:

    Went to Jimmie Johns for sun. Order #4 Turkey Tom. Half the sun had no meat! Asked the manager to add she says no can do! I paid 24.65 for two subs. At this price should have meat. Very disappointed and will not come back. This was store 1916.

  • Joe says:

    Milwaukee Brady Street location is a joke. I have had a sandwich with the avocado I ordered maybe 3 of the last 20 visits. Today I checked before I left and they mocked me for mentioning it. Asking “what kind of customer service is that” got the general manager out of his chair to threaten me with police if I don’t leave. Mediocre sandwiches served by arrogant entitled brats is not worth it. They owe me $36 in unfulfilled upcharges.
    2.5 stars and falling everyday.

  • Michael Scott says:

    I frequent JJ’s store #1241at least twice a month. I have never been disappointed with the food quality or service . Having said that, I want to make an additional comment. All employees greet me and say goodbye… also, there is a person I will assume is the shift manager . I think her name is Stephanie. She is such a live wire …a go getter and she is very contagious to the other employees. I just wanted you to know what a pleasant dining experience I have each time I come to the Marion JJ’s.

  • Jean Robinson says:

    I have a complaint about the manager at the Jimmy Johns in
    Crofton Maryland
    My 11 year old only likes lettuce & onions on her sandwich because she has a lot of allergy problems
    It’s impossible to get just lettuce and onions on this sandwich after nine months of going there every other week. I buy three to four. Sandwich’s for her lunch
    When I get home it’s wrong
    I’m so frustrated
    The manager don’t give a damn and when you complain he just stare at you we love the bread there and willing to pay whatever

  • Clinton Brantley says:

    My concern involves the Jimmy John’s located in Columbus Georgia on Macon Rd. We have gone to this location, which is the only location in Columbus.I have only been here in Columbus for 4 months and it is extremely an underserved area. I hate to think that Jimmy John’s is a contributor to this but I have gone there two consecutive times, about one week apart and the first time they were out of lettuce. The second time they were out of tomatoes. The sandwich was poorly constructed as well. Can someone from corporate please check on this place.

  • kathy says:

    Not sure if anyone reads these – but I sure hope they do. I love Jimmy John’s — I order frequently along with my school district. I placed my order at 10:30 – the time it said I could pick was 11:15 am. My email and phone number were also accessible to the store. It is now 12:15 – one hour later and no sandwich. I called the store and the manager said they are really busy and the driver had 15 orders — I then asked what order he was delivering them in — he said the order they came in – etc. I know there were large orders to — wondering if they took precedence over my small order. I am very concerned — I will not be eating the sandwich as my lunch break is over (working in a school, they get scheduled). Will I order from Jimmy John’s again — yes I will – I just wish someone could communicate with customers especially after asking for our name, our phone number and our email address. Has anyone heard any replies when leaving comments here. Very hunger and disappointed.

  • Todd says:

    I worked at jimmy johns in Newburgh IN and have been asking for my first check for months and they never gave it to me and the owner is very rude and cusses and employees. I will never work at jimmy johns again and I will let people know not work their.

  • William Rolison says:

    I just ate with my wife at your Vancouver Washington (Hazel Dell) store, the music was deafening and very inappropriate as I counted the word “fucking” approximately 14 times. When approached and told this was not good the young man took the song off, however the metal music remained every bit as loud as before. This made for a very unpleasant dining experience, if I do not fall into JimmyJohn’s target market let me know and I will go to Jersey Mikes across the street. As I am a 2 time a week patron (at least) I feel you should know. There has to be music that will appeal to a wider array of customers as well as employees, thank you.

  • Laura says:

    Same happened to me, saw commercial buy one get one 50% off. That did not happen was charged full price. Also, young man making sandwiches had a mask on his chin and was talking and laughing with the girl next to him. I really don’t want anyone spitting onto my sandwich with covid going on. Where is the manager and that’s not all, I ordered a turkey Tom sandwich and got turkey and ham. I hate ham so had to pull half the meat off my sandwich. What the heck is going on, what happened to freaky fast, it’s turning into plain Freaky. I would like my money back for getting the wrong sandwich especially when second one was suppose to be 1/2 off. It was the New Lenox, IL. Location.

  • Rose says:

    We had ordered Jimmy Johns in Buffalo, MN and it took over an hour to recieve our sandwiches also ypu have a promotion for buy a sandwich and get the other sandwich 50% off and the guy didn’t know about the promotion said that they were never aware of this and I had read it to him with the code and he again didnt seem to know about this which we should have recieved the deal that you are advertising on your website. very unhappy with your service at this location jimmy johns is suppose to be speedy delivery well I don’t think so…..

  • Guest says:

    Jimmy johns in Bothell Washington has a owner that cuts peoples hours from 45 to 15 because he doesn’t get his way will be forming a Lni investigation upon him his name is Richard don’t ever EVER work there if you want to have a steady hour/pay rate and also pays his workers in cash .

  • Octavio says:

    This just happened today 12/29/2021at 2:20PM I when to the store located at 10551 E Garden Dr Aurora CO 80012 phone # 303 755 2020, I order my sandwich, the Kid name Lussine that help me at the register was very polite, now the lady, well not so Lady, the woman who made the sandwich was so rude and nasty, I couldn’t believe she actually respond back to me when unfortunately I let her get to me and say the F word to her, my surprised was that her Manager was present, heard all the commotion, didn’t do anything and said nothing, no wondering we don’t have people to work any were with managers like this. if you are able to talk to this manager, and make her get read of that worker, that the only thing she is doing is making customer go some where ells, please do something, before she get some ells sue your company. Thank you so much

  • Kim Coffey says:

    I work at a medical facility and all of us at the different offices always order from Jimmy Johns in Aurora, IL on Orchard rd. Well on 12/28/21 I ordered our lunch at 12:30. I got off at 2:00 thinking I have plenty of time for JJ to deliver. Well I was wrong!! I got off at 2 and had to go to JJ to get a refund! I called and asked if my order was on the way. They said it was mind you I had called 45 minutes prior and it was on the way then. I asked the employee that answered that I wanted a refund since my shift was over. They said they didn’t know how to do a refund and had me on hold for 15 minutes! So I decided to go there after my shift and the door was locked! The delivery driver opened the door and I had to make sure my order wasn’t in the box he was leaving with. I said I need a refund for my order that I ordered 1 hour and a 1/2 ago. They asked my name I told them and guess what?? My order was just sitting there in a box to go out for delivery! It wasn’t on its way! I can tell you I myself and other employees that ordered with me will never order from JJ again! Not this location or any others for that matter! This has been the most horrible service I have ever experienced. I understand every restaurant is short staffed. I understand that note than most because being in the medical field we are under staffed as well! I get it. But there is no need to lie and say our order was on the way when it clearly wasn’t. Then I asked for a refund and they didn’t know how to do that???? That whole situation was completely uncalled for!

  • Erin says:

    I would like to complain to corporate.. My daughter has worked for Jimmy Johns for a while now .. She has made her way up the chain at her store.. On Thanksgiving overnight sometime a fire started and some of the inside and roof were damaged severely. Basically my daughter was left without a job. They basically were told to call other Jimmy Johns to see if they need help.. She now has been working at 2 different stores to get her hours.. But she’s back to basic employment and gets paid crap… There were employees that were dedicated to the store .. They worked to keep the store going .. Everyone out here is looking for help because people don’t want to work.. They are exceptional employees… Did Jimmy Johns help them in any way? Maybe give them a few dollars to hold them over for a bit.? It’s the holidays and she had no money to pay her bills and Christmas presents for her 4 year old son .. I am truely appalled at Jimmy Johns right now.. A multi million dollar company and can’t help at all!!!!

  • Thomas Souther says:

    What is the chances of you ever opening a shop in Attleboro Massachusetts.

  • Dena says:

    The Jimmy Johns located at 300 Western Ave NW in Faribault Minnesota is absolutely the most unprofessional mismanaged poor excuse of a location. If you ace an online order an hour or a half an prior to close the system accepts the order for ASAP delivery & they will not deliver your food but will indeed charge you for the order they refuse to order because they are behind and close at 9pm. They don’t even give you a courtesy call letting you know anything just lives you hanging with no food until you call . Pretty much tells you well your out of luck cuz the driver has already been out on deliveries for an hour. Freaky Fast at nothing but leaving you child and grand kid hungry.

  • A. Ghassem says:

    Please consider opening up a store in Merced California, a growing University town.

  • Albert says:

    Bring back the wraps so good and a step up from the regular sandwich it crunch wrap not bread it only makes sense think about it now you have 2 driffent iteam not only one which can be boring. Step it up what can it hurt rember. Only one iteam you have everyone has it sanwich or lettuce. Adding like blue cheese how much thought did that take one minute. Do you look at other sanwich places. How many only have sanwich. Not even a salad you can only eat a sandwich so often. Just thinking. Albert love the bread. Albert

  • A. Matt says:

    I contacted your store on Mack Ave in Grosse Pointe, MI. I gave my card information to the staff member six times while speaking in a clear conversational tone. She the employee stated that she couldn’t hear me, and asked if someone else could recite my card number. I hang up and called back. I stated that I previously called and was trying to complete my order, and that after 6x attepts of reciting my card number I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I was then told in a rude dismissive manner, by the employee “Give me your card number if you want the food.” After speaking with a manager that identified herself as Ray then doubled on the statement by saying you should have someone speak for you. Definitely requiring some customer service retraining.

  • Margaret Salas says:

    I ordered one sandwich and one drink and it’s going on an hour and a half and haven’t even gotten my lunch y’all need to train these people how to route their delivery

  • Dawn Pasniak says:

    Recommendation: LOVE the unwich! BUT……the paper you wrap your sandwiches is horrible. You need a thicker paper wrap. Jersey Mike’s is much better.

    Dawn Marie Pasniak
    Cummisford, Acevedo & Associates, LLC
    Foreclosure Legal Assistant

    Cummisford, Acevedo & Associates, LLC
    7071 South 13th Street, Suite #100
    Oak Creek, WI 53154
    414-761-1700 (Office) x 5
    414-255-3008 (Fax)

    Cummisford, Acevedo & Associates, LLC is a certified Veteran-Owned Business and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise.

    Important Notice to Recipients:
    Cummisford, Acevedo & Associates, LLC’s law practice includes debt collection on behalf of clients. Any information we obtain will be used for that purpose.

    Notice of Confidentiality:
    This e-mail message and its attachments, if any, are intended solely for the use of the addressee hereof. In addition, this message and the attachments, if any, may contain information that is confidential privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient of this message you are prohibited from reading, disclosing, reproducing, distributing, disseminating or otherwise using this transmission. Delivery of this message to any person other than the intended recipient is not intended to waive any right or privilege. If you have received this message in error, please promptly notify the sender by reply e-mail and immediately delete this message from your system.

  • Larry Kramer says:

    I am a very loyal customer of Jimmy John’s at 13824 W. McDowell Rd 10, Goodyear, AZ. I would like to personally contact or have the owner of this branch, contact me, as I have an issue that I do not want to share with anyone else. The reason why I want to make this request, is that the owner provided refreshments for a charity and I want to show my appreciation.
    LarryKramer3@gmail.com 623.606.7007

  • Taylor Dunn says:

    The Salina Kansas branch is a joke and needs to be addressed. Rude staff. Rude managers.

  • Amy simmons says:

    Disgruntle ex employee.
    Im a former employee of franchise in Birmingham al. I hav been trying to get my wage form so I can get my foodstamps back. But I have emailed the person responsible for filling these forms out to multiple times. With. Norresponse, now my stamps hav been cut off. This is a legal doc I can’t fill out and my life is suffering due to your employee negligence. Fix it

  • Irene says:

    In the commercial for your sandwiches , the name of your store is said wrong.
    Brad say Jimmy’s John’s. Is there a reason for that?

  • Matt says:

    My wife placed a large order last Monday for an event we had on Saturday. When I went to pickup the food the store was closed and there was a note on the door stating that they were closed due to lack of staffing. We then called Jimmy Johns Owatonna who said they could fill the order, upon arrival the two people at the window were arguing about using up all the bread, so we were told they didn’t have enough bread to fill our order. This is totally unacceptable and terrible for the Jimmy Johns brand. I run a business and could not imagine just closing the doors for the weekend because I didn’t have staff. I would have either called the customers and explained the situation or worked myself to keep the doors open. I will do whatever it takes to spread the word in Faribault and Owatonna to let people know to spend their money elsewhere. We are all experiencing staffing issues, this doesn’t mean you cannot communicate to your customers so they can prepare something else.

  • Todd says:

    Guy working your Columbus store on Georgesville rd was very rude! I called to see if they were open he said yes but went straight into telling me not doing anymore deliveries. I called back to ask why and to beg cuz I’m a starving truck driver. But he turned off his phone! 08/04/21 at 8:30 pm.

  • Elizabeth Boyd says:

    When and if you remodeling your stores that my fiancé and future son in law and I can pick up the scrap metal

  • Elizabeth Boyd says:

    I would like to know when you are remodeling your restaurants if we can pick up your scrap metal around Florida Alabama and Georgia area

  • Mike Richardson says:

    I was wondering why you can’t get a number 9 sandwich in a wrap? I live in Jackson Mi. and don’t care for the sub buns because they have been hard and crunchy, not soft. Ask if I could have #9 in a wrap and was told their not allowed.
    Didn’t see why they couldn’t just switch the type of bread.
    Thank you.

  • Ashley Barrows says:

    Need a better and more efficient way to be able to contact cooperation.. seeings how the store says you are the only one who is able to assist

  • David Dowdy says:

    I live in York Nebraska and we just got a Jimmy John’s here about 9 months to 1 year ago never had any problems with the food or staff great place good food. Until today. I have been in the food industry for over 25 years and I never treated anyone like the so called manager or helping manager did me today. I will be calling headquarters of JJ and telling them to stop putting children that just stop pissing and shitting on themselves in positions of power that they did not work for

  • Very Very Very Disappointing Service says:

    On June 2nd I submitted a complaint to JJ about the terrible service I had and was told that someone would be getting back to me. 12 days later no contact from store or ownership group. I followed up and said that I hadn’t heard from anyone and the customer service person told me she would follow up with the owners and ask them again to contact me. I’ve now waited 7 more days and emailed them again because I have not had any contact. Today, is it has been 23 days since my first email and 3 days now since I emailed the corporate office again no one has bothered to reply. Terrible service! Very disappointing!

  • Angry says:

    If you are looking for a job at Jimmy johns in Rexburg Idaho, DON’T!! The general manager there is a bully! She will not listen to her employees. She is very rude, demeaning and condescending. I have no idea how she got her position, but if I were in a position above her, I would be embarrassed. I honestly do not know how people are working for her. She’s HORRIBLE!! For being in a university town where almost every resident is a student, she should know she has to work with their schedules. She is unwilling to do that. I’m sorry, but did she never attend classes? She skipped college??
    No understanding at all. What an embarrassment to the company. I hope her employees have the backbone to stand up to her. That kind of treatment should never be allowed. She has taken her job title and made an iron fist out of it. Who wants to work under that?? Disgusting.
    Good luck, employees! Maybe some day you’ll be free of tyranny and dictatorship!

  • Shelby says:

    I went today and all I got was welcome to jimmy johns would you like to try our combo box and I said yes and then nothing and I was on my lunch break so I spent all most my whole lunch sitting in the Drive-through and even told them what sandwiche I wanted and still nothing happen at the store here in Lincoln ne at Andermatt drive

  • thom says:

    why does the corporate office allow franchise employees to verbally abuse customers Recently ordered a sandwich for lunch and my drink was forgotten i called to ask about it and was told it was just a drink and was laughed at and called a b—ch Why does corporate allow this to happen with no reprimand Sounds like a lawsuit happening From store 1711 in albuquerque

    • M.F. says:

      I basically had the same experience. They forgot my drink the first time then they forgot my 2 cookies. The thing wrong with that is I didn’t know about the cookies until I got to work on midnight shift. I called the next day and the employee said I’ll credit the cookies to your next order. I said well how about an extra bag of chips or a drink too for the inconvenience. He said no; that the credit was good enough. I told him I’ll call corporate. He said fine go ahead and do that. I called corporate 4 times. And they made me wait till Monday for a response. They said the owner will not reach out to me because that was the owner on the phone. I said yeah right. Owners don’t speak to customers like that. They said well that was the owner and they know him. He said all he’s willing to do is credit you. I said I want it back on my card. I don’t want food from them anymore if that’s how a owner is allowed to act. That location will never profit off me again. I told customer service it’s real funny how people like to act real tough on the phone, but if I were in person I know the so called owner wouldn’t talk to me like that. I would whoop somebody’s ass. The customer service person told me I wouldn’t get anything with that attitude. I said they need not to worry about my attitude. They need to worry about The owner’s with attitudes representing the Jimmy John’s name. The customer service person’s final response was I’ll let him know, but I’m sure he won’t change his mind. We have no control over what individual owners do.

  • y. P. says:

    Why in the name of Gods green earth am suppose to enter my order on the POS when I walk in your establishment? The employees job is to input the order information and make the order. The only thing I didnt have to do is make my own sandwich.
    Don’t use Covid as an excuse as to why your employees could not input the order. This was my first time and my last going to your establishment. Never Again.

  • Charlene Pham says:

    We just ordered 4 sandwiches from Jimmy John’s at 523 Jackson St, St Paul, MN. We are missing a sandwich. We’ve tried to talk with someone from the store but they’ve hung up on us 5 times. We asked to speak to a mgr. several times and I heard in the background the one time – “who is it?” I said it would be just easier to speak with us and get this over with and I don’t trust you to call us back. That I’ll just call again in 20-30 mins. They said, “Fine, call back in 20-30 mins.” Then they hung up me. It wasn’t, “We’re so sorry, but we are really busy – can we take your phone number and call you back in 30-60 mins. and if we don’t – please call us back.” I just spent over $30.00. How rude? I understand that this is a business and it is Lunch hour – but, they could have dealt with our phone calls in a totally different way.

    • thom says:

      i was called a b___ch for calling about a missing drink on my order I will not order again from albuquerque store 1711 Even corporate doesnt do anything a bout it

  • Buck rodgers says:

    You are all a bunch of cry babies!@

    • David Dowdy says:

      Let me guess you work for Jimmy John’s. Why don’t you put your real name up if your not a pussy fuck bitch

  • Nancy says:

    Hi. I was disappointed with your store in guilderland ny yesterday. what kind of sandwich shop doesn’t have rye bread, doesn’t have swiss cheese, and doesn’t have russian dressing???

  • Michael Dickinson says:

    Jimmy John’s in Canon City Colorado is going down hill fast, the oldest one working is still a teenager. The past few times we have ordered, we had to inspect the sandwiches to figure out who’s was who’s. They use to label them (the whole purpose of JJ’s asking, who is this sandwich for). When I asked the young lady at the window when I was picking up my order if the sandwiches were marked, her reply was UHMMMMMMM, I don’t know. It’s getting rediculous when you have a teenager managing other teenagers. None of them at this location knows how to fallow directions. I believe you need to make a personal visit with the franchisee and get this store back on track.
    Signed, very unhappy costumer.

  • Angela says:

    I saw the video of two young men in a video today 7/06/2020 making a noose out of bread dough. This is not only disgusting because of what it symbolises it is unhygienic. I hope your company does something about this type of behavior at your stores. I will be spreading the word to boycott your restaurants. Do the right thing.

  • Jill says:

    Your location in Elk River MN had ZERO employees wearing masks when we stopped today. We turned around and walked out. Isn’t your corporate policy to have your employees wearing masks to protect your customers?

  • greg says:

    Between 10:00am and 10:20AM (PST) today I was sitting in my car in front of your store at 44-489 Suite C Hwy 111, Palm Desert, CA when I observed three employees in the store cleaning up and making sandwiches sandwiches all without masks on or had pulled the mask below the chin. I thought you would like to know and I certainly will not be a customer.

    • Buck rodgers says:

      Quit your crying greg….this is a shit show and everyone’s going to get it….buck up and live a little!!

  • Bredetta Richardson says:

    Hello: I purchased a 16″ inch tuna sub. The employee was at the windows with NO gloves or facial mask. I asked him. You don’t have a facial mask or gloves. He said for what that’s not a law. I need to stay out his business. Chk 135 / TKr 894 / Order taker: Ernst/ chk# 135./ 205 N. Hiatus Rd. 954-885-2004.

    • Buck rodgers says:

      Again bredetta(really)this a shit show and everyone’s going to get it…..live a little and get off your high horse!

  • Bob W says:

    I can not believe the delivery drivers or managers at JJ’s at 260 W Holt Ave in Milwaukee Wi. They share a parking lot with Pick And Save grocery store at this location. I parked my car with me in it, while my wife ran into PS for milk and bread. A JJ driver pulled up behind me and struck my vehicle in the rear and left it parked against the bumper. He then got out and was going to go into JJ’s without saying a word. I got out and yelled at him and he cussed me out saying i should not be parking there.Then lies through his teeth saying i backed into him. He said that was reserved for JJ’s delivery cars. There are no signs at all stating that. Not even a no parking sign. I went to talk to the manager and was pretty much brushed off. I called Milw Police to report this. While on the phone he came out and cussed me out more because i had’nt moved. I told him i was on the phone with MPD and told him not to leave. He took off cussing me out again. MPD showed up and i explained to the officer what happened. Officer went in JJ’s to speak with the manager. While the officer was on scene, the driver came back but turned around and removed his car sign and hid about three isles over. Officer came out and explained because there was really no damage to my vehicle and it was private property there would not a report filed. Why did this JJ driver hide and the manager refuse to address the issue. I may not be a big enough customer for JJ’s to worry about losing my business, but i will never return to this or any JJ shop again.

  • Lori says:

    Recently my husband and I went to our local Jimmy Johns,as we always did before the pandemic had started. Every time we were treated with respect and kindness. However this time neither of the employees were wearing masks. I had asked why weren’t they wearing masks. Their answer was, because we were never issued any. Although they were practicing the 6 ft apart. I still didn’t feel safe in that store. By the way my husband and I were wearing masks.

  • Mary ann Martinek says:

    Elephant shooters and CEO..i will never buy anything from your company. And will pass the word. You are DISGUSTING!!

  • Wyand Hart says:

    with all the new homes across from Redwood Road ( my address 1971 W 1870 S. Woods Cross, Utah 84087) why don’t you have a delivery to those addresses. You are missing out on tons of new revenue that Jersey Mikes is getting. I love Jimmy but can’t get it so am forced to use your competition. Wyand

  • Xay W. says:

    I’ve been ordering Jimmy Johns for about 3+ yrs..same place, same order everytime. Love, their sandwiches! Downtown Clearwater, FL on Ft. Harrison.

    The past couple times our order has been wrong. Today, we ordered our usual order and 2 bags of chips were missing. I called and complained and got the manager Jeremiah on the phone. He goes on to tell me that they trust the driver and she said she put the chips in the bag…so they will bring the chips out this one time. I get mad and tell him regardless if they trust her or not, we did not get the chips! I tell him to please have someone come back and bring us what we paid for. 45 mins later another driver shows up with chips..but instead of just delivering them to us, she tells me that they ALL watched the driver put the chips in the bag and that they ALL believe I’m lying!!! I lost my shit!!

    I can’t believe the service that they are allowed to provide to their loyal customers!! We order all the time, why would we lie about 2 bags of chips..this 1 time?! Really?!!!

    I told her she can keep the f****** chips and shut the door in her face! I think she was still talking..no idea what she was saying..regardless..she said she called Corporate..I really hope she called them!!!

    The manager, driver and its team needs to get fired. Please hire a better team that knows how to provide better customer service to represent Jimmy John’s!

    • thom says:

      don’t ever compliane about missing stuff on an order I did and was called a B__ch and corporate office did nothing about it

  • Ann Williams says:

    I was at Jimmy John’s today at the one in Hixson, Tn and was totally disgusted. I placed my order through the drive thru and when I got to the window the guy was not wearing gloves. With the coronavirus don’t you think they should have at least had gloves on? When he handed it to me I paid for it and went around the building and threw it in the thrash. No way was I going to eat that. I am elderly with heart issues and diabetes. I’m on a fixed income and I choose your restaurant because I love the food but I had to throw it out. That’s my only dine out for the month. I think they should be cautioned of the importance of wearing gloves while serving food

  • Kelly says:

    I live in Bloomington Normal Illinois .I went to Jimmy John#2714 on 208 Landmark Drive.I was waiting for my sandwiches while I witness a young man making sandwiches.After completing an order he cleaned his station dumped some lettuce and whatever else in the trash.He proceeded to push the trash down in the garbage can ,didn’t take his gloves off or wash his hand he just grabbed another loaf of bread and started making more sandwiches.I told the person working the window what I witnessed and he said thanks and walked away..I might add I am a Chef! I was totally disgusted and immediately threw my order away and will never go there again.How can you have people working in your establishment that have no clue as far as FOOD SAFETY &Sanitation.
    Very concerning

  • Stephanie Harmon says:

    Why do you send coupons via email for free sandwiches chips etc if none of your stores will allow you to use them I have kept all the emails I received from your company along with my receipts and each store refuses to honor the coupons. Why advertise Freaky fast rewards program if your unable to use the rewards . I have now missed out on 4 sandwiches and two bags of chips I’m highly upset

  • Dean Campos Jr. says:

    I never got my W2’s sent to my new address 1108 N Brown Ave Casa Grande, AZ 85122. The Jimmy Johns I used to work at was 1035 Garden of the Gods Rd, Colorado Springs CO 80907

  • Lynn Butzen says:

    I would like to add that I took pictures and am more than happy to send those to collaborate my experience. Thank you.

  • Lynn Butzen says:

    Our company is in the same parking lot as Jimmy Johns in Overland Park, KS and if you can imagine an office full of real estate agents who never bring their lunches and are always on the go; how much business we bring your Jimmy Johns. I ordered two sandwiches today and then went immediately over there because last week the manager told me to just come over and ask for extra-extra onions. I was watching a young lady make a sandwich and I thought it was similar to my order. Then she made a second one and I knew she was working on my order. Both sandwiches were incorrect. My order stated one to have extra onion, extra cucumbers and extra lettuce. It said nothing regarding no pickles. This sandwich had no onions whatsoever and no pickles. That would have been okay until I said this sandwich was made incorrectly if it is mine. A young man came over and asked rudely what was wrong and I said my sandwich has no onions when I asked for extra and he immediately stuck his fingers all over my sandwich pulling up the lettuce and stating here they are, here they are! I asked where and he asked the young lady who made my sandwich were the onions were and she said that one had none. I was so aggravated at the way this man handled and destroyed the sandwich I wrapped it up and said give me the other one. He opened and said okay this has extra onions and I looked at him and said give me the sandwich – this one is not supposed to have extra onions just extra pickles, lettuce and cucumbers. The young lady stated the other one has extra pickles. First of all, it is so frustrating that the sandwiches cannot be properly made and then treated that way!!!! I have pictures of how I took my food out of the door. It is ridiculous and the two sandwiches which got totally screwed was frustrating to me as I placed my order online. I’m frustrated that employees do not take the time to consider the fact that they, themselves, are representing a company. They are the forefront of this particular establishment. If this young man would come into our real estate company and all we showed him were torn up, mutilated homes, would he buy from us. I think not!!!! I work for ReeceNichols and I am very proud of that fact and proud that I represent them to the best of my ability. If I worked for Jimmy Johns I would have that same attitude. I think you need to rehearse customer service with some of your employees and teach them how to make the orders correctly. I will hear from my fellow coworkers how the future service of Jimmy Johns is at this particular one. I already know some agents that will not step foot in Jimmy Johns due to the service. I would like to reiterate that today’s episode was due to the treatment of the young man ripping apart the sandwich and roughly tell me there were onions when there weren’t any, etc. The young lady made the sandwiches incorrectly however I was the one put on trial.

  • Pat Neal says:

    It is obvious that online ordering does not work for the Huntsville, TX store. Sent the order in at 10:49 a.m. to be delivered at 11:45 a.m. It is 12:22 and still waiting. Have called the store twice, geez, look at your online order or get rid of it.

  • sharon amos says:

    I am a faithful consumer, I always order the same sub. The Gargaunuan!! My last order was a sandwich so thin it was a shame. I called to express my disappointment to a uncaring manager. Please hire caring staff. Especially management.

  • John Davenport says:

    The Roswell and Dunwoody Ga. locations have the worst owners with no customer service skills. Rakeeta (owners wife) screamed at my 80 year old Grandmother for a simple request, fortunately it was recorded and we are posting it on YouTube. It’s understood that JJ’s will apparently sell a franchise to anyone (kind of like the nasty gas stations that always smell like incense). Take a lesson from Quick Trip, they refuse to even let these folks work at their stores for a reason…..

  • jim blackburn says:

    I am appalled at what just happened in the drive thru at JJ #3080 @ 12:50PM today. I handed my debit card to the person at the window at which time instead of swiping my card and immediately handing it back she lays it out of my sight and picks up what appears to be her cell phone and possibly photographs my card. I definitely witnessed her typing something in her phone. This is highly suspicious and when I requested the card back she became abrasive. we will see if any false charges appear.

  • Jean Colombo says:

    I ordered Jimmy Johns online for delivery-1 -sandwich—not 20—just one and it has now been an hour and 13 mintues and counting and I still do not have my lunch—I called the store locally and they said we are busy—really? and hour and 14 minutes busy? so disappointed

  • Curt says:

    Your food taste like recycled shit! I’ve never tasted a worst pizza in my life!! If you like a lifeless, soggy and greasy mess with stale over processed add-ons then hey this place is your ticket! Don’t waste your money on this crap!! Worst ever!!!!!!!

  • Regina says:

    I love the food, it is fresh and I have a gluten allergy so I can order the Unwich, which it great. But I went into a store in Cumming this week and was appalled and offended at the bathrooms. I mean really you feel the need to tell your customers on what positions to use the toilet. Really. I ended up not even using the bathroom.

  • Daniel Focht says:

    This is a huge compliment for the store at 242 Camp in East Peoria Il
    Friday 3/23 I went into this store with a BIG problem. Fenton HS (From Bensenville Il) was in a ISHA competition at the Civic center in Peoria. We were in a jam to feed 38 kids and 10 adults. This store took the order last minute at lunch time. Two girls and I believe the one gentleman was the manager. The two girls were fantastic. They were very willing to except and fill the order. The manager was a little hesitant( I don’t blame him). Once the girls said do it he agreed. Sandwiches were done and ready quick. I did not get there names and wish I did. We did take a picture with the sandwiches and a sign saying “Good Luck Fenton”.
    Excellent customer service. Just wanted to pass along

    • Larry Morton says:

      I keep trying to contact corporate but there seems to be so many damn complaints it you’ll never be contacted back your employees treat people with disrespect they will refuse to refund your money on orders that were screwed up and then treat people with total disrespect

  • Lisa Stoker says:

    I live twin Falls Idaho but your Delivery does not deliver where I live when there’s all these other places that will deliver to my like Pizza Hut Domino’s Pizza the walk-in Grill and other places

  • >