Where is Jewel Osco Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 343 W Irving Park Rd, Wood Dale, IL 60191, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 630-773-4326
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1899
  • Founder: Frank Ross
  • Key People: Doug Cygan  (President)

Jewel Osco Headquarters Location & Directions

Jewel Osco Headquarters Executive Team



Jim Rice

Vice President of Operations

Mike Withers

President of Jewelosco Division - East Region

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About Jewel Osco, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Pat Davidson says:

    I am very disappointed in your recent changes in the Jewel stores I shop at. Both are located in Homewood, IL, one on 175th and Halsred, and one on 183rd near Kedzie. You have completely changed every thing around and I still cannot find what I want easily. Also you have discontinued a lot of the products that I use and no longer carry. Also I used to enjoy your great book collection. That is completely gone.

  • Roz Bailey says:

    On Friday November 15, 2019 around 11:00 a.m, I visited your store at 120th Pulaski as I usually do. I picked up several items and took them to the cashier who was overwhelmed and distracted. Her customer service skills were awful. She was nice nasty. I came to the counter and I put my items on the counter and my turkeys were leaking because they were thawing. The elderly blond hair cashier begin to complain and kept calling the guy who bagged the groceries. He was the only one there and doing his best. She interrupted the other cashiers and they stopped but continued. She said this is why I do not like Thanksgiving. She said I am grateful but this is why I do not like Thanksgiving. She kept calling the bagger but he was busy with other cashiers. When she finished checking me out, she said “I’m sorry folks”. Each of the people behind me could have got in the express line because they only had one to two items. I wondered why she said this? I asked her why are you sorry. This is your job. She did not say anything. I called to speak with the store manager and he/she was not available so the Assistant Manager told me she could assist, she apologized and offered me a $10 gift certificate which I declined. I told her this was very poor customer service because I had been made to feel embarrassed and disrespected about my purchases that I had made at Jewel. She told me she would speak to her and she was sorry. This person does not need to be working with the public. She needs to remain retired because customer relations/service is not for her.

  • Raymond Belin Jr. says:

    I just left Store #3082 and while all the employees were courteous and helpful. the store was a mess! Employees were stocking the shelves but there were empty carts and crowded aisles everywhere. I didn’t get the same experience as when the store first opened. Please do not allow the store conditions to continue to decline, The shelves were not stocked. Evidentlly, business is good, please consider hiring more help and stocking after hours to avoid the mess I witnessed today.

  • Andy Arndt says:

    I wrote a letter on July 14, 2019 to the store manager of store 1189 concerning a purchase. To date, I have received no response. I am a customer and receiving no response does not leave a favorable feeling about Jewel.

  • Virginia Heckert says:

    The Deli person, RYAN, at Jewel Store #1111, 1227 Naper Blvd., Naperville, IL 60540 is certainly an employee to be proud of. I have purchased lunchmeat/cheeses, etc. from him and, let me tell you, he has ALWAYS been efficient, pleasant and very professional! And a really nice kid!

  • Dawn says:

    Your monopoly game was pretty shady this year. I spent hours scanning codes to get enough points for the $15 fandango reward. The distinct implication in your game was that it could be used when purchasing tickets (plural)………..however, when you actually turn in your points and obtain the code to use the $15 reward, you find out that it is only good for a ONE time credit of $15 to ONE (singular) ticket purchase. That makes this reward completely useless because most tickets in the Chicago area will not be that much even when including the service fee. Hence, you end up wasting a bunch of monopoly points for nothing. Fandango’s response is basically “too bad”. Very shady, Jewel. Very shady.