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  • Address: 29202 Ryan Rd, Warren, MI 48092, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 586-558-8588

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1978

  • Founder: Eugene and John Jetts

  • Key People: Jim Galloway, Jr.

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John Jetts

President & Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Nilsson

Chief Information Officer

About Jets Pizza, History and Headquarters Information

This pizza franchise was established in the USA and was established in the year 1978. Since then it has been making thousands of customers happy. The founders of this brand are Eugene and John Jetts. You can choose how you want to get your jets pizza customized. Also, you have your options open so you can pick whatever toppings you intend on having on your pizza. They also help you with catering services. So, if you require some help with your party then get in touch with them so that they add some yummy and cheesy flavors to your party. They have a great range of mouth-watering food that you can choose from. If you want to get updates from this joint, make sure you sign-up for their emails and get all the exciting news with regards to their offers and all the new stuff that they come up with. What are you waiting for? Go grab some great deals today!

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  • Violet Gardner says:

    I love Jet Pizza but really liked the cuts square instead of common triangle shape. Can I request having pizza cut in square pieces?

  • Cynthia Dunn says:

    Hello my name is Cynthia I live in champaign me and my two bothers orders pizza from Springfield store in champaign illinois for years never had a problem my brothers have acid reflux really bad they cannot eat jalapenos the machine messed up and put the jalapenos on the pizza which the man said and they didn’t put them to the side so now we have to go to bed without eating cuz we waiting on our pizza January 10th and they will not give us another piece of a refund our money they said we have to wait until the morning and talk to a manager so they will not refund us I’ll give us another piece of so we have a problem with that and if you can please get back with us we greatly appreciate it thank you

  • Vernon Blackmer says:

    I ordered a small hand tossed piza at the one on 16 and Harper and asked for tripple the sause and when we got home it was if we had no sause at all. When I called the restaurant and talked to the manager andtold her about this. She said that they could remake it and I told her that we were not going to drive back any more tonight. She said that the sause that they have a set amount of sause and even if we asked for extra it is a set amount. She did not offer any solution to sastifie the customer.

  • Debra Grinnell says:

    Ordered a pizza on 12/24 never received my pizza or my refund. Went to store and she said she fixed it. One or two days for refund it’s been a week. Mind you this was a $40 dollar purchase for my family Christmas and we received nothing but the website sure took my money. VERY PISSED OFF CUSTOMER!!

  • Andi Schmidt says:

    n late October we received the worst service we have ever had from the Mason, Ohio store! It took 2 hours to receive a cold pizza. The driver said if you have a problem with that, call the store. So I did (for the 3rd time-previously asking where the pizza was). The person was rude and said next time come into the store if we didn’t like waiting. Then after much complaining he told me they would refund the cost (25.13 for one eight corner pizza with 1 topping). He said I could also get a pizza for free if I would come in. I received neither! I will never, ever go to Jets again! I will also tell everyone I know not to go there!

  • jean says:

    tonight ordered from jets on fruitville rd in sarasota,fla. on the website it shows they offer BLT pizza and they informed they do not offer it. so i ordered a large jet10. extremely disappointing no taste, turbo crust not noticeable. extremely oily,crust not what was ordered. the pizza looked as if my 4 year old made it. in fact he would have put pepperoni,onions,peppers,etc, even not over abundant on one part and very little on other parts. very bland sauce has no taste! to top it all charged a $7 fee for delivery and was delivered by door dash.if i wanted door dash i could have ordered and received a discount. was not called as i requested when being delivered,so could make it convenient for driver.when i called in re:concern of delivery charge manager(don’t think it was mgr. as not professional at all) said this has been existence for more than a ear. has not or i would not have ordered it. young man didn’t seem to care. have to say Bad news travels faster than good . extremely disappointed and will inform others who use this store. even local pizzerias do not charge this outrageous charge. nor do they respond to a customer’s concern in this unprofessional way someone should look into this location Soon.

  • Mark Jensen says:

    Who do I contact to become a franchisees interested in opening a store?

  • Mark Jensen says:

    How do you go about becoming a franchise store interested in opening a franchise?

  • Pat Sereno says:

    Hello, I have read some of the comments. Sounds like the same problem I had. I love Jett’s pizza. But this last one I paid 25.00 for a Lg. It was burnt and my family could not eat it. I took it back to Jett’s in Waterford, Mich. on Pontiac Lake Rd. On Sunday Aug. 7th ordered over the phone. Took it back to Jets and they were very rude to me. They didn’t care what I said. The crust was burnt and all the meat. The peppers were so black it looked like black olives. I have always liked Jett’s, they wouldn’t give me anything, jot even a coupon. I will not go back there again, I’m only half a mile from them. Hope someone does something. That’s a lot of money for a pizza. Date ordered Aug. 7th at about 1:30pm.

  • Sandra Jarrett says:

    We understand that inflation has caused prices to rise, however I still expect a great pizza, cooked to my order. We ordered a large Turbo crust, half supreme and half pepperoni. We drive 25 minutes to support your business. We did not get turbo crust, there were hardly any pepperoni on the other half. We were not pleased at all. The store we go to is in Huber Heights, Ohio. We will no later Niger support this store.

  • S. Rush says:

    On Tuesday May 31st after my sons Larry Steeb Track Meet in Dexter, we decided to order a pick up pizza from Jet’s Pizza on Plymouth Rd (this is not our normal Jets that we order from). We were very tired and hungry; Jet’s Pizza never disappoints; until this day. After getting settled in at home, I took a slice of pizza. It was horrible, thus I did not finish it and went to bed. When I woke up the next day, I realize my sons also did not eat the pizza. This was definitely not the norm when we have pizza. When my youngest came home from school, I asked him if he wanted me to heat up a slice of pizza or two. He said, “No”. Now I definitely knew something was wrong. I informed my son that I didn’t like the pizza, he immediately agreed and said it was soggy, too much cheese, not enough pepperoni (maybe 1 pep on each slice) and the dough was undercooked. So just to give you an indicator of what this meant to me….pizza to my youngest is like cookies to the Cookie Monster; got it?!!!! At first I thought it was me, I’m very particular. So when I heard that he was not happy, I decided to call Jet’s Pizza and let them know, that was it. So I called Jet’s Pizza on Plymouth and explained the above to the manager…Jade. Jade was very disappointing as she stated that I should have called that night to complain and she was not going to reimburse me due to people spending $50+ and expecting a refund the next day. Wait what? So once again it was my intentions to inform them how disappointed we were with the pizza. Maybe an apology would suffice, but no she insulted me and I immediately felt insulted. Jade was telling me it was my responsibility to call the day I received the pizza and since I did not she was not going to reimburses me because people do this all the time. So now, I’m lumped into a group of “people?” I was not happy and actually disgusted with Jades response. So what did I do, I called my regular Jet’s Pizza and spoke with the manager. I informed him of the above situation just to get a feel of his managerial perspective. What a difference, I actually received customer service, excuse me GOOD customer service. He also explained that it is not on the customer to know when to call to complain that will be considered a reasonable time and he definitely would not have responded in that manner. He really wanted to assist me, but informed each Jet’s is different. He also suggested I could contact corporate. That was not my intention to make such a fuss over a $29.65 pizza and wings. HOWEVER, I was treated poorly and did not receive any customer service. Jade did not ask me to bring in the pizza ( she was informed we did not eat the pizza), she did not ask about my receipt, nothing. Jade just accused me of wanting my $$ back. She didn’t even offer to make another pizza. I will NEVER purchase a pizza from Jet’s Pizza on Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI. I’m forever loyal to Jet’s Pizza on Canton. Center, Canton MI. And to Jade, the manager on Plymouth, good customer service is paramount to Jet’s Pizza; you did them a disservice on how you handled, degraded and accused me of being dishonest.

  • Annoyed says:

    I attempted to order a pizza from 2965 Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37042 jets location and was told i was 10.6 miles away and they could not deliver. According to google maps i am 9.5 miles away. Tons of subdivisions are being built around me and i highly suggest you widen your delivery parameters to increase your profit margin. They’re are only 2 jets location in Clarksville both same distance from where i am at and say the same thing. Ridiculous customer service.

  • Chris Adams says:

    I ordered a pizza from the wrong location I was told before ordering again I had to pay for the previous pizza, that’s a jet’s pizza location on the way to ruin, great pizza bad management

  • Robin says:

    We called to order the Mediterranean pizza today and was told they no longer had it, that was one of the best pizzas I don’t understand why it was taken off? Please put it back on!!

  • Elijah Williams says:

    I ordered a pizza last night online and called in and they said they never received my order but it shows on my account.The lady told me to call cooperate and hung up.The store is located in. Brookfield WI. I ordered the large 3 topping for 14.99 plus delivery charge!

  • Kyle Houston says:

    On July 19th 2021 I ordered a small pepperoni pizza for delivery to my house around 9:13 and was charged $19.48 for a pizza that never arrived. The estimated delivery time was 10:00p.m and by the time I realized that the pizza was not going to be delivered the store had closed and did not pick up my call.

    I expected the charge to be dropped off of my account, the charge was pending for a few days before it went through. After noticing this I immediately called the store and they offered no explanation, it was clear the girl who answered was new and had no manager there. She offered no recompense nor compensation for this disaster which dismayed me greatly.

    Jets has always been my favorite pizza place, and it broke my heart to be stabbed in the back by my favorite comfort food restaurant.

    I do not have a receipt for this order, it was online and probably never arrived just as my small pepperoni pizza never did. I may not have a receipt but the charge in my bank account has never left.
    I was hoping that by calling the store they could at least complete my order, maybe throw in some of that delicious ranch for my trouble, but no. I was left hungry a second time and with nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth, and all from one of my favorite restaurants.

    You can contact me at my email below. Like I have mentioned, Jets has long been a favorite of mine, and I would like you guys to be able to fix this problem when it comes up.

  • Renee M Fairley says:

    Next call need to be health department .

  • Renee M Fairley says:

    My husband just left Jets on Linden rd Flint . Why are pizza being made with no gloves on ?? Staff spreading toppings all over pizza with no gloves on !! Only one girl has gloved on !! I tild him to leave!

  • Chad says:

    Lancaster, OHIO NEEDS A JETS PIZZA!!! The pizza here is not very good.

  • Mona Wilson says:

    I had a big order last night for delivery. Had the worst experience of my life dealing with jets pizza.Tipping when placing order before delivered. They informed me it will be a one hour wait before delivered. Received a call 30 minutes later saying that they could not complete my whole order for my wings. Did not have enough chicken. So I was able to order three out of the four I ordered I ordered two large pizzas my order total $83.68 not including Tip. Delivery guy gets to my homes. I asked him did they take off the wings they were not able to fill? He stated I had all my wings which I know is not true because they phoned me. Upon checking my order I only had the three as they stated but they still had that total on my bill never did they take it off. I then called and spoke with the manager at store number 086 jets pizza Romulus Michigan. Take a number 164. Upon speaking with management she informed me that They did not take that off of my bill they credited me. I informed them they were to put it back on my card because they could not feel my complete order never should they have taken upon their selves to credit me because they don’t know if I’ll ever be back it was very unprofessional and I was very upset. They had the delivery guy to return the amount in cash to my home. And I stated that I was very unhappy and I was reporting them.

  • Janice Cole says:

    I am so frustrated with your online ordering
    and the service from Jets Pizza in Delaware, Ohio – Troy Rd. I ordered pizza on 8/6/21. I had 40 reward points which showed at the top of the order screen. I tried to order brownies, but
    a message popped up saying I am not eligible. It would not let me finish the
    transaction until I deleted the brownie order. I called Jets on Troy Rd. to ask them about the problem and they said “sorry, can’t help you.” I explained it to them and
    asked them to please send the brownies
    anyway. They said “No”.
    Is this a scam, a false advertisement, or a
    glitch in the system? I think you should fix
    this. I am a loyal customer, but maybe not
    for long.
    So yesterday I received an Email from
    Jets saying I now have 50 points. They are
    no good if I can’t use them. I have attached
    that Email below. Please correct the problem for your customers.
    Janice Cole
    519 Brickstone Dr., Delaware, Oh 43015

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Jet’s Pizza
    Date: August 6, 2021 at 12:01:31 AM EDT
    To: jananncole@gmail.com
    Subject: Updated Points





    – Hey Janice –

    Alternate text

    Your points have been adjusted with your latest checkin. With your latest checkin, you have earned 10 points. Your point balance is 50.0

    Jet’s Pizza Delaware

    Nutrition information available at JetsPizza.com/Nutrition
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    Alternate text


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  • Felissia Vernon says:

    When they delivered my pizza an set it on ground an never run the door bell to let me know it was there . I don’t know how long it was out there. An manger was very rude..Never ever will I eat a a piece of shot place again. How would they like of someone set there food on ground an don’t ring doorbell.

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