Where Is JetBlue Corporate Office Headquarters

JetBlue Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 27-01 Queens Plaza N, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 718-286-7900
  • Email: corporatecommunications@jetblue.com
  • Number of Employees: 22,000
  • Established: August 1998
  • Founder: David Neeleman
  • Key People: Andres Barry, Alex Battaglia

JetBlue Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact JetBlue Corporate Office

JetBlue Airways is an international prime travel company, known for being loyal to the customer and community commitments in providing ultimate travel experiences and products. It caters to its consumers with the best connectivity and amenities, flying across 100 US cities.

Consumers may have a number of reasons to contact JetBlue. Some of them are stated below:

  • To register feedback, query, issue, or complaint.
  • To enquire about the company’s safety policies.
  • To enquire about payment issues or to receive a receipt.
  • For booking a flight.
  • To get know about the ongoing offers, deals or discounts.
  • To get flight details.
  • To know about the rules and policies of check-ins, reservations, ad refundability.

There is a possibility for the readers to have any of these queries in common or any other. In that scene, they must look at the ways to contact JetBlue.

Ways to contact JetBlue

If you’re looking for ways to contact the JetBlue headquarters or customer support team, here is a list of ways to do that:


In order to have an in-person meeting with the JetBlue officials, customers can visit their head office. The address of the JetBlue's headquarters office is provided below:

27-01 Queens Plaza N, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States of America

Phone number

If the consumers wish to get help while sitting at home, they are free to call the customer support center to get a personalized solution to any question or issue. JetBlue Customer Relations are available 24/7 for every consumer, be it anywhere on the globe. The phone number to contact JetBlue is given below. Consumers can kindly note that booking a flight via call will charge a $25 fee.

+1 718-286-7900

Email Address

If the customers feel comfortable contacting JetBlue via email, they are welcomed for the same. Here's the email address of JetBlue’s top-notch customer service.



JetBlue's website gives us an insight into a well-established company, which is ready for its customer service every time. One can visit the website to know every bit of information about the company or for booking a flight on the site.


JetBlue Headquarters Info & Photos

JetBlue Airlines has its headquarters office in Brewster Building, in Long Island City, NY. It was in April 2009 that Helen Marshall announced it as the headquarters, out of the options – NYC’s metropolitan area and the Orlando, Florida area. The location not only supports the airline's historical links but also allows access to financial markets and staff relocation costs. It is spread across a 200,000 square feet area, taking up quite a big space of 2 ½ floors comfortable for the 1,000 employees working there. Indeed, for an airport theme, the office is spacious, classy, and pretty first-class!

Jetblue Headquarters Photo
JetBlue Corporate Office

JetBlue Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

27-01 Queens Plaza N, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States

JetBlue Headquarters Executive Team

David Neeleman


The successful foundation of JetBlue was led by David Neeleman, a Brazilian- American business tycoon, in August 1998 in Delaware. He is also the founder of various other commercial airlines - Westjet, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Morris Air, Open Skies, and Breeze Airways. While being the CEO of JetBlue, he donated his entire salary of $200,000 with a $90,000 bonus to JetBlue Crewmember Crisis Fund for the JetBlue employees who had fallen in the hard times.

Andres Barry


Andres Barry holds the position of the President of JetBlue Travel Products since March 2018. He formerly worked as the Partner, Managing Director, Sales and Operations Manager and Operations Research Associate at The Boston Consulting Group, Mc Master- Carr and ZS Associates, respectively. Barry completed his MBA, Business Honors from Emory University - Goizueta Business School, and B.S. in Industrial Engineering & Economics from Northwestern University. He is excellently skillful in pricing and strategy, retail, loyalty programs, travel & tourism, and revenues & profit growth.

Alex Battaglia

Senior Vice President

Alex Battaglia joined JetBlue Airways in March 2007 as the Vice President under JFK Operations and Customer Service Department. His department changed to Airports in 2009, and to System Operations in 2011. Finally, from December 2012 till present day, Alex is heading the System Operations as JetBlue’s Senior Vice President. He is a pass out of the University of Hawaii and William Paterson University.



an Deason

Head of Customer Experience

Mike Elliott

Chief People Officer

Joanna Geraghty

President & Chief Operating Officer

Robin Hayes

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Land

Head of Government Affairs, Associate General Counsel

Scott Laurence

Head of Revenue and Planning

Tracy Lawlor

Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

About JetBlue


JetBlue’s history says a lot about it! It was incorporated by David Neeleman in August 1998, in Delaware. The company was officially founded in February 1999 by Neelaman under the name “NewAir”.


JetBlue is known as an American low-cost carrier, with the best amenities and free in-flight entertainment, brand-name drinks, and snacks, lots of legroom, and of course customer contentment at its best. It serves nearly 100 domestic and international network destinations in the USA, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.


  • -In the American Customer Satisfaction Index, December 2020, JetBlue was ranked at the 4th position among all US carriers.
  • JetBlue currently carries codeshare agreements with 21 airlines.
  • The cheapest days to fly in JetBlue are generally considered to be Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays due to the reason that its fare sales restrict travel on those days.
  • JetBlue was ranked #394 financially in 2020’s Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations by net revenue.
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  • Sacha Gross says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    You should be ashamed at how you treat your customers. Sadly, the stories of crazy passengers are the only ones that make the news but your disrespect and disregard for your passengers is also newsworthy.

    JetBlue has officially given me the worst airline experience I have ever had. Originally scheduled to depart Thurs. Sept. 23rd on flight#1623 leaving 8:10 p.m. JFK -LAX, it is 1:40 p.m ON FRIDAY SEPT. 24TH AND I AM STILL AT JFK.

    Due to the weather, the flight was indefinitely delayed. I understand that is not your fault, you do not control the weather.

    After hours of non-information , when we finally boarded at 2:00 AM, we were forced to disembark at 2:20 a.m as the pilots “shift” ended. I’m not entirely sure of the reason but if this was a less than 30 min time sensitive problem when we boarded after 2AM then

    WHY DID YOU HAVE US BOARD in the first place? Following that, we were on our own, to fend for ourselves in terms of rebooking with no information given whatsoever.

    2:30 A.M. JFK AIRPORT We were told to go to baggage claim. At baggage claim we were told that the flight was not cancelled: SO NO BAGGAGE WOULD BE RETURNED.


    In the meantime, JetBlue keeps updating the time of our flight as delayed in 30 min increments up until 3:30AM. We finally get a delayed until 7:00 a.m. alert which gives us all some hope. After “sleeping” overnight in the airport, I go to our gate; of course another delay until 8:30AM.

    While we are waiting for the flight, we find out that there is no crew available for this flight so now this is delayed indefinitely.

    What truly shocks me, is the continual lack of accountability, information and help. Finally receiving assistance at the help desk to rebook a flight at 1:00 p.m which of course gets delayed to 2:10p.m. which is, as I compose this with no sleep, pushed to 3:00 p.m


    I am about to board my flight without knowing where my checked luggage from the original flight is going to end up because they can’t LOCATE the plane.

    This was supposed to be the start of a wonderful trip , was reuniting with my brother and his two children after 2 years of not seeing each other due to the obvious global pandemic.

    I am expecting an apology and a refund, compensation for this ordeal and hope that all of my fellow passengers received the same. Please keep your $50 voucher if you think that is what we deserve.

    Your behavior has been nothing less than egregious and you have shown a plane full of people and customers that you do not know how to treat them with dignity.

  • joseph a graziano says:

    I have tried to cancel my flights, your system refuses to accept the request because of an incorrect refund indicated. Contacting customer service was frustrating to say the least as on multiple attempts I was advised of a 3to 4hr wait. I am a loyal customer and this is unacceptable performance…and don’t use COVID as an excuse , as that is getting old. This failure to respond to customers is not doing your Brand any good. I hope that I will not be charged as a no show tomorrow when I was scheduled to leave.

  • disappointed ex client says:

    they have gone down hill so bad! its pathetic will never fly them again!!!

  • Not a JetBlue Fan says:

    I was searching to purchase three tickets to FL. JetBlue booked one ticket for me in a name other than my own and refused to issue a refund. First rep hung up on me, the second one screamed at me then hung up on me. Both instructed me to take the credit – for a ticket that is not in my name – nether ever asked for my name. This was my first time with JetBlue and I will NEVER try again. And I will tell all my freinds and anyone I meet about this terrible experience.

  • Steven gilbert says:

    Up until today Jet Blue was my favorite airline and I would go out of my way to fly Jet Blue. After the disgustingly anti Semitic outrage directed at a mother and her six children I can assure you that I will go out of my way to avoid flying Jet Blue. The staff on that plane should be fired.

  • Diana DeLorenzo says:

    My complaint is customer service. I had purchased a flight with a credit for this past Mar into Apr. Then COVID-19 happened!! My husband’s work sent a memo out that all non essential flights should be cancelled. I cancelled and was told my tickets were of no value because they were purchased with a credit that originated in 2018 that I received due to medical reasons which I had travel insurance and a note from my physician. I should have received a full refund at the time. So I rebooked for 2019. We had a freak snow and ice storm a week before we were to travel. I slipped and fell on the ice injuring my hip and was unable to travel so I was issued a new credit. I rebook my flight for this past Mar and COVID-19 hit. Now I lost my money for these tickets. I find this very unfair. I would like a refund or credit for my tickets. HELP!!!!!

  • Donald Kerrigan says:

    I believe that a better evaluation of hiring should be looked into Jetblue at PBI. JetBlue has more employees than you need as I have seen how many stand around doing nothing during flight activity. I have flown out of West Palm Beach and the JetBlue employees act like kids on a playground. I have only noticed a few that are professional in handling customers. Some public contact employees chew gum and have food in their mouth while waiting on customers. I have flown Delta and United and they operate with contract companies on the ramp and cleaning aircraft. They have more discipline and professionalism than JetBlue employees in West Palm beach . My suggestion is follow the other airlines in West Palm Beach. JetBlue cost will go down to operate and profit will follow. If you keep some employees that are knowledgeable in all areas of the JetBlue operation I believe as I have talked to Delta and United on how they operate that if you go to contract as they did you will find most of your JetBlue employees will stay at lower pay with flying benefits. I guess that I am old school because I believe in accountability. I have had when flying to Boston some employees are rude but not enough to contact JetBlue. I feel with flying I would not want repercussion in and out of West Palm Airport.

  • rhondawalder says:

    I took a flight on Saturday out of LaGuardia to West Palm and was told I had to be wanded by security because there was a yellow light on my shoulder. Then I was asked if I wanted to go into a private room. I found this outrageous considering this was my undergarment and the women had a bad attitude toward me . Also she did wand me for no apparent reason. I will not travel with Jet Blue again and found the agent extremely offensive and aggressive toward me almost as though I was guilty of a non existant offense. I have traveling on Jet Blue for 18 years and never had this problem before.

  • Ovidio Rodriguez says:

    My wife and I, we being traveling with JetBlue airways for years ,and sadly i have to say this time around we had awful experience with JetBlue on June 15, 2019
    Subject: This is the Complaint to JetBlue Flight 730 (6/9/19)/ Emotional Support Animal

    Hello, I’d like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Ovidio Rodriguez. On Sunday, June 09,2019 my wife and I were on a flight along with our ESA. We were on Jet Blue flight 730 flying from Puerto Rico Aguadilla to Orlando, Florida (MCO). At approximately 11:50a.m. my wife was holding our little dog in an attempt to see why she was shaking, as our dog is diabetic. A flight attendant was passing by and yelled at my wife as if she was a child and said “Put that dog under your seat now!!” My wife then tried to explain that she needed to check the dog sugar as it may be too low. At that post the flight attendant yelled again in a nasty tone “Well, your dog should not have flown then, put that dog under your seat now and don’t make me ask you again!!” At this point I politely asked her for her name and she refused to divulge such information. But instead she replied with “why would I give you my name” Our response was “because we would like to write a letter to Jet Blue and inform them of my negative experience with their employees” Her response at that point was “well in that case I will write my own report and say that you are not complying with Jet Blue Policy and that you are the one whom wouldn’t listen to me” At this point she demanded to see my paperwork for my dog. I complied with her and handed the paperwork to her. At the moment it had become apparent to me that she didn’t care about my situation and was more interested in escalating the situation. She then followed up with, that she didn’t believe that my dog sick nor was she an emotional support animal. By this time my wife anxiety was through the roof when all of this could have been resolved by a little bit of compassion and better customer service. Is this the society we live in now berate everyone we come in contact with? I mean is the kind of people Jet Blue stand behind as the face of their company? I am above all else in shock and disbelief that your flight attendant named Heather working flight 730 is able to work flights and provide what she calls customer service on your airline, she beyond unprofessional. Maybe she needs a little more training when it comes to compassion as well as customer service.

    Once we landed in Orlando I was happy to finally be home. As we exited the plane we were then approached by a Jet Blue employee name Layla (ID#74045) whom identified herself as the Security Coordinator and leader. So in the middle of the terminal not off to the side one again we are being berated in front of millions of people, this is not only embarrassing but beyond emotionally draining among other things. So Layla says “I want to get your information to make sure that you and your family are put on a No-Fly List for JetBlue” She tells us she has the POWER and ABILITY to “MESS THINGS UP FOR ME.” So not only have we been berated but now we have been threatened and treated like criminals. We asked to speak to a supervisor. Not one person up to this point has attempted to defuse the situation nor ask me or my wife side of the story, not at one point no explanation.

    The supervisor, Mr. Wisner Disette arrived on scene and introduced himself pulled us off to the side and spoke to us with the utmost understanding. He heard us out in an attempt to understand what the main issue was. Mr. Disette explained to us that he believed us and he would talk to Layla about the treatment we received and the manner in which she spoke to us. He also mentioned the flight attendant Heather and Layla were wrong for how they handled the situation.

    At the end of the day something needs to be done, no one deserves this kind of treatment ever. We have broken no laws, done nothing wrong, just husband and wife on a flight back home from vacation with our ESA dog. To this day every time my wife thinks about it gives her a bit of anxiety. It’s almost as if she has a touch of PTSD behind all of this. Once again this situation could have been avoided by a little compassion, understanding and asking a simple question. “Ma’am is everything ok?” How is your motto: You Above All; Inspiring Humanity…..
    Humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible.
    Humanity means helping others at times when they need that help the most, humanity means forgetting our selfish interests at times when others need our help.
    Humanity means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on.

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