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  • Address: 18850 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 858-924-1879
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 800
  • Established: 1954
  • Founder: Jim Navarra
  • Key People: Brian Woods (President & CEO)

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Jeromes Headquarters Executive Team



Brian K. Woods

Chief Executive Officer

Lee Goodman


Kevin J. Bligh

Chief Operating Officer

About Jeromes, History and Headquarters Information

Jeromes is a furniture store which is based in Torrance, USA and was established in the year 1954. The founder of it is Jim Navarra. Well, many people out there consider this store to be their ultimate choice and you must be wondering why is it so, isn't it? This is mainly because you can pick the best set of furniture for your outdoor as well as indoor living and that too at absolutely affordable prices. If the item that you intend purchasing is in stock you will get the same-day delivery from the company which is one of the reasons why customers are smiling over the name of the brand. Also, you can have quality sleep which means you can get great quality mattresses at affordable price tags. Also, you have this option which they offer to you where you can shop today and the pay later. The financing option is available up to a period of 72 months.

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  • D says:


  • KD says:

    This place is ridiculous! I wish I had read all these reviews before spending 2 grand. After waiting 2 1/2 months for my furniture to arrive and was told by my salesman Mike from the Anaheim store that he would have my delivery charge refunded. By reading these reviews we know that didn’t happen. He told me in the showroom if I didn’t make any changes to the couch (ex: fabric color or side the chaise would be on) I would have it in two weeks. I thought WOW that’s awesome. The sales person is a liar…..I would rather hear the truth than have something sugar coated with lies. No one calls you back, and when they do reach out, they text you. I cannot believe Jeromes is still in business with their horrible customer service. I am STILL WAITING for my refund and a call from customer service to have their ‘MAINTENANCE” person come out and restaple the fabric on the bottom front of my couch that is hanging down. Which was mentioned to the delivery guy and he said someone would be calling me. Still waiting…..crickets. I WOULD NEVER recommend this place to anyone, because of the horrible customer service. That is really what sells a person on a business.

  • Darling Espinoza says:

    Jeromes is a disaster I brought like 2 months ago a bed and we paid around $2,600 and is trash because when we opened doesn’t work the control and we call a lot people and anybody answered.

    is terrible this company really really really BAD.

    we call Jeromes customer service and king Koil the brand and they didn’t answer something is happening because a person from king koil was on my house ant they said Jeromes needs to do something and they can give a new bed but it wasn’t true.

    somebody needs to answer top us this was a FRAUD………………………………..

  • Mark Jacqmin says:

    I have had no response from your customer service deaprtment on a claim that was made back in mid july.
    Order # 0710106KK78.
    I paid cash for a $3000 couch and it was delivered damaged, I want service…

  • Manny E says:

    Horrible customer service we bought our living room set in March 2021 , they where made poorly the sofa was broken the back of the couch has a piece of wood sticking out starting to tear the fabric , we contacted Jeromes customer service and they told us they would replace them and everytime they tell us mid of next month we email and same thing mid of next month now we are in August and still no replacements. This is by far the worst business I’ve ever dealt with so far , we even bought the 5 year warranty what a joke.

  • Roberta Thompson says:

    i am just getting the run around from this place.

  • N says:

    Don’t buy anything here they don’t do any refunds

  • Karen Lucero says:

    I went into the Chula Vista Jerome’s today looking for a particular item which was there. I had previously purchased the same chair at another location, showed my invoice to purchase a second chair. That said, the sales person was very helpful, went to speak with the manager by the name of Mike which is the complaint. He was rude to my sales person and rude to me. After contemplating on the chair because it was a different price at this location I asked Mike if I could put it in hold, he said yes without asking my name, I asked him aren’t you going to take my information, he then paged my sales person where I walked over to him and asked if he could hold it for me. I had my daughter with me as we were walking out she says that Mike was mean and rude, so I felt compelled to go back to him and share with him that he did not even have a smile with his eyes, very rude and lacked customer service never mind being a store manager. He stood there with a non shalane attitude, he said he was busy and that he tried to help reduce the price. I told him it wasn’t about the price at this point it was his disposition. Terrible!! I will say that he is a poor representation of a manager and especially for a company that has commercials of a caring family business and that they are here to serve and especially with kindness and respect! Mike is not a good manager and I would never go back to that location again even if I really wanted the chair!! I hope this gets to someone who cares. Thank you, Karen Lucero

  • Adam Andrews says:

    To Brian K Woods:
    Mr. Woods,
    My wife & I purchased your Sofa & Love seat & table in July. Your employees said delivery would be mid July, then the end of July, now you’re saying mid September… We are tired of the lies that we are hearing from your employees. We will call the credit card company and dispute the charges. We will not pay for what you never delivered. And your written policy legalizes the lies for *estimated* delivery dates. What is Jerome’s phone number, I want to discuss this with him and you.
    Adam & Pam Andrews

    • Julie guzman says:

      Im having the same problem with my order. My order was placed in may for one chair and still nothing. Every time I call they say it will be 2 weeks. It is now aug and i called and guess what? Another 2 weeks. Somebody needs to step up or courts will.

  • Michael Altobelli says:

    To Brian K. Woods.
    Mr. Woods,
    I would like to take the time to comment on the experience we had at the Murrieta store on Friday evening.
    Earlier that day my daughter Tammy Allen had delivered a bedroom set 2 nightstands and highboy dresser my wife loved. My daughter sad she bought it at Jerome’s. that evening after dinner my wife asked if we can go and get the same one with adding the long dresser, we have been looking for the right one for a couple of months. So we went to the Murrieta store. Some background I am 66 years of age, I have owned a restaurant, managed restaurant, been in the service industry most of my life, I retired after 20 years from the insurance industry, being the face of the company. I was an auto damage appraiser, so the customer saw me first, the claim mostly depended on my first interaction, and now I work for the Lake Elsinore School District. So let’s go back to Friday evening, we walked into the store, a young man said “you need to social distance, I am going take your temperature,” I healed up my wrist, he said I have to take it from your forehead, I said no you can take it from my wrist, the nurses at school does this. He argued with me and said company policy states the forehead or you can’t come in”. I said thank you and my wife and I walked out. We were going to spend about $2000.00 that night, maybe this was not worth it to your stores but for us, it was a good bit of money. Many years ago I learned, ” The customer is always right”.
    I called Tim the manager and left a message for him, he called me back, a good manager. and I explained what happened. He did apologize, and I made a suggestion, First of all, if you are going to have a kid at the front door he needs to be trained in manners. how about this example. Welcome to Jerome’s, it’s great to see you, listen because of this COVID stuff and to protect you and our employees we would like to take your temperature, we want you to have a pleasant experience with us.
    I want to let you know, you can also look this up, my wife has a Facebook page that has 65K plus followers in the tri-valley riverside San Diego area, its called, Nothing But Funiture. Writing a review about our experience will probably not fair well for the store, there are many furniture stores in the area living Spaces, Ashley Moore, Bob’s, We even drove to Mathus Brothers in Ontario on Saturday they all greet you and treat you like they want your business. So Friday night we thought let’s go buy that set for our bedroom, Sorry no longer.
    I have not written any negative letters to CEO”s but I needed to let you know, there needs to be training in this area.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Mike Altobelli

  • MN from San Diego says:

    I am trying to resolve something that on the surface seems so very simple, but has consumed my days with total anger and frustration with your organization. I have been a long time customer and over the years have purchased many items from your stores. You have had quality items, reasonable pricing, and
    great customer service….until now.

    Recently having remodeled my dining room, I was very happy to find a set that would fit perfectly with my new dining room. The salesperson at the San Marcos location was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.

    I won’t put you through the pain and agony that I have gone through, but I received my Gwyneth dining set, but was told that the console was on back order and I would receive it the following week. Subsequently, the delivery date for the console was scheduled. I then received a call that it was damaged and rescheduled another delivery date. Unfortunately, my husband did not get to the door in time to catch the delivery person before he left. On that same day, I called back to reschedule, after being on hold for 32+ minutes I was hung up on. That was pleasant. I called back and another 27 minutes and someone answered. We rescheduled for another delivery. I was called back the morning of the delivery and told the console was damaged (again, hmm?) and they found a new one that they could deliver this week and he would call me right back to schedule delivery. I called the next day as I had not received that call “right back” and was informed there were no consoles and that they wouldn’t be able to get one to me until end of August. I asked for a refund as this has caused me more frustration than I need at any time in life, but especially right now.

    I then received a call that they could deliver one to me on July 5. As I had bought the dining set and console as a complete set, I was still happy to have the console. Since I did not want to be on hold for over 30 minutes and be hung up on, I chose your chat option. I did not receive a response for the request to not refund my purchase, but schedule the delivery for the new console. I have not heard anything back…I thought the chat feature was going to be somewhat of a faster response- but they have not even acknowledged the text.

    I would really like to have the console, as I mentioned it goes as a total look for my newly remodeled room. This has been THE most frustrating experience with Jerome’s I have ever had. I was ready to put my story on Yelp, Fb, and other social media, but thought I would give it one more try. It is such a small issue in the big scheme of things, but this is all just so wrong. I have screenshots of my hold times if you would like. Attached is today’s but I have others if you would like them. I started taking screenshots when I kept getting hung up on after extremely long hold times.

    I hope to receive a response and acknowledgement that your customers voice and experience matters.

  • Lynn says:

    I need someone from the corporate office to contact me. We ordered a couch in April it took over twice as long as we were told because our order was canceled without anyone telling us. Even since the re-order, which is an error of Jeromes , I have had to call to find out what’s going numerous times never once did someone update me from Jeromes. Bottom line after waiting months to get the couch the product didn’t come as promised by three different sales people. We were told that the incorrect piece with an exposed bracket could be fixed and it would take a month. Once again no call after a month, I had to call at six weeks to find out the faulty piece cannot be fixed. I’ve tried talking to the San Marcos store manager numerous times and I’ve been told he would call me back. That did not happened. After some effort on my part I was finally able to speak to the store manager and he assured me he would look into it and call me back. That has never happened. It is been a couple more weeks now and in fact I have tried calling him back a couple of times and was assured by the San Marcos employees he would return my call that has not happened. At this point I will speak nothing but ill of Jeromes !! Something needs to be done this is very very very poor public relations and apparently your sales people don’t know what they’re selling .

    Should I not hear from you I will be seeking compensation for my time and the fact that you did not provide a product as promised and no one is bothering to rectify the problem.



    • Michelle warner says:

      worst service ever!!!!!! spent 10k in there and my BED is still not available, no one called me – they dont care what is happening! I couldnt get a manager to take my call. Pathetic

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