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Where Is Jefferson Dental Clinic Corporate office Headquarters

Jefferson Dental Clinic Headquarters Address and Contact

Jefferson Dental Clinic

  • Address: 3030 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #1400, Dallas, TX 75231, United States

  • Phone Number: +19724448888 

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 1000+

  • Established: 1967

  • Founder:  

  • Key People: Michael W McCormick “Mick”, Chief Executive Officer

Jefferson Dental Clinic Headquarters Location & Directions

Jefferson Dental Clinic Headquarters Executive Team



Michael W McCormick “Mick”

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Ankoo Raina

Chief Dental Officer

Jefferson Dental Clinic, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Jody Cervantes says:

    Over priced and bad experience with staff. I have tried four times to get my x-rays emailed and can’t get jefferson dental to follow through.

  • Monique says:

    Jefferson Dental is the worse and they take money for services they can not perform and then will not refund you

  • Monique says:

    Started services in November and there one thing after another so I got my services and now I am waiting for my refund which Jefferson dental will not send to me. I have deposit to BBB which I do not believe Jefferson Dental cares about. I guess next step is small claims court. I plan to sen my complaint to all news channels and put Jerrgeraon on blast on every news outlet I can

  • Wendy Martinez says:

    I have been waiting on a refund for over 2 months and have not heard anything. Please if someone could contact me @ 9725899265

  • scotdale liburd says:

    Subject: Unresolved Refund Issue: Jefferson Dental

    Dear Jefferson Dental,

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration regarding the unresolved refund issue I have been facing with your establishment. Despite numerous attempts to resolve this matter, I have not received my refund, and I believe it is essential to bring this issue to light through social media.

    On May 2, 2023, I visited your dental clinic and paid in advance for several services that month, totaling close to $5,000. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I decided to cancel the remaining work. I was assured that a refund would be processed within 30 days. However, it has been much longer, and I have yet to receive any reimbursement.

    I have made several attempts to contact your customer service department, but unfortunately, my concerns have been met with indifference and a lack of follow-up. This lack of communication and failure to address my issue has left me feeling frustrated and undervalued as a customer.

    As a loyal customer who has previously had positive experiences with your clinic, I am disheartened by the lack of professionalism and accountability demonstrated in this situation. I believe it is crucial for businesses to uphold their promises and provide satisfactory customer service, especially when it comes to financial matters.

    I kindly request that you take immediate action to rectify this situation by processing my refund without any further delay. Additionally, I urge you to review your customer service protocols to ensure that other customers do not face similar issues in the future.

    If my refund is not processed promptly or if I do not receive a satisfactory response within the next two weeks, I will have no choice but to escalate this matter further and seek assistance from relevant consumer protection agencies. I sincerely hope it does not come to that, as I believe in giving businesses the opportunity to rectify their mistakes.

    I trust that you will take this matter seriously and resolve it promptly. I look forward to hearing from you soon with a positive resolution.

    Yours sincerely,

    refund amount I was told was $894.00

  • Teresa says:

    Hello! I’ve been waiting for someone to call me back about services I never received but paid for. I paid for partials for upper and lower. I have yet to receive them. I every time I went in it was one thing or another. They told me I would have to to a specialist in Fort Worth. I can’t I have no transportation and I asked them to give me my partials . They said no! I told them I work on the phones and if I were to find a ride I don’t want to be without them. 2 times the specialist did not show up. I’ve spoken in depth with a few ladies about my circumstances and the promised someone elf call me back. Not I have infection in my mouth no partials and no money to pay someone else. I’m very upset. It’s been a year I’m sure they don’t fit and more work is needed if I don’t die first from infection from the teeth they never removed! Who can help me!!!!!

  • Teresa Escobar says:

    Having problems getting my refund from Jeffersons dental on mccart ave in Fort Worth. Job that was not done a month ago. Keep calling them never available for patients gone in person same thing. What can I do to get my reimbursement of $161.

  • Catherine says:

    Not a friendly atmosphere no smile on faces doctors make appointment for crown never there try to complain to the management no one ever returns your phone calls

  • Catherine says:

    I have been to office many of times. Not happy atmosphere no smile on your employees face. Waiting to long for thedoc. To see the patients. The doctor is always reschedule app. Making appointments when you crown is not in. Waiting on the office manager to contact about your complaints.

  • Jen says:

    Horrible Service at Houston, Texas – Blalock Rd

  • Karen says:

    I am adding my comments to the ones above. I’m writing the corporate office and calling BBB. These people have what I consider a HORRIBLE business model. My son went in there in April/May of this year for routine work. He had insurance and even sent it to them but they charged him the full price anyway…after having him wait 3 hours. He paid them as requested, but when I became involved, I contacted them and they assured they would refund his money. I also contacted his insurance company which in turn paid them in full and we were due the difference. This has been going on since May. I have been dealing with one person from the Plano office who started out helpful but now is basically not telling me anything. I’ve tried to contact corporate but no luck. Please do not use this chain. They are not honest and exhibit no real intention to do what is right. They owe us money and if I have to get an attorney, I will. No more putting us off.

  • Amanda says:

    Terrible customer service. I was to be a new patient this past Saturday at the Katy N fry road location and a woman names Brianna called me an hour before my appointment to tell me she had just realized there was a note in the system stating they were unable to obtain codes from my insurance. I did my part as a patient and submitted all paper work and insurance information in a timely manner and I let her know I had access to all EOBs/codes and my information via my app. She proceeded to tell me she had to speak to the insurance and unfortunately they were closed and I would have to pay out of pocket to be seen. I asked to speak to someone who was above her but she told me she was the only person I could talk to. I called my insurance myself and was able to obtain all the information needed through their automated system. I reached out several times since then to speak to the office manager so this situation does not happen to anyone else but have not received any response back. This says a lot about a company. If a patient had their information available that should be taken into consideration. Do BETTER

  • Fred Bray says:

    The first time I visited this office for a x-ray I was in the office for four hours. Second time I came in for a cleaning I was in the office for three hours. They scheduled me for bridge they did the impressions told me to come back at 10 o’clock on August 30 I show up, and they didn’t even put me down for the appointment. This place is terrible.

  • Julius McMillan says:

    This is the worst dentist by far i have ever been to they will book a appointment then tell u they cant find it i knew it was a problem when the front desk person had pink hair and he was a man very unprofessional they will lie and say a machine is not working just so they dont have to do the work i have called corporate numerous times no call back the regional manager is supposed to call never have i will be contacting someone to get this organization shutdown its a shame all of these complaints and they havent tried to resolve one jefferson dental will be shut down very soon

  • Claudine knox says:

    Bad business practices

  • Paige Thompson says:

    I am writing this comment to express my displeasure with this company, particularly Jefferson Dental White Rock. The staff is always aloof. They do not communicate properly and they charge and “recommend” things I do not need. Long story short, I got a single implant with the male dentist that is there on Thursdays.

    Long story short, he placed the implant in very loose. They reassured me it was supposed to be that way. When I went to my regular dentist (she does not do implants), she told me the implant was too loose and should be this way. Well, you guessed it, the tooth fell out. When I went to recheck with the dentist, they scheduled me with the wrong dentist. This was a Tuesday and they did things that I did not need. On top that, I had to come back the Thursday immediately after for a consult. They tried to say I needed another implant and would not be able to use the implant that fell out AND I would need to pay for it. This place is a joke and they treat their customers like trash. The rolling of the eyes and speaking about customers in Spanish as if some of us don’t know Spanish. What a complete disaster. Do not go here. I will be reaching out to Mick.

  • Nina Johnson says:

    Im ready to hire a lawyer. I went to the Garland/Broadway office. I paid $5000 for Invisalign. Waited 3 months for the retainer tray to be told the orthodontist was no longer with them and she took my scans for the retainer. This was 2 years ago and I have be talking with different office managers about my request for a refund and nothing. I called today to find out that the office manager I been talking to is no longer there. I’m sick and tired of it. Also, I still have the attachments on my teeth that I been trying to get them to take off. This is unacceptable and it’s not right. It’s time to take it to the next level.

  • Marjorie Anderson says:

    I am new patient, with the experience I have had, I can’t do business with you due to unorganization. I had my 1st scheduled appointment Friday7/14/2023,the office cancel my appointment (said i did not confirm the appointment) but I  Did confirm, also said i did not upload 2 document email to me-i up loaded patient insurance insurance  Doc, the patient history and agreement would not allow the signature portion-i could not get that document to submit, because it would not allow the signature. thursday when the office called me to inform my friday appointment was cancel, i gave my insurance information them, she scheduled me appointment for monday,but then i received email there was a saturday 7/15 appointment available for 11;00am so i confirm the saturday appointment. went into the office for the scheduled time 10:45am,was told they were full, they had no confirmation i was schedules for saturday, my insurance had not been verified. I told them i could not do business with such an unorganized company, to cancel monday i would not come back. if you are using a automatic generated system, why is the information not be given to the offices? I have wasted a lot of time (4days), gas for nothing with you. i feel changes are necessary within your systems 
    Marjorie Anderson

  • Ola Gassaway says:

    I am so upset with this company mainly the Hurst Orthodontist office. My son has been in the same Invisalign for 7 months now with no clear plan on changing him out. Its not the fact he needs to stay in the same trays but the fact they do not have an orthodontist in the facility because they cannot keep one and now he cannot transfer to another due to the statement that is another dentist work. His teeth are shifting back to where they were and 6k later nothing. I need answers and next steps

  • Edward Turknett says:

    I saw the Dentist at the 529 location today n Houston. I expressed my concern to him he got angry and refused to talk to me anymore. I received a bridge and the teeth are to short causing me to bite my lip while sleeping He angrily said he would take them out

  • Chuck LeFlore says:

    How do they stay in business. From their nasty offices and their not caring dentist’s. This experience has been nothing but a joke!!! Never be back to this Circus!!!!.

  • Alyssa Ramirez says:

    One of the worst dental offices I have ever been too. The staff is unprofessional and rude. They can’t tell me how long my refund will take or whats going on with the situation. The staff member who addressed me today was beyond rude. First they loose my dental guard then when asked for a refund they can’t help me. I had to do everything on my own and constantly call. This company is a fraud. Once you try calling corporate no one answers .

  • Phillip James says:


  • Jetthro dilligaf says:

    I keep receiving emails stating I owe. I paid my bill in full & my issuance also paid after the fact. The best part is that the (9722007805) number they keep transferring me to had never answered a call!

  • Ricardo Trumbo says:

    Ricardo this is the worst dental experience I have ever had. It’s been six months I am still waiting for garland office issues. my partials after 3 attempts. I paid 3000.00 and still waiting for resolution.

  • Jen C says:

    Worst place I have ever been to in my life. Please do not go here.

  • Jacquette Phillips says:

    Northwest Highway is the worse location every to deal with.

    • April says:

      No the Blalock location beats them. Unprofessional, undignified, and arrogantly rude nasty! Then they look at you like your the crazy person.

  • Walter Hawkins says:

    Hello my name is Walter and I came to Jefferson dental office in Garland on Broadway blvd only for a dental check and x-rays in September I payed cash for that and they told me I needed a root canal I wasn’t sure if I was going to have it done at all then they told me the total of the root canal and they charged my care credit card with out me saying ok I didn’t have anything done no one told me I was gonna get charged for something I didn’t have done. Still I have not been refunded.

    • Jetthro dilligaf says:

      I’m dealing with this billing issue / travesty myself. Have you been contacted in any way to resolve this issue?

  • Connie says:

    Jefferson Dental on McCART is bad. 4 months later still no upper teeth, messed up partial lower. Very Very Disappointed. Do your research people Please

  • Teresa Becerra says:

    No one ever answers and the mailbox is full! I have no problem reporting to the BBB. When will be receive my refund. I was told 7-14 day. And it’s been almost 2 months. I need some one to call me back 8174540269.

  • Migdalia Guadalupe says:

    Office in stockyard ft worth, is in need of renovation, including painting.

  • Willie Hearne says:

    My wife went to one of your clinics on South Buckner boulevard Dallas Texas and the apartment was at 1:00 they shot her mouth up with numbing medicine and didn’t perform any procedures and it was going on 4:00. The medicine wore off he put more numb and cream and shattered in a mile with the needle and still didn’t work on her mouth and she had in the eye doctor appointment at 4:30 now they don’t want to refund the money I asked for the lady full name she wouldn’t give it to me and hung up the phone in my face. I would greatly appreciate if someone will reply to my message or get in contact with me my name is Willie hearn my wife’s name is Vanessa Daniels my phone number is 214-316-7281 her number is 972-464-91-97.

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