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  • Address: FCA US LLC P.O. Box 21-8007 Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8007, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 (800) 777-3600
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 7500
  • Established: 1943
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Michael Manley (CEO of Jeep division)

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Dave Jones

Team Leader

Michael Manley


Bradley Clark

Vice President

About Jeep, History and Headquarters Information


Jeep was founded in the year 1943. The company has been operational for almost 76 years now. The company has been a part of Chrysler, since the year 1987, when Chrysler had acquired the company and also all of its assets as well. Before the year 1940, the word 'Jeep' was used as a US Army term for referring to vehicles or new recruits. During World War II, when a light military vehicle with 4x4 driving mechanics went into production, the vehicle came to be known as Jeep. These 4x4 vehicles in the current world are known as SUVs. The Jeep had become the primary light vehicle of the US Army and also the Allies during World War II. This trend also continued in the post-war period as well.

In the year 1945, the company had launched the first type of consumer type of Jeeps, known as CJ or Civilian Jeep. The CJ was replaced by the Jeep Wrangler, and it has been in production since the year 1986. The Jeep Wrangler has been a very central vehicle to the identity of the company, just like what rear engine was to the Porsche 911. For three decades, two Jeep models enjoyed their success, namely - the CJ-5 and also the SJ Wagoneer. Also, the word 'jeep' in lower case letters is used to refer to vehicles that are made to run on rough terrains, which is similar to the primary Jeep vehicles manufactured by the company itself. In the year 2008, the company had sold almost 500,000 vehicles, which was increased to nearly 1.4 million units, in the year 2016. The vehicles under the Jeep branding has been made around the world with the help of various other companies as well, like Mahindra in India, EBRO in Spain, while other companies in South America. In Japan, Jeep models are manufactured by Mitsubishi. The headquarters of the company is based in FCA US LLC. The name of the place is Auburn Hills, while the name of the state is Michigan, USA. The pin code of the area is 48321.


Jeep is an American company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of automobiles, mainly SUVs, for its customers all over the world. The company is currently a subsidiary of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The current president of the company is Christian Meunier. As of the year 2016, the company has sold over 1.4 million Jeep vehicles. The company has more than 2,400 dealerships in the USA only. The current worth of the company is estimated at between $22 billion to $33.5 billion.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase rough terrain vehicles, like SUVs or Jeeps, manufactured, designed and sold by the company itself. The company mainly aims in the production of luxury vehicles as well as sports utility vehicles too.

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  • Denitre Williams says:

    My 2021 jeep wrangler unlimited is under warranty and won’t start it has been at the dealership for 65 day.what can corporate do for me.VERY FRUSTRATING

  • Denitre Williams says:

    My 2021 jeep wrangler unlimited is under warranty and has been in the dealership’ garage 65 days for a problem with it starting. What should I do?

  • Bill Carden says:

    Tried to call Jeep customer care for 2 months regarding transmission issue have been getting run around because they want your power train warranty to run out! Longtime Jeep buyer but now will think twice before purchasing another one!

  • Howard Wagner says:

    My wife and I just purchased a new Jeep “Grand Wagoneer from Naples, FL Jeep dealership. We had the Wagoneer for 1 day and discovered a fuel leak somewhere underneath. We took the Wagoneer immediately back to the dealer on August 15th and the Wagoneer has been there ever since with no date of completion for the repair! This is VERY disappointing AS we traded in a beautiful Mercedes GLE 350 that we actually loved. The dealership gave us a dodge Durango with 42,000 miles on it.
    At this point we are Very dissatisfied with our new purchase.
    We were going to go on a road trip with our new Grand Wagoneer and have now cancelled our trip!
    We have opened up a case number as well
    Case# 87047052
    We want help resolving this issue as soon as possible.
    Thank you …

  • Elshafie says:

    I would like to be a dealership overseas in African.So were I’m going to start from.

  • Donna Perez says:

    I am very disappointed with Jeep at this moment and will never buy another one. I own a 2016 jeep cherokee 75th anniversary edition with only 61k miles on it. I have had to have the shifter assembly changed. I also had to have the muffler replaced, The Tpms light is on. I had all the sensors checked and the tires are fine. Something is wrong with the system. It thinks I do not have a front driver’s tire. I had tires rotated and the missing tire never changed position. Now the service 4WD light is on. I went to a auto place and had it diagnosed and the said it is a safety recall and to contact jeep. We’ll I have called 4 dealers and all are telling me it’s not a safety recall. Thank it will cost me between 3 to 6k to repair it. There is a huge recall on this. But my jeep is not included. I cannot get any help to have my jeep added to the recall. I have called jeep, Chrysler and the national safety people and have gotten no where. I feel like I bought a lemon. My husband and I were going to buy a Rubicon but at this point I will never buy a jeep again. This is insane that a recall problem that is on thousands of jeep cherokees does not pertain to mine. It falls in the correct years. I should not be having this many issues with only 61k miles.

    • Linda Erb says:

      I have a 2016 grand cherokee trail hawk, I’m having similar issues!! Shifter issues!! And NO ONE WANTS TO HELP ME

  • Rebecca L Nagy says:

    Worse customer service ans will not help with rental or price of rental.

  • Rebecca L Nagy says:

    Don’t buy a Jeep or any Chrysler vehicles. They will not help you it is goes down. No matter how good you take care of it. The warranties suck.

  • Edward Phillips says:

    Hello I need help I have a 2003 jeep commander I love this car 7 weeks ago someone smashed the small window in the rear passenger door they thought something valuable inside i live in Spain I have tried to get this window glass replaced and I am told jeep do not keep spare parts for the commander and my only option is to scrap the jeep because it won’t pass it’s technical inspection I can’t believe my car will go to the scrap yard because of a window glass my email is edu1034@icloud.com

  • Tammy L Biro says:

    WARNING- BUYER BEWARE The Jeep Store – Seaview Auto Corp 0 stars!! Ocean Township, NJ
    I got scammed out of $10,000 for a new engine. I brought my Jeep Wrangler in for service with a slight overheat issue and they kept it for 9 months trying to figure out the issue while going back and forth with my warranty company. They concluded my engine was warped and wouldn’t cover the $10,000 cost to replace it. So I paid with every last penny I had. I now have the Jeep back and it still have the same exact over heat issue. Did I need I need a new engine Seaview? Apparently not if I’m having the same issue as the initial issue. Hmmm. Where is the justice in this? Am I just getting screwed and scammed because little people have no voice? STAY FAR FROM THIS PLACE AS THEY WILL MISDIAGNOSE AND CHARGE YOU YOUR LIFE SAVINGS TO LET YOU WALK AWAY FEELING VIOLATED!!

  • Margo Renfrew says:

    Dear Jeep I am very sad to say my 2019 Cherokee latitude which I love and is my 2nd latitude was vibrating when idling. I took it to the dealer with an appointment and it took 2 days for them to get to it. After they did I called about it and was told I would get a call back which I didn’t. I finally got someone who told me I needed an engine. An engine in my vehicle that is less than 4 years old, to the tune of over 11 K. I nearly threw up. Needless to say I do not have 11K to put into this vehicle that I have 14 more months of payments on. What a shame that your product quality has dropped so far. My 2015 Jeep had an oil sending unit go, 4 wheel drive issues and the rear end had issues. This is my last jeep I will ever own, just trying to figure out what to do for a vehicle now.

  • Stephanie Henson says:

    JEEP, we have a problem! I have owned 7 JEEPS. I LOVE JEEP! I currently own a 2017 JEEP Wrangler with Defender 90 roof rack, Carmel leather interior, and, 100,000 miles. My JEEP started overheating. I took it to Freedom Chrysler Dodge JEEP Ram by Ed Morse on June 19, 2023. After several days, they reported that I needed a $1600 radiator. This seemed wrong since none of my other JEEPS have ever needed anything replaced, and, I religiously have my JEEPS serviced for oil change fluid check, etc. Long story short, it is now August 10, 2023. I do not have my JEEP back. When I call the dealership, no one answers. General Manager’s phone says it can’t accept any messages. Service Manager automatically goes to unavailable. I just need my JEEP repaired properly, and, returned. I am reporting your Sherman, TX Dealership to our Texas Attorney General’s Office. I am Stephanie Holloway Henson, Denison, TX, runner-up for Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, 1989, current Real Estate Broker of Texoma Premier Properties and Texas Life Real Estate. My husband is retired successful Bank President/CEO, William C. (Chuck) Henson. We are honorable, good people who have sung the praises of JEEP our entire lifetime. Please reach out to this JEEP Dealership’s Owner, Ed Morse, and, help us get our JEEP returned in the excellent shape in which we took it to the dealership on June 19, 2023. Kindest Regards!

  • Tracy McMahon says:

    Wondering if anyone else has this issue.. The doors on my 2018 Jeep Sahara are corroding paints bubbling and chipping. I live in central Illinois. My Jeep is garage kept.

  • Pat R. says:

    I purchased my renegade 2021 purchased the inside and outside warranty. In fall 2022 I was hit on the passenger side, didn’t have any functioning issues except the appearance. Took it to jeep Chevy collision on route 8 pittsburgh area for repair. When I received my car back the way I lock the car changed. I cannot just hit the inside door lock and leave any longer. When I do all doors unlock. The only way to lock my doors now is to use my fob to lock all doors. So took it back, can’t find the problem. So told me to take it to Jim Shorkey on McKnight Road where I purchased it. So I took it in on 8/1/23 had my car for two full days. Contacted me to let me know that nothings wrong with the lock it’s the way it should operate. So for 2 and 1/2 years that I had this car it wasn’t working properly??? So I left very upset charged me 87.00 for nothing. I have friends that own this type and yes doors should lock when you hit the inside lock button. Now I have to fumble in my purse to find my fob. The other issue from day one when I leave in the morning my transmission struggles to get to second gear and when it does it jolts the vehicle but only once good for the rest of the day, but will do it again if the car sets for long periods of time like 8 hours or so. This issue I was told is normal as well. I will never purchase a Jeep product again and will never go back to this dealership/repair place again. I will be contacting Jeep further about this issue. What’s the best way to contact Jeep for a resolution ?

  • Noel says:

    What Evap Problems do Jeep Cherokee Latitudes have?

  • Tracy says:

    Stay away from Crown Jeep in Washington, Pennsylvania!
    6-22-2023: went to dealership. Said that we saw the vehicle we want at a dealership 30 miles away. Brad stated that he could get it for us. We had completed our credit application although we were prepared to pay cash for the vehicle.
    Salesman Hunter stated that the vehicle would be available on Monday (6-26-2023)

    6-28-2023: After not hearing from the dealership for several days, we called and were told that the vehicle was available. We scheduled an appointment for 6-29-2023.
    We arrived at the dealership at 4:10pm. I told salesman Hunter that I needed to leave at 5:30pm for a work obligation.
    He casually mentioned that the vehicle that we were purchasing had 1152 miles on it because it came from a dealership in Ocean City Maryland, (not locally as they had previously stated).
    At 5:32pm, I canceled my work obligation, with the disappointment of my boss and parishioners, because we were not yet seen by your finance employee.
    The finance employee ultimately saw us. We signed the document that he presented , stating that there are no recalls on the vehicle that we were purchasing.
    At 6:40pm, as we approached salesman Hunter, he introduced to Josh, from the service department. Josh stated that there IS a recall on the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Service person Josh told us that he would address the recall issue first thing in the morning and that our vehicle would be ready by 9:00am. Salesman Josh requested my work address (less than one mile from the dealership). I provided the address. We left the dealership without our vehicle.
    6-30-2023: My hubby took me to work. At 10:30am, I called the dealership because I had not heard from them. At 10:52am, Brad called me back and stated that the vehicle would be delivered immediately. The vehicle was ultimately delivered at 1:10pm.
    That evening, I spent 2 HOURS attempting to transfer my Sirius XM service from my old vehicle to my new vehicle. I failed, because Sirius XM stated that I did not have that capability on my new vehicle.

    7-1-2023: Through text message (9:32am), manager Brad stated that I could bring my vehicle in and he would show me where the Sirius XM radio is. I immediately went to the dealership.
    He couldn’t find it, nor could his service person Josh. They told us that it should have the satellite radio and they would figure it out. documentation that
    Manager Brad asked me to drop the vehicle off at the dealership on Wednesday. Since I would need to drop the vehicle off 10 minutes prior to the Service Department opening, he stated that I should drop it off after work and leave it over night.
    7-5-2023: At 10:51am, I spoke with salesman Hunter. He stated that when I dropped off my car it would take a couple of minutes, a matter of exchanging keys for a loaned vehicle.
    At 4:10pm, I arrived at the dealership and was told that they had no “loaner” vehicle. After 20 minutes, a vehicle was found and I went home.
    7-6-2023: We called at 3:10pm and asked to speak with the service manager. After being on hold for almost 10 minutes, we hung up. We called again at 4:30. The manager was not available.
    At 4:47pm, service manager Josh called. He informed us that our vehicle is not equipped for satellite radio even though the sticker specs and VIN search state that satellite radio is a standard feature. We asked if a new radio console would be installed, but Josh stated that that may not be approved by the manager.
    We financed the vehicle, specifically because the manager told us that he receives a 1% reward for financing. Otherwise, we planned to purchase the vehicle outright.
    It is now 15 days since this began and we do not have our vehicle. What a nightmare.
    7-7-2023: Informed by the manager that we have to purchase a higher tier vehicle because the Grand Cherokee no longer offers Sirius XM.
    I asked if I could take my trade in and my downpayment back and give the car back. Manager Brad said no.
    I just came home with vehicle after 2 weeks and am extremely disappointed. This is the 8th Jeep purchase in our family with 4 different drivers. Never had a problem before we went to Crown Jeep in Washington, PA.

  • Kandi Kis says:

    Contact number of jeep warranty service

  • Christine Harding says:

    2022 Wagoneer Series III owner. First let me say, it is the nicest riding vehicle that I have ever owned. I am a 54 year old woman who owns two very busy restaurants and is constantly running between them with boxes, and supplies and…you get the picture. A few questions/comments I would love to have answered by the folks that designed this baby and not the dealership folks. Why no power fold side mirrors? It is such a big vehicle, that feature would be greatly appreciated. A/C is so under powered for the size, and that is a true disappointment because that has to be a priority for those designing the vehicle. The car never gets cool, and I live in Connecticut, (it’s not even that hot here). The center console area near the gear shifter…what were you thinking? The buttons are so incredibly sensitive that even if a bag of chips falls on a button something happens. In this day and age we are on the go, looking for convenience and ease of use. For around 90K, I would have expected a little more thought go into the little things that really do mean a lot. Like I said before, this vehicle rides like a dream, I am so in love with the ride, but the A/C is just not good, the buttons are way too sensitive which actually is a safety hazard, and those big ass mirrors need to be be powered and not manual. Next time, ask those of us who are the “real drivers” I would be happy to help!

  • Michael Brewster says:

    I am an Uber and Lyft driver. I drive a 2017 Renegade Limited. I love this car and believe it is almost perfect for rideshare. After putting nearly 200000 miles on it, it’s time for a new one. I know that driving this vehicle for Uber and Lyft has been great advertising for Jeep. I think it would be smart if you offered drivers a discount on the purchase of a new vehicle. So many of my passengers have been impressed by the ride of the Renegade. Just a suggestion.

  • Corey Hosea says:

    I have been a longtime proponent of Jeep, with three cars currently in my household (Rubicon, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee). I replaced the transmission in the Rubicon after 116k miles (original owner). This replacement occurred at the beginning of Covid in January of 2020. Needless to say, I hardly drove the vehicle for nearly a year. A few months ago, I began having issues with the transmission not shifting out of 2nd gear or losing power over 3k PRM. I took the vehicle to my local Jeep dealership and was informed the transmission is bad and needs to be replaced. The dealership also stated that although I am well under the 100k mile mark that the transmission is warrantied for, it will not be covered. The new transmission has only 27k miles on it and is only a few months over the 3-year warranty. After contacting Jeep, and being told a “case manager” would be calling me back, I have received no call and was informed after calling back in that the case was closed, I am out of warranty and there is nothing they were going to do for me.

    Very disappointed in their refusal to stand behind their product and lack of customer service for a long time Jeep owner.

  • Eric Starkey says:

    Wow just found out jeep is doing warranty work on my wrangler. And Jeep doesn’t do loaner cars for there fault and repairs. Will not be buying a Jeep again. Sad thing is I bought 3 jeeps in 3 years for my family.

  • Bre says:

    My 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a lemon (lemon law should apply at this point). I have taken my vehicle 4 different times to have the same safety issues fixed. I’ve contacted mopar and told them about the recurring issues last friday around 2pm eastern and was told it would be escalated. I didnt hear back have an appointment scheduled for 12/20 so I called back to follow up this morning at 7:00 am. They tell me this morning okay I see the ticket (ticket number 8491322) and I will escalate it. I thought it was already escalated. I work in the auto insurance world and I’m fully prepared to file suit as soon as an accident occurs due to the same safety issues. I keep telling the dealerships the pattern that I see with this car and want it to be documented here as well. This entire vehicle needs to be recalled as I have friends with the same vehicle and they dont have half as many issues as I do. I am disappointed overall with my Jeep and wouldn’t recommend it going forward as my vehicle has been in the shop longer than I can actually enjoy it and I pay way too much monthly for these types of issues.

  • Cindy Arias says:

    Please take off my address and phone number from this post

  • Cindy Arias says:

    I’m a very dissatisfied customer. My jeep compass has lots of issues. Jeep has been at Bravo Jeep dealerer since 12/07/2022. I have not been given a call back and get transferred to nonworking numbers. I received information about recalls and warranties but no solution. Time is money and this has cost me days from work. Please advise and remedy this issue.

  • Christine Haux-Ditzel says:

    Just had my jeep renegade at a dealer for issues. Why would it cost me 1200 to pay for a fob transmission problem when u guys install in 1st place. ? That’s not fair

  • Laura Mayberry says:

    Your information is incorrect!! We are Grogan’s Towne CJDR. We are getting at least 30 calls per day from people thinking they are calling Jeep Headquarters. Please remove our phone number from this site.

  • K S Gill says:

    I have jeep grand cherokee l 2022 there is aproblem with its transfer case module its been over a month its still at the dealership please resolve

  • Fr.Arulraj Dominic Savio says:

    Hi I am Arulraj Dominic Savio, would like to participate in the naming contest of Jeep. How to participate from India.
    Thank you

  • Lucas Livingston says:

    I recently bought a 2020 Wrangler willy ecodiesel 4D. After a few weeks, the instrument cluster went dark. I made an appointment with my jeep dealership to get it replaced. AT the time (10/20/22) they said it usually takes 3 to 10 days. After the 3rd day, i started calling to see about a date of return. Nothing. No time frame. I called daily with no info. After 18 days I told dealership i wanted to cancel my order and take my jeep home, the dealership then told me about how I can call the FCA customer care number to get a case worker to help expedite the part on back order. on 11/9/22 I contacted the FCA and my case worker said he found the part and expects delivery 11/11/22. No delivery. Then he said 11/14/22, then he said 11/16/22. Still my Jeep is quarantined at dealership. I continue to call FCA customer care every other day, today I was told the part is still on back order. Im so frustrated at the incompetence of everyone involved from the dealership to the FCA customer care and to Jeep not giving customer care. No info. What am I supposed to do, let them keep my jeep indefinitely until this part comes in. What happens at 2 months, 3 months. Im paying a car note over $650 plus insurance and cant drive my jeep. I was given an cheap rental. Please help. Is there a limit to how long a dealership can keep a vehicle? I live in South Carolina.

  • Nichole Ashley Madrid says:

    Hello this is fir Michael Manley CEO of Jeep. My name is Nichole Madrid I have a 2018 wrangler rubicon. I’m a loyal customer and have my jeep paid off 2 years earlier then my 6 year contract. As of late it was vandalized. My batteries were stolen and the high voltage terminals were tampered with. Please contact me with a solution. I feel that I should not be responsible for having to pay the dealership for something That could have been prevented if you were concerned with putting locks or some kind of hoodlocks that came standard on Jeep wranglers and Rubicon’s. Now I have to have it toad flatheaded to the dealership to have them find out what exactly has been going on with my Jeep because there’s no batteries and things I’ve been tampered with you know as well as I know that this is gonna cost a small fortune and that’s not to mention labor please contact me with the solution as I said I don’t feel I’m responsible for this because Jeep could have prevented this by adding hood locks to all their vehicles.
    2018 Rubicon less than 65k on the clock now a junk pile. Please HELP!!!

  • Henry says:

    I am original owner of a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I took car to dealer for a turn signal part on August 1, 2022. 3 months later and it’s still not repaired. I have called Jeep, emailed the Jeep company office with numerous case numbers, called dealer. It’s very frustrating this is happening. I own 2 Jeeps and used to be proud that I owned them. I had a similar problem with my Ford Mustang and a service manager called me about part delay and had it repaired within weeks. Please Jeep Corporate contact me with a response. I am tired of emailing, calling, writing- this is TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    The Dealership is Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge of Manhattan.
    Case numbers- 84500303/84319861
    Thank you

  • Linda Mazzocco says:

    I leased a Jeep Compass and the lease is up in five months. Took it for an inspection and the tires are shot. There are less than 30,000 miles on this car. What kind of tires Are put on these vehicles that they wear out so quickly.

  • Matt Osborbe says:

    My wife has a 2016 Jeep Patriot Latitude 4×4. She was told she needed a new manifold for it. She has been waiting since March and there is no end in sight for the wait. How do you sell a vehicle and cannot produce parts for it

  • Tommy Bullard says:

    I bought a 2018 jeep wrangler that was made in Ohio, Sold in Canada.
    And now they will not honor the warranty for the paint corrision. because they say my warranty isn’t valid here in the USA. even though the vehicle was made here… But sold in canada…
    I don’t think this is right. To me a warranty should be valid anywhere you go. The vehicle was made right here in the state in Toledo Ohio… But the person that ordered it lived in canada… then moved back to the states where i bought it… But now i can’t get anything done because they say it isn’t warrantied in the USA…


  • skahn@whidbey.com says:

    I was born on January 25, 1944. As you can easily discern, I am very old. Although I have worked in education for most of my life, shortly before I married my wife, Christina, a very intelligent and sensible woman, I worked on a Chevrolet Assembly line not in Flint, Michigan, but in the “tiny town” of Los Angeles,, CA. This does not matter very much. However, even though I have an excellent medical team [Group Health of Whidbey Island, state of Washington). After I began to sense some unreliability in my ability to drive with safety, I only drove a vehicle for short distances. Unfortunately, the last time I drove (several years ago) my blood pressure fluctuated from VERY HIGH to VERY LOW in a rapid manner. My last memory (before coming to consciousness in an ambulance) was trying to merge on the main highway on Whidbey Island. The main reason I am trying to send this message is that I recovered with some no so minor effects such as broken ribs, a skull fracture and a limp. THE MAIN THING i WANT TO SAY IS THAT the Jeep I was riding in performed to a 99.95% level of safety. I had my safety harness affixed, the air bags deployed, and when we had the remains of the Jeep hauled away it was totally useless for any other purpose. Although I am not sure I am very articulate or coherent, but please convey my GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION to the management team of Jeep, especially the person or persons responsible for QUALITY ASSURANCE AND SAFETY DESIGN. I am probably not supposed to leave my name or phone number here, but please thank the persons responsible for saving my not very worth life. If you can figure out my phone number and address on Whidbey Island I would be glad to thank the persons or persons who helped design and manufacture the vehicle that saved my (not very worthy) life. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Robert koncewicz says:

    It is unfortunate that you dont stand behind your product like you say. Unless someone is the original owned I guess. I am very dissapointed. I am getting no help for a jeep I bought because of the quality, so I thought. And horrible customer service which seems to be the norm now.

  • Melissa Velez says:

    I am writing this email to share with you the experience I recently had at the Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Dealership in the Bronx NY on September 24th.

    Let me first start by saying that I have been a Jeep customer since 2006, a Jeep credit card holder and my uncle worked at the Chrysler Factory in Syracuse New York for 40 years.

    On Saturday September 24th I went to the Jeep dealership to see about possibly trading in my 2021 Jeep Compass for a new model at the encouragement of a sales call I received the Thursday before. When I arrived I spoke with a sales rep Carlos Dasilva. I told him what I was looking for and he showed me the new 2022 Stingray Grey Jeep Compass. I looked over the interior and he went over all the amenities the car had and fell in love with it. We proceeded to go for a test drive and was sold on the idea for trading in my 2021 Jeep for this particular car. As I spoke with Carlos, I met with Marcus Plaza the finance manager and we went over the numbers. Understanding that inflation was the cause of the high payment plan, we were able to come to a resolution and proceeded with the paperwork of transferring the title, registration and license plates transfer. After more than four and half hours, I was sitting in the 2022 Jeep, my daughter’s car seat and other items inside the car and waiting for the registration, I was told I couldn’t have the car because it was already sold to someone else and that’s why getting the registration was taking so long!! HOW TO DO SELL A CAR THAT BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE AND NOT KNOW??

    Needless to say I was on the verge of tears after spending almost an entire day at the dealership, getting my hopes up and being told the sale can’t go through. Carlos and now the Showroom Manager Lamar (didn’t get his last name) are trying to say this never happens BUT they have another 2022 Jeep Compass in Black ready to go. I DID NOT WANT A BLACK CAR! But they both kept saying that I could have that car and it would be delivered to me the next day (Sunday) to my home. At this point I felt like I was in an abyss because the car I loved I couldn’t have and the other car they were offering wasn’t what I wanted. I never test drove the Black Jeep and didn’t want to be mad a fool of by just getting anything. As you can imagine, spending a great deal of money on something I wasn’t sure of is foolish. I asked the sales people to put my original places back on my 2021 Jeep because I was leaving. Lamar asked if he could find another 2022 Stingray Grey Jeep Compass would I want it? I told him if he could find one, I might consider it.

    Later that evening (Saturday night around 8:45pmET) I received a call from Lamar and Carlos saying they found another BLACK 2022 Jeep Compass and would I be interested – I told them I need to test drive it and they said it rides the same. If I can’t test drive it, I won’t consider it. Lamar offered to get the car and deliver it Sunday afternoon around 2pmET.

    Well 2pm Sunday came and went and when I called to see what was going on they told me that the BLACK 2022 Jeep they were offering me was ALSO ALREADY SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!

    This is now the SECOND CAR offered to me that I can’t purchase/lease because it’s already sold!!

    HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?? Who is in charge of the inventory?

    I was beyond the point of aggravation and I told them to return my deposit, kill the deal and I’ll deal with it when my currently lease is up.

    I was ready to go to your competitor across the street out of spite but didn’t have temperament to go through anything like that again

    As of the last two days, Carlos and the Eastchester team keep apologizing and trying to save a deal. I understand they need the sale but I can’t feel like a fool trying to transfer money from one place to another in order to get the car I initially loved.

    I specifically told them that if I can get the 2022 Stingray Grey Jeep Compass for what I am now paying for in my current 2021 Jeep Compass there is no deal.

    I have never had such an experience in any type of purchase I have ever made in my life. Two cars not available to be purchased/leased because they were already sold and myself heartbroken over a car that I would have purchased at the end of the lease (and told to Lamar and Carlos) because I loved it that much.

  • Ann rickert says:

    I am a 76 year old women i purchased my jeep cherokee sport in 1999 i am the original owner and love my jeep i am on disability and would love a paint job on it but do not have the funds it has been the best automobiles i ever owned i have had many people wanting to buy it i will not sell it it is 23 years old and runs great thank you

  • Claudette Clair says:

    Christian Meunier – Global President of Jeep; Michael Manley – Chief Executive Officer; I’m Ralph Gilles – Head of Design

    TO: Whom It May Concern,

    I hope this note finds you well. I purchased a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L in January 2022, To date the steering is bad, the windshield motor is bad, the panel screen keep going blank until it finally froze; I have no power in the vehicle as if it’s always going up hill, I was told my “seat coushion had to be replaced and that I had a lots of recalls on the vehicle“; not to mention when I got the vehicle home, I noticed paint chip spots on the car… I am on record for these issues, in fact headquarters had to send me the paint because no dealers had it on site. I have the paint and the letter instructing me to take it to a dealer to have them to apply it.
    I am Very disappointed and unsatisfied with this vehicle, I went through this with a 2009 Jeep Cherokee and was pushed aside until the warranty expired and was treated even worse; I don’t want to suffer this fate again. Please HELP!


    Dr. Claudette Clair, AMB, DD

  • Pamela Wood says:

    I have a 2018 jeep wrangler I somehow have blown head gasket I have no idea how I only have 38,000 miles on it that’s one issue the second issue is all of the pots are backordered so meanwhile I’m sitting here with no vehicle at all now what would happen if I said no more payments until it’s fixed I need help they said it could be two weeks to a year


    I made an apt at my local in DeLand FL Jeep dealership yesterday for tires & took the day off from work to do errands. After 3 hours of waiting I was told they would need to order 2 tires & I would have to come back Tuesday (this morning) to get them on & a rotation. They asked me to pay for it. They didn’t want to give me a receipt but I insisted. This morning I explained they needed to be quick so I could make it to work on time. That was completed. Now the tire sensor is not working. I need a place I can trust who won’t waste my time

  • Clare Suhanich says:

    We are getting the push around by Jeep. We bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee L. Order it special with everything but head up and a the big 8 engine. We had a airbag blow out. We are a 3 month vacation to see the USA. Because of the Jeep Dealership we have stopped. We want Jeep to pay for the extra stays in hotels. We also lost reservations because of the Jeep Dealership in Jackson Wy.
    Please help us. We have own Jeeps for the last 15 years this is first time we had problems with a Jeep

  • Travis Brannon says:

    I recently went to the Tempe Chrysler Jeep and Dodge dealership, they told me that the issue with my vehicle was the throttlebody. They replaced the throttlebody, and as I drove off of the lot my car yet again went into limp mode. The dealership service department was closed, and when I called back the following Monday I was told by Ruth that there was nothing further they could do for me and that there was no reason for me to come back up there because they would not help me and they could not help me. I paid $1000 for this service, and they left me with a vehicle that was worse than it was when I gave it to them. How is this an accurate representation of Jeep? I have now been driving for a month with my vehicle stuck in limp mode, and I’ve about had it with Jeep altogether.

  • Wendi says:

    Went into Jeep Dealership in Port Jefferson, NY to buy a Jeep Renegade, after speaking to the rude and arrogant sales rep (probably because I couldn’t afford a higher end Jeep at the time) we left and went to Security Dodge, recommended by friends. We had a much better experience with the sales team there and purchased the Jeep Renegade Limited. Then when I needed an oil change called Jeep in Port Jeff, as we live close to them and hoping their service department was better than sales. I was told they don’t do the oil changes, included with the lease, if you didn’t buy the car there. Ok….had an issue with my sunroof, they asked me if I bought the car there I said no, they gave me an appt for 3 months out….thank god it wasn’t a bigger issue, I can live without a sunroof for 3 months. I make the appointment and drop it off, told me it would be be 2-3 days for them to take a look at it. After 3 days called and they told me they haven’t gotten it in yet to even look at it and dispatch couldn’t tell them how long until it was taken in. Asked what the point was of having an appt. I get it if you need a few days for parts or to fix but to not even get it in the shop to look at it is unacceptable. He proceeded to tell me that when I dropped it off he told me it could be an extended number of days, which was not true at all, my fiancé was there and heard what he said. From there we told him we would just come and get the car as I couldn’t go a “extended”period of time without a car. I actually have a job and was not offered a rental. Also, when dropping off the car he informed me that they would be taking plate covers off from security and be putting theirs on. Whatever…… thinking to myself, if you need to do something as little as that to try and make yourselves look good, go for it. I am disgusted and disappointed with this whole establishment. Brian was the person we spoke to in the service dept. I am not sure if this is a Jeep corporation issue or just Port Jeff. It it a horrible experience from sales to service. I would think Jeep corporation would be happy to make money wherever you buy or have service. I want you to know that I have posted this review on their website, Yelp and on my Facebook Page. Seems to be a lot of other unsatisfied customers also.

  • Dennis says:

    Since my purchase of my 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L I have been dealing with a water issue on the passenger front side. I have taken the vehicle back , this being my 3rd attempt with service to address issue. Each time service report’s no water issues noted , but yet I have video’s of water in vehicle after heavy rain. The padding in that passenger front section was so soaked that i had to rip it from rug because it was starting to stink. Not only am I concerned with possible mold issue but the electrical wiring was submerged under water in that area. I have shared the video’s with staff there and I am very disappointed that upper management is not involved in trying to resolve this issue. Very disappointed that as a customer on a new purchase it seems that it is something that I will have to live with. Attempted to get Corporate involved . For a company that prides themselves on superior workmanship it seems they can care less about their customers but only concerned with bottom line.

    • James Auer says:

      Do you have a skylight, if so check it carefully

    • Duane Reed says:

      I bought a 2022 Jeep Gladiator Mojave in June. I’m having the exact same issue with the water and service. I also have videos and now the electrical issue. One of the service tech saw the water leaking with his own two eyes. I live in Texas and its steps we have to take for them to make them do something.

  • Jane Mills says:

    Hi my name is Jane Mills . I’m 72 yrs old . Since my early 20’s I always wanted a Jeep Sahara in Gobi color but was never able to afford one . I’m a retired nurse of 40 yrs and my husband is a retired engineer . In 2017 I found my beautiful Jeep Sahara in Gobi with a black top 4 door . We have property in Montana and we are building a cabin in the forest very isolated at the end of an access road . My Jeep is great so happy I found what I’ve always wanted . You don’t have to be a guy to drive a Jeep .

  • Dennis Farmer says:

    Unhappy with result of dropping car off for service.
    Then unable to take the vehicle after I found out the cost to fix it. I just wanted to leave. And was told it’s not safe. I get that but it’s my choice. And I can’t afford 5,400.00 to fix
    So I have to call and spend more money to tow home until I can afford to fix the issue.
    This was not something I have ever heard of. My choice my car.
    I understand what I was told and no the situation. Again I can’t afford the service.
    I know you say you care.
    I am very upset and will most likely tell several people about the issue I am facing.
    Thank you for your (understanding).

  • Debra says:

    Still NO JEEP. Been waiting on part since 4/28.
    NEVER BUY ANOTHER JEEP in my life.
    Also spreading the word!!!
    Don’t know why you need an e-mail, you don’t seem to care!!!

  • Scotty Swift says:

    I don’t know if this will find and one just trying to thank the jeep company my daughter jeep saved her life and life’s of two other kids she loved her jeep more anything sadly it was a loss but gave its life to save them.. thank you for taking time to make a grate vehicle … she was tbone by a speeding suv was going way over the limit of 35 sadly she is only in high school did not have full coverage she worked and payed cash for her jeep on her own sad to see happen but she is alive and walked a way thanks to all you!!!

  • William Watkins says:

    On the next renegades Trail hawk come out with a lift kit on them like a 1.5 already built

  • Thomas isabel says:

    I have a 2012 compass got it in 2019 with 52000 miles and the cross frame has completely rotted out bent the lower a arm cost almost 2500 to fix when did you stary making cars out of pot medal the parts alone cost over 1000.dollars if you back your product you would help me with this issue please reply tom 440 487 2705

    • ML says:

      We have the same issue, there is a service bulletin out from jeep, not a recall that came out July 13, 2017. Front and Rear Crossmember Corrosion (X69 Warranty Extension)-All Data Repair….it is only good for cars not older than 10 yrs.

  • Debra Davis says:

    Own 2018 jeep renegade.
    Hit a deer 4/28.
    Still not repaired. No parts. They’re now estimating 8/26.
    Very disappointed in JEEP, and tis situation.

  • Paula Morgan says:

    I’m writing to express that after being a loyal Jeep customer for 30+ years that I am completely dissatisfied with my last vehicle. I bought the vehicle brand new in 2014 at 80,000 miles my engine went. Rollers rockers radiator lifters I did not purchase an additional warranty due to the fact that of the four previous jeeps purchased my vehicle was kept well into its 100,000 mile warranty. I will no longer purchase this product I feel that it 80,000 miles even though my jeep was eight years old and meticulously maintained they should never of happened.

  • Susie Seals says:

    I would like a jeepcompass but know one wants the 20,000

  • Thomas Dempsey says:

    I ordered a 2023 Grand Cherokee and it hasn’t started being built yet and I wanted to add on a panoramic sunroof after the fact and was told it cannot be added on after the initial order.
    Very disappointed ☹️.
    Make sure you go over your wishlist more than once so you too will not be disappointed

  • Karen Gray says:

    I was thrilled to purchase a 2019 Jeep Trailhawk and have taken impeccable care of it. At 63,200 miles I had the service 4X4 light come on and off intermittently until it stayed on and doesn’t go off. The day it started I had the back up camera come on and stay on while driving forward until I stopped and turned off the car and back on, so I thought it might be a computer glitch. But after taking my Jeep to Cabral Jeep Dealer in Manteca , the very kind and capable Marcus told me it was the transfer case and actuator going out and will cost $4300 about for repair ! I haven’t even paid it off yet and this is huge money for a vehicle that has had nothing wrong up to this point! Will Jeep help me out and stand by their product??!!!! If so please let me know! Thank you for this platform to speak on.

  • Shelly Lefever says:

    I have had an issue with my 2019 Jeep Wrangler. After 3 years of writing letters, numerous times at the service department, they still have not fixed the problem. I’m seeking lemon law but I’m getting no where.

  • Rajinder says:

    My request to jeep head office pz call me this 7889899191

  • Rajinder says:

    Very bad service in Jammu and Kashmir Jeep Compass I was not provided with any services since jeep left jammu however I sent my car to jalandhar service staff claiming will not b givin any refurbishments under warranty all it was cost us not you not your company if we ve been provided any near service i wuld have gone there asked there wuld have done all with no sources I atlast sent my vehicle to jalandhar which is 200 kms away … do something about refurbishments nd if not either u keep it in ur garage or I will go lodge a complain m in deep trouble caused by jeep india #fraudtojeepersjammu
    Don’t buy jeep in India very very bad service in India

  • Ida jones says:

    Do you have to use curse words on a commercial? Really? So disappointed in you! Sick idiots!! We are trying to help our children not to use bad words, and you have the nerve to cuss on a commercial!!!

  • Zane Brooks says:

    I’m just one man of a family of 13, and attend a church of 400 and live in a city of 8500. Let it be known but I do not appreciate keep using curse words in your advertisements to try to sell your product. Do you really need to lower yourself for a leg up on your competition. Shameful. No worries however you never had me and now you never will and you certainly won’t have anyone I talk to. Oh and I have a great memory.

  • Roger Mullins says:

    Hi not sure if this is the right person to email
    I just know I need help in this matter
    My name is Roger Mullins
    This all started a a little over a month ago
    My wife’s 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee uconnect radio delaminated it is ghost touching everything turning things on and off seat heaters ect…. I called Chrysler told them the exact problem they set up a appointment for me to take it to my local services dealer me and my wife get up early she followed me up there thinking she will have to give me a ride home
    I drive up to service department I don’t even get out when a guy name Fred walks up ask me what the problem was he said yeah that is radio delaminating Chrysler won’t fix it and sent me home
    Needless to say I was not happy about anything that just Happened
    I come home and call Chrysler back not for the delaminated radio yet but to ask for a extension on my payment and a lady asked me all these questions in a rude tone questioning me I have never endured rudeness before like her manner of questioning and rudeness and after keeping my on hold forever she just comes back and say no you cannot have a extension ok needless to say I was steaming mad upset
    My wife told me to calm down and try again later
    So because I was told that Chrysler would not fix my radio and everything on line said the same I tried to take it out and fix it myself watching utube video and the LCD SCREEN cracked trying to separate it from the digitizer because of the sticky goo that is between the two I just put it all back in and said the hell with it I’m going to have to buy a after market radio I guess for 2 or 3 hundred bucks
    So i called Chrysler again trying to get a extension still on my payment because of all this BS
    And I talked to a Loran she was really sweet I explained to her how rude the lady was prior to speaking to her how I was treated and I also told her what I’m going through with the radio and she said she would see what she would do
    So that Fred guy called same lazy smuck on that first trip
    Said o yeah that’s delaminating Chrysler won’t fix it
    Well he said my radio was on order and he would call when it came in
    Few days later he called said it was in we arranged for us to drop it off on a Saturday early so my wife and I get up she followed me again we drop it off thinking finally it is going to be fixed and it sat there all day finally around 6pm they said to pick it up they could not fix it because I cracked the screen he said he sent pictures to Chrysler and they said no don’t fix it
    I’m like WHAT!!!
    You told me you would not fix it so I tried to fix it then you tell me you will fix it but after being inconvenienced again you won’t fix it because I tried to fix it myself after being told you wouldn’t! What the Hell!!!
    Not to mention my wife can’t drive it because she is scared to and she is recovering from a major foot surgery so all this extra back in goth to service department for no reason has taken a role on her physically
    So I call Loran back she is upset she said she thought it was all taken care of I told her what happened again she said he never sent any pictures and for me to send her pictures she would see what she can do for me which I did and I have been calling leaving messages for weeks and no one will call me back
    They just sent a email today saying I’ve been denied they won’t replace the radio knowing they are selling these vehicles with a recall issue don’t buy Chrysler!!!!
    Seriously upset consumer
    Roger Mullins

  • Margaret Jester says:

    In March 2021 I bought my first ever Jeep. 2021 Jeep Renegade Uplander I was in love however after using my final Jeep Wave oil chane sge developed an oil leak.I took her back to Hertrich Ford of Pocomoke city Maryland to let them know and was told 3 lies 1st that a rock flew up and damaged my oil filter 2nd the oil filter was double gasketed and 3rd the filter was just leaking. I then contacted tye general manager when I received an email from Bob Darr regional vice president saying he was going to investage the situation. He then called and said the service writer told me double gasketed because she felted pressured to say something then went on to say JEEP gave them a faulty oil filter. So now they are saying my oil leak is your fault. How to we fix this?

  • D.Abbott says:

    I have decided never to buy a jeep because of the cussing on the TV commercial

  • LSC says:

    I bought a brand new 2021 Jeep Rubicon on 9/30/2021(traded in a car and paid this off in full at the time of purchase).
    I love my Jeep!
    I bought it in Albany NY, retired and moved to Myrtle Beach in November.

    With 5600 miles my Jeep broke down, said engine was going to overheat.
    Had to reach out to roadside assistance, took quite a while, have my new Jeep towed away on a flatbed truck!
    Everything was covered by the warranty (thankfully).

    Reached out to my salesperson in NY as an “FYI” ( not once, but twice)….crickets!!

    Disappointing is an understatement!😡

  • Tammy butker says:

    I’m very disappointed in the new Jeep commercial. Not appropriate to have cussing when we as teachers are trying to teach kids to use better language. Be a better example for our young people .

  • Rhonda Peterson says:

    Hi Jeep , I’m a 7 year owner of Jeep Wrangler .I first bought my first Jeep when I was going through breast cancer . Jeep Wrangler helped bring me back to life and I found my spirit vehicle .
    The dealerships in Omaha are not very helpful as it is time to turn in my lease . I need some assistance . I also have many commercial ideas !
    I need a Jeep by the end of the month ! Please help ! Thank you ! Xoxo


    I Valerie S. Martinez, purchased a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, VIN# 1C4RJFAG9FC226242 from Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge Inc. located at 100 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, NY 11753, (516) 336-4784 on March 14, 2016.

    In December of 2019 I heard a knocking noise that sound like it was coming from the engine. Immediately I began a long quest of trying to obtain an appointment from the dealership. This quest did not end until I was granted an appointment with South Shore located 190 Sheridan Blvd, Jericho, NY 11096-1004 in March of 2020.

    At first I was given a loaner and then I was asked to return it although my vehicle was still being diagnosed. My car was in the shop for six full months while they searched to see what was the problem. During this time, they kept offering things to sell me in lieu of returning my car which was still under warranty. During this time, they asked that I return the loaner, without a replacement. When I refused because this would leave me with no transportation for my son or a means to get to work. They became hostile and threatened to come to my house and tow the loaner back to the dealership.

    Finally, at the end of the sixth month my vehicle was ready. When I arrived I was told and given invoice# 227514, I was customer 39066. The invoice stated the cause was F and it included the following:

     Head, Cylinder Assembly – Replace 3.6 skilled
     1 Head & valv-cylinder
     1 Gasket-cylinder head
     1 Gasket-Exhause flange to cylinder
     1 Adhesive-rvgray
     1 Antifreeze-Coolant
     6 Oil-5w20
     1 Tappet-valve lash
     1 Brake cleaner

    It further stated “28107 verified concern knocking noise coming from right head due to a loss of oil pressure in head removed and replaced right head and 1 lifter that was collapsed no more knocking noise. VEHICLE IS ENGINE IS WORKING AS DESIGNED AT THIS TIME”. Along with 5 additional request. (The additional requests were performed and there has been no issues to date). While at the service station, they removed the oil to check the engine and was going to place the same oil and filter they removed from the engine unless I paid to replace the used items. It turned into a screaming match with customer service becoming the referee. Customer service agreed to pay half and held me responsible for the other half which I found completely unprofessional and unacceptable.

    I started hearing the noise once more. I called Four times and South Shore would not give me an appointment, I had to call customer service and was given assistance in securing the appointment with Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge RAM SR. It turns out this was the same location where I purchased the car. On March 3, 2021 invoice #989470 I arrived at the service station. When the service was competed we thought the problem was fixed, it wasn’t. It was the same engine problem, just on the other side. They also had to fix to an electrical problem with the automobile auxiliary power outlet which never worked from date of purchase. The knocking persisted and we had to return in April under invoice 992648. This time the repair yielded no results. The knocking continued and I called Westbury once more. I have an appointment for March 21, 2022 and was quoted a diagnostic charge of $205.00. When I called customer service to voice my annoyance, I received case#82125474, stating it will help with cost assistance towards the repair.

    I am truly disappointed in your product. I purchased what I thought was a reliable vehicle to get to and from work. I am an essential worker with the NYPD and the single parent of a child with special needs. He is in constant need of transportation to and from his numerous appointments. I am solely responsible for getting him there. Without a reliable vehicle I am in dire straits.

    I feel this vehicle was sold to me with a bad engine and at best it should have been classified as a lemon, sent back to the factory for a replacement engine and sold as used with full disclosure to the buyer.

    At present I do not feel safe in this car. I feel it can break down at any moment or cause an accident and I be rear ended, not to mention the service provided by the service department. They are supposed to be trained experts on your products and yet here we are. Six years into this purchase I should not be writing to you about a bad engine. This vehicle has less than 41,000 miles on it and is serviced at the appropriate time. I should not be worried about a break down especially from the engine.

    I ask that you recall this car and give me another that is comparable or call in your top service people and replace the engine that does not work properly in this car at your expense. I have put far too much time, effort and money into this matter.

    I remain,
    Valerie S. Martinez
    155-41 81ST Street Apt 4
    Howard Beach, NY 11414

  • Gary Arey says:

    I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty, she has a v6 engine, the original engine, I just want to brag on it, she has over 400,000 miles on her, I have drove it 132 miles a day to work. This has been the best vehicle, I have ever owned. Yes when she finally dies, I will be replacing her with another jeep.

  • Clyde Alexander says:

    Just recently purchased a 2021 JEEP 392 with the extreme recon package from Santa Maria Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer in Santa Maria, Ca. Waited 7 months for it to arrive and it was worth the wait.
    I just want to say that my experience with this dealer was outstanding. The sales manager Mark Hawkins was very much involved and helpful in every way possible.
    I never received a survey to take but if I had everything would have been the highest mark possible in all areas.

    This is my third Jeep from this dealer and this was by far the best experience I have ever had. my name is Clyde Alexander and this was a dream come true.

  • Laddie Perina says:

    Lets make the next Jeep generation ready for anything. Maybe give it some more toughness and style like the new NXT360 HMMWV.

  • Teresa says:

    We found a new jeep online and ask for the out the door price. When we received the price they had added a pro package of $4888.31. We ask them to take the pro pack off we didn’t want it. The manager said he would not take it off because wrangler was in big demand. So we told them to forget it we would look else where.
    Can’t believe these dealers are adding whatever they want when your paying full price.

  • Jeffrey Rabold says:

    This is exactly what separates a billion dollar company from a multi-billion dollar company.
    See the response I received for a legitimate complaint I made on dealership.
    Hello Jeffrey;


    Thank you for contacting Jeep Customer Care;


    We are very sorry to learn of the problem you have encountered at Mainstreet of Lansing, I appreciate the time and effort you took to bring this matter to our attention.


    In situations such as yours, dealerships are responsible for addressing any service-related concerns with their retail customers. This includes discrepancies in invoices, service charges, damages, any additional agreements made, appointment scheduling or any missing components at the time of service. With this in mind, we would urge you to continue to work with your dealership service department on the matter.


    We sincerely apologize for your experience and take your complaint seriously. Stellantis is committed to putting the customer at the center of everything we do; we have documented your complaint and will use it as a learning experience.


    If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know by responding to this email and we would be happy to help.


    Thank you again for your email Jeffrey. Have a great day.


    Best wishes,


    Jeep Customer Care

  • Jeffrey Rabold says:

    Scheduled service on our Jeep Sahara Unlimited at MainSteet Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram located at , 555 N. Main St. Lansing Kansas 66043 through the Jeep app online when I arrived at this dealership that I have never been to before as we are military and recently moved to Fort Leavenworth KS, I was informed that they divot have time for me and tried to make up some story about them not knowing I was coming or why but said your so and so right we can’t help you but leave your vehicle and I’ll get back to you next week, obviously this was unacceptable and I said so after going round about this they rescheduled for the following week with Richard Kinney the Service tech as I have his card and his hand writing on the back stating as such, also this appointment appeared on the Jeep app. A day goes by and the dealership contacted me as we were talking because we are in the market for a new Jeep. We have 2 now , have owned 7 and buy one every 5 years, I explained to him how POed I was about the way I was treated at the service department there and never was treated that way at a dealership, he apologized and said a manager would call, that never happened.
    What did happen was by chance on Sunday I went to the Jeep app to check on my appointment for the next week and to my surprise it had been deleted and all of the sudden they no longer take on-line appointments.
    Here is the thing I have the screen shot showing they did and the hand written appointment card from Richard Kinney, of my appointment someone deleted that I will be writing
    up to social media and the BBB, this is a small town, the biggest thing here is our Fort believe me they will know, what liars those folks are.

  • Elizabeth McCormick says:

    We ordered a brand new jeep in June 2021, it is now Jan 13 2022 and we still do not have a jeep nor an estimation of when we can expect it. Not surprised no one has contacted us. I have emailed over 6 different contacts trying to reach someone at Jeep. We keep calling our sales rep who tells us that he has no idea when it will come in. Can someone please tell me who we can contact ?

  • Elizabeth says:

    We bought our first ever Jeep Wrangler in June 2021 (brand new).. we still do not have a VIN number for it. It’s been 7 months and we still do not have a vehicle.

  • Jeff vollaro says:

    To whom it may concern ,
    I’ve owned 3 Jeep’s never a problem until now. I lease a grand Cherokee 2019. My issue is car won’t start then few hours later starts right up. Been doing this for 2 months now. I brought it to 2 Sevice dealers who can’t determine the cause. Greg in corporate office says there nothing they can do. Now I’m stuck with 6 payment left in lease for a vehicle I can hardly use. Last night I was stranded 10 pm at night. The time before I had 2 young children in truck with me. Does something have to happen to take this serious or am I just another customer who you forget about after the deal is made. The stress alone of not knowing if you will make it home and added stress of jeep not doing anything to help this problem. I’ve become very frustrated with this ongoing problem. Why can’t jeep just pay my last 6 payments so I can get a new vehicle. I hope this gets to someone in corporate office that can help.

    Also just spoke to head of operations and was told same story. Must be out of same book. I was willing to get another jeep is able to get new 1 now.
    I’ve never been treated so poorly. I will never shop for another jeep and do everything to discourage people from buying from jeep. I will be posting my my experience every I can.

  • Jerry Seavey says:

    I bought a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Willy … on the Passenger Side on top the Black Paint came off…um not very HAPPY

  • Linda Westbrook says:

    I bought a 2021 Jeep Cherokee in June from Hendrick Chrysler Jeep in Fayetteville NC and was never told there is no spare tire! What in the world were you people thinking? So many useless features but no spare tire. Mostly I am upset because I am elderly and travel out of town by myself frequently. Please make sure customers are advised of this in the future so they can buy a spare tire.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Wow!! That’s cheap. We bought our Jeep in June 2021 and we still have not received it!!!!!!! It’s now almost the end of Jan 2022!!

  • Thomas Proctor says:

    I own a 1995 Rio Grande. I am the third owner. This jeep has 70,000 original miles and I want to keep it all original, but I don’t know what this jeep came with from the factory. How can I get a build sheet. My VIN# is 1j4fy19p1sp302765

  • Charlotte Malinowski says:

    My husband bought a 2000 jeep wrangler brand new then died a few months later so I have been driving it for 21 yrs best car I ever had but now needs a lot of maintenance has 55,000 miles hope I can keep it I enjoy it so much has a lot of original parts that need to be replaced oh well great car.

  • Ed Smith says:

    Been driving a Wrangler for 10 years now and will be selling it due to your support for that drunk, leftist, America hating asshole that just beat a DUI charge and was not charged for refusing the breathalizer. Go woke, go broke.

  • Veronica says:

    We have/had a lifetime powertrain warranty that according to Chrysler (Modesto Ca) was terminated because we apparently missed a five year powertrain inspection. We were never notified of this requirement to retain our warranty. It is not listed in the vehicle manual, our Max Care Wrap warranty contract, Vehicle purchase contract, Max Care Wrap sales brochure, nor is it listed on any receipts from the various visits we made to the dealership’s service department.
    Additionally, we would like to mention we have ALL of the aforementioned document originals in our possession, and have read them thoroughly, for which we have not yet found the ‘required inspections’ for every five years. When we completed the first 5 year ‘required’ inspection on 17SEP12, we were told by the dealership service department it was needed and we were lead to believe it was a one-time requirement, that we successfully completed and in our perspective it was a ‘one and done’ requirement. In short, we were never notified of this apparent continued ‘requirement’ and if Chrysler believes otherwise I would like to see the proof of this notification in writing that includes mine and/or my husband’s signatures and that speaks specifically to the condition of our LPTW requiring vehicle owners to bring their vehicle in to an authorized dealer for a powertrain inspection once every 5 years within a specific 60 day window.

    In addition on 08MAR17 Central Valley Chrysler Automotive performed a 27 point inspection and repair to my transmission, at which time if doing their jobs properly, would have performed a Powertrain inspection in that 27 point inspection and with such close proximity should meet this apparent inspection requirement in any affect.

    What your Chrysler and your dealership is doing is unethical. I was sold a lifetime Max Care Wrap warranty that included the powertrain. In my contract the conditions to end the contract have not occurred, we are the original owners of the vehicle and we have not died.

    I would like to have have our lifetime warranty re-instated, please advise on how we can get this completed.

    Thank you

  • Sonja Bennett-Hall says:

    Marc Ray:

    I am reaching out to you as a parent of a customer, my daughter, college student, first time car purchase, whom Sales Representative Dakota initially interacted with her while walking into Autopark Chrysler Jeep; 400 Auto Park Boulevard, Cary, NC. My daughter went in looking for a Jeep Renegade which was advertised online, but was unfortunately sold prior to arriving. My suggestion to Dakota was that my daughter be placed into a compact vehicle due to her lack of driving experience and that she just received her Lerner Permit only two weeks ago, and did not drive well yet. He then asked for my drivers license and saying outside of the dealership that “no one has to know…” Meaning that she only had a remit and just started driving. He then gave my daughter keys to the Blue Sonic that was on the lot to test drive. After we returned, he then gives her the keys to a Red Jeep Renegade which was on the lot. After allowing my daughter to speak with Dakota for a while I was sitting in my vehicle waiting, Dakota then comes out and says he needed my car insurance information. I said to him at that time that he was not conducting business with me to ask for my information. At this time, I still had no idea what was transpiring and why my daughter was being held up so long on the inside of the dealership if only paperwork was being written up for the price of the Sonic if she was to get anything. A few moments later, Dakota comes out and I’m asking what’s going on. He then comes over to my vehicle to say a Jeep Renegade was coming from Capital Blvd. Dealership within an hour. Because I had other obligations, I left my daughter at the dealership thinking that she was in the best of care with a reputable salesman, which was after 3:00 pm. The next thing I know, my daughter shows up at home approximately 6:00 pm with a 2017 Jeep Renegade which she was driven home because Dakota suggested that they drive her home. I told him immediately that the Jeep Renegade was to large for her to handle the moment I saw it and that she had never driven on an interstate, which was the only way to get back home. Anyway, the lack of integrity comes in because the vehicle was listed at $17,052 when she left the dealership it was $29,342.16. The more I talked with my daughter by asking questions, she never saw the vehicle until it arrived at the dealership and Dakota told her that it was time to go. This vehicle had NOT been thoroughly detailed nor cleared. It also had a fresh scratch on the driver side almost rear of the vehicle which she never saw because she only received a ride home not inspecting the vehicle. Continuing to ask questions, I found out that the finance manager told her that she had to go through them to finance the vehicle. My daughter says that she wanted her credit union to finance and they again told her that she had to go through them. As of yesterday morning, I spoke with the General Manager, Koy and demanded that they return to my home and pick the Jeep up which they did because thaey took complete advantage of a kid that did not no what she was walking into. The same way Dakota asked for my insurance information and to say a Jeep was coming to the location, he could have very well completely filled me in. Although I am reaching out to you via email, I will also file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as my local New Media Consumer Investigation Team. Hopefully this same thing will not happen to another consumer if it has not happened prior to my daughter.
    (Sent the above on June 10, 2020)

    Thank you again for responding to me. My daughter did follow up and has been following up with the dealership to no avail getting any cooperation. Now that she has returned the vehicle and has taken her $1800 no one wants to speak to her or says they’re available to do so, not even the general manager! This calls for an immediate intervention either through headquarters or our local news investigative team.
    (This is today)

  • Thomas says:

    2014 Jeep Latitude fueling problems..you people have lied so much about this problem. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PRODUCT!

  • Faith says:

    I am horrified by the deception used on me by the Nielson-Dodge dealership in Livingston, NJ.

  • Gary Kyle says:

    I have owned jeep products for the last ten years and all my vehicles have been great until my current purchase of my 2019 Sahara Unlimited. I have taken it back to York Dodge a couple of time now and they have turned it over to FCA. The jeep has a terrible steering problem, at 50mph+ you have a 3inch play in the steering causing the jeep to wander to the point of over correcting the steering constantly. I am afraid for my family and myself on the highway. There has been a lot of talk on the web regarding this issue. It seems pretty clear there is an issue with the steering box. I hope FCA has a fix soon for this defect as I would love to keep my Jeep!

  • Greg Jemison says:

    My wife has a 2009 Jeep commander. Bring back the commander. She wants to keep it but having second thoughts after it took the dealership 4 days to find a starter. Where is the best place to find replacement parts

  • Pamela Monday says:

    I want to give a big shout out to Jeep and say thank you. Thank you for a quality product and for putting safety first in your vehicles. We are a 4 Jeep family and committed to this brand. My daughter was in a very bad accident on Tuesday and because of the quality and safety of the jeep product she walked Way with just bruises. The engine compartment was disintegrated and the entire front of the car gone, but she walked Away. She was told that she should not have walked away from this accident. She drove a Jeep Compass. She has vowed to get another Jeep. I want to say thank you, as a mom I know she is safe when she drives your vehicles.

  • Areatha A Jones says:

    Dear Mr. Bradley Clark and Mr. Michael Manley,

    I would like to tell you how horrible your Jeep company is. After buying my brand new Jeep Compass, which I was extremely exciting to finally being purchasing, I received a letter welcoming me to the family. I was so excited to be apart the Jeep family until a found out it was a dysfunctional nightmare of a family.

    If I could rate this company a -zero it wouldn’t be a low enough score. This company has destroyed my dream of being a Jeep owner by not only failing to fix my car, but returning it back to me in worst shape, not just once, not just twice, but over 6 times. I hate Jeep, the brand and the company. I would never buy or recommend you to my worst enemy, unless it was one of your Jeep corporate people.

    After I called your corporate office in Auburn Hills, Michigan, I was hung up on by one of your reps. I simply asked why I couldn’t get a return phone call after I asked what was the company going to do about my vehicle, and the shape that they keep returning it to me in.

    I have been completely patient and have approach this in the most positive way from the being, but still not relief. No help at all. If this is how the Jeep Corporation treats family, then please, please, release me from being apart of it.

    All I wanted was to own a Jeep, one that works like you advertised, one like you promised when you sold it to me, and one like you said when you sent me that so call welcome to the family letter.

    I paid for this car free and clear through my bank. I guess that’s why you won’t live up to you part of the deal of delivering me a vehicle that is fully operational.

  • Sandy says:

    I have been a very loyal customer of Jeep/Dodge for over 20 years. My last 2 Jeeps I paid cash. I buy a new vehicle every 3-5 years, because I don’t want to deal with the headaches of something breaking down. I only have 52,000 miles on this Jeep Wrangler and I have had to take it into the shop several times now. So disappointing. Now my radio does Not work and I have to pay $700 for a basic radio. I talked with Patricia from the corporate office and 2 times I had to ask if she was there. She said there is No loyalty. My Jeep is not that old and at the end of the year and I buying a new vehicle, however I can assure You I will Never buy a Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler again because of the way I was treated. So disrespectful. When you want my money it’s all smiles and what can I do for you. If there is a problem no one is there for you. In the last 20 years I have bought 6 vehicles from you and it seems to me the quality is NOT there any more. The customer service is lacking and as one employee stated to me you are only one person. You can not make nor break the company. Go somewhere else if you are Not happy….and so I shall 😀

  • Thomas Smith says:

    I recently purchased a 2015 Cherokee to flat tow behind my motor home.
    Reading some RV comments and was made aware of a problem called the Jeep “Death Wobble “. Apparently, 2014 to 2018 this can occur. Jeep has a fix called a harness that keeps the electric steering powered. On my trip from Florida to Montana on I55 crossing the bridge over The Mississippi River my Jeep experienced this “Death Wobble “ almost causing me to crash. I just spoke with the Jeep service in Great Falls, Montana and was told they were very familiar with this problem and the harness to correct it. They also said it’s up to the customer to pay for it.
    So if Jeep is aware of the problem, researched it and came up with the fix, but makes the customer pay for it I feel that’s wrong. Jeep advertises you can flat tow but doesn’t warn you of this problem why aren’t they responsible for the fix?

    • Sandy says:

      Jeep doesn’t care any more about the people. Only about the money. I had customer service tell me if you are not happy go somewhere else. I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years and I am taking her advice. I will Not buy a Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge product any more. Maybe if everyone united on this the company might consider the customer and the quality of their product. It’s sadly all about the $$$$$$$$$$$

  • Kim Johnson says:

    I regret buying jeep to ?

  • Kim Johnson says:

    Traded my Jeep Liberty for a renegade very disappointed and the air condition so does not work well at all not cooling enough ???‍♀️Very unhappy

  • frances says:

    I am planning on ordering a 2019 Jeep grand Cherokee limited in Sept. If that fails; how long can I still order a 2019?

  • Steve Sparks says:

    So much HYPE over the Jeep Pickup…. When are you going to do it? No, No, not this messed up extended jeep… I mean a REAL Pickup.. 2 DOORS and a LONG BED?? That is what is wanted!

  • richie b says:

    I waited almost five years for this pickup. the pictures were really nice. my first truck was a J10 1970. it went where other trucks had problems.Nice two door club cab very jeep looking, and you come out with a army looking thing. I think the original would have sold more.

  • B Dawn Dupre says:

    Dear Jeep People,
    I have purchased (ten)10 Nissan new cars, I have always wanted a Wrangler or Sahara or something Jeep but everyone always told me “it drives like a jeep” I was discouraged. but I now have a 2019 JEEP Latitude (I’m older) its soo cool, my favorite car ever. I actually showed up at 1 minute after closing and my salesman was amazing, he treated me like I mattered, he was professional (Denton Classic Jeep ) and this was the best car buying experience I have received in a very long time. I have about 2 more purchases in my lifetime and I’m going for the truck next. Thank you.

  • Edward Kovalchik says:

    I own a 2014 Jeep Patriot. In 2016 I had to replace the radio/navigation system. It is 2018 and low and behold same problem. Customer service said they cans do anything because of the age and mileage of vehicle. So ever two years I have to pay for a new system. What I want to know is what is the company going to do to correct this problem and how often has this happened. If nothing is done you have lost a customer and everyone else I talk to.

  • >