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  • Address: 300 Wootton St, Boonton, NJ 07005, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 973-837-9600
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 500
  • Established: 1982
  • Founder: John Hewitt
  • Key People: Alan D. Ferber (CEO)

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Christopher Drake


Martin B. Mazer

Vice President of Franchise Development and Corporate Offices

About Jackson Hewitt, History and Headquarters Information

If you want something where your online tax planning system from all around will be done easy and great, then Jackson Hewitt is here for you.

They are a tax service in where you can be responsible for paying off your taxes in the best of the way so that your work is done and you can get the tax returns on your local tax investment and the others.

Jackson Hewitt is an operated site which is owned, and their business is a leading franchise in today's world. Their work and their government headquarter is present in the Wotton located in St. Boonton. John Hewitt is the prominent CEO and the founder of this place, and as the name suggests. 

Since Jackson Hewitt is a spate company and their service Inc. is gathered from all year’s around, their work is to be contemplated for the same and in the right way.

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  • Gail says:

    The commercial run on the TV is not appropriate. When it comes on I turn the channel due to the word buck that sounds like f ck to small children. Clean up your act.

  • Barbara Sturgeon says:

    I have watched your new tv ad, what the buck, and it is disgraceful. I thought Jackson Hewitt was better than this. You have give children permission to say what the fuck without giving it a thought. I realize you are trying to get everyone’s attention but other companies do that without sinking that low. I am not alone in my thoughts.

  • Phyllis Belt says:

    I would not use your company, your commercial is very offensive with the language you use

  • Eric Markham says:

    Jackson Hewitt messed up my taxes by 1,775. It has been 28 weeks since I filed my amended return (which jh should be giving me the difference) and I have gotten NOTHING.

  • Tammi Martin says:

    Used this joke of a company this year. Our preparer tried telling us we owe $6,000 in state tax when we moved from that state; totaling our taxes owed to $11,000. The paperwork that was given to us was so unorganized and unprofessional. Most importantly, was all incorrect. The website she gave us to pay what we “owed” also didn’t exist. This made zero sense so we got a second opinion from a local company. Turns out we owe ZERO state tax and will be receiving a refund of $6000. THAT IS A HUGE MISTAKE. Especially in times like these where money is tight for everyone (except the employees at JH who completely rip off customers for that commission they also desperately need.) Especially us, as my husband just entered home hospice due to a terminal muscular deteriorating disease. We do not have the time, energy or extra money for this type of unprofessionalism.

    After calling the regional office of our state 4 times to receive a refund for their terrible service, left a surveyed review and scheduled an appointment to see the manager; we have been given the run around. NO ONE from JH has showed up to be held accountable for their unsatisfactory service provided. And judging from the look of all of these unhappy comments, I am not the only one and they shouldn’t be in business. I plan on contacting every day I receive a refund. After all, their “WORRY FREE GUARANTEE” and “MAXIMUM REFUND GUARANTEE” boldly states they will fix mistakes and I plan to hold them to it.

    • Ron Bimes says:


      Read your comments—join the crowd! Is Jackson-Hewitt’s work guaranteed?

      How can you screw up two tax returns? J-H said I would get $7,400 refund, but IRS says I owe $5,000. Then J-H told me to have another accounting firm look at it.

      Is this company’s tax services guaranteed! Let me know.

      Ron Bimes

  • Kieran Campbell says:

    Where the f*** are you people hiding. No numbers go to a human being. You keep telling me to call back during business hours, I have been calling all f****** day where is my God damn refund and information on it because the IRS has no record

  • Keith and Kathy says:

    My wife and I filed out taxes with Jackson Hewitt last year at the Bushnell Florida Walmart with no issues however, we went back to the same location this year and were seen by one of their managers named Kelly Davis. Within 10 minutes she informed us that we would be paying taxes on a prior early 401k withdrawal that we “supposedly” opted to stretch out over 3 years when filing last year. I told her that was “incorrect” and that we paid in full last year. She was adamant that was not the case. As a result of my persistence she looked deeper and found that we “had in fact paid it all last year” and that she was mistaken although she would never acknowledged that she made the mistake. We continued and she said that we could claim our adult daughter due to her living at home and making under the minimum amount. She asked several questions and we even gave her our daughters tax return. She completed our return and charged $420.00. The year prior we had only been charged $224.00 with similar circumstances minus claiming our daughter. When asked why the filing fee it was practically double this year she (Mrs. Davis) said that it was more because of the additional form for claiming our daughter this year. At that point, we were at the end of filing so we had no choice but to pay what we felt was an exorbitant filing fee amount. The very next morning “4-16-22” Mrs. Davis had her subordinate call to inform us that there was a mistake and that our return was going to be less than we were quoted. I complained and she handed the phone to Mrs. Davis who told me the same thing. She would not give me the amount that it would be reduced to and instead said that they would call us back later in the day to tell us. We never received a call on that day or the next! I had to call this morning “4-18-22” and Mrs. Davis asked me if her co-worker had called me? I told her that she obviously had not hence my call to her this morning. She informed me that our refund would be $1,400.00 less as my daughter had filed for her own taxes and received the $1,400.00 credit herself. I reminded her that we had initially told her that AND provided her with our daughters tax return! I then asked if our filing fee would be reduced as it made no sense to ad our daughter to ours considering it did not benefit us financially and she replied “no, it has already been filed”! Soooo, not only did she make the initial mistake of telling us that we owed early withdrawal penalties, she also charged us additional money to claim our daughter and then told us she made a mistake and our return would be drastically reduced and we still had to pay twice as much as last year to file despite her mistakes!!! Of course she most likely gets a commission that increases based on the additional filing fees that can be added. Now the question is, was her adding our daughter (which was another chargeable form) done out of dishonesty or was it mere incompetency? We have our own opinion on that! Regardless, we do not feel as if we should pay for her mistakes and misinformation and will most likely spend our reduced return on legal counsel. BEWARE of this company when filing people!!!!!!

  • Lynne Alvord says:

    Took my tax documents to a pop-up location at a Walmart in Vancouver, WA. First of all, it was so noisy there that I had to talk in a very loud voice to even be heard. The person I worked with was friendly at first, and then seemed to go into her own world, and didn’t respond to specific questions that I had concerning some stocks that I had inherited and sold. She didn’t seem to know a thing about it. She took copies of everything, and then told me that she would have to ask someone else in the company to help her with them, and that she would get back to me. She took my phone number… Days went by with no call back. I called another local office who said they would look into it and also get back to me, they didn’t. I then left a detailed message on this offices VM, and still no response. Now I’m concerned that they have paperwork of mine with all of my personal information, and I don’t even know it its being handled securely, or if it ended up in a trash bin. Needless to say, I will not ever use this company again. I now have an appointment with H&R block, who seemed to know exactly what to do with my sold stock. So fair warning, don’t use this company. Horrible customer service, and employees that don’t know what they are doing.

  • Kelly Kay Rivera says:

    Need to speak to Don Heart district manager of Sparks nv. I a customer who got a serve card atm malfunction.FCTI atm people have been on standby since yesterday for a regulatory email / provisional credit. They are also not understanding why they won’t process it. Now I have to wait for fraud investigation up to 45 days to get my 160.00 dallors back. No one on serve Jackson Hewitt will help me. My card got blocked trying to send investigation form back having to wait another 24hrs. I have been kicked outta my home since this money was for my rent. My children and I are nowc in the streets. All the dispute people have put me on hold on the phone for hours because I have asked to speak to Manager. No way to get ahold of Don Hart.
    Please help me
    883 Glen Martin dr
    Sparks, nv

  • JENNIE is HOTT says:

    I filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt this year in Palmetto Florida and the manager of that office Cheryl was he preparing my taxes I explain to her about situation, that I was legally separated from what now is my ex-husband and have been legally separated for two years I explain to her what happened last year my refund was taken by the IRS for his back taxes and explain to her also that I have never received any stimulus payments because they were direct deposited into his personal account I also explain to her that a lady out of the Orlando office for Jackson Hewitt said that I needed to have the injured spouse form filed with my taxes this year and Miss Cheryl said that I did not need to do so dial later on after regular tax season ended I could file an amended tax return I was guaranteed by Cheryl the office manager of the Palmetto Florida location and plantation Plaza that I would not have the issue this year that I would receive my full refund which would have been $1774 after almost 21 days of my taxes being prepared by Miss Cheryl I receive a letter from the IRS stating that I would not be receiving my full refund that I would only be receiving $302 out of that $302 $295 of it went to you Jackson Hewitt for preparing my taxes so while I end up with less than $10 I have talk to a certified public accountant that is not with a company as Jackson Hewitt H&R Block or these other garbage tax prep people and was told that the reason that happened was because she did not file the injured spouse form and it asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate where the stimulus payments went to when they were direct deposited into my ex-husband‘s personal account and that I have never had my name on ever and I never received any other money for him from him so in return last year I lost my entire refund for back taxes that he owed for his business and I lost my entire tax return this year because of Cheryl‘s incompetent boys that she knew best when in fact she calls me the money Jackson Hewitt has a full rate of a full refund guarantee blah blah blah but you’re guaranteed that they were work is accurate and true or you receive your money back a filed a complaint received a call from a male that did not give his name but claimed to be the district manager for the Palmetto Florida area that cussed me and talk to me like I was a dog and would not even let me talk he said he knew the situation because he had talk to Miss Cheryl and dad there was a nothing that he could freaking do about it except that wasn’t the exact word and that it was what it was that the company was not responsible in anyway shape or form when actually they wasn’t because I asked her to file that certain form which she did not and the whole time I sought in the office for two hours for her to print two W-2 forms regular WWII forms doing my taxes and watched her constantly messaging somebody asking questions about how do I do this how do I do that when she is supposed to be the manager of that location she should have the answers without having to message someone else when she’s doing basic simple tax return I do not feel like this company owners they’re guaranteeing and I feel like they would hire anybody that walked into their office off the street and said they could work at computer because that woman absolutely had no clue what she was doing and the district manager for that area was a rude disrespectful person I would never recommend to my friends family or anyone for that matter to ever use Jackson Hewitt.

  • Marshelette Joseph says:

    Please add my to the law suit MARSHELETTE JOSEPH.

  • JD says:

    I am a current employee and I asked my manager to do my taxes. She started them and 3 days later they still were not done. I kept asking and finally I said I would get another person at another store to do them and she locked my account so that no one could access it but her. It is currently still locked. I needed to receive an advance to help a family member. How is this legal???

  • Danielle Pierson says:

    I was very disappointed ..the tax preparer went to sleep while doing my taxes and unprofessional conversations between staff there . Using profanity and talking bad about other tax customers personal business while In front of me .this was a bad experience. I don’t even. Feel Like I should be charged and I pray my taxes were done right

  • Samantha says:

    I been going to JH for years. This is the worse year dealing w them.2 people told me false info. Wonder if they did my taxes wrong too!. I’ll never return . hn r block gained new customers

    • Danielle Pierson says:

      I agree ..my preparer went to sleep on me. Had to wake her up while doing my taxes. It was water and feces All over bathroom floor .it was a awful experience. .I really feel like o should not of been charged and hope my taxes were done right since the agent went to sleep on me twice while I’m at her desk. Smh

  • Patti Moss says:

    I used this company and for two years they have messed up our taxes, when you call they don’t say sorry nor refund due to there error, I spoke to the corp office nothing. PLEASE BEWARE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AT ALL THEY DO NOTHING AND TAKE YOUR MONEY.

  • Marjorie Taylor says:

    I used this company to do my taxes for 2017 and 2018–both years were done incorrectly—the company will not take any responsibility for their mistakes and the IRS wants over $11,000 from me for 2018, I already had to pay for 2017. Please advise what I do???

  • Samantha Mathis says:

    Crappy company would RECOMMEND ANYBODY GO THERE!!

  • Laurah Stumler says:

    How can a person owe state taxes in a state that they have never worked in? This is how have your taxes done by Jackson Hewitt that is how and this is what happened with me on my 2017 tax return in which I am still trying to get corrected. At this point I am in this process of getting a class action suit filed for all those that have had issues with this company, please get in touch with me to add your name to the petition. We are looking to file within the next month October 2019.

    • Marjorie Taylor says:

      I just received a notice from the IRS that I owe over $11,000 from 2018 and I had Jackson Hewitt do my taxes. Please let me now if you are still filing a class action suit against them, I would like to be involved. They also screwed up my 2017 taxes–they charge me almost $500 each year to do my taxes and this is unreal–now they refuse to help me

    • Alice Hughes says:

      When I went they didn’t tell me until it was done that their prices had been increased, the increase was from $125 to $450. Felt totally ripped off.

    • Jenn Holman says:

      Jackson Hewitt messed up my taxes SO BAD in 2019. The woman who did my taxes MISSED an entire W2 and I am owed money still through the irs. The woman who did my return never even PRINTED OUT my return bc she claimed “she didn’t have time”. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! I argued with them for 7 months in 2020. At first they kept denying they did anything WRONG when I requested my money back from them. When speaking to management they kept insisting on doing my amended return. I kept telling them why would I let them do my amendment if they couldn’t even do the first one correctly. Finally I got so frustrated I gave in. They did my amendment and my 1040x NEVER even made it to the irs… Which i was owed another $570 from federal and I wasn’t supposed to get state taxes back so I owed them. I have received SEVERAL letters I owe my state but still 2 years later MY AMENDED federal taxes WERE STILL NOT received by the irs… But my state was sent? So AGAIN I was on the phone trying to reseach someone bc i wanted my money refunded and demanded they pay the state too since no service they performed for me was done correctly. I spoke to another manager and they told me it had to be my fault that I probably didn’t bring all my W2s with me?? After having my taxes done by H&R Block for 2020 taxes they were messed up 1000% worse. Only difference is my 2020 amendment made it to the irs… Just haven’t received that refund either. I spoke with my senetors office and was told I HAD TO redo my 2019 taxes over again MYSELF and resubmit them to receive my 2020 amended return. I have received 3 phone calls over the past month from Jackson hewitt “corporate escalations department” stating I am not owed anything from them bc they did my amendment. So they did my amendment… Never submitted it and between there fees and the irs not receiving them I am owed $1700 and THEY aren’t responsible? And bc of that… I am being held up by an ADDITIONAL $4000 bc ANOTHER company was morons and fraudulently submitted something and between both companies for 2 years I am owed almost $6000….but I have to go in and redo them and submit them to be reviewed for my funds???? Not to mention due to BOTH these issues unemployment put a freeze on that and I haven’t received a payment since March 2021 bc they have to investigate fraudlant activity. I am a single mom who had a “PROFESSIONAL” 2 YES in a row do my taxes so I didn’t do them wrong and get in trouble…. But I am in more trouble bc of them. And the only answers I get is it is my fault. WORST COMPANY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

    • Dominique Hatchell says:

      Please add my name Dominique Hatchell

  • yvette mierez says:

    I can only advise on any and every blog or media outlet that will listen…..I made the error of going to your franchise in Atlanta on N. Druid hill on Tax day 4/15. The preparer was on the phone, up and down, helping people on the phone with tax questions, while doing my taxes. He then could not figure out how to submit the final taxes..He tried 3-4 times, rebooted, moved to another computer; then had me sign and told me it was done; Something told me to check, so I called the next day; My taxes not done. I spoke with Erwin Matthews and he assured me the next day someone could do my taxes; She was not available, too busy; understood; Called Mr. Matthews back, and was informed ok, just allow a few days to have money refunded; Several weeks later, received a phone call from representative from office, asked what happened, said goodbye. I called Mr. Matthews again after a few more days, and we had a verbal altercation, he yelled, and raised his voice, at me “a customer”. I will be taking legal action to get my money back. I will tell this story to ANYBODY that listens”: Jackson Hewitt….

  • christine says:

    don’t know what they are doing

  • Joanne bruch says:

    I was employee of your branch and we were always told that we had to earn bonuses that they were not given to you.
    Will how is that you supervisor staff can use other people’s I’d and passwords to enter like the other person are doing the taxes and they get the bonus when all other preparers have to do their own bonuses.
    For supervisor x will do five or ten returns a day and give all the returns under preparer A. And this is done because supervisor x is not allowed to do return in the state.
    Then also your management staff needs to take how be effective manager classes and learn how to talk to people instead of talking down to them.
    So please into your system and management skills of your supervisor especially around your Nevada area.
    I would tell you what area but I don’t want any kick back from your management team
    If I knew you give my name out I would tell were I worked at

  • Sharon Hart says:

    I would like to file a complaint against y’all for filling my taxes wrong

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