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Jack's Family Restaurants

  • Address: 124 W Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209, United States
  • Phone Number: +12059458167 
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 10000+
  • Established: 1960
  • Founder: Jack Caddell 
  • Key People: K. Todd Bartmess (CEO)

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K. Todd Bartmess


Matthew Lallatin


Billie Jo Waara


Karen Kelley


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  • Guest says:

    Personally witnessed the following: 1. Employee 1 eat food with gloves on then proceeded to fix orders without changing gloves or washing hands; employee 2 was outside smoking a cigarette. Employee 2 entered the store placed purse on counter and proceeded to fix beverages. Employee 2 was working drive-thru. When employee 2 confirmed my order, I requested to see manager. Black male approached. He asked how I was I doing. I replied ok. He stated he was tired and doing the best he could. I proceeded to inform him of what I personally witnessed. He replied “ you can’t tell this children nothing”. Puzzled, I ask him what did he mean. He said if he says anything to the employees, he has to deal with the parents. I then said this is your store and you are responsible for its success/failure. He said this ain’t my store, this the white man store and my children are at home. He tried to give me my money back. I explained due to the unsanitary conditions I didn’t pay and did not want anything. He asked if I wanted to speak to the employees. I said yes and he called them over to the window. I recounted to the employees exactly what I saw. Employee 1 (blue hair) acknowledged I was telling the truth and apologized. Employee 2 (pink hair) became belligerent and said I should mind my business. I told her as a paying customer I was minding my business and was attempting to have a conversation that I thought would be beneficial. I asked their ages. Employee 1 said she was 17; employee 2 19. I told them they were young enough to be my children and I wanted them to succeed. Employee 2 ask my age. I responded 53. She stated her mom was 30 and grand mom 55 and stated I was not old enough to be her mom. I told her I was only trying to help. Employee 1 was respectful; employee 2 very disrespectful. Employee 2 said she didn’t know where my hands had been and I had been driving. I told her she was absolutely right and should use hand sanitizer or some other cleaning agent after each transaction. Employee 2 began to clap her hands in a threatening manner. I told employee 2 if she didn’t change her attitude, she would not make it far in life. I told her if my children ages 29 & 25 conducted themselves in such a manner I would deal with accordingly.

    This location is constantly the talk of negative conversation in our neighborhood FB group. As a customer and citizen of Pleasant Grove, I deserve and demand better.

  • Emily Cade says:

    The Jack’s in Linden Alabama is a joke the service is very poor and the food is trash

  • Michael Hardy says:

    I had breakfast at store229 in clanton today. I ordered a double gravy biscuits with egg on it before the gravy. The young lady taking the order went to the back and explained how I wanted it. The young man drea simply refused and put the eggs on the side. I asked the young lady to ask him to put gravy on the eggs, he refused and dumped more gravy on the biscuits! I contacted the manager brook by phone and she apologized but I will not be going back!!!

  • Wade McDaniels says:

    I had a very interesting experience on 11/1/23 at Jack’s location 3401 Reeves St. Dothan AL 36303. A week before this date I pull in drive thru about 9:15 pm central to get the chicken nuggets special and was told they couldn’t sell them because they was frozen, very new to me but I let that slide. But tonight I actually called to Jack’s at 8:13pm to see if chicken nuggets were available because I was bringing some family with me after a school event and everyone wanted to try the nuggets. We pulled up at drive thru shortly after that and asked for nuggets and AGAIN we was told the box was frozen that the nuggets were in. So at that point we were leaving so I decided to call inside Jack’s again and the employees that were on duty at that time hung the phone up on me 4 times in between 9:33-9:38 ( you guys can check the cameras at these times to elaborate my story since this is just coming from me ). I not sure if Jack’s corporation cares about losing money at the same time unusual customer service, but my family and I had planned on getting close to 17 nuggets specials, now that over $85 on one order, just think about if employees treat 1 customer like this per week, that’s over $2200 in a 6 month period and close to $ 5000 a year in loss revenue for just that particular location. After the 5th time someone finally picked up and didn’t hang up so I was explaining what happened and how much I had bragged on the nuggets so my family wanted to try them out also, but the manager ( well she say she was manager but never would give me the managers name ) that I was speaking with was not even paying any attention to me, she actually was counting money out loud while I was on the phone with her. I tried explaining to her how much money we wanted to spend and she preceeded to say ” well Jack’s gone pay us anyway because Jack’s makes money at other Jack’s locations anyway”…after she said that, I knew it was a lost cause so I told her to have a nice night. We decided to go less than a mile down the road to Popeyes after that experience. Just wanted someone in the higher office to know because me speaking with a manager after an employee, I felt I had already respected the chin of command. Please educate this Jack’s location so we as a community can have a better experience in the future.

  • Evan Cook says:

    My wife and myself stopped by your Jack’s Trussville location on 10/31/2023 for lunch. The manager name was Amber Lowe and seem to be working both the drive thru and front counter. She appeared to be a little stressed out due to the fact there was a lunch rush. I’m not making an excuse for her attitude or actions, just trying to be accurate. Jack’s ran a promotion offering a free cookie for a $10 dollar purchase so I placed an order for more than $10 and told the manager I wanted my free cookie. She stated she had no knowledge of the promotion so I stepped aside and pulled the ad up for her. She still refused to honor the promotion and became very rude. Another employee named Pam was present and observed Ms. Lowe behavior, so I requested a refund and requested to talk to the manager, she took the food on the tray and slammed it in the garbage told me it wasn’t her store but she was the manager and I could call corporate. I told her don’t worry I would and requested the other employee name and she said Pam. She apologized for her(Amber’s) behavior we told her thank you and left. While Ms. Lowe was acting out several patrons left and she threw away a perfectly good meal over a $2 cookie?????????

  • Mindy Birdwell says:

    I ordered online from jacks on Highway 20 in Decatur, Al. and when I got there they said that they had no nuggets and I would have to cancel my order. I could not cancel my order and I paid for it. The manager said that she would cancel the order but she didn’t.

  • Nettie Crooms says:

    I’m a local in ashford al. I frequent your Jack’s store. I’m very disappointed with your management team. This location is frequently running out of product and it is becoming ridiculous. Obviously there should be a restructure in management. Maybe your regional should visit more often if you want to stay open.

  • Amanda says:

    I went to the Jack’s in Scottsboro Al, after I moved here a little more than 2 yrs ago. The manager was filthy, u organized, and the food looked and tasted the same. I went back about 6 Mos later, waited forever it seemed like for a cheeseburger, cold fries, and amended milkshake.
    Just today..almost a year later, I went thete and ordered chicken. It was old and tasted burnt…perhaps it was old grease. The mgmt has changed…thank goodness, but the food is still less than desirable! I
    won’t go back.

  • Mitzi says:

    I placed a mobile order and it said it would be ready in 10 minutes so I drove to pick it up and they told me at the drive through I would have to come inside to pick it up how dumb is that . I placed a mobile order so I wouldn’t have to go in . I drove around and went inside and they said they were cooking the nuggets do I ask if I sat in my car could they bring them out to me and they said yes so I sat in my car and waited and waited. I finally got tired of waiting and went back inside for the second time and stood at the counter I could see my order on the screen and it had been 25 minutes and still no order . I know it doesn’t take that long to cook nuggets they finally gave me my order and when I got in the car I took a bite on my fries and nuggets and they were both cold . This Is not the first time I have waited on a mobile order I waited 20 minutes one other day just to get an iced coffee if I hadn’t already paid for both orders I would have just left . Dyersburg Tennessee location needs some more training

  • Kimberly Wallace says:

    How do you find out what location is a specific number?

  • Pam Frith says:

    Went to Jacks in Springville, Al at 11:48 am on Oct 12th. I am a senior citizens that is on a walker. I had 4 separate orders and was told that they would only take 2 orders at drive through. When I arrived at window I asked to see the manager. I explained to the manage that there should be an exception bc I was on walker and it was very difficult to go inside restaurant. The manager just stood there and glared at me and we started at each other for a minute. I stated, well if u r just going to stare at me and not talk, then just” go on”
    Then he made a smart ass remark, “well I can refuse to just not take your order”. This is poor public relations. I made sure that everyone at the senior citizen center new what had happened.

  • Ronnette Murrell says:

    I stop at the Trussville Al location to get my daughter a cookie and cream milk shake I live two minutes away I gave it to her as she was drinking it she felt something crunchy it was glass I’m not sure if it came from their blender or the ice cream I rushed the shake back to them and pulled the manager to the side and told her she told the employees not to serve shakes until she found out what to do those kids was still selling it like she did say stop she contacted her manager and the only she said was get our phone numbers so her boss can contact us it’s crazy I’m taking my baby to the emergency room to make sure she didn’t digest any of the glass I hope she is ok

  • Lucas Jacobs says:

    The jacks at 3041 Alabama 20 Decatur Al 35601 is the worst jacks I have been to because no one in front of me in drive-thru and still waited 5 minutes and decided to just go in and the man there said the lobby was closed while a woman and her kid was standing right there in the lobby so now I have to go to work with no lunch

  • Dale Hawkins says:

    Waited 25minutes for order no explanation no I’m sorry “no you have not waited that long!good thing there are other places near by! I will not be back !

  • Pamela says:

    Was supposed to be hired.never signed any paperwork. ..feel like I was lead on .

  • Pamela says:

    Was supposedly hired at the Jack’s in Covington TN. Never signed any paperwork. Interview was a joke. Never received any response.

  • John Thomss says:

    I was supposed to work August 9th got sent home the gm wouldn’t put me in the sheldule and get blaming me for it even though I have been calling every single day and kept catching a attitude

  • Donald Watson says:

    Went to the carbonhill al location….. ordered a deluxe breakfast…..there were no hashbrowns so i called down there to inquire about them….ever who answered the ph tried to make it my fault they left the potatoes out of the order…. she informed me i ordered to much….. and that they were only human….. i could have got the breakfast that dont come with potatoes and saved the money i paid for the deluxe which is supposed to come with them….im thinking i need to get my breakfast elsewhere….she did nothing to pretend like she cared about the problem because in her eyes it was my problem not theirs….

  • Ojay says:

    I had a job interview to which is 09/18/2023 @4:30 and when I got there I was told that we’re not hiring children i stated that y’all could have told me that before I drove to Prattville Al and I lived in Selma Al I’m checking into this because I think this is discrimination

  • G. Elrod says:

    Cannot understand why Jacks in Eton cannot get an order right. When no one is very seldom there in the drive thru. They always say sorry but spending 30 plus on a meal that u ask over and over if it’s right the manager usually redoes the order and he can’t even get it right. We are doomed in this world.

  • Greg Ward says:

    Worst dining experience I have ever had in my 73 years. Service bad-food bad-out of most items including ketchup etc. place was filthy and I mean filthy. Manager out side or in office and should have been cleaning the place up or helping up front or go home. Hoping that our Jacks would have been like the one in Corinth Mississippi.

  • Concerned employees says:

    You need to check your payroll in east ridge, tenn is paying employees that don’t work there

  • Dan says:

    Apparently you cannot make a complaint. I’ve been trying to do so for 20 minutes I have stood in line in Phoenix city for 25 minutes and nobody here even asked me a doggone question.

  • Tatyana C Muse says:

    Does Jack’s has a employee complaint email because i click on the email sent straight to the menu.
    Jack’s #333
    Jackson, AL

  • Donna says:

    Does Jacks have a working Corporate email? I click on it and it takes me to the menu.

  • Rita says:

    Why does Jacks advertise food and not carry, I’m talking about big billboard and signs all over the restaurant??? Big billboard in Fayette Al about mushroom
    Swiss burger is back back back but yet y’all don’t sell them also signs at Fayette Al and Winfield Al all over the restaurant and at drive thru about lemon pies but yet No lemon pies ????

  • Melinda K says:

    The Fayetteville, TN has a rude manager and an employee. No name tags. 2 months ago we had the lady be ugly so my husband walked out. I continued to get our food. This morning we walk in for breakfast. The same lady waited and walked around in front of the counter for 10 minutes while customers back up in line. She finally takes our order. My husband hands her the money and she refused to give us change. Says same one as last time. Walks away. The manager goes to get money out. I said excuse me. She ignores me and walks away. A young girl who didn’t take our order nor money goes to give us change. The lady with the issue says to the drive thru, “same one as last time!” I asked same one as last time what? She walks away. At that point I’m fed up. I asked for our $20 back and told my husband to let’s go. I have never walked out of a business until this morning. It was all unacceptable. From the manager and the employee. To top it off the manager was allowing her to act this way with 5 other customers behind us.

  • PDH says:

    I guess the Jack’s in Brookwood,Al wants to give their customers food poisoning!! Both chicken sandwiches were raw in the middle and soggy on the outside, including soggy buns. The fries were also not fully cooked the middle was hard and cold!! The tea was tepid due to just enough ice in them to make a sound!!! It was a complete waste of my money!!

  • Ellie says:

    Jack’s #212 in Cullman on main street is great. They always go out of their way to make you happy. If the order is accidentally handed out wrong they offer
    You a refund and still fix your order. They always have someone cleaning the tables taking out the garage and cleaning the restrooms. The team I’m the kitchen AWESOME they work so hard. I really appreciate all y’all’s hard work.

  • Mary says:

    My 2 piece chicken dinner at Jack in Leeds Al was terrible. The biscuit was so hard I even throw it to the wall and didn’t break.

  • Bernice Swanger says:

    Got the “pleasure”of meeting manager Megan this morning
    What a rude nasty human being
    Not only was she rude to me while taking my order I pull up to the window after an extremely long wait in the drive thru and I see Megan ripping into the staff waving her hands around as she’s yelling at the staff.
    Very poor management!!
    This is why they have such a high turn over.

    Megan needs to find a different line of work.
    She’s horrible at her job towards customers and staff
    I felt bad for the crew as I was witnessing all of this.
    Hopefully corporate will take care of this right away
    I called this morning.. Let’s see if I get a call back or IF Megan will be removed as manager.
    I was told she an area manager.
    Seems to me she can’t handle the position she was blessed with.
    What a disgrace to the company

  • Tamara Boatwright says:

    Good afternoon,
    The employees of the Barnesville Ga. restaurant really need customer service training – it seems as if they have had none. They are consistently rude and the service is horrible. I was excited when the restaurant first opened, but no more. We’re done.

  • DeAnn M. says:

    Shout out to Jack’s #212-Main Ave SW Cullman, AL. 35055! Always giving back to their community! Thank you so very much for helping local non-profits. United Way of Cullman loves Jack’s!

  • Stefanie says:

    I have been going to the Jack’s in Selma Al for the last three weeks and when I ask for ketchup and mayonnaise they always say they out but I go spending $25 or better cannot get any ketchup and mayonnaise to go with my order the employees needs to know it’s not there products and they are for the customers they don’t put napkins or anything in the bag just your food sometimes the fries or not always cooked

  • Nigel Ellis says:

    Why are we charging customers a $1.90 for a couple ice

    This is ridiculous the charger customer $1.94 cup of ice

  • Sharon Adcock says:

    Awful customer service

  • David Moore says:

    New location Monticello Ga.
    Have eaten at the location 3 times. Made me sick twice ( vomiting and diarrhea). Thought I would give them another change.
    Went there today about noon.
    Made my order. The guy in the drive though wanted me to do a survey, when i declined he turned to another employee and started to talk about me and the survey with his back turned. I did get a refund.
    I want be back.
    The drive window was left open… flies fling in and out of the store…

  • Concerned says:

    WHY can’t you add pictures to this

  • Concerned says:

    Haleyville store is disgusting is nasty William and the rest are shitty managers and no one cares … public needs to see this store behind the scenes

  • Joshua Jones says:

    I was in you Vinemont branch earlier today. There were 4 ladies in grey shirts yelling at each other. One with long hair in the back started the yelling, she didn’t handle stress well. Two others whit short dark hair then started yelling another younger one with glasses and long brown hair go so angry she stormed out (at least she wasn’t yelling) someone told me they were all managers. If that’s the case you seriously need new managers that can communicate without yelling. Maybe send in an undercover person to observe or ask other employees whats going on. I’m not the only customer that felt uncomfortable.

  • Tiara says:

    Today I visit jacks in fort mitchel al they recently jus open I will never go back due to there employee have such a terrible poor customer service this girl was rolling her eyes having attitude at the drive thru and I’m like what is problem if you got issue u need leave that out of your workplace very unprofessional

  • Jennifer says:

    Jacks in Carrollton, ga is a rip off. They put less than a tsp of egg on their bacon wraps. We had to leave and stop at wendys to get more food. Also, Jacks in Bremen,GA and Tallapoosa, GA are always great! This Jacks is just not good! And the employees are rude.

  • Shelley says:

    Y’all need to seriously do something about the Brookwood location. Very rude employees and they seem to never open on time. Was told this morning after 6 am that they were not open. I asked what time do you open and the response was “I don’t know”. Seriously you don’t know what yours restaurant hours are!?! The orders are almost always wrong, if you can catch them when they are open. No telling the revenue that’s lost from no work ethics.

  • Hk says:

    Jacks in Newton Mississippi needs to close their doors. There is absolutely no need in waiting for 30 minutes for our order….especially when there was no one ahead of us. There was other people getting their food bc they were friends with the employees.

  • Jimmie Shell says:

    The ice cream freezer has been torn up for 3 weeks at the Tallapoosa GA location. I don’t know who is responsible for fixing or replacing it, but it needs addressing. It’s summer time for goodness sake.

  • DV says:

    The store in Argo, AL. is in serious need of clean up. Food on floor in cooking area. Roaches around self serve area. Looks like nothing has been wiped down or cleaned in several weeks. Nasty place. I can’t believe it is open in the condition it is in. Somebody needs to take a serious look at the conditions in this store.

  • Kelly Chambers says:

    Visited store #158. Drink machine was broken. No ice with hot flat soda. No tea in the urns. The ceiling was covered in mold and the restrooms nasty. Trash cans were overflowing into the floor. Gravy was cold, pancakes over cooked, spoiled jelly. A lady came in and asked for the manager. Turned out the manager was who the complaint was about. The ladies teen was in the drive thru and ordered a milkshake and the manager said “We don’t make milkshakes this early in the F* morning.” The manager escalated the conversation and started screaming cussing the customer for the whole place to hear. Waited on the mom to drag the manager. It’s sad when the customer was the only one to apologize to the dining room full of customers instead of the manager.

  • destiny says:

    my name is destiny an the Jack’s In DECATUR,AL ON 6TH AVENUE IS VERY SHITTY ! sorry my language but I’m extremely mad ! THEY THOUGHT I WAS MY SISTER AN TOLD ME TO GET AWAY FROM THERE AN GAVE MY BOYFRIEND HIS MONEY BACK AN SHE INSISTED THAT I WAS MY SISTER EVEN AFTER I TOLD HER I WASNT MY SISTER BECAUSE I HAD KNEW ABOUT THE ACCIDENT THAT HAD HAPPENED WITH MY SISTER ABOUT A WEEK AGO WITH THE SAME MANAGER LADY WHEN SHE HAD AN ARGUMENT WITH MY SISTER ABOUT MY SISTER COMING BACK INSIDE AN TELLING HER THAT THEY HAD LEFT OUT 1 OF OUR 🍟 FRIES AN ONE OF OUR BURGERS WAS MADE WRONG! I think she is just very rude an needs to be FIRED BECAUSE SHE WAS TOTALLY in the wrong for telling me to leave today an giving my money back an even pushing the other employee that took my money because she seen me at the window & assumed I was my sister . it s so bad that I am hiring a lawyer an will be gettinh her emotional distress,discrimination & a few other things that I feel I encountered with her ! she could have approached the situation alot better than she did but she didn’t an now will be facing to pay alot more than just simply not liking how someone looks or something I really don’t know but I do know that I did nothing In the wrong an I’m sure the other employees will also agree that she was TOTALLY WRONG for the things she said an did to me an her OWN COWORKERS TODAY SHE HAD THAT LITTLE GIRL THAT TOOK MY BOYFRIEND’S MONEY AT THE WINDOW HORRIFIED SMH even the girl was trying to tell her that I wasn’t my sister an she told her to shut up an pushed her an snatched the $ out her hand an threw it back out the window to us . I felt a VERY fair amount of shame an confusion but we just drove off with our money back an NO FOOD FOR OUR KIDS . SO PLEASE SOMEONE GET RID OF THIS LADY AT JACKS BECAUSE Y’ALL ARE GOING TO LOOSE ALOT OF BUSINESS WITH THE ATTITUDE SHE HAS AN THE WAY SHE TREATS HER EMPLOYEES!! thanks sincerely! I’d appreciate if someone that could handle this situation would get in touch with me somehow I’d greatly appreciate it thanks again destiny

  • Dianne Duke says:

    I have tried for two days to get some one from corporate office to contact me about a complaint with a Jack’s restaurant in Gadsden al

  • Kayla says:

    Jacks employee think it’s okay to cuss customers out over not being ready to order for 8 people in less then 1 minute

  • N/A says:

    Several elderly men eat at the location on W. Main St. Dothan, Al. every morning during the week. The restaurant is nasty to be fairly new. Y’all have a lot of waste because they don’t care enough to get the orders right to begin with!! Management and employees stay outside a lot smoking cigarettes and illegal drugs! You can smell it inside and out. The floors are so slippery from not being cleaned! The bathroom smell like sewer! The grounds outside shows that management don’t care! Poor management all around because they should not be allowing illegal drugs from employees and going in with them! The community thought home office should know!

  • Billy bob says:

    Jacks in Huntsville Alabama on Jordan Lane is the worst Jackson have ever been and everybody is rude the food is crap and I will never be back there again

  • Connie Smith says:

    The employees are very rude and disrespectful ,the dint get orders right.I want someone to get in touch with me.

  • Paul Kelly says:

    Might want to look at Voices of Citronelle unseasoned at the comments on the new citronelle Alabama store… I’ve had nothing but good food and just a questionable visit out of watching the managers dealing with the employees… Love that chicken tho!!!!

  • Iceman 1959 says:

    Went into a location in Dadeville Aljust to order a milkshake there was a situation with the customer before me but, after it was corrected I walked up to the counter to make my order and the entire front walks away like I’m not even there called to the store and the manager on duty was so rude
    I will not ever step foot in jacks again

  • Kathy Gordon says:

    Went to Jacks # 256 on Dec 7. The counter where you pay for your food was nasty. Told 2 people. They didn’t care. I told them I was going to report it. They got another person and he apologized. Said they would clean it up. No since in a place being that dirty. This Jacks is in our town. We go there often.

  • Deborah Hand Moore says:

    Jacks #210. Rude nasty and cannot get an order correct! Customers were lined around the building and when I got close to the , 4 different employees came to the window to show their tattoos to the car in front of me. !!
    One girl even pulled her shirt up to show her tattoos.
    I paid 10$ for a 2 piece dinner and the chicken was so hard and not the breast that I requested. My tea was sweet, which I ordered unsweetened.
    Says under new management, these are the worst, totally rude and No Customer Service!
    Order 12 Drive thru

  • Melanie Dawn Westmoreland and STEVEN HORNE says:

    Went to iuka Mississippi Jacks. November 30, 2022 8 pm and got one box of fries. The fries was dried out and old and tasted horrible. Called up there at 8.14 pm and the lady who answered the phone was flat out RUDE “if you said your name right you wouldn’t haft to spell it. ”
    First off not WHAT she said it’s HOW she said it

  • Melody Peden says:

    The workers are rude, the restraint is nasty half the time. The general manager and her girlfriend fight behind the counter in the front of the customer’s. They stand outside the door on the driveway side smoking. Their are to many complaints to list. You need what they call under cover guest to check out how they behave and you will see first hand. Go in and speak to the regulars. Thanksgiving morning the gm was so rude to a customer wanting lunch. This is the jacks at 36/67 in Somerville, al

  • Disappointed Customer says:

    WTF? Has Jacks quit Caring ? Winfield Al. Store is just NASTY ! Food caked against the walls in every crack and crevice in the building! Open the Front door and you will see dirt and grime covering the threshold ! I went to Jacks in Guin, Al. just to see not quite as bad, but still NOT CLEAN ! Both Stores entrances have a dark trail of stuck on Grease to follow in side ! Shame on the People you call Managers of these Stores !! Shame on Jacks for Letting this happen !

  • Stacy says:

    Your jacks in dalton Georgia the manager needs replaced she is rude shows favoritism she’s got her best friend working there her best friend cussed customers out out and the employees and she just let it go on. They run their best employees off because they make them stay over just because somebody else don’t show up for their shift and then those people that don’t show up for their shift or not disciplined not a very well ran restaurant.

  • lenora mcnutt says:

    My husband and I went to two different Jacks, one in Moody and the other in Odenville, I see employees with hair hanging in their face no hairnet. That is just nasty and also a health risk. I want to know why they are not required to wear hairnets, I sure dont want hair in my food. Not to mention that they wipe their hand to push the hair away dont understand why they dont wear them. Again that is just nasty.

  • Richard Mannick says:

    My wife, son and sons wife was working for one of your stores. When they started there was no training at all. Lucky that they both had experience so it wasn’t all to bad for them. Has the days when on they noticed that there was a lot of favoritism gone on with certain employees and one that is sleeping with I know one of the employees. I worked 4 am til 2 pm 4 days a week. Well I had been sick and when to the hospital for it. I When back to work the next day wanted to get my hours in. Well I got sick again around 11 am and told my manager about it, with no symptom from him. So I had to tell him I quit so I could get out of there without throwing up. There is no management team at this store the store runs it’s self. As far as I can see there is no people practices. No please and thank you for when asking employees to do extra work/time, etc. My experience as a customer was with a employee that was his first day. There was no manager or lead there to help him well I ordered Big Breakfast, a sausage biscuit,, coffee, and a large ice coffee. Well all for $5.02 having managed fast food restaurants for 15 years I know that will affect the food cost. So with no training I wonder how much was being gave alway.. There is no communication between managers so when the store is left a mess, what should be done??? With no crew training I wonder how much training manager have had. I really don’t think you want any of your operations running like this. First there should never be Fraternizations with crew members, you could get sued. Second who is running the stores operation, how are the crew being treated, Manager and Crew meeting needed to find out what on there minds about the store. I really can go on and on about restaurant management with 4 years Security Police Supervisor, 2 years restaurant management training, 15 years managing fast food restaurants plus. One of your customers with knowledge of this store through employee spouse.

  • Buddy says:

    The manager luke at the blountsville jacks needs to be replaced he thinks that place is more important than your children and if he don’t like you he tries to get you moved to a different store that is out of your way hoping you will quit if that’s the kind of management you have in store take my application and 86 it

  • Butch says:

    Jack’s in iuka mississippi.. one of the worst fast food restaurants in the area. Filthy dirty inside especially in the food prep area behind the counter and bathrooms are worse than the truck stop. On last visit the exterminator was there spraying in the food area while they were prepping and serving food and also spraying around the main ice machine while the door was propped open. corporate needs to get their asses in gear and get some corporate people down there to visit unannounced and get this place straightened out or maybe the health department should shut them down.. yes, it is that bad

  • Sue says:

    Jacks on Jordan Lane In Huntsville needs a manager. I got in line at 12:25 it’s 1:15 and I don’t have my food. Not a long line just slow. My fault for even waiting. They truly need a manager. Someone needs to run the cameras. A shame. Just received my food while typing. Definitely not Jacks standard.

  • Becky Lovette says:

    I was just told, at our Jacks, that they were not making milkshakes and then I watched the girl make one fir someone. When I asked they both said they were not supposed to be making them. I said I see one right there that you made for someone else. She said the machine was messed up and was it mixing right. I said I still wanted to order one and she refused. We spend a lot of money there and I can’t believe the treatment I received. Thank you

  • Debbie Collins says:

    Visited the Homewood location Sunday and chose to eat in the dining room. There were about 10 people in line when my husband joined the line. About 10 more were behind him. There was only one person taking orders and only took one order and waited for that person to get their food before taking the next order. Meanwhile the drive thru was moving at a good pace. My husband was in line for 30 minutes and they did not even get our order correct. The other couple that ate with us were about 10 people behind my husband. That couple’s order was not correct either. During the almost 45 minutes, at least 7 people left the line and went somewhere else. There was no tea and they never refilled the tea There were no napkins in the dispensers and we requested napkins twice but they never brought out any. The dining area was not clean. There was a young male employee that walked over to our table and asked if we knew if the people that had been in the booth behind us had left. Complained that they had left a mess on the table and now he had to clean it up. He was very rude in his comments. I told him I didn’t know the customers were expected to bus their own tables but we would be sure to clean up our table when we left. I’ve always been a Jack’s fan but was terribly disappointed in the food, the service, the cleanliness of the dining area and the unfriendly employees.

  • McFarlin says:

    Visit Jack’s in Warner Robins GA today. Waited about 15 minutes for our food which was fine because we thought this means we will get fresh food. Well we were absolutely wrong on that thought! Our hamburgers were cold and fries were less than fresh. I tried to eat mine because I had spent the 15.00 on the meal my wife did not even try to eat hers. Cold hamburger and fries was not what she was wanting. Very disappointed ☹️ will not return. Also very loud talking back and forth from the employees very annoying.

  • Jerry Langley says:

    In the locations that aren’t new design stores have pics of the menu when they opened. It’s a shame that those items aren’t available anymore (hot dogs, onion rings, fish sandwich, and a few other things). If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. All new specials every month, and the employees working the grill can’t handle the orders already on the everyday menu. Instead of changing your menu every month, why not bring back the classic items. The BIG JACK, the bacon burger. Not the Wickles Pickles burger. And too many spicy burgers and other items coming to the menu.

  • TERRY BLUE says:

    The cashier was very rude to my wife she placed an order for macaroni and cheese and they didn’t put in in our bag. Very disappointing at this type of service.

  • TERRY BLUE says:

    Just came from the Jack’s in helena i asked for coleslaw they gave me a bowl full of liquid instead of coleslaw. Worst customer service ever

  • N.J.Lee says:

    Why don’t you pay your employees when they are supposed to get paid. Most people go from pay check to pay check. My niece works at the new jacks in Hawkinsville Ga.been with around 3 weeks or more no check she can’t pay rent landlord doesn’t care about all that. That makes me not want to go in your restaurant.

  • Russell Waite says:

    Went to Tallassee jacks ordered 15 piece chicken finger box cashier took my money then stood there instead of fixing it took another order several minutes later then was telling cook she was waiting on 2 burgers all the while the person working the window used all the tenders then the counter person said I would have to wait while they cooked some more I asked for a refund and she got all mouthy said her name was something that began with a P just kept running her mouth. I call that piss poor customer service I will never visit that jacks again will also tell at least 25 people I know not to go

    • bubba says:

      i hear you i go to the one here in savannah tn are i use to every time i go it like either they say there out of something are when i ask for fresh food i get it home and it is for sure not fresh most of it is so tough that it even hard for my dog to eat but when you got a person in charge that break the phone and dont get it fixed you cant expect much else from that person so like you said i will not be going there any more

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