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  • Address: 402 W San Ysidro Blvd, San Diego, CA 92173, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 619-428-0731
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 50,000
  • Established: 1951
  • Founder: Robert Oscar Peterson
  • Key People: Leonard A. Comma  (Chairman & CEO)

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Leonard A. Comma

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Lance F. Tucker

Executive VP & CFO

Marcus Tom


About Jack In The Box, History and Headquarters Information


Jack In The Box was founded in the year 1951. The company has been operational for almost 68 years now. The founder of the company was Robert Oscar Peterson. The origin of the company goes way back to the year 1941 when Topsy's Drive-in was established. Later on, the restaurant was renamed to Oscar's. In the year 1947, the founder of the company had purchased the rights to the intercom system from a business in Alaska. It was in the year 1951 that the first Jack In The Box restaurant was opened in San Diego, USA. It was also the first restaurant that featured the intercom based drive-through system that allowed to provide faster services to the customers. The concept was very successful.

By the year 1966, the company had its presence in over 180 locations, all over California and Southwestern part of the USA. Then in the year 1969, the company was taken over by Ralston Purina. During the 1970s, the company significantly expanded with the help of franchising. In the year 1980, the company was struggling to compete with McDonald's, and therefore, the business strategy of the company was changed to meet much more affluent customers. As of the year 1985, the company was sold by Ralston Purina to its senior management team. Then in the year 1987, the company had become a limited public entity. In the year 2004, the company introduced a chain of fast food restaurants, known as JBX Grill. But, the newer concept proved to be unsuccessful, and the stores were converted again to Jack In The Box branding, in the year 2006. The headquarters of the company is based in 9330 Balboa Avenue. The name of the place is San Diego, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 92123.


Jack In The Box is an American chain of a restaurant company that focuses on providing various kind of fast food as well as restaurant food recipes and dishes to its customers. The current CEO and chairman of the company are  Leonard A Comma. As of the year 2013, the total sales generated by the company is more than $2.25 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company is more than 22,000, as of the year 2013. The company has its presence in over 2,200 locations all over the west coast of the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to experience various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes offered by the company. Some of the food items provided by the company include french fries, chicken tenders, cheeseburger, hamburgers, tacos and even egg rolls.

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  • Jon m says:

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    Jon mohammad
    I took my grand kids to your restaurant in longview Washington, I order food for everyone and order myself grill chicken sandwich. I have pictures of it it was the most awful food I have ever had in my life. I showed it to the lady that served us and she was even discussed with what she saw. One of the cook came up front and he was apologetic saying this is wrong but the manager was on the phone didn’t bother by my problem. So I left the food on the counter and a shake and left your restaurant. I have all intention to post this on social media.AFTER 67 DOLLAR we got nothing but garbage . No more . Just want you to know your company is going down the drain.

  • Monica H says:

    I’m originally from Phoenix and I even work at a Jack-in-the-box as a teenager. (2 of them.) I now live in Georgia and the closest Jack is in Greenville, SC. Too far. How about putting one or two here. Whataburger just moved here a few months ago. If they can do it, so can you. I’ll be in line when it opens.

  • Dav6 Amundson says:

    JACK…Why would you shut down your nicest restaurant in the South bay area of Torrance on PCH & Crenshaw blvd and refer your clientele to the run down
    dirty dayed on on PCH and Western the other one in Torrance on Hawthorne blvd near 181st You shut your best cleanest restaurant down
    Shame on you Jack !

  • Miranda says:

    Had the worst ever customer service experience of my life at the Visalia Jack in the box on Dinuba Blvd.

    I mobile ordered one item for my child who has been sick for 3 days who has hardly been able to keep food down. I paid for it and went to go get said item but the lobby was closed. I saw 3 employees including 1 on her phone scrolling Tik Tok. She opened the door and said they told me you’ll have to get in line. I explained that there were 8 cars in line and I lived around the corner and just needed to get back to my child with food quickly. It was already paid for and ready. She said she would get the manager. A guy came over pushed the door open and said “what happened” with an attitude and I responded by telling him “nothing had happened” but that wasn’t a professional way to approach someone. He repeated himself in the Same rude manor. I once again explained my story and he told me he didn’t make the rules but he enforces them and if I don’t like it I can call Veronica tomorrow morning. I asked for corporate information and he “you’ll just have to call tomorrow and Veronica will answer and you can complain to her”

    From start to finish It took me 27 minutes to get my daughter’s food for something that had been paid for 45 mins prior.

    When I say that this is beyond sad and terrible. I refuse to ever go back even though I live around the corner. I can’t even fathom how much money this will cost this company for losing a lifetime customer.

  • Patricia Hernandez says:

    We want to Jack’s we order 4 tacos the tacos were so unsatisfied the tacos were unettible to eat. There was no cheese, no lettuce please help them with their food!

  • Linda J says:

    Just ate inside at the JITB at 2501 W. Pioneer Pkwy, Pantego, Texas. We usually use the drive thru… They had 3 signs warning if the slick floor. As I stood on the floor in one spot, my shoes started sliding by themselves!!! I had to hold on the walls and furniture so I would not fall. My husband asked why the floor was so slick. A tall black employee with a beard said water condensed from the AC but they had mopped and setup the signs. I told they need to use a degreaser. He did not act like it was a problem, since they were warning customers with the signs.

  • Florence Goldsberry says:

    I visit jack in the box on 11/22/2022 I ordered two large drinks one Diet Coke and a large root beer I asked which one was the died coke she said I don’t know SMELL IT now that was an insult to tell me to stick my nose in the drinks that we had to drink

  • VICKI says:


  • Preston says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    On October 22, 2022, my family and I decided to stop at Jack In The Box at 7265 Village Parkway, Dublin, CA 94568 at 9:30 AM PST. When we arrived at Jack In The Box I noticed there were multiple cars in line, so I waited until all the cars were gone before driving up and going through the drive-thru. My youngest child has special needs, and it takes him a while to explain to us what he would like to eat. When we pulled up to the drive thru the employee asked, “Can I take your order?”. I advised the employee if they can please give me a couple of minutes to review the items on the menu. After ten seconds the employee came back on the intercom and stated rudely “Are you ready to order now?”. I advised the employee we are still reviewing items on the menu and if he can please give me a couple of minutes. Twenty seconds later the employee again came on the intercom and stated rudely “is there a car behind you? If there is you need to move”. I advised the employee on the intercom there is no cars behind me, and we are trying to review the menu and will be ordering in just a few moments. While ordering the food the employee asked, “what kind of drink we would like?” I turned around to my child to ask him and before I could ask my child the employee came on the intercom and stated, “you will have coffee is there anything else you want”. I advised the employee on the intercom that the order is for a child and coffee is not needed. The employee on the intercom stated rudely again “WHAT DO YOU WANT THEN?”. At this time, I told the employee to cancel my order. The employee became extremely rude stating “Then you need to fucking leave my drive thru. Get the fuck out of here and go somewhere else”. I advised the employee I will be filing a complaint with Jack In The Box. While pulling away from the drive thru the employee extended his body out through the window flipping me off and screaming.

    I am beyond disappointed with the service I received and shocked with how your employee conducted himself. My special needs child has told his mother and I that he feels scared and asked that we never return to a Jack In The Box again because he fears someone will be hurt. I am requesting a full investigation into this matter and asking that person be removed from your establishment.

  • Kaen Nogle says:

    I live in Phoenix and the Jack in the Box here has detroirated badly. Sunday 10/3/22 I decided to order breakfast off the app the special for 21.72. My husbands card was charged and when i went to pick up the order (Had to drive 8 miles) the drive thur was closed. This was midafternoon and they should have been open . I saw severl;a more vehicles sit in drive thur a while then leave and I also tried calling to no avial only a fax machine was on. I then proceeded to the front of the store to pak and go inside. There was a sign on the door stating due to food shortages. Were not having a food storage here. Not one car was in th eparking lot nor were any lights on in the store. i knocked to no avail. I trie to cancel the order (but there’s no buttomn for that.)I decided I needed to get food elsewhee so I got back in my car got on the freeway and went to the Cactus store (Jackin theBox). Its a mile from my home but after 27 yrs of great sevrice as become a health hazard and its scary to eat there, Employees drop gloves then put them on to make your sndwich. I always call them out. Flies are a permananet part of the resturantand gets on your food. Rarely the employees speak English and you’re at their mercy with your food order. Alot of the times the store is losed when you come and without notice. Suppose to be 24 hs. They close around 8-9 now and alwasy close the lobby whenever they want. I went in explained the isue and spent another 43 monutes getting my food I originally ordered and already paid for (paid again). Needless to say my husband was upset. This store watched me ordr onn the ap and pay and reuested payment ven after they gave me receipt a third time. I decided if I had to pay 65.00 for a 22.00 meal we were going sopemwhere like Orange Tree Golf etc.I got my food but itthe ggs as usual was bunt and had a crust on my snadwiches. Pancakes wwre cold and service was horrible. Courtesy was no where to be found there. When I go thome ove an hour plus later which should have been 15-20 minutes tops I received an emai from the first store stating my order was ready. I called and someone answered this time and I explained what I explained abov in this narrative and the woman whom is Latin said” You cant do that.” Referring to my decision to go get food elsewhere. I said I most certainly can this was Ameica. I asked fo a refund since I never go the food oroignially paid for and she said no. II reported this to corporate Monday but have Still gotten no refund. At one point our bank howed three payemnts of 21.72 . We still dont hve our money and I wonder why I didnt make a police report. To me this is theft even so if the person who did this innocently. We wantour money back and a resposne to the actions of your stores!

  • Maria says:


  • Kimberly Cunningham says:

    Went to Jack on Balboa Ave in Granada Hills, I had used mobile app for pickup in my order had 2 orders of .99 cent tacos. I received 2 orders, was charged for 21 orders, was told my manager at window that charge was deleted & bill was correct, surprise $25 was charged & I have reached out multiple times via text & app help & no mgr comes to phone. I highly recommend you help guest not lie.

  • Nancy says:

    I visited the Jack in the Box at the Greenfield location in El Cajon today. In the past, I have received excellent service and food. Today was not a good experience. I went to order 2 of the Padre specials (as I have done many times before). The lady inside asked if I had 4 people in my car and that I would need 4 people in order to receive the Padre special. I responded that I was the only person in the car and that I had asked for only two Padre specials. She asked if I had 2 people in the car. I again responded that I was the only person in the car. She stated that I could only receive 1 Padre special. I voiced my concern and stated that I had done this many times and it had never been an issue. She responded that they have never allowed the sale of the Padre special to exceed the number of persons that were in the car. Again I stated that I have done this many times. I explained that I was taking the 2nd hamburger home to my husband. She would not allow the sale to go through as I requested. To keep from delaying the line any further, I paid for the 2 hamburger and did not buy a drink. Initially I was going to purchase additional items which would have exceeded the final total on my bill. We also requested a special of the hamburgers we purchased and when we got home, that was not the case. I do want to say that the women was not rude and seemed to be stating her position in a matter of fact manner.

    I can understand not wanting to give away such a great offer in a manner that does not make financial sense. Many people buy food that they take home to a loved one that is not able to leave the home for various reasons. Would it make better public relations to extend the offer of selling 2 Padre specials even if only 1 person is in the car? Again I restate that I was going to buy additional items. Also the Padre special has reintroduced me to the Jack in the Box food. I have gone there several times to take advantage of your other food items.

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

  • Charlotte Pratt says:

    You need to update your prices online. I checked the prices to see what I could afford and 2 egg rolls cost me $6.38 and you online price is $1.79 each. That is about twice the online price. Your prices are getting too high so I will have to stop going there.

  • Sonja Blow says:

    The two “Jack” Franchises located on Fowler Ave at Ashlan and on Fowler and Herndon have great employees and the best Chocolate Iced Mochas of any fast food restaurant and Starbucks. Also best price and a 50 cent discount on drinks for seniors when you ask for it. Am an addicted to their mochas and friendly, helpful staff

  • Katina Decker says:

    Hi I’m from Houston Texas but live in Pensacola Florida we need a Jack n the Box here I miss eating there!! I’ll be so happy if y’all could build one here I’ll manage it lol

  • Deborah Bryan says:

    I have heard the this corporation is planning a Jill-in-the-Box. If you do this you will no longer have our family’s business!

  • Kay Hamby says:

    Want to send you pictures of my Christmas tree with Jack heads.email is mkayh1961@gmail.com

  • F. Uni says:

    Seems like the proprietor of the franchise at store number 3527 doesn’t care to comply with the health codes.

    He let someone into the store to sit down and converse with “friends” from about 18:40 – 19:10 on 2019-12-20.

    Even after being notified of the condition he didn’t care.

    Makes me wonder what other health violations are hiding within the store.

    • Jamie (formal general manager) says:

      What was the condition you’re referring to? What violations were made by sitting and talking to some friends for 30 minutes. Did you forget some details? Or are you just being petty? Based on the information you provided, there really are no problems.

  • dianna j gostlin says:

    when is harassment considered a job requirement not only have i been treated in a hostile and demoralizing way but my honer and pride are now in question. i really liked my work but management has made it impossible to work .

  • dianna j gostlin says:

    today after giving my manager a written letter about not receiving breaks i was humiliated by staff. i was asked to clean the lobby and i did but when i checked the bathrooms i found human waist on toilet seat so i told the current person in charge and she said to clean but be fast so i did then she checked my work . she brought me back to bathroom and pointed to dust on the back end of the toilet i was then told to re clean them . im sorry but dust is not human waist but i get on my hands and knees to clean the toilet , i was summoned to register twice however when i went to register i was told to go finish bathroom so i cleaned and sanitized everything including the floor on the third time of being told i had to help customers i washed my hands then proceeded to run register . but has happened every day since giving my maniger the letter about breaks not being fairly given

  • dianna j gostlin says:

    my shift lead shorted my starting cash and i was not allowed to count my closing total i was short 100

  • dianna j gostlin says:

    i am a current employee of jack in box and i have not received my breaks until l after 5 hours. before i received my paycheck i was told to sign a waiver about receiving my breaks on time since then i have experienced hostile work environment.



  • steve says:


  • steve says:


    • Kaen Nogle says:

      Yes especially hee in Phoenix theu have ahabit of doing that then when you mention you want your money back becus eyou had to go elsewhere to get food, hey get angry.

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