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  • Address: 12802 Hamilton Crossing Blvd, Carmel, IN 46032, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 317-249-3355

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1989

  • Founder: James F. DeVoe

  • Key People: Steven E. Wedding (CEO)

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About J. D. Byrider, History and Headquarters Information

A used car dealership franchise, Jd Byrider was founded in the year 1989. It is based in Carmel, USA. Here at this place even if a person has a bad credit score he will be allowed to purchase a car. Also, they will help in improving the credit score. If there is a person who doesn’t qualify at the regular dealership then he can get help from Jd Byrider where used cars will be sold at an average rate of interest that is higher. Their resources include Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and so on. The franchise will make sure they help you get what you have been looking out for. But there are reasons why people are looking forward to Jd Byrider. They will have a detailed inspection of the vehicle. Also, they offer different payment options and low down payment options. After you have made your purchase you will also get great customer service.

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  • Rosie holmes says:

    Yes I called corporate if you paying for something that you cannot even drive. But they wanna get paid for a lemon car I’m very a lawyer corporate never called me back at all they need to be sued

  • Rosie hilmes says:

    Jdbyrider I purchase a care 2 weeks ago but only drive car probably twice due to transmission issues so I had to bring back car yesterday due to same issues I called cause payment is due on the 15 with is Friday I called and spoke with melanie and ask can they wave the first or second payment should told me they cannot wave these payment mind you I have not had the car or driven car due to transmission issues so I far and unhappy

  • Natalie Marshall says:

    Whatever you do, do NOT do business with this predatory lending company. They sell you garbage cars at top Dollar with very high interest rates. These past 5 years have been nothing short of a nightmare dealing with this awful company. And their service department doesn’t seem to care at all. I now owe $1035 for a POS vehicle thats not safe to drive. I even took a loan out for repairs and a week later my power steering pump went out for the 4th time. This company SUCKS 🤬

  • Randy Thompson says:

    I bought a 2013 Chevy cruze 6 months ago in lafayette indiana and have had to take it back to Byrider 8 times and they cannot figure out what is wrong with it and still want me to pay $ 17.000 for a car that appraisal price is $ 3,650.00. Corporate will be called today

  • KS says:

    I got a 2014 Kia soul in August of 2022 from the Panama City Florida location. The day I got the car, the check engine light came on. This was on a Saturday. I took it to the service center the following Tuesday. They said it was due to my gas cap being loose. The day before I had the appointment to replace the gas cap; the car started shaking, cutting off, spent $40 in gas to drive less than 100 miles. Turns out it needed a new motor. I hadn’t even made the first payment on the car. I decided to let them keep the car and replace the motor. I was told it would be “at least 3 weeks”. That turned into FIVE weeks! Every time I called to get an update, I was given the run around. More often than not they never answered the phone. There is no voicemail for the service department. My calls were never returned. It got to the point where I had to physically drive an hour and a half from where I live just to check on the status of my car. I was told that I would not have to come out of pocket for the rental car that I had to have during this time. That was a lie. During this time I also had to pay the car payment and insurance. I had to take time off work, find rides to get my kids to and from school, and was never updated about when the car would be done. After 5 weeks I finally got my car back. Three days later I have a dead battery! I have physically drove this car less than I have had it. Irritated is an understatement at this point. Sure they can get you in a car the same day, but if I knew now how horrible this experience would be….I would’ve never signed my life away to this place!

  • Michelle Gannon says:

    Worst place ever!! I went all the way to their Glendale heights location got a 2011 Mini Cooper after the 7 days the check engine light turned on I just go ahead and fix it . It was cheaper then bringing it to them. A few months later the car is running rough, take it to my trusted mechanic, he says engine has to be replaced. I have it towed 41 miles. They put a used engine in through a third party, they get it back and have to send it back to their third party to put another used engine in it. Now at this point I am two weeks without a car, mind you this is after two week pier I was without a car because the fob went bad and they took days to let me n ow what was wrong and wouldn’t wait 15 min for me to pick it up to make-sure it was the fob that wasn’t working. Anyways. They call and say it is going to be another week. The service manger Jeff os now in contact with me. He says we will pay for rentals and make your next payment for this. I said ok. Well he has not paid my rentals! I get a call a week later saying it is ready. So I drove the hour plus to have to pay $75 to get my car! To go out to said car for it to not be running right. I go get the mechanic and by the time we got back to the car and it is on fire! They have to get a fire extinguisher to put it out. I leave after taking pictures. I get a call from Jeff and he says they will make it right blah blah blah. So I go back and they give me two options. One walk away but loose everything $4,000 or I take a Buick Regal but it will cost me another $100 a month. So really no option. Now the Buick I have had 4 months and isn’t working. They again have me tow the car to them. I call CNAC who is owed and operated by jd byrider and they won’t differ a payment. I never once missed a payment through any of this! I believe her name was Jennifer or something with a j, was a complete c***! She flat out told me the I should go through arbitration! Who says that to a paying customer!! I have reached out 5 separate times to corporate and have never heard a word from these scum scam artist! Don’t buy a car from this crappy company! Someone needs to shut these places down! They are as bad as a title loan company!!

  • Pissed off costume says:

    I bought a 2008 Ford explorer 2018 and it came with a 60 thousand miles or 4 years warranty back in January 2022 I sent it back to the jd byrider wear I bought it from because it wouldn’t start I though was the fuel pump come to find out it needed a tune so they did the tune up then they called me and and it needed a motor so contracted the complaints department they never returned my call 2 days later they called me and said that my truck was ready. April 5th I had a app to get my oil change at a different byrider so last week they called me and said that the truck needed a lot of work that was cover under the warranty so then Tuesday April the 12th they call me again and said that the truck had a bad motor so once again called the complaint department explaining the problem again 45 minutes later they me and said that my truck would be ready Wednesday the 13th wow they are the worst thing selling cars stay far away from them.

    • Shaymar Stevenson says:

      I have been a customer for over a year now never been late on a payment or shorton a payment I pay $247 every two weeks and I was just asking for a 5 day extension until August 17 and I was told NO. And if I don’t make payment today my truck will be repoed is that how y’all do your customers

  • Robert Appleby says:

    I’ve purchased a car 144 days ago from east dundee and sales guy and manager I was dealing with is awesome and great at their jobs the Cnac lady jadah is something ignorant and she gives attitude and not friendly and will hold your keys when your payment is due the same day your getting the car back from service and that’s illegal will be filling complaints against her and this company

  • Nic says:

    I bought a vehicle the first week of August 2021, I’ve been in possession of the vehicle for a total of 9 days since purchase. They are dishonest, u professional and refuse to take the vehicle back. I’ve now hired an attorney and u see the Magnuson-Moss act. They will take it back. Save yourself the time, money, and trouble and go elsewhere. And no, Im done calling Byrider cause you people won’t fix the issue.

    • ?? says:

      My brother has had some serious health issues. He fell behind on payments which we are not disputing. What i have a problem with is they first moved my dad’s vehicle without my dad’s permission. They broke into his car. My brother was the only one with keys which were in my dad’s vehicle. Then they never told my brother by email, letter or phone call that he had 20 days to get his stuff. He went to get his keys and were never told he only had 20 days. Our mother died and he had pictures and momentos hanging up, he had medications, clothes, tools.

    • B says:

      Really I was told there was nothing I could do. I have had issues since day one still under warranty and they refuse to call me have left several messages went in and let multiple numbers and still no call back.

  • Stupid says:

    Please do not do business with this scam. They are selling cars they don’t even have the title to. Then they refuse to refund any money you put to buying a car they can’t legally sell because they have no title. And take months to pay off the loan and it kills your credit and chances of getting financing for a car you can actually buy. There management team is the most unprofessional people who get upset because they can’t do their job. Do yourself a favor and don’t fall for this scam.

  • Jessica Congleton says:

    J.D Ryder car company is a scam and all they want is your money i will never recommend no one to them ever in my life

  • Jessica Congleton says:

    J.D ryders are the biggest ripp off I’ve been alot of places getting cars but this place tricks you into buying from them and pay a car note every two weeks for a 2012 car and if you are one day late they will come and get you car that is so sad and they say that I signed a contract stating that if you one day late they will take your car from you if you are looking for a car please don’t go J.D Ryder can do this even though the economy is struggling to pay there bills they are not for the people they are for themselves its all about the money and who ever owns this place is full of it and its sad how they can sleep at night but tell you one thing they have lost a customer today I will stay on the internet talking bad about this company and the CEO Craig you are just as bad cause you know how your business is ran and you will not help the people you are sad but guess what im just now getting started

    • Howard Ingle says:

      Not only that but they’ll make an arrangement for you to come in and make a partial payment and sign some papers to get you back on track then when you get there They took my truck and left me and my nephew that I was in the process of taking to the doctors, sister and brother in law on the side of the road and said he didn’t give a Damn about the kid.

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