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  • Address: 821 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 972-578-8666
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1,00,000
  • Established: 1902
  • Founder: James Cash Penney & William Henry McManus
  • Key People: Marvin Ellison (CEO)

J. C. Penney Headquarters Location & Directions

J. C. Penney Headquarters Executive Team



Myron E. Ullman III

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Dennis P. Miller

Senior Vice President, Principal Accounting Officer, and Controller

Michael D. Porter

Vice President and Treasurer

About J. C. Penney, History and Headquarters Information


J. C. Penney was founded in the year 1902. The company has been operational for almost 117 years now. The founders of the company were William Henry McManus and James Cash Penny. The company had launched its stores under the name - Golden Rule Store. Then in the year 1907, JC Penny had bought out the shares of the company's other owners and after that changed the name of the stores to JC Penny. During that time, the company had almost 35 stores under its name. By the year 1917, the company had opened nearly 175 stores in almost 22 states in the USA. Also, by the year 1924, the 500th store of the company was opened as well. The numbers increased to nearly 1000, by the year 1928.

As of the year 1941, the company was operating in almost 48 states all over the USA. The company had nearly 1600 stores during that time. In the year 1956, the company started advertising in Life Magazine. Then in the year 1959, the JC Penny Credit Card was also launched too. Four years later, in the year 1963, the catalogue of the company was launched as well. Till the year 1971, the catalogue part of the business did not bring any profits. In the year 1971, the founder of the company had passed away. In the year 1983, the company had moved away from selling significant appliances to its customers. By the year 1993, the company had become the most extensive catalogue retailer in the USA. But, in the year 2011, the company had closed down its catalogue business as well. In the year 2016, the company had planned to relaunch its major appliance business as well, mainly for kitchen and laundry rooms as well. The main reason for the business revival is to make sure that the company will be able to target the wave of millennials who are planning to buy homes or apartments and therefore need all the necessary appliances as well. As of the year 2017, the company had expected to close down two of its distribution centre and also almost 140 stores as well, because they were underperforming and had disappointing sales too. The company also planned to sack 6,000 employees as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 6501 Legacy Drive. The name of the place is Plano, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code of the area is 75024.


JC Penny is an American chain of departmental stores that helps to provide various kinds of products, for its customers to purchase, all over the states of the USA. As of the year 2018, the company has its presence in almost 864 locations all over the USA. The current CEO of the company is Jill Soltau. As of the year 2018, the company has been raking an overall revenue of almost $12 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 95,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of products, being sold by the company itself. The product categories include clothing, footwear, cosmetics, housewares, jewellery, appliances, electronics, furniture and also housewares too.

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  • Nikki Plath says:

    I drove an hour to shop at JCPenny.. Spent $315.61 when I got back home I was going over my receipt and noticed, I was charge for 5 Christmas family pj.. when I only bought 4..tried calling the store several times~no answer!! 🤪
    I am so disgusted that not only I was over charged…now I have to drive another hour to resolve this matter.
    Store 2908 Columbia SC
    Trans 9932
    Term 090
    Assoc 0055
    Date 10-4 22
    Total $315.61

  • Barbara Bailey says:

    Your customer service via telephone is the worst of any department store! You can keep my orders! I will return them!

  • Consumer says:

    I filed a complaint bc I was lied to by 3 associates including a manager during a Black Friday deal. Wanting to discuss it to get it fixed before I speak to a lawyer. Please email me. I have already filed a complaint.

  • Azniv says:

    Hello. I bought a mattress about two weeks ago for my 13 year old daughter. After just one week, the mattress was damaged. It has curves in the middle. I called JCPenny but they wanted me to pay for the return and refused to refund my money nor replace the mattress! I called several times, but they kept transferring me from one rep to another. I really appreciate your help in this matter

  • Skennedy says:

    I have been going to the hair salon in penny’s 30yrs at McKinley mall…. My hairdresser is the best her name is meg an i love her dearly….will not change her…… As I was getting my hair done today there was her an the manager Tony no one else in the shop… He decides to leave her ALONE while doing my color so he announces he will be back (45)minutes later between this time 4 people come in an she has had to stop in the middle of coloring..HE DOES ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING….but disappears…. He does an awful lot of hair which i was under the impression he should only be doing 8hours A WEEK… not a DAY when he’s there .. He is absolutley useless.. I know times are different since Covid BUT Infeel if your hired to be manager BE A MANAGER….not do disappearing acts …This has happened more than this time ….It’s not fair to your stylus or walk in customers or me..You should have more then 1 hairstylus there at night that girl whoever she is should never be alone in this day an age considering she’s by herself with no one there….she’s so close to the exit door anything can happen….

  • A sales associate says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask where I am able to send a formal complaint to? I would gladly appreciate your help, I would go to HR but they are involved as well. Please email me back or send me a phone number. I have already written my formal complaint/ statement of the following days. Thank you for taking your time to read my comment.

  • Sophia Panek says:


  • Earline Webb says:

    On July 20, 2022 I went to JCPenney at the Legends to return a bundle of mix-it socks. The bundle of socks is $10. I did not have my receipt but gave my phone number. The associate said she could not find my number. The associate then told me the socks were on sale and she could give me $1.88 for the sock. I told her no, because I had paid more than that for them. Before exiting store I stopped by the socks and the socks were not on sale, they were still $10. In the past I have enjoyed shopping at JCPenney, but this incident has just about made me shop somewhere else. The customer service is not trustworthy, at least this person is not.

  • Kerry Miller says:

    My name is Kerry and I placed an order with JCP in July and JCP did not send it to my default address. They sent it to my old address and I cannot get my order. The people at that house insist they do not have the packages.
    I am very uncomfortable knocking on a strangers door or starting an argument with strangers because of an error JCP made.
    If you look in my account history you can see when I created the new address. You can see the the new address is the default address and you can see that JCP sent it to the wrong address.
    This is almost $500 worth of school clothes that I need for my children. This is not an error on my part.
    I spoke to Theresa in Corporate Resolutions that blamed me for not reading my emails and seeing it going to the wrong address.
    I am a mother with 3 children and 3 jobs. I see the title of the email, shipped. Cancelled, etc. I don’t open them. That is my fault.
    However, I refuse to allow JCP make me pay for something I did not receive and then blame me for their mistake.
    Theresa in corporate resolutions refused to assist. Told me she will not give me my money back and I will take this all the way to the news if you guys do not do the right thing.
    Please send me the order or credit the account.
    Please do the right thing.
    The order number is 2022189312224139

    My phone is . I have been a loyal JCP client for decades and find this treatment appalling. I am asking you guys to do the right thing and fix your error. Please.

    Kerry Miller

  • Michael G. Bowman says:

    I purchased three pair of pants from JC Pennys and all three pair had a ripped in the area beside the pocket. The store manager told me he would replace them with another brand the would not help me get that brand. I did swap one pair out but it the wrong size. I contact the regional Manager and she was so nasty and rude to me, she refused to tell me her bosses information and stated it was not her problem. I am trying to get help with this issue. I was told that it was not J C Penny’s Problem but this is where i purchased the jeans. Can some one over the regional manager in Georgia contact me please.

  • Cheryl Dalin says:

    On July 1st I ordered a mattress/box spring set. It came on July 14th. Not only did the delivery people break a treasured picture frame, but the mattress has a giant hole in the back. I contacted JC penney and my options were to either place another order and wait for the old set to be returned to THEIR warehouse before my return was completed or just return the set and again wait for the return. In addition, it would take another 14 days for the replacement. Exchanges are not part of the JC penney vocabulary! SO, I put the original amount in dispute with my credit card company and am return the entire order! I will never set foot again in a Penney’s store!

  • Tom Cocuzzo says:

    JCPenny. Volusia mall
    Tried to return broken Levi belt reversible. Your customer service manager for returns (Hispanic female) has no business being in customer relations, she was rude, no smile abrupt and just horrible. I would have just bought a new belt but felt like ne er shopping there again. She should be working in a prison as a correctional officer. I am very disappointed. I will try and call to make an official complaint.

  • JoAnn S. says:

    I place an order on June 3, 2022, for a wedding band and a protection plan. On June 4, 2022, I received an email that the wedding band was out of stock and the order could not be fulfilled. I was instructed to call a customer service number to “request” a refund. This was a very unnecessary request since JCP canceled my order – not me! I called the customer service number (1-800-322-1189) on June 4th to request a refund and was told to send an email to the company that handles their protection plan (Asurion). I called and emailed Asurion twice, only to be told that they could not send me a refund because the order was canceled and no money was received on their end. I went back and forth between JCP customer service and Asurion for almost two weeks. Finally, a JCP customer service rep was able to tell me that a check was mailed on June 17th and that I should give it 14 days to be received. I called today, July 7, 2022, and found out that I was lied to – no check was mailed. Instead, I was given another case number and told that someone will reach out to me in 48-72 hours. I have heard this message at least three times. I am under the impression that JCP has no intention of refunding me my money.

  • Melody Tindell says:

    How about when you give the options to reach corporate you don’t end up with jcp.com. That would be nice!! If I call Corporate, I expect Corporate. Duh!!! My phone number is 636-393-2307 and I guarantee you that it will be Melody Tindell, not some for seen Melody.Com!! Call me. Tell the CEO TO CALL ME. I WOULD BE HONORED

  • Linda Dyer says:

    I worked for J.C. Penney right before Covid hit. They were contently having problems with their time clocks. I worked 17 hours at $10.00 per hour. I have made phone call after phone call trying to find out where my wages are. At one time a lady in HR say my 7 hours had been send to the store where in Weatherford, Texas to the manager. The store manager claims they never received any card. I am owed $170.00 not $70.00. As of today April 29, 2022 I still have not received any payment for my work. I refuse to do business with this company and I wonder how they are allowed to steal from their employees. This is not the first time I have worked for them, in 1977 the same problem, however it was cleared up within a week. I honestly believe that I will never receive my wages, a W-2 form or any information from them at all.

  • Marcus Maria says:

    Just got out of jcpenney in Wayne NJ 1180 so mad at the way I was treated by the associate at the shoes department name Rozalia, after I spent nearly half hours for associate to help me with a shoes ,ms Rozalia came out of what it looks like stock room and when I approached her she didn’t respond, I asked her if she works in the shoes department and she said yes but she immediately kept walking to do her job and I have to follow her, then I asked her about a size for a shoes I had in my hand , she seems she didn’t understand what I say , I knew then that she spoke Spanish and I know Spanish thanks to my grandmother, so I asked her if she can get me the size from inside their stock cause it show on line the store have 3 pairs in their department but it’s not on the floor so it has to be inside, her response was whatever they have should be on the floor , mind you I spent half hours looking in the floor and she didn’t bother helping me, I asked her again if she can check inside and she said No everything is out and she walked away, I went to the costumer service desk and I asked for help and they pointed me to the same lady , after I told the associate at the desk what Rozalia did they were upset and called her manager (that another psychopath) he was starring at me like a weird daw not saying anything, I respect all nationality, I’m immigran myself, but that Indian manager made feel uncomfortable I had to leave everything and run out of the store
    I shop in this store for years and I knew most of the associate their very professionaland friendly but I never have that kind of associate and manager that met today
    Hopefully someone would do something about this , it’s disrespectful and disgusting the way that Rozalia and her manager behaved
    Thanks for your attention

  • Debbie says:

    I actually work for penny and would like to be able to email or talk to someone from corporate but I’m not sure how to do this .

  • Marilyn Helmreich says:

    I was glad to read that JC Penny is going back to Basics. I also wish you could reopen a store you closed in Fort Collins, Colorado. We have to drive 60 miles to the nearest JC Penny store. We need you here.

  • Yvonne Hodges says:

    Was in store # 0907 and I’ve worked in restaurants and retail for the last some 30 years , they have walkie talkies in the stores to communicate with employees and overheard the manager in that store being so rude and nasty to his employees over the walkie talkie where customers could hear him, I was shocked how he talked to his employees . Surprised anybody would even want to work at that store ,

  • Dikeledi Gunn says:

    JcPenny is charging me a lot of money on my Platinum card than ever, for INTEREST and late fee. And the guy that explained I had to pay $500 something for $756.16 before the date of 3/26/22 it was ridiculous explanation I ever received when he said I have a minimum pay of $47. I felt like I won’t finish paying my bill because I always pay 10times more than minimum amount for JCPENNY to charge me this ridiculous amount. It made me call back today to pay the rest of the amount to be able to close my account that I had from 2018 with JCPenney. A female assistant that helped me today is the best, she know how to do business and how to value customers as important and bringing business, and the manner that she explain to customer it is much appreciated.

  • Kirk says:

    I visited the Baybook location in Houston, Texas, on March 14, 2022, around 5:40 pm to purchase a Michael Strahan men’s suit. Upon entering the men’s department, I noticed that the salesperson, Maria Fernandez, totally ignored me, and went to another section within the men’s department where I saw her actively engage other customers. I spent about 25-30 minutes browsing through men’s suits and found three (3) that I wanted to purchase. About this time, Maria proceeded to walk past me without acknowledgement. I immediately stopped her and asked, “you have seen me browsing for the last 30 minutes, correct?” Her reply was “yes.” I asked, “why haven’t you asked if I needed assistance, like others that I’ve observed?” Her response was, “I don’t know, what do you need?” I immediately said, “I need the store manager.” She suddenly wanted to provide assistance. So, I repeated, “I need the store manager.” She greeted the store manager and tried to engage in conversation. I immediately approached the manger, Jamia, to explain the situation, and how JC Penny lost a sale of three (3) men suits. Jamia apologized. I went on to provide my observations: Maria Fernandez totally ignored me, and actively provided assistance to others for reasons unknown. At this point, I could only assume it was one/all of the following reasons: (1) lazy employee, (2) the inability to provide good customer service, or (3) racist since the only difference in me and those she chose to assist was skin color.

    I have been a JC Penny cardholder and customer for decades. This incident has caused me to immediately cut all ties. Might I also add, family members will also discontinue shopping at JC Penny. Going forward, my money and business will go to your competitors as there are many. By the way, I’ve since purchased four (4) suits with accessories from The Men’s Warehouse, and the experience and customer service were exceptional.

  • Susan Donegan says:

    I purchased $1,000.00 worth of curtains and rods. I was charged (visa credit card), then my order cancelled. I called your customer service, they didn’t know why the order was cancelled. Then I received one curtain rod out of 3 purchased. I don’t know what is going on with your company. I want the money returned. I will not purchase from you again, too unreliable!!

  • bonnie jennings says:

    What is your billing headquarters address?
    I want to send a letter or email.
    Thank you

  • Rhoda Taylor says:

    Would just like to to comment on your store in Maumee Oh. Wonderful employees. Ready to assist, welcoming and helpful with any questions. Please do not close this store. Our only other store would be @ 30 mins or more away. This area is a developing area. Thank you.

  • R.L.Bobo says:

    ATTN: Corporate Security Leadership

    I’m a retired Corporate SVP from a global Security Solutions Organization, 41 years experience
    You have a thief (employee) at the Aurora CO location (80012), Employee is overcharging customers and pocketing the difference

    Someone in authority may contact me direct via email, information shouldn’t be made public

  • Amanda Allard says:

    I am very unhappy that the jacket I ordered from you came with the shop lifter tag on it. Now I have to drive to JC Penny’s which is over 30 mins away and have them take it off. As a person of color I’m very uncomfortable having to walk in your store with a shop lifter tag on the item….I believe you can understand why. This makes me not want to shop at your stores again.

    Amanda Allard

  • Pissed says:

    I was at the JCP at UP Mall in Mishawaka, Indiana. And they had a full rack of black tshirt with black lives matter printed on them. This was VERY offensive and rascist! They need pulled from your stores. I didnt see and White Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, etc.

  • A doty says:

    I have an issue an need to speak to someone other than customer service cause i have been told 8 different reasons hung up on and yelled at. As of right now i will never give my business to you. You need to make it right, right now i feel you stole my money.

  • Susan Aldridge says:

    Just want to notify that I do not feel that JCPenney in Vero Beach does proper advertising. there was a rack at the store today that had polo women’s blouses marked for $12.99 when I got to the register they rang up $22 the girl asked me to show her the rack I went to the rack showed her the price took a picture of the price and she got management and said that this was a wrong sign that the shirts that were on sale were for $20 I asked he show me a shirt on the rack that was Marked $20 there was not one so I asked if she could honor the price for the sale sign she said no she would not honor the sale. She just took the sign and walked away her name was Lynn I just feel that I love pennies but I’m getting very dissatisfied with the Vero store I would like a call back or email back my number is 772-713-1583 and the shirts were not expensive so I don’t understand why she would not honor the sale. She did show me some 180.00 jackets on a different rack and she showed that these are on this rack signs and they are not on sale just other jackets so you have to go through the items and pick the one that matches the sign that is not a sale rack That says 1299 and nothing on the rack matches sorry I’m venting but I just feel that JCPenney’s could honor if they have a sign they always have an a past thank you for your time my name is Susan. PS I Would be glad to send you a picture of the sign if you like thank you

  • Diana Miller says:

    This is Diana Miller again. Please delete only my phone number from the complaint about JC Pennies that I posted on your site today! That was part of my complaint I sent to the store!

  • Diana Miller says:

    Dear Mr. Ullman III: I was treated extremely badly by one of your employees today, 01/06/22! I don’t want coupons or discounts- I want justice! Today was the worst day I have ever spent in the Tyler Mall! I am disgusted and I can’t walk into a JC Pennies store again! Why did you hire such people as I dealt with today? I was told by the woman behind the register that the 35% discount in the store wouldn’t apply, then it would apply. But in order to get it, I had to apply for a Pennies’ Credit Card. Either she’s a liar or an incompetent dumb person! To make it worse, she dragged out the process for a card so long that I didn’t even want the item! I told her to cancel the purchase! She wouldn’t while insisting it was only a few more minutes to do it. Wrong! About 20 or more minutes later, I finally got it. But, then she rang up the purchase and there wasn’t any discount! So, the other woman there had to help her to give the discount to me and it was a big deal apparently since I wasn’t supposed to get it! After I had signed up for a Credit Card I DID NOT WANT to get that discount and was expected and forced me to give out lots of personal info. So, she had to fiddle around even longer to give me the discount of $10.50. I kept asking her, the employee, to cancel my purchase since it was taking too long. NO, she wouldn’t do that! Just a few minutes more! NO, it wasn’t. Also, my boyfriend was there from 2 hours away visiting me. He had to wait through that whole mess. My poor son, whom I was buying the Lego set for, kept telling me, “Mommy, just forget it! I don’t want it anymore!”. She wasted my time, forced me into a credit card I didn’t want and ruined my date! Do you pay your employees extra to push people into getting your credit cards? I don’t use those! I’ll cut it up as soon as the rotten thing comes to me ! What do I want? 1. Fire that incompetent employee! If she was just there for the Holidays, then why put her on a register she wasn’t good at using and gave me very poor customer service? She was clueless as to how to make a customer happy! I will be telling everyone I know online and in-person what your store did to me! Now I know what the J.C. stands for: Jerk Customers! Thanks! Fire her and cancel that credit card! I gave my social security number-please blank it out and I will tell off anyone who calls me soliciting anyway since you also wanted my cell number! WHY was I treated like that? I thought your stores were legitimate, customer friendly places to shop! I was so wrong! I cried in my car because my BF was upset and by then he had to drive two hours to go home! He tried to be nice but I saw in his eyes he was very mad! Wow! You ruined my date too! I shop in the Tyler Mall frequently. But, I will rush past your store and get to the good, customer friendly stores from now on!

    951-463-3028 Please call me regarding this disgusting situation!

    Diana Miller

    • Marie says:

      jc Penny has horrible customer service. I ordered a mattress January 1st and here it is February 3rd. Still waiting for my mattress. I was told I was going to get a supervisor to call me back for the delivery of my mattress. They have been giving me the runaround and still I am here waiting for my mattress. I will never shop at JCPenney again. At the Riverside, California Tyler Mall location

  • Kathy Stone says:

    Hello. I have been a customer for years. I have never experienced such horrible customer service anywhere.

    I purchased a mattress in November 2021 delivery date 12/3 by Ryder however the order never came and no call. I have called Ryder and JCP at least 7 times with no resolution. Just empty promises additional delivery dates but nobody shows or calls. Supervisors from both companies promise to assist and call back but surprise no one calls. Your employees have advised me the Ryder SUCKS and I would agree. Since JCP contracts with Ryder it is your service. I have spoken to several of JCP supervisors and they are incompetent and could care less about your customers. Felicia is rude and doesn’t care about your customers. This is the worst service I’ve ever experienced. I promise that I will tell my story to everyone I know if this situation isn’t resolved and made right. Need HELP!!!

    • Marie says:

      I am experiencing the same problem. I’m going to shop for a mattress this weekend and cancel my order with JCPenney.

    • Ted Summers says:

      Wow, this sounds like me, exact situation. Ordered a mattress 12/27/22. Same story with Ryder and customer service. This is 2/19/22 and still no mattress and no help from JC Penny.

  • Upset but loyal customer says:

    My name is ……….., I just wanted to let the higher department know that I am extremely unhappy with the service I was provided today by customer service. I have been JCP customer since years, I think 22 years. Even I worked as my first job in JCP about 22 years ago.

    The reason I am upset is about my current order that I placed online last night. I spoke to a representative over the phone today, his name is Armando. Very arrogant and rude. In simple word senseless. I asked him to transfer me to the manager after so much argue and wait on the phone, almost 25 minutes he dropped my call.

    I again called and spoke to someone name Judy. She was nice, but I was again on hold for 30 minutes. Neither she came back on the phone to check on me nor a manager and I was sent to survey link.

    I want someone to contact me ASAP or provide me the direct contact to call.

    I hope I will hear back from this department and not being ignored.

    Thank you!

  • connie critzer says:

    Today I visited JCPenney in Staunton Virginia. There was one line open for paying customers besides the jewelry counter which was extremely busy. I was mumbling to myself about the long line and an employee named Adrianne asked me what was wrong. I quietly commented that I was commenting about the long line to wait and she asked me if I wanted to step up and be a cashier. What was she planning to do? Was she going to put me on the cashier line immediately without any training? I commented to her that she needed customer service training to make such a remark as she did.

  • Candida mendez says:

    I have serval issues two complaints. In fine jewlery dept. I have purchased a ring and needed a price adjustment. i was given a number that was out of service I wish to get my 50 percent off the clearance price. I cannot get through because number is out of service. The number given to me by manager is 7175921800. She said she would help me..I wish to discuss the way in which I was treated as a loyal customer at queens center mall. That why i went to long island to buy. It is alot yo discuss but it was demeaning and condescending. I sped alot of tome and money at jcpenny even on line. I was told who cares what credit card you use. 😣please call me to discuss my concerns and my adjustmet.

  • >