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  • Address: 8400 E Prentice Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 720 630 2600
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1,460
  • Established: Jul 3, 2009
  • Founder: Chris Miller
  • Key People: Randy Weissman

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Randy Weissman

Vice President, Operations

Ruben Rodriguez

Store Manager

Brian Bauer

Assistant Manager

Mats Affleck

Director, Facilities

Richard Novoa

Director, National of Training

Michele Dahl

Regional Manager

iStorage, History and Headquarters Information

Istorage is a business that offers data storage solutions by offering encrypted and pin protected storage devices. They deal in a number of different sized hard disks and flash disks that customers or businesses can order when they intend to safeguard important information.

This business was founded by Chris Miller and it was established in the year 2009, July 3rd. from when it was invented, the business has over 1,460 employees. The business is located on 8400 E Prentice Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, United States. Supposing you want to make an inquiry or order, their main phone number is +1 720 630 2600.

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  • Abbie says:

    All the negative comments on here are true. My unit was also broken into twice, they were charging my account for two units when I just had one. They asked me to dispute the charges and after I did, they charge me late fees because the dispute was on the unit I had not the second unit they where charging me for. It’s been a nightmare since the beginning of the rental. I cant believe this place is still in business!

  • guest says:

    False advertising. You pay for climate controlled but it is not!

  • Lisa says:

    If you think that your storage unit is monitored by cameras, you might want to think again. False advertising. My unit was broken into only for them to tell me that my unit is in a blind spot. I filed a police report, only for them to tell the police that the camera doesn’t capture my unit. Not to mention that I have been a customer there for 8 years now. I have constantly been paying these exuberant fee increases for no security what soever. And the manager on the premises is a joke. why are they living there? Its of no effect or protection to me whatsoever. And not to mention, I asked to speak to the manager a month ago regarding the camera, only for her not to even have the decency to call me back. Its been a month now. No phone call, but they sure do call about your bill to remind you of that. 8 year customer, no phone call at all. so think carefully before you rent from Istorage. $268.00 per month for this kind of service.

  • Sandra Walsh says:

    I have a storage unit in Cape Coral, FL where hurricane Ian took place. I live in Maine so I can’t go and check the building. I have tried constantly to get in touch with someone. I have called different offices. I’ve called corporate. I have not been able to speak to anyone. But my bill sure did get emailed to me! And then a reminder that my bill was late was emailed to me! There was a message on a voicemail saying that they would be in touch with everyone. I’m a little curious when that’s going to happen? I just love living in a state of anxiety thinking that everything I own is gone.

  • John S Evans says:

    Istorage sucks monkey dick

  • Andrew Turner says:

    We had damage to around $8000 to are furniture do to a leak in the roof. Everything was documented and pictures taken by myself and the store manager. A claim was summited unfortunately the area manager Ashlie told the store manager that it was summited. After about 4 to 5 months I check back and come to find out Ashlie never summited my claim. She got fired for other reasons and the auditor said that she would file my claim. So I actually called yesterday because it’s been about another month to find out the status. Come to find out the auditor never filed my claim either she quit 3 days later. So now there is a new area manager and the store manager I spoke with Andy who has been awesome said that the new store manager would get to it when he had time. I am tired of fighting this when this should have been done around 6 months ago and money in my pocket. I cannot get anyone from corporate or any managers to contact me. Therefore I am giving you this one chance to reach out to me and make this right and quickly or else I will hire an attorney and I will come after you for my full $8,000 worth of furniture plus more. I highly suggest someone reach out to me and resolve this before I have to take legal action.

    Andrew Turner

  • Patty says:

    When you buy a storage facility from another? Couldn’t you at least leave the rates and facility hours the same? You are millionaires for God’s sake! I have rented this spot for almost 8 years was behind a month! Tried making a payment to your “SO CALLED” staff and was told I had to make 2 payments since it was the 1st! I would never have gotten behind if your kiosk had been up and moving in the first place, so for people like me who didn’t have a bank card? Now have to run out and get one just to pay… So I had to make 2 payments by (she said Thursday) the 8th and as soon as I woke up I paid in full everything I owed. Now it’s the 12th and I’m having issues at the gate! Access denied Access denied at kiosk access denied? YOU PEOPLE OWE ME FOR THE DAYS LATE FOR OPENING UP THE GATE! IF SOMEONE DOESN’T ANSWER THIS FACILITIES PHONE NUMBER SOON? WE WILL FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE ELECTRIC FENCES. ( JUST KIDDING ) BUT NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE 8 YEARS BEING THERE AND YOUR AUTOMATED SERVICE SAYS MY NEXT PAYMENT IS NOT DUE UNTIL SEPT. 30TH SO THESE PAST 4 DAYS ARE ON Y’ALL RIGHT? DONT LET ME FIND OUT MY THINGS ARE LOST TO SOME STORAGE AUCTION WHO DOESN’T GIVE two SH~TS ABOUT SH~T!

  • Patty says:

    Access denied….

  • Kevin Lancaster says:

    You have adds on your corporate page ? What’s up with that ? Your storage facility in La Marque Texas leaves little to be desired . To say the least . My wife has been in the hospital and your people will not deal with me because I’m not the primary person on the lease. Now the bill is out of sight and they are threatening to auction off our things . I am not at all interested in that at all . I can pay the bill . Let me reword that . I will pay the bill that isn’t inflated with a bunch of corporate jargin . My wife is on no condition to argue with your people on location and truthfully neither am I .. we need someone to contact us and get this problem solved befor all our things are auctioned off because of a company glitch . The primary lease holder has been in the hospital . Someone needs to contact me ASAp.

  • Bob Divk says:

    They lie and steal. No secure facilities in Pa. False advertisement!

  • Marcus says:

    Rude and very unprofessional management in your Cincinnati locations.

  • Jennifer Daigle says:

    Hoping the gate at the Katy location on Franz is fixed soon, as in this week!!!
    Thank you!

  • Michelle says:

    I ran it and I stories at 89th and Troost in Kansas City Missouri they say that I came in one day and showed my ID and so they changed my gate code well that never happened but the manager called me a liar and said it did happen I told him to run back the cameras and see who he really got the ID from it was never my idea because I hadn’t been in there since the day I rented the storage long story short they change the gate code I had hired movers and I rented a truck we are at the gate and could not get in I called and called and called I finally get a hold of a customer service rep after an hour and a half and they give me the wrong gate code so we don’t get in until the next morning with by that point I had to return the U-Haul and never got a thing out of my eye storage when I finally got ahold of the manager Joshua he proceeded to call me a liar several times and said he changed the gate code because I came in and showed my ID it never happened then he ends up telling me he will not talk to me because I’m talking at him not to him who does that I was so upset at that point I have spent hundreds of dollars to try to get my stuff out of storage that was fully paid for until June 3rd and still have not got my stuff out of storage because of this screw-up nobody has returned my call you can’t get ahold of anybody you’re on hold for days I’ve spent so much of my life dealing with this company I cannot take

  • Breck McClue says:

    Been trying to call the after hours number to get out of this place and no answer. Now I’m stuck here in the facility with my kids because the gate won’t open!

  • Lori Varella says:

    I all ready call and left a message with corporate no one has called back I have left a email also 9043786602 I don’t know what to do anymore my I’d is in there my son’s dirt things that I couldn’t pick up myself and just a few other things again that I can’t do myself so they were the last things to go on the trailers with out help needed.

  • Lori Varella says:

    I need someone to call me back about a problem I’m having with istorage on San Jose blvd Jacksonville fla my number is 9043786602 . They won’t let me get the rest of my stuff out they made me move out on the 29th of April when I had till the 30th of April can some one help me before they auction It Off

  • LynnRosevelt says:

    It is very difficult to get help from your website. I’m a senior citizen and keep paying money for a unit I can’t move into to. It is in West Deptford, NJ and the place is horrible. The manager is very nice but the units are terrible and I can’t get a refund, all this within 48 hours. Please help me. Thank you kindly.

  • Gerald Carlos says:

    One more thing tailgating is real bad some one always trying to follow you inside the storage

  • Gerald Carlos says:

    after closing you should monter night shift as well to see what your workers is up to along with 6am until your workers arrive

  • Gerald Carlos says:

    Call my phone number cause I need to talk to someone about a problem here at the storage 3164093035

  • Don Backovich says:

    Worst company ever.

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