Where is Ipic Theaters Corporate office Headquarters

Ipic Theaters Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 301 Plaza Real
    Boca Raton
    FL 33432
  • Phone Number: +1 561-299-3000
  • Fax Number: (561) 886-3258
  • Email: msoudry@thegabgroup.com
  • Number of Employees: 237
  • Established: 2010
  • Founder: Hamid Hashemi
  • Key People: Paul Louis Westra, Sherry Yard

Ipic Theaters Headquarters Location & Directions

Ipic Theaters Headquarters Executive Team



Hamid Hashemi

President, CEO & Chairman

Paul Louis Westra

CFO & Treasurer

Sherry Yard

Chief Operating Officer

Clark Woods

Executive Vice President of Films

Paul Safran

Senior VP, General Counsel & Secretary

About Ipic Theaters, History and Headquarters Information

Now watching movie won’t be a problem anymore since Ipic Theatres is here for you. The headquarters of this place is located in Plaza Real and which lies in the Boca Raton place.

There are about hundreds of recruitment and their companies have hired a lot of people from all around. The long-lasting Hamid Hashemi has founded ipic Theatres, and the critical management are Paul Louis and Sherry Yard. They are the leading managers of this place.

Now with integrated management from all around, you can book premium seats in Ipic Theatres and have a unique experience while you are watching the movie. There are thousands of amnesties and exceptional comfort, hospitality, and other added pleasures which you can gain from this experience. 

With food management which you get from Ipic Theatres, this amazing theatre will help you to watch your favorite movie and have a good time out even.

Ipic Theaters Headquarters Photos

  • Wilzorrios Cox says:

    AMC would never!!!

  • Wilzorrios Cox says:

    Worse movie experience I’ve ever had!!! My entree came before my appetizer, then my appetizer came before my drinks!!! Then a $75 hold was placed on my card without knowledge. When I asked to speak with mgmt. about the server (jhonnie D) being so nonchalant about not letting me know about the hold she (lili) then proceeded to give attitude as well saying that the information was provided in email. Well guess what I didn’t buy the tickets so I got no email…. For a entertainment service facility you would expect to have a better experience when asking mgmt about a situation.

  • Nicole says:

    When ever I go to the ipex in north miami in miami the manager is always discriminating against me and my service dog. Do any one know who I can speak with about this because this unacceptable.

  • Omar says:

    I would like to place a complaint on how My wife and i was treated at the IPIC Boca yesterday )Valentines day) by a Mr Frank Donnelly.. My wife and i made reservations for 10:50pm movie. we had a bite to eat at the nearby Yard house restaurant at about 10pm and wrapped up about due to some delay by our waitress/ waiter until about 11PM.. we literally walk across the street and approach the theater doors at 11:03 pm and all doors were closed .. we knocked and knocked in it’ll some approached the doors., they open the door and let my Wife and in to the lobby area and stated that we where too late for the movies and we coins no longer attend. this was now 11:10 when doors where finally open.. that manager Frank Donnelly told my wife and i that we need to leave because we where late.. i was astonished by this man’s tone and attitude of almost being joyful in telling us there is nothing we can say or do to give access “absolutely no the man said” and cold as ice.. i never felt so humiliated .. he made me wife so sad on her valentines night.. this man was horrible! just for us being 5 maybe 10 minutes late for a movie.. Wow.. never have seen this kind of behavior., i would like to have him disciplined for his horrible behavior towards my wife and i.. someone please reach out to me regarding this case.. thank you!

  • Michael Carlstrom says:

    My husband and I are members of IPic and received gift cards for Christmas. In January I went to the website to make a reservation and found out the IPic in Bolingbrook, IL closed permanently January 1, 2022. I have been trying to get a refund through email and phone and have not received a response. Still waiting.

  • Tarikah Gordon Wilson says:

    This movie theater has gone down completely. Employees are a reflection of their management, and the management at the Boca Mizner Ipic theater is lower than poor. If I can give 0 stars, I will. I already reported them to the BBB. My husband and I were late to see a movie, and they have a new policy in place that you can not be late or else you will not be able to see the movie. I thought about it, and I can understand that they’re short staffed, and it takes away from the other customers that came early and ordered their food early (which Steven the manager explained). I GET IT! However, I was promised a refund since 1/16/2022 and never received it. I also ended up speaking to the manager Steven, who is extremely unprofessional and has no type of managerial skills. I have no idea how he became the manager. Furthermore, I called tonight and spoke with him again and he was actually behaving like a human being in the beginning and offered to give me two free tickets, but them changed his mind because I mentioned his staff needs training on what to say to customers. He then stated that this needs to go to corporate because of what I said. ( I asked him three times to make sure that’s what was said and recorded it). Either one of the two, he’s either racist or a flat-out unprofessional liar. I will never step foot into that Ipic theater again,ESPECIALLY, if Steven, the manager, is there. I will advise you all to save your money and go elsewhere. I’ve been a member since 2013, and I had a few parties there as well, and this is what I have to put up with after spending my hard earned money….

  • Michele Melnick says:

    I returned to what used to be my favorite movie experience, I Pic Boca and what a disappointment. We were in seats D1 and 2 theatre 8 and the first thing I noticed was the filthy carpeting, seat was showing rub wear and we were unsure if waiter service was still available since our call button was not illuminated when pressed. I went to the lobby concession and was told someone would be available to take an order. There is much work to be done to this theatre and service is definitely lacking. Web site still lists complimentary popcorn but this is no longer provided as well. IPIC has much work to be done before I will return.

  • vernon renard farmer says:

    I don’t know whattype of business you’re running but it’s not on the level. On 07/10 I placed an order for a $50 gift card. The only thing the confirmation email gives you is a thank you for your order. No order number or other reference number. I’m card has been charged $68.81 on 7/13and $68.81 on 7/10, and $52.07 on 7/13. I ordered one e card and don’t want anything from this ccrooked company. I’ve call

  • Jhojan Matos says:

    Hello my name is Jhojan Matos I worked for your Ipic location in Dobbs Ferry New York before you went out of business. As of yet I have not received my W-2 forms from you. I have moved since then but I do have my mail forwarded to my new address and have not received anything from you yet. I will appreciate if someone can kindly reach out to me at 914-751-9929 to further discuss this matter and provide you with my new address as I need to file my taxes as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you

  • Lee Jackson says:

    Good afternoon,
    My name is Lee Jackson, I previously worked with Mr. Woods at Paramount Pictures and have known him for many years. I would greatly appreciate it if my phone number could be given to him. Thank you. 310-422-3250

  • Marianne Hardin says:

    Royal Arms Cleaning Service has a proposal for cleaning that will bless the Ipic Family. Please contact us at royalarms.hardin@gmail.com or Marianne Hardin at 512-773-5999

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