Where is Intuit Corporate office Headquarters

Intuit Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2700 Coast Ave
    Mountain View
    CA 94043

  • Phone Number:
    +1 650-944-6000

  • Fax Number: (650) 944-5656

  • Email: replyTo@intuit.com

  • Number of Employees: 8200

  • Established: 1983

  • Founder: Scott Cook and Tom Proulx

  • Key People: Brad Smith

Intuit Headquarters Location & Directions

Intuit Headquarters Executive Team



Brad D. Smith

Chairman, President & CEO

Scott D. Cook

Founder, Chairman of the Executive Committee & Director

Michelle M. Clatterbuck

Executive VP & CFO

Vijay Anand

Senior VP & Head of Global Development Center

Sanket Atal

VP & MD of India Development Center

Sasan K. Goodarzi

Executive VP & GM of Small Business & Self Employed Group

Per-Kristian Halvorsen

Senior VP & Senior Fellow

Gregory N. Johnson

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Albert Ko

Chief Transformation Officer

Bernard F. McKay

Chief Public Policy Officer & VP of Corporate Affairs

About Intuit, History and Headquarters Information


Intuit was founded in the year 1983. The company has been operational for almost 36 years now. The founders of the company were Tom Proulx and Scott Cook. The co-founders had realised very early that the computer would be replacing traditional pen and paper-based accounting methods. And therefore, the Quicken software was born. The first version of the software was coded in Microsoft’s Basic Programming Language for the IBM PC and UCSD Pascal for the Apple II, by Tom Proulx. In the year 1988, Quicken was a success in the market, but the company itself achieved success after the invention of Windows 3.0. In the year 1991, Microsoft had launched a competitor to Quicken, known as Microsoft Money.

Then in the year 1993, the company had become a limited public entity. In the year 1994, Microsoft had planned to buy the company but was rejected. During the late 1990s, in order to compete with Microsoft, the company had launched many web-based solutions and products as well. By the year 2013, it was announced by the company that Thoma Bravo will e acquiring the company for $1 billion. Two years later, in the year 2015, the company had laid off almost 5 per cent of its workforce as well. As of the year 218, the company has a market capitalisation of $50 billion. The headquarters of the company is based in 2700 Coast Avenue. The name of the place is Mountain View, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 94043.


Intuit is an American company that focuses on providing various types of financial and business management solutions for different small and medium enterprises, consumers, financial institutions and also accounting professional as well. The current CEO and president of the company are Sasan Goodarzi. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $5.1 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, was more than 8,200. The company’s more than 95 per cent of the revenue comes from the activities that are performed within the USA. The company is currently ranked at 556 places in the Fortune 1000 list of companies.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to obtain various types of financial and business management solutions and software, that helps in maintaining account books, aid in tax preparation and also help in personal finance as well. Some of the software products offered by the company include Quick Books, Turbo Tax, Go Payment mobile payments, Pro Series, Lacerte and other Intuit Tax Online professional services and products.

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  • Flora says:

    This is the worst experience I ever had with a payroll company. The customer service is the WORST I have ever seen. I have been promised for two days that a manager would be calling back and they haven’t. To sell me a product without disclosing it’s limitations is misleading and unethical to say the least. When attempting to resolve the issue wihich is VERY CRITICAL I am still waiting and it has been 48 hours. The CSR can’t email, there is no contact number for corporate or management, this is ridiculous

  • Vickie H Vila says:

    Online Accountants Payroll merged with QBOL in April. I am still trying to find someone to resolve software connectivity issues. It’s August 23!!!!
    No matter what number I call or am bounced to can provide a solution. I have spent 5-6 hours at a time on the telephone with “support” and still have problems,
    Case numbers get assigned and then fall into a black hole never to be heard from again!
    How is this possible?
    I’ve used Intuit for 12+ years and this is absolutely Outrageous .
    However, Intuit has no problem debited my business account @ $500.00+ every month for “Unusable Software.

    What resolution resources are available.????

  • Kim Bell says:

    Very frustrated with QB online support. I have not been able to get a resolution nor a work around to a problem since July 14. I was promised on July 21 a supervisor would call me within 24-48 hours. It is now August 4, I have still not been contacted by a supervisor. I need someone from corporate to contact me immediately.

  • Sound Emperor says:

    I have been using Quickbooks since it was a DOS based program. The last 10 years have been a nightmare. from terrible network/multi-user functionality to tech support that can’t speak intelligible English, and now the latest issue–ACH transfers that go to some random account, and no recourse to get our money back! Intuit has been ignoring me for 3-months on this issue, and I am now taking it legal.

  • ARADA says:

    I can only look at a spinning wheel long enough to go up and come down, after that I want to hear the rest of the song spinning wheel by BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS which is what I shed when dealing with incompetence with your Philippines call center. It seems ever since 2019 what used to be wonderful service at Quicken and associated services is on the decline and rapidly. Who ever is making decisions for your small business operations should be removed and replaced by another incompetent individual. I have employees checks bouncing because my deposits are not showing up at the bank or wrong fees are charged and sometimes twice by my wonderful merchant account. Your operators refused to transfer me to the corporate office (I am sure that is some kind of violation with the New York Stock exchange rules and regulation). I know I am just venting, but be assured all of the exchanges will see my complaints as well as the stock holders of the intuit and affiliates. Anyone on this page, I implore you to do the same, file a complaint with the exchanges on which intuit appears. This will drive down the value of the stock and the stock holders can deal with it, because they are the owners of this company heading down hill fast.

    Please remember any one you speak with at intuit including the CEO is just an employee collecting a pay check, that’s all, they have no emotional ties like the original founders who are wonderful guys and caring.

    I will not spend another twenty hours on the phone trying to resolve a file issue, remember your operator quit after their shift I had to stay on and explain the whole thing to two other people.

    My wife and I have all the details of the marathon which literally put us out of operation for five days.

    I will be looking for another service but carefully and not take the advice of my accountant.

    • Erin Sullivan says:

      I understant your pain. I have been using QuickBooks since the DOS days and when it was a real company. I deal with the same incompetent CSR’s handling my issues. QuickBooks software developers can not follow IRS tax codes. I have brought this to their attention and they don’t care.
      Currently, I have started legal actions regarding violating IRS tax code.

      Have you found another company that handles small business accounting? I would leave QuickBooks in a minute without looking back.

  • shirley says:

    terrible company! awful product! miserable employees! dismal and non-existent customer service! abusive customer service and racist!

    • ARADA says:

      Good for you Shirley, sad to say your comments here will not reach the right party, but a complaint to the stock exchange will get the attention of the stock holders who hated when their pockets hurt because of us looking for good services for our dollars.

  • Dan Wiggins says:

    I have been a customer of Turbotax for many years and have enjoyed your service. This year is a nightmare. I logged on to file a small business return in middle Feb and it showed I owe Federal 5138 and get 844 back from the state. I used the form that said do all your work and then pay at the end. When I went to pay and I clicked on pay by credit card, it would not let me enter my credit card and all I got was the wheel that spins endlessly. Worst part is I can’t even get my tax return which I could file by mail at this early date. I see on the internet many others having this problem and all your company tells them is the address on your credit card must be different than your return. Not the case here as the system never even let me put the visa card in there to make that statement. Please see what you can do to clear this glitch. Many others are probably having this issue as well.
    Please call me and assure me you can fix this. I spent a whole day filing and I would hate to lose all that material.
    Daniel J. Wiggins
    5165 Hidden Meadow Drive
    Cumming, GA 30040

  • Scott P says:

    We purchased the Quickbooks Enterprise Platinum version after being on the inferior QB online for several years. We spent 3 days on calls with Intuit trying to get our payroll set up, one call for 11 hours straight. We also set up our direct deposit at that time. We had to submit a form to increase it to accommodate the size of our payroll. This was on January 5th. This week, when we went to submit our payroll for a February 10th pay date, it was rejected. We were told that we needed to fill out the form to request an increase. When I gave the information and the request number from the confirmation email we received on January 5th when we submitted that form, I’m being told that even though we submitted that (while working with the onboarding team), “our account wasn’t set up yet, so the form couldn’t be processed”. A new form will take 48 hours in underwriting. Our 70 employees will have to be individually manually paid through our bank via ACH because Intuit doesn’t care about making things right with their customers. Many hours of manual input outside of QB. It’s been a nightmare. And that was purchasing the platinum package that was supposed to have dedicated people.

    • ARADA says:

      Scott in reading your story I realized I could top that by letting you and NY Stock exchange the problems I’ve had with with intuit and the merchant account. I spent five days on the phone with them to resolve issues with my deposits (this included uploading my file to their headquarters for repair which took two days. Please send your complaint to the stock exchange where you’ll reach the true owners of intuit and will get immediate results. especially when we can hurt the pockets.

  • Sonya Crowder says:

    I have been a personal customer of Turbotax since they started so I thought I would use their business filing for my new start up LLC. This is been a nightmare. I filed a complaint with the BBB today. The IRS can not help me since Turbotax is producing the tax form. I have spent over 2 weeks trying to call or chat with someone and of course Turbotax has it designed that you will NEVER get a live person to help you, just a robot. This is thief. You are stealing my money and NOT offering the service I purchases. You should be ashamed. You are also jepordizing me filing my first business returns correctly and on time. Someone needs to contact me asap. I am fed up.

    • ARADA says:

      Sonia, I am sorry about the trouble you had with intuit corporation (Quick Books). Please send a letter to the NY Stock exchange and you will reach the owners of the company who will take quick action.

  • Noreen Ciaston says:

    I tried the Intuit helpline but no one could help me. I called the main number 650-944-6000 and explained the problem and the man transferred me to the number where they can’t help. I redialed the main number three times and they just disconnect the call. The customer support here is non-existent. Think it’s time for a product refund and a different package.

    • ARADA says:

      Dear Noreen, the people you are calling could care less about your problems. If you send a letter to the NY Stock exchange, you will reach the true owners of the company the stock holders and the will help solve your problem quickly. I see Intuit is monitoring my comments. where should i reach you

  • Lisa says:

    BEWARE – I have had the ABSOLUTE WORST customer service experience with Intuit Full Service Payroll. ZERO STAR REVIEW! I had an employee move to a new state and needed a simple address change but my payroll portal said I needed to contact Intuit directly. I spent hours that turned into days trying to get a representative that new how to make this change. I spoke to one inept representative to the next. I schedule supervisor call backs that never came. I had chat service literally just leave the chat when they couldn’t figure it out. I emailed them with no response. It was ridiculous. Intuit was basically making me violate Labor laws by paying an employee in the wrong state. When the change was FINALLY made it would not let me run payroll for this employee. The only upside is my hours on hold I had time to research other payroll companies and I’m migrating to a new company.

    • ARADA says:

      Lisa, please please share your complaint with the NY Stock exchange where you’ll reach the real people who own this company and you will get quick response. The people we reach by phone in off shore call centers as well as the ones at the corporate office in California could give a damn about your business. But the exchange will take you very seriously.

  • Pissedoff says:

    Your company is an absolute FRAUD. You deceived HUNDREDS of taxpayers by collecting a $39 fee to file taxes which otherwise would have been free. We filed for the refund advance, YOUR company’s documents reflect that we did, but yet the issuing bank has NOTHING on file. You also FORCED all of these taxpayers to open a checking account with Credit Karma which is also owned by YOUR company. What a SCAM!!! Then you REFUSE to process my request for a refund so I can at least get my $39 back so I can FEED MY CHILD!! You’ve messed with peoples livelihood and clearly DO NOT CARE!!!

    • ARADA says:

      I believe you can file a complaint with the NY Stock exchange (the real owners) of intuit on line and get quick response.

  • Robin says:

    I have spent hours on the phone trying to get customer service for Intuit to NOT file a tax return document that I know is incorrect. I have told them it is incorrect and they do not have our companies authorization to file the return. They just keep telling me there is nothing they can do, I can just file an amended return. The person I spoke with didn’t know the filing requirements of the return or any other information you would think that a person who “works in the department that deals with the taxes” would know. I also asked them about another return which shows that they filed it, yet the government agency has no record of it being filed. Corporate headquarters has a recorded message and there is no way to speak with an actual person. This is the worst company I have dealt with in years!

  • Dennis says:

    Our company switched to the online version of Quickbooks this month. We spent several hours on the phone with Quickbooks representative on the process for converting from Quickbooks program for computer to the cloud version. We informed them that we did want taxes deducted from our account and we manage payroll taxes manually. Yesterday, I had a surprise deduction from my operating account of the IRS tax payment that I had already made. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with Quickbooks without resolving my problems. I do not recommend this cloud program. I have talked to multiple representatives and have been given inaccurate information by multiple people. There is not one contact person to talk with or work with. I DO NOT recommend this service. If you can find an alternative accounting program, I recommend you do so. This company is unable to provide consistent and reliable service for its products.

    • ARADA says:

      I believe you can file a complaint with the NY Stock exchange (the real owners) of intuit on line and get quick response.

  • Andrew says:

    NEVER EVER Purchase services from this company. I have opened 5 cases and spoken with over 6 people over updating an account and they still cant do shit. It has taken the company over a month and still cant make a change.

    How can one be paying for this service for business purpose and not get the level of service. If you need Payroll service or services in general go with a different company

  • Leon F says:

    My Wife and I never requested a intuit turbo Debit / VISA Card! Our 1918 Tax refund was deposited in that Debit card along with our money granted us by way of the C-19 Government check. Since last April 15, we have been searching for those funds util about about June 24, 2020. We receive the Debit card and began our search once again. It took us about two months to withdraw our MONEY! They charged us $4.95 a Month for their ‘Service Charge’ for about 13 or so months. We will never again file our income taxes with them. We had a cancel that card to avoid any further contact with this firm.

  • Cathi Jackson says:

    I have been trying to close out accounts since May when this was turned over to me since our IT person had left, I have spent many HOURS on the phone and online chats but we are still being charged for these accounts (The money comes out of our bank) PLEASE have someone that know something call me!!!!!
    Cathi Jackson
    Office Manager
    National Museum of Racing
    518-584-0400 ext 140

  • micky mouse -eM in message above - I am tired of not reaching U says:

    Attention Scott D. Cook
    From: Lois Bruce
    To: TurboTax Help Team

    Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 13:56:54 -1000
    Subject: Re: Your TurboTax Case 460682289 is Closed – Please Complete our Survey
    I have tried and tried and tried to reach help on the phone and TT hangs up on me
    I have purched 2 TWO cd one home & business and one Business BUT
    THE HORRIBLE canned voice does not ask me any question that I can answer
    I repeated about 25 times that I wanted to know where to enter form 5498 and the canned VOICE
    Kept asking over and over whet form AND i ANSWERED OVER AND OVER 5498
    i think that you should fire the CANNED VOICE.
    Called 8004468848 and 800 6249066 I have been hung up on about 25 times.
    On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 5:03 PM TurboTax Help Team wrote:
    Your message wasn’t delivered to TurboTax@intuit.com

  • >