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  • Address: 11035 NW Aurora Ave., Urbandale, IA 50322, United States
  • Phone Number: +18332103259 
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1000+
  • Established: 1990
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: Dave Arringdale, Board Members

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  • Adam Harder says:

    I am beyond upset last month. I made a payment with my wife’s credit card because my account was low they were told specifically on a recording, recorded line, not to charge that card we were told it would not be charged on a recorded line. This morning my wife wakes up to go to pay our rent and there’s $275 missing from her account that you guys charged it legally. I called and talk to lock got through different supervisors. Two of them hung up on me because they couldn’t deal with my situation and told me that they basically took money from my wife and there’s nothing I can do about it. The charges were fraudulent they were told not to charge those on a recorded line. The Better Business Bureau has been called my wife, the the bank to dispute charges and believe me it’s not the end of it. somebody needs to call me back asap because of your ignorance and incompetence we will be short on our rent. We have 5 children and I will not lose my home. I cannot wait for 5 days to review the call it needs to be done NOW.

  • Rather not give info to public says:

    Thank you Tanya. I have scheduled the removal but unfortunately, there is still a 104.29 “previous charge”. When we spoke my understanding was that I would have to pay the cost of the equipment removal and the DMV reporting admin fee. Would you please help me get this issue resolved?

  • Rather not give info to public says:

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I understand and believe having equipment to ensure drivers are not intoxicated is such a very worthy cause. However, I believe there are some companies that may be taking advantage of the situation which I believe is what I am experiencing with Intoxalock.

    I requested the equipment be removed within minutes of it being installed on 10/17/22 and Intoxalock refused. This can be verified by the service mechanic who informed me per his contract agreement with Intoalock he was not allowed to remove the equipment without a work order from Intoxalock. I tried for hours but I could not successfully use the equipment and start my car. They said that my son was the client and they could not remove the device unless it was requested by him. I explained that my son had left and that I lived over an hour away and that even if the mechanic took the test and started the car I would be stuck on the side of the road when the random test would occur.

    I explained my lung capacity had suffered due to covid. The inoxilalox representative told me I should have thought of that before having it installed. After multiple failed attempts and calling the company and being denied the removal of the equipment, I decide I need to focus on getting home and calming down. Due to a heart condition-i must take nitroglycerin if I am overly emotionally stressed. I called my youngest son and he drove over to help me get my car home.

    As I mentioned previously Intoxalock said if I had a letter from my doctor they would reprogram the equipment so I would be able to start and drive my car. However, after getting the letter I was told they would not be able to reprogram it until that was approved by your DMV Compliance Office.

    I was not able to drive the car to pick Joseph up for his calibration test. Additionally, he was not able to get transportation over to where I live and have the car from where he lives which is an hour away. He was going to request a hardship when he went to court but unfortunately the hurricanes caused the court dates to be rescheduled.

    I received notice that Intoxalock would be withdrawing 100 dollars out of my checking account but I knew the funds were not available so I called and asked Intoxalock to remove my debt card, they refused unless I paid 47 dollars to have a payment method changed per the lease. I asked how I could be responsible for my son’s lease when they told me I had no authority because the lease was in my son’s name and he was their client. Now hundreds of dollars later they are willing to remove the equipment after I pay more money.

    Currently the equipment has drained my battery and has locked my car system down locked. Intoxilock is still trying to force me to pay them more money to have my system unlocked and have their equipment removed.

    I have not been able to go to any medical appts, go grocery shopping or attend church. I do not believe I should have been charged or continue to be charged for a system that I requested multiple times be removed within the first hour of the install as the owner of the vehicle.

    Would you please tell who can authorize the equipment to be placed in maintenance mode and have an authorized dealer for remove it so I might be able to start and drive my car again?

  • Patricia Foster says:

    I think the lockout was only a ruse to force me to sign the lease. They would not even deal with the lockout until I signed the lease. The woman who took my phone call could not understand why I had been locked out. No alcohol, no tampering so what was the problem? They wanted to force me to sign a lease that was going to cost me more money than what they told me it went on the phone. I will be turning in this company to the better Business bureau

  • Patricia Foster says:

    I received a lockout on my car and was charged $81 in order to use my car again. I have not had a drink of alcohol in 5 years and did absolutely nothing to tamper with the machine. All I did was turn it off at my destination. How can I dispute a charge? You cannot get a hold of a human and when you do nobody cares. I have the machine on my car 9 years after my DUI. Because of a technicality with a license in another state.

  • Robert Eoff says:

    This organization needs a consultant to review the entire organization from top to bottom. While the product is good and necessary to detect and report alcohol abuse etc, I see many errors, omissions and pitfalls within the organization, of which I would be happy to explain in great detail. That is ONLY if the Board desires such. Many corporate boards are perfectly content to do business-as-usual and want to keep there head in the sand. Submitted sincerely and respectfully, Robert Eoff, a proud U.S. Navy Veteran (disabled) 1968-1974 Vietnam Era and a 10th generation AmerICAN. While I readily admit, I am an alcoholic, I also readily admit I am a sinner, saved by Grace i.e. Jesus. Got it? Ball is in your court.

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