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  • Address: INTERPOL General Secretariat
    200, quai Charles de Gaulle
    69006 Lyon
  • check
    Address: 600 E St NW # 600
    Washington, DC 20004
  • Phone Number: +33 4 72 44 70 00
  • Fax Number: +33 4 72 44 71 63
  • Email: i247@interpol.int
  • Number of Employees: 756
  • Established: September 7, 1923
  • Founder: International Criminal Police Congress
  • Key People: Meng Hongwei, J├╝rgen Stock

Interpol Headquarters Location & Directions

Interpol Headquarters Executive Team



MENG Hongwei


Benyamina ABBAD

Vice President

KIM Jong Yang

Vice President


Vice President


Vice President

About Interpol, History and Headquarters Information


Interpol was founded in the year 1923. The organisation has been active for over 96 years now. During the start of the 20th century, in order to formalise the cooperation of international police, various efforts were taken, but the plans initially failed. The First International Criminal Police Congress was established in Monaco in the year 1914. Then in the year 1922, the International Police Conference in New York was created as well. The main reason behind the failure of the Monaco Congress was that - it was started by political and legal experts, and not by police professionals. On the other hand, the New York Conference failed to create any sort of attraction as well. Then in the year 1923, the International Criminal Police Commission was founded by the International Criminal Police Congress, located in Vienna. The founding members of the organisation included police officials from countries like Austria, Belgium, Poland, Germany, France, Egypt, Italy, the Netherlands, etcetera.

In the year 1928, the United Kingdom joined the force as well, which was followed by the USA in the year 1938. During World War II, the organisation came under the hands of Nazi Germany, and the headquarters were moved to Berlin, in the year 1942. During that time, most member countries had withdrawn their support as well. After the end of World War II, the organisation was again revived by member countries like the UK, Belgium, France and Scandinavia. The new headquarters of the organisation was established in Paris, France. Then in the year 1989, the headquarters were moved to Lyon, France. Till the 1980s, the organisation did not intervene in the prosecution of various numbers of Nazi war criminals. Then in the year 2010, the president of the organisation was accused of being corrupted, for corrupted taking bribes worth of almost 156,000 Euros from a drug trafficker. In the year 2012, Mireille Ballestrazzi was made the first female president of the organisation. Then in the year 2018, newly elected president of the organisation, named Meng Hongwei was also accused of being corrupted and was therefore made to resign from the post as well. He was succeeded by Kim Jong Yang, till the end of the year 2020. The headquarters of the organisation is based in 200, Quai Charles de Gaulle. The name of the place is Lyon, while the name of the country is France. The pin code of the area is 69006.


Interpol is an International organisation that helps in the enforcement of law and order all over the world, in combat any kind of transnational crime. The current president of the organisation is Kim Jong Yang. As of the current date, the organisation has over 180 national centre bureaus. The organisation member count is 194, as of the current period. The total number of employees working in the organisation is more than 750, as of the year 2013. As of the year 2017, the overall annual budget of the organisation is more than 113 million Euros.


The primary services provided by the organisation include the maintaining of law and order by battling and combating various types of crimes all over the world. This includes drug trafficking, cybercrime, environmental crime, a crime against humanity, child pornography, copyright infringement, genocide, intellectual property crime, organised crime, corruption, war crimes, weapons smuggling, terrorism, etcetera.

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