Where is Instagram Corporate office Headquarters

Instagram Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 181 Fremont St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Phone Number: 415-857-3369
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: support@instagram.com
  • Number of Employees: 13
  • Established: October 6, 2010
  • Founder: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
  • Key People: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

Instagram Headquarters Location & Directions

Instagram Headquarters Executive Team



Kevin Systrom

Founder & CEO

Mike Krieger


About Instagram, History and Headquarters Information

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing platform next to Snapchat. It is owned by Facebook Inc. and was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Upon its launch in 2010, it was available exclusively on Apple devices or iOS platform followed by an android version a year later and then a website and windows interface in 2012.

The app basically enables users to post photos and video at choice, including various filters and organized with tags including people and location. People can like others posts and also follow them to check their content. It also includes a story or timeline feature which features posts for a duration of 24 hours.

Its development began in San Francisco when Kevin and Mike checked their HTML5 project based on mobile photography with the name on Burbn which was later adopted into photo sharing. Thus, the name Instagram came from two parts; Instant Camera and Telegram.

It is headquartered in 181 Fremont St, San Francisco, California, USA with Mike Krieger as CEO and Founder along with Kevin Systrom as the Co-Founder.

Instagram Headquarters Photos

  • Landon Sweeney says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to reach out to your team for a few months and in a last ditch effort before I contacted my lawyer I wanted to leave a comment before anything like that. With that being said you can contact me thanks!

    • Vanessa says:

      They disabled my art page for about 45days, they only reply with automated emails. You can try talk to @stedtech111 on Instagram, he helped me regain access because Instagram didn’t blacklist my account. A colleague at work recommended him, he’s fast and reliable.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hello, my instagram got hacked as of yesterday and the code to get back into my account isn’t being sent. I have no way of getting into my account without receiving a sms code. Please help:(

  • Priscilla Cobio says:

    I’ve been hacked by bitcoin scammers, they changed my username, email, phone & even put a two factor authorization. How do I get it back!?

  • Skylar Holt says:

    Hello, instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked and disabled/suspended. Please make this right as it was not me that did whatever it was to have this happen. Facebook (Skylar Holt) instagram (@skylar.holttt). Thanks.

  • Ty says:

    I got logged out of my instagram and can’t get back in because every time I send a link to my email it doesn’t go through and my phone is off so I can’t use that so I’d there another way I can get back into my account

  • Buster Moon says:

    Hello Instagram!

    I’m Very Sorry For Stealing Other People’s Content, Writing Rude Comments, & Forgetting To Follow Instagram Guidelines. I Have Autism & I Promise To Be A Good Instagram Community Member.

    Thank You

  • Yara Rodriguez says:

    Hello instagram, I have been trying to get in contact with any of you to report that my account yayarodriguez868 was hacked today 09/06/2022. Is from an apple phone in Los Angeles I’ve done everything that was asked to do and I’m worried about my personal information in my account and friends. Please help me delete this account immediately. I will be getting in contact with all the news stations to report how bad this site is and we don’t get no help when this things happen.

  • Glenn Fry says:

    There is a hacker under the name grace morgan advertising bitcoin, they’ve hacked me before, I got them out, but they keep trying, I’m not even able to block them that’s how clever they are.

  • D'eana says:

    I am just curious to how I may recover my account, I have entered every pw known to man that I would put, and I have recently experienced someone hacking into my stuff. I would love to hear feedback to how I may get my account recovered. =) thankyou. I have multiple accounts I am currently locked out of. Greatly appreciated =)

  • Brittany says:

    Hello Instagram,

    Our boys page keeps being flagged for nudity. It’s because they have extremely long hair and your AI is thinking they are girls. Please help us before our account gets banned for good! @mataelebros . It’s not fair we can’t post them having fun at the beach or pool. The only guideline I can see as breaking is showing the nipples. But the guidelines says female nipples. They are boys. With their swim trunks. Please help us . You just recently took away our reels bonuses for this and it’s not fair at all. Please help us. mataelebros@gmail.com

  • @blenderscommando says:

    Hi instagram team. My account was freeze…so plz… My account problem solve. Than.my Reels video not views.. Plz.. Active in my account. And. My account not verified in bluetick plz… Problem solved thanking you..

  • Shammas says:

    Hii instagram team

    I unable to login my instagram id sheikh_sham111
    I have contacted with instagram team they not unable to respond please i am a personal blogger and i have many memories in that account please reactivate my account.I didnt made a any mistake.its automatically log outed please

  • Debbie says:

    Hi PLEASE help. My Instagram account has been hacked(7/12/22) and 2 factor turned on. I’ve sent multiple messages and done at least 20 selfie videos. I have screen shots of the person who started this. Her name is Raluca.Dumitrescu (raluca_crypt)She posted 4 pics and messages on my storyline about investing money and how to invest 2,000 and get 20,000 in 3 hours. She wants you to screen shot your dashboard. They also have you screen shot a link to help in a voting for a friend. (that’s how I got hacked helping a friend who was hacked). I know they are after my followers accounts. Several friends I was able to warn got the same message. The account was first taken over by someone in Dallas TX then 7/12 someone in Johannesburg, South Africa and then again Dallas Tx changed it again. My hacked Instagram account is
    underwater _ottoman_star
    I have 19.1k followers
    I know several account friends have reported my account hacked, blocked the account. I have a new account just to be able to talk to some friends and keep watch over hacked account.
    Please help. My account is very important to me and I don’t want any other accounts getting hurt

  • Leti says:

    I got my account hacked, the person took off my info except my username I really want it back it’s important to me. I have tried contacting so many time & I get nothing please help me not only me but others too! I also messaged you guys on Instagram

  • Ajay shrestha says:

    Hello instagram team i need help my instagram account isn’t working properly, this problem showing >>> ( There was a problem logging you into Instagram. Please try again soon. ) <<< my id is @hellomyvestige please solve my problem.

  • Brandy Lynn Glasco says:

    My account was hacked could you just take that account and delete it my username is Brandyglasco33

  • Lokreshia says:

    Hi my Instagram account has been hacked by a guy name Godwin crypto trader and he posted a video of me please can you guys remove that video.

  • Negar says:

    I deactivated my page, now when I activate and log in, it stops on review profile.

  • Ahwazbeauty.it says:

    I try many times, fill out a form to help Instagram, they give me the code and I take a photo with the email code. But I will not receive an answer anymore. My Instagram account has been deactivated due to violation of the rules, I want my account What is the way to restore my account? ( @ahwazbeauty.ir )

  • friyys says:

    My Instagram account got hacked (currently the @ is trriiyys), the email got changed and phone number removed, they are trying to hack others and I’ve tried contacting Instagram with no response please help

    • Leti says:

      I got my account hacked on Tuesday all my info was taken off. No one hasn’t responded to me either, we need help!

  • Veronica g says:

    Yeah I’m so mad I’ve contacted ig thru email did 50 selfie videos more then that ig team can’t verify me when I have photos on my ig! My ig got hacked changed my email to hacker email ig needs to do better on customer service issues THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER ive sent proof a lot of emails no1 from ig team gets back to my emails! Other then we can’t verify video selfie try again ):< its bs if I were a celebrity I’d get my issue fixed! I’m disgusted that Instagram team doesn’t take someone’s ig hacked seriously

  • Joss says:

    My Instagram account was hacked yesterday morning and there is no way for me to regain control of my account and the hacker is sending messages to all of my followers and changed my email, phone number, and login password and I seriously help your help to stop this hacker and the hacker blocked me from my account please contact me joselorenzo725@gmail.com

  • Melissa Contreras says:

    I’ve been hacked my a big smammer. They have access to my EMAIL and changed my PASSWORD & PHONE NUMBER. Im unable to do ANYTHING with my account. Please help and report my account .

  • kira witts says:

    I’m going to show up at your headquarters and demand someone speak to me about all this hacking of accounts going on. You DO NOT help us in anyway and its disturbing! These hackers are committing crimes through our pages, pretending to be us and gaining trust with OUR followers only to hack them and steal their information. They are promoting false bitcoin purchases in our name and STEALING from people all while impersonating me! I have had about enough of this….IG is of no help, a multi billion dollar company and you cant get one person to speak to you, or get an email of response. Your automated message do not help! These hackers by pass everything so your codes don’t work!

    IG is quick to stop and block people from posting certain material but what about your users security and safety?? You don’t care about us and WE make your company what it is….START HELPING US, come up with a remedy, hire people to answer the damn phone, be reachable, delete hack accounts or come up with a new solution other than two factor authentication becasue none of it works with these professional thieves!


  • Briana Connely says:

    Hi I’m an influencer and everytime I try to login it just keeps saying “Thanks for providing info“ its already been a week. Please get it back up. I’ve submitting every form possible with my ID was well as a photo of me with the verification code and no response.

    Username is @briana.connely

  • Laura Henshaw says:

    I had my art page for about 6years, it got hacked and disabled for over 3weeks and I kept getting automated replies to my emails to support.
    A colleague at work recommended @stedcodes1 on Instagram. He’s a programmer and a Greyhat hacker. Recommending him because he’s fast and reliable.

  • Paramjyotsingh says:


  • Tony says:

    Excuse me, we got serious issues up here in Minnesota, the IT witch in our town has gone crazy, please send help, we can pay greatly if you help us get rid of this problem. A Witcher would be great, but we can also work with scammers and con artists., brothers Grimm sort of shit, thanks, it’s an emergency, not kidding.

    • Laura Henshaw says:

      I think @stedcodes1 on Instagram can help with it, a colleague at work recommended him. He helped unhack my Instagram in no time, he’s no doubt fast and reliable.

  • Kristen says:

    My Instagram account was hacked. The hacker changed the email address on the account so I am unable to get back in. They are posting to my stories and messaging all my followers. I have been emailing about this all week. Please respond and stop this person!

  • Brian katz says:

    Please contact me 812 263 1377
    You have scammers that are keeping consumers money.. They will not refund the money..Received nothing in return. Please look at my blog ” katzmanbk70″ I HAVE NAMES , DATES. PLEASE REPLY.

  • Dawn says:

    My intragram has been hacked and I’m locked out. I went through at the steps got in and the hacker locked me back out. I need someone to disable it so I can get my control back. I need to hear from someone at Instagram…..asap

  • Jaida_nemya says:

    My account was hacked and I was able to do the face selfie verification but they only let me change the password and not the phone number

  • murphym_47 says:

    hi there. I have contacted instagram but they are not responding and helping me out about my account being hacked/phished. So if you see this help me out/share the word that Instagram isn’t helping users

  • Lesley says:

    How do I contact u

    • Shubhi katiyar says:

      Hi Instagram,

      I unable to login my id 

      My insta id – Shubhikatofficial  

      Link is – 


      Contact no.- 9336xxxxxx

      Email I’d – shubhikat0101@gmail.com

      I am an influencer.

      I request you to please help me login my id, My account was deactivated for violating community. My account has been disabled which was not the case, there was no nudity or such. Kindly review the deactivation and help me

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