Where is Inshape Gyms Corporate office Headquarters

Inshape Gyms Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 6 S. El Dorado Street
    Stockton, CA 95202

  • Phone Number:
    +1 209-472-2190

  • Fax Number: (209) 472-2235

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1981

  • Founder: Paul Rothbard

  • Key People: Rich Nelsen

Inshape Gyms Headquarters Location & Directions

Inshape Gyms Headquarters Executive Team



Rich Nelsen

Chief Executive Officer

Francesca H. Schuler

Chief Operations Officer

Julie Baitinger

Chief People Officer

About Inshape Gyms, History and Headquarters Information

InShape Healthcare Clubs Inc. operates a group of healthcare clubs for all categories of people including men, women and children. It operates mainly in and around California. It offers a range of fitness classes and activities, for all age groups, gender or fitness levels. Some of its activities include group fitness classes, swimming, basketball, tennis, activities for kids and many more. It has options available for personal fitness activities and trainings including membership services too. It is headquartered in Stockton, California, USA. It also offers online fitness solutions that are helpful for people who are more into home-based workouts. The key people include Mr. Rich Nelsen as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms. Francesca H. Schuler as the Chief Operations Officer (COO), Julie Baitinger as the Chief People Officer (CPO) and Ms. Kris Mulkey as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

It was founded in 1981 by Paul Rothbard. It has an employee base of over 5000 employees.

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  • Diane Frakes says:

    I’m a member at concord In-Shape. I joined club for water aerobics specifically. I’m so discouraged about this clubs inability to maintain a proper water temperature. The heater is constantly broken. I think you may need a new heater and a better service company.
    I was told that the pool is kept at 85• before I joined. That was acceptable temp for me. This has not once reached that temp since October. I feel deceived by your company. Diane Frakes

  • John doe says:

    The management doesn’t know what they are doing. The employees are untrained and can care less about doing their job nonetheless less wearing the uniform. The management doesn’t know how to make a schedule, and treats one of the pregnant staff members like garbage. The employees are full of disrespect to everyone and anyone. Members get their things stolen from the lockers all the time, cars get broken into all the time, and the staff does nothing about it. One of the staff members was carried out on a gurney by EMS and the staff had no clue on how to fill out an incident report nor care to. Long story short there will be a lawsuit against this club very soon.

  • Eleanor Ransom says:

    I was on vacation and was encouraged to use the InShaoe Dover location. Well,I applied to use the gym facility for the month of September. The membership that was given included all of the amenities use , which was great. In applying I could not use my home address,so I used my friend. I left to return home( Louisiana) on the 1st of October,the month of October fee was taken and I am no longer able to use the gym since I have returned back to Louiaiana. Why am I paying for this October fee when I will not be there to use it. I would like this refund back to me.

  • Carol Bishop says:

    How do you contact you, every time i click on contact us it goes to a page with membership info but no where is the contact information to reach out to cooperate ? where is your email address and why isnt it listed on the Contact us page ?

  • Carol Bishop says:

    I love my inshape, Dover in Fairfield. I have been coming since it was Solano athletic club before it became an in shape. I have knee and hip problems so my work out has to be in the water. I have been coming regularly since 2019 when I retired. The problem is , I play music to exercise to , while I am in the pool, I usually ask if this will bother anyone and usually the answer is “No play it louder” . I only play it for about 40 minutes for a work out. recently ONE member has been complaining about the music. I checked ALL THE RULES that are posted on the web site, for pool and club, there is no where it says you can not bring your own music. So now I have to go buy an expensive pair of headphones, that are water proof, and hopefully stay in my ears. I am a retired teacher living on a fixed pension, I dont have lots of money for this ( cost is more than I pay for membership / month) So why if my music is not bothering anyone do I have to not play it. Even if the pool only has me or another guest who does not mind the music, we are told we cannot play it, Is this fair to me. if I check with others and they say it doesnt bother them , why cant we play music? I want to hear from cooperate about this .

  • Raymond jones says:

    I’m a member of In-Shape in Palmdale California I canceled my membership and would to know if it’s possible to cancel my cancellation and continue being a member

  • Jerry Smith says:

    The women’s gym attire similar to attire worn at strip club In-Shape hammer lane. Management encourage inappropriate behavior.

    Families or married couples interested in joining should avoid In-Shape hammer lane

  • Laurie Landon says:

    I belong to the club in Atwater. I love my club. I use the pool about five days a week. The staff is very friendly. I only recently have been having something that is bothering me. Family swimming is supposed to be over at 3 during the week and till 4 on the weekend. I go to the pool to exercise and relax. I watch my grandchildren five days a week and I work my swim schedule around my daughter and family swim. I go when swim has been over but almost every day someone brings their children to swim. I obey the rules I think the staff should not allow them in when family swim is over. I watch my grandchildren all day and would like to have a relaxing swim at the pool.

  • NIR says:

    Joined the gym for the amenities
    THE POOL WATER was not warm. People were complaining how chilly it was. Brought the attention to the worker and he didn’t even bother looking into it and said, it’s regulated. He also had head buds and couldn’t even hear me. This location is, Modesto, Ca Floyd location.
    Cancelling membership

  • Guest says:

    In-Shape Modesto Floyd
    Has one rude employee who has headphones on, can’t even hear you when you are asking him a question. He is not present! Can’t Be bothered she takes his buds off and offers no help. Definitely not a place I wanna keep my membership

  • Daniel Martinez says:

    This will probably be a waste of my time.. but I had several complaints about your In-Shape location in Victorville Ca. Staff is very untrained on customer service skills.. most of them just stand around in a circle and talk.. while weights are grossly neglected.. I understand a lot of members don’t help by racking their weights but staff have the time to stay on top of the situation but choose not to.
    I reserved a pool lane for 6:30 pm and the class took up the entire pool ( when there was enough room to have one lane open) class went over 20 min past there schedule time. A little frustrating.. especially when I been to other locations and they where not at all like this..

  • Cesar ochoa says:

    I try to join the rewards program I got a message to contact front desk the are incompetent. The last person told me that only the managers can fix it. I don’t understand what kind of awful manager don’t show the others how to to resolve issues. I emailed asking for help I got a link that take me to the same place where I have to contact the front desk. They have bunch of excuses all the time

  • Gilbert Arias says:

    I received a notice I am eligible for a T-shirt as my gift for the month. I attempted to claim my gift but was told we’re all out. What kind of program is this? How many T-shirts were delivered to the G St location in merced? Am I expected to show up at 4 am to claim my gift? I would appreciate my gift of a T-shirt as promoted and advertised

  • Nadia says:

    That phone says no longer in service!
    Can you add on your on line tell which one allow to use and which is not. I’m with silver sneaker membership. Today I was told they having issue with silver sneaker, something not making sense I am all over I don’t want to spend extra gas to look for which one I’m allowed to

  • Glen Lamb says:

    Today is January 17, 2022. Today I was threatened by one of the management teams head guy at the gym in the free weight area. I was doing leg presses and was getting maybe a little louder than I should have. That’s just the way I’ve always done legs and no one ever had a problem. After I was done with my set he approached me and told me that he can’t have me yelling like that. I told him no problem my apologies. As he walked away he threatened me saying if you do it again you won’t be here. I think that was completely out of line and unprofessional. In the leader ship position that he is in maybe he should learn some leadership skills and not threaten people. I’ve only been a member for about a month and have had a great experience until tonight. I didn’t catch his name however I looked for him when I was done working out and couldn’t find him to tell him what I’m putting on this email. Obviously he has some personal issues or an anger problem But taking it out on people that are working out and training at his facility is the wrong way to go about being a manager. Maybe he should take some time off and reflect his attitude. Or Maybe go as far as taking some management classes and how to conduct himself.
    Anyways I paid for a year in advance and I’m not going to cancel because nobody threatens me and intimidates me.
    If this email could be sent to the upper management team and be addressed I would appreciate it. To whom it may concern. This in shape center is located in Branford Connecticut
    Thank you

  • Joycelyn Verma says:

    I’m contacting your office in response to the previous inquiry I had submitted last year in November 2021. The spa at the Yuba City location is still out of service and it’s been well over two months that the issue has not been resolved. I have 38 people in my wellness social club that use your facility as a medical therapeutic alternative to help them with their muscle issues, post surgery, torn ALC, arthritis conditions and many other health issues. The jacuzzi/spa is an essential amenity that your facility offered our group to help us recover from our recreational disabilities. The spa/jacuzzi as been out of service since last year November. We have given enough time for your facility to fix the issues. We are very disappointed that your corporation as big as it is was not able to resolve this issue and get the spa back up and running. I saddens us as a community to have to make a decision of canceling all of memberships as we are not able to use the full facility and it’s amenities/spa, promised to us in the contract we are paying for monthly. The response of the staff at the facility has given us the reason to believe that it will not be resolved anytime soon and might take more weeks or even months since they have no way to locate where the motor is that was ordered and do not have a tentative date as to when the users of your facility will gain access to the spa again. We are also notifying our other sister social clubs of the recent findings we have gained knowledge of in regards to the spa being unavailable for a longer than normal time frame. We also will be suggesting to them, some 100 plus members to cancel their memberships as this is an amenity our groups use regularly as stated above for various medical reasons. We hope to get a response from your office in regards to this issue as to when you plan on making the spa available again so we may entertain the idea of joining once again.

  • Eduardo C Calderon says:

    Please apply to online.submissiontivityhealth.com
    That will only cost participating member $29.00 that Inshape will collect.

  • Miguel Cabrales says:

    I have been a member at Bianchi Rd. in Stockton for many years.
    The steam room is out of service more often than not and fixing it takes months. Several members have asked when it will be working and some members get a date and some say that only management know but nothing happens.
    After long hours of work, people want to go in and relax and it’s disappointing and frustration to see that it is not working .

    Thank you

  • Nancy Ahern says:

    Why if I am paying for full use of the gym I candy go part time?

  • Donato says:

    This place keep charging me twice when I already cancelled my membership… Wtf is wrong with them … Bunch of scammers…

  • Ann Farris says:

    Hi: I am a member of InShape in Vallejo. As I am a senior and I am not electing to go back to the gym yet because of Covid. However I have been using 6 days a week Keri’s 1st tape. The one I use is the first one she put out when Covid closed the healthclub. I have recently discovered that I have a rotater cuff issue and am about to start physical therapy. Do you think Keri might like the challenge of creating a video for exercise for seniors that does not use the arms? My name is Ann Farris, my e-mail is annfar01@gmail.com. By the way I have seen that other sites do charge a small monthly fee for tapes ($4.95). I am certainly willing to pay – or perhaps that can be part of the AARP program which I have with InShape.

  • Teri manley says:

    Need to change my membership over to my medicare account i have the new ID number

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